Part 2 of the AU that will not die -- #nsfw, #transkeith, #sheith, #koliveith, possible descriptions of Shiro's PTSD, afab & amab language used for Keith
Shiro's been with Blades for coming up on four months now and he's started to notice that every once in a while, someone disappears for a week or so. Keith made the mistake of telling him that they weren't feeling well the first time he said something, and Shiro got it in his
head that Keith meant they were sick with some kind of Galra specific flu, especially when Keith assured him that it wasn't something Shiro had to worry about. But Keith knows his next heat it just around the corner and he's going to have to explain exactly what happens when
one of them ends up confined to their quarters for a week. Especially since Keith knows that blowjobs aren't going to be enough to satisfy him and the last thing he wants to do is ruin his relationship by climbing onto Shiro and demanding his dick.
They're snuggling in Shiro's quarters when Regris comes back smelling of sex and climbs into his bunk. Specifically, he smells like Kolivan. Keith's heat has always followed Kolivan's with a few days of overlap, and those days have always been -- exhausting to say the least.
"Hey," Keith says, lifting his head up from Shiro's chest. Shiro puts down the book he's been reading on his datapad.

"What's up?"

"Can we go for a walk?" Keith asks. He's sure Regris doesn't care but this seems like a conversation that Shiro would appreciate being private.
"Sure," Shiro says. He waits for Keith to climb out of the bunk first then follows him towards the door. He slides his hand into Keith's as they walk down the hallway and Keith looks down at their laced fingers, taking a deep breath before he speaks.
"There's something I need to tell you," he says.


Keith stops in the hallway, leans against the wall and fiddles with the hem of his shirt. Shiro's hands come to rest on his shoulders and Keith looks up. He finds Shiro's eyes soft and open.
"Whatever it is, it's going to be okay," he says.

"Yeah?" Keith asks and Shiro nods before leaning down to kiss him. "Okay, so you know how sometimes people get sick for a week?"

Shiro patiently listens as Keith explains Galra heat cycles. Keith had half expected him to be
somewhat horrified given the whole human attitude towards sex in general, but he's been taking it well so far.

"Anyway, I just didn't want you to feel pressured, since we haven't -- you know," Keith shrugs.

"But is it going to -- hurt you?" Shiro asks, sounding concerned.
"If you don't have sex?"

Keith doesn't exactly know the answer to that. He's never had to go without during a heat before. He doesn't want Shiro to worry, but he also doesn't want to lie.

"I'm -- not sure."

Shiro is silent for a long moment.
"Before you met me, it was Kolivan who took care of you, right?"

Keith nods. "And others."

Shiro probably doesn't need to know that his boyfriend has fucked his roommate on more than one occasion.

"Would you want to," Shiro starts. His cheeks flush pink and he looks away.
Keith reaches up, fingers curling around Shiro's cheek and Shiro turns back.

"We could invite him to join us?" Shiro says. "If you think that would help."

"Are you sure?" Keith asks. Because it's a thought he's had more than once, and not just as a way to deal with his heat.
"I've thought about it before," Shiro says. "Ever since I saw you two that day."

"Yeah?" Keith presses. Shiro nods and ducks his head. "You don't have to be embarrassed about it," he says.

"Fuck, Keith," Shiro groans. "His cock is so big, and you took him like it was nothing."
"You want to watch me?" Keith asks. He slides his hands around Shiro's waist and pulls him in until their bodies are flush against one another. He can feel Shiro's cock hardening. "You can watch and learn what I like for when you're ready, how does that sound?"
"Keith," Shiro moans, his hands sliding down to grope Keith's ass. He buries his face in Keith's neck and his teeth graze lightly over the delicate skin. "Let's go back to your room."

"Sure thing, big guy," Keith says. He grinds his hips up against Shiro's just once before
taking him by the hand and leading him back to his quarters. Once they're through the door, Shiro's hands are on him, sliding underneath his t-shirt as he backs Keith towards his bunk.

"I wanna suck your cock," Shiro whispers.

"What are you waiting for?" Keith says.
Shiro doesn't waste time after that. He pushes Keith down onto the bed and tugs off his leggings. Settling between his legs, he spreads Keith open and licks at his cock until Keith is writhing underneath him.

"Shiro," Keith moans. "Fuck, I need your fingers."
Shiro slips one inside and then another, working them slowly as he kisses Keith's thighs.

"How's that feel, baby?" Shiro asks, his voice thick with lust.

It had taken Keith awhile to get used to the pet name, but now every time it comes out of Shiro's mouth it makes him wet.
"More," Keith whines. Shiro's fingers are thicker than his own, but Keith is used to being fucked roughly and he misses the stretch of a big cock inside of him. Shiro's teeth sink into his thigh as he slips a third finger inside. "Fuck me," Keith begs.
Shiro thrusts his fingers harder and harder and Keith reaches down to grip his hair with both hands. He steers Shiro's mouth back to his cock and it isn't long before he's coming loudly, Shiro's name on his lips. His cunt clenches down around Shiro's fingers and his
entire body shakes as Shiro sucks him. His other lovers were good at fucking, but they weren't nearly as good at this part as Shiro is -- when Shiro sucks him he feels like he's going to shake apart when he comes. He's still panting hard a few minutes later and he strokes a hand
through Shiro's hair.

"Fuck," Keith breathes. "You make me feel so good."

Shiro presses light kisses to his hips and then to his belly button.

"I think that's the point." He grins up at Keith from between his legs and his cunt clenches again with need. In a perfect world he
push Shiro onto his back, sink down onto his cock and ride him. But Keith is willing to wait for Shiro to be ready.

"I love you," he says. They'd both made it clear they had those kinds of feelings when they had the conversation about kissing, but neither of them has actually
said it since. Shiro crawls up and kisses him, his mouth still wet with Keith's slick. Keith wraps a hand around the back of his neck as he kisses back, tasting himself in Shiro's mouth.

"I love you too," Shiro says in between soft kisses. "I love you."
"Can I --?" Keith starts to ask, reaching between their bodies. But instead he finds Shiro already soft, a damp spot in his sweats. "Oh."

Shiro buries his face in Keith's shoulder and Keith feels the soft puff of breath against his skin as Shiro laughs.

"Sorry," he says.
"I couldn't help myself."

Keith laughs too, kisses the side of Shiro's head.

"Don't apologize," he says. "I'm glad you had a good time too."
Keith helps him out of his ruined pants and they cuddle for a bit, skin against skin, exchanging soft touches before falling asleep.
Three days later Keith's heat hits him like nothing he's ever felt before. He wakes alone in his bunk, his underwear already soaked. He kicks them off and slips his hands between his legs, pushing two fingers inside himself as he rubs his cock with his other hand.
"Shiro," he moans when he comes. It's barely enough relief to clear his mind. He digs around in the back of his dresser for the dildo he bought ages ago on his way home from a mission. It had been advertised as an "Earth phallus" and Keith, young and curious had bought it on a
whim. Now that he's seen Shiro's cock in person, he's not sure what the being who made it had been thinking, but it's at least big enough that it should provide him some relief. He rubs the head of the toy over his opening, meaning to get it wet before he pushes in, but before he
knows what he's doing, the toy is half way inside of him and he's groaning loudly at the feeling of being filled. His cunt clenches down around the toy and Keith squeezes his eyes shut as he fucks himself.

"Shiro, please," he murmurs, "Fuck me."

He comes twice and he's working
on number three when the door to his quarters slides open and Shiro walks in, smelling of sweat and pheromones.

"Fuck," Keith groans as his orgasm takes him by surprise. Shiro drops his towel and kneels down onto the bed beside him. Keith tugs at his shirt, pulling him down and
breathing him in. Whatever relief he'd gotten from the dildo is gone as soon as he buries his face in Shiro's neck. He drags his tongue along his skin, tasting sweat and salt. "Kiss me. /Please./"

Shiro's mouth meets his and Keith pulls him down, needing the feeling of his
weight on top of him. It's only then that he realizes the dildo is still inside of him, because he feels his body clenching around it. Between kisses he guides Shiro's hand between his legs and whispers, "Fuck me."

It might be all in his head, but it feels different when Shiro
does it, deeper, more satisfying. Shiro buries his face in Keith's shoulder as he thrusts the toy into him and Keith throws his arms around him.

"Harder," Keith whimpers. Shiro sinks his teeth into Keith's shoulder as he fucks him with the toy and Keith sobs out his orgasm.
Keith is still panting as Shiro eases the toy out of him, kissing him gently.

"Are you okay?" Shiro asks. "Is there anything else I can do?"

Keith wipes the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Get Kolivan," he says and Shiro's face flushes as he nods.
Shiro is reluctant to leave Keith alone, but Keith assures him he'll be fine for a few minutes. He finds the Blade leader finishing up a call with one of their planted spies. Shiro walks hesitantly into the room as Kolivan hangs up the call.

"What is it, Shiro?"
"It's Keith --" Shiro starts, he doesn't get any further before Kolivan stands up.

"He's gone into heat," Kolivan says. He's not asking a question, he's stating a fact. Shiro remembers how Keith said his heat followed Kolivan's sometimes overlapping. Shiro wonders if Kolivan is
just better at controlling himself, or if he's getting satisfied enough to resume work.

"He asked for you," Shiro says. It startles Shiro to see what looks like a smirk on Kolivan's usually stoic face.

"And you are comfortable with your lover being fucked by another?"
"I -- I want him to have what he needs," Shiro manages.

"Hmm," Kolivan muses. "I didn't expect that from a human." Shiro bites his tongue and waits for Kolivan to follow him out the door. "You do love him after all."

"Of course I do," Shiro says.

"Let's not keep him waiting."
When they get back to Keith's quarters, he's stripped out of the rest of his clothes, up on his knees, a hand moving between his legs and Shiro can only assume he's sitting on the dildo. Kolivan grins as he drinks in the sight of him and Shiro tamps down his jealousy.
Shiro watches as Kolivan approaches the bed, reaching out a hand and trailing his fingers down Keith's chest.

"You're desperate, aren't you kitten?"

Keith makes a pathetic whimper as he nods.

"Put your toys away," Kolivan says. "I'm here."
Keith crawls out of bed and Shiro can see that he was correct in his assumption about where the dildo had gone. Kolivan winds his huge arms around Keith's small frame and drags his teeth across Keith's shoulder. Shiro watches him shudder.
"How many times have you come so far?" Kolivan asks.

"Five," Keith answers weakly.

"Five?" Kolivan repeats. "You're being greedy, kitten. You should be satisfied for a few hours at least." He looks to Shiro, suddenly serious. "Don't let him take advantage of you. He'll keep you
in bed all week if you let him." He smacks Keith's ass sharply and Shiro prepares to pull Keith away, but Keith just moans and melts against Kolivan.

"Please," Keith whines. "I need your cock."

Kolivan eyes Shiro up and down and Shiro feels his face grow hot.
"Are you not as well endowed as I presume you to be?" Kolivan asks.

Shiro crosses his arms in annoyance and tries his best to retain his composure.

"He hasn't fucked me yet," Keith says. Understanding finally crosses Kolivan's face.
"Ah, well then. This wouldn't be the time for something new," Kolivan says. "My apologies if I offended."

He spins Keith around in his arms and bends him over the bed. As he unbuckles his belt and sheds his pants, he looks towards Shiro again.

"It can be tempting to give into
his begging, but he'll be satisfied for longer if you make him wait for it. Tease him as long as you can stand. He shouldn't need more than two orgasms every few hours."

"Please," Keith moans.

"Spread your legs, kitten. Show us how wet your hole is," Kolivan's voice is lower
now, almost a purr and Shiro has to resist the temptation to reach into his own pants and take himself in hand. Keith spreads his legs and tilts his hips up, finger sliding through his slick, whining as he touches himself.

"That's it, touch yourself until you're about to come."
It doesn't take long. Kolivan has to pull his hands behind his back, both of Keith's slim wrists held in one hand as he lines his cock up with the other. "Don't be afraid to be rough with him," Kolivan says as he sinks inside and Keith sobs into the mattress. "He can take it."
Shiro sits down next to him on the bed, strokes his hands through Keith's hair as Kolivan pounds into him. He's desperately hard, but this is about Keith's needs, and he feels selfish asking for his own release.

"Shiro," Keith moans.
"Fuck, Shiro, it feels so good. I wish it was you." Shiro doesn't miss the way that Kolivan growls and pounds into him deeper.

"Me too, baby," Shiro says. He strokes a thumb over Keith's cheek. "Maybe next time, I'm so hard."

"Can I suck you?" Keith pants.
Shiro palms himself through his pants and Keith licks his lips. He nods, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock. Kolivan releases his grip on Keith's wrists and Keith guides his cock into his mouth, moaning as soon as he gets his lips around him.
"Don't let him come again until after dinner," Kolivan says. "Taking it from both ends should be enough to satisfy him until then."

Keith pulls off just long enough to whine, "Kolivan, that's not fair."

Kolivan's claws tighten in Keith's hair, yanking his head back.
"You'll never learn control any other way," he says. Keith whimpers and Shiro recognizes the tell tale shiver of him being on the edge of coming.

"Can I --?" Keith starts to say.

"No," Kolivan growls. "Suck him first, he's been so patient while you've been greedy."
He pushes Keith's head down onto Shiro's cock and Keith sucks him eagerly.

"/Fuck/," Shiro groans. He curls his metal fingers around the back of Keith's head, encouraging him to take him deeper. It's been so long since he enjoyed this, he looks forward to when Keith isn't in
heat so they can take their time. Keith's tongue slides down the underside of his cock and he's sucking Shiro like it's what he was born to do. "Keith, baby that feels so good."

Keith pulls off, licks teasingly at the head of his cock and looks up at Shiro.
"Push my head down," Keith says. "Make me choke on it."

"/Fuck,/" Shiro swears, this close to coming just from the thought. Keith slides his mouth back down and Shiro moves his hand up, brings his other one to join it as he fucks up into Keith's mouth. It probably shouldn't
Shiro that Keith is so good at this, knowing that he's taken Kolivan's dick before, but it takes quite a bit of effort to actually make him choke. The feeling of Keith's throat tight around his cock is enough to tip him over the edge. He comes hard, looking down just in time to
see Keith swallowing and the sight is beautiful. Keith looks completely blissed out as he lifts his head. There's a trail of spit and come running down his chin and he's the picture of debauchery. Shiro groans, running his fingers through Keith's hair.

"Come for me," he says.
He watches Keith sneak a hand down between his legs and it isn't long before he's burying his scream against Shiro's thigh. Kolivan pulls out -- and /fuck/ his cock is huge, he can't even believe all of it fit inside Keith -- his hand works quickly over the head and he shoots
onto Keith's ass. Kolivan doesn't stick around for pleasantries, merely pulls up his pants and buckles his belt.

"Let me know if you need me again," he says before leaving.
(We're not done yet, but I need to make dinner first. 😘)
Shiro's not sure how Keith is still standing. He looks as though he might topple over at any moment. He winds his arms around Keith's waist and kisses him softly.

"Thank you," Keith whispers.

"You feel good?" Shiro asks. Keith laughs and buries his face in Shiro's chest.
"I never really feel good during a heat, just horny or exhausted. But I feel better than I did when I woke up."

Shiro pushes his hair away from his face and kisses his forehead.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he says. He grabs a towel from the laundry bin and wipes away the
mess on Keith's ass and thighs.

"Wow," Shiro says, more to himself than to Keith. "Galra come a lot, don't they."

Keith snickers and turns to kiss him. Shiro picks him up in a bridal carry and deposits him in bed. He can see that Keith's eyes are already getting heavy.
Shiro covers him up with the blanket and stays until Keith falls asleep. He goes back for another work out, he might have gotten off but apparently no one told his body that. He knows technically his boyfriend is part Galra, but it still feels strange to find Kolivan attractive
after everything Zarkon and his forces did to him. In the afternoon, he has a session with Rohn and unsurprisingly they spend most of it talking about his sex life. He stops by Keith's quarters to check on him and he's still asleep when Shiro pokes his head in. He's about to
leave when he hears Keith's voice.

"Shiro, wait," he says sleepily.

Shiro pads across the room and climbs into Keith's bed, sliding underneath the blanket. He'd nearly forgotten that he left Keith completely naked. Keith doesn't seem bothered by it in the least. He reaches for
Shiro's hand and brings it down between his legs.

"Oh, /fuck/," Shiro says. "You're still so wet."

Keith stretches out languidly, arching his hips up towards Shiro's hand.

"I'll be like this for a few more days at least," he says. "Do you want to see if I taste any different?"
"Now that I've had Kolivan's cock inside me?" Keith spreads his legs and pulls Shiro's hand up to his mouth, sucking his fingers clean.

"/Keith/," Shiro groans. "It /isn't/ after dinner."

"So?" Keith says. He tugs his fingers under the collar of Shiro's shirt and pulls him
down, kissing him hungrily. "I want you, I want your mouth on me. You don't have to make me come, I just want to feel you."

"Okay, baby," Shiro whispers. He kisses Keith's neck, nips at his collarbones. "But I'm not going to make you come until after dinner, deal?"
Keith whines but he nods before pushing Shiro down between his legs. Shiro laughs and kisses the insides of his thighs, ignoring Keith's pleas, taking his time before he drags his tongue lightly over Keith's swollen cock.
He pushes Keith's knees up to his chest, hands gripping his thighs tightly and bends down to taste him.

"You don't taste any different baby," Shiro whispers. "But you do taste good."

"Please," Keith moans.

"Shhh," Shiro says. "I'm taking my time."
He licks into Keith slowly, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper inside of him. He's desperately hard himself, but knowing that he's driving Keith crazy with his tongue is enough incentive to keep going. Keith reaches down to rub at his neglected cock and Shiro pushes his hand
away. Instead, he rubs his metal thumb lightly back and forth as he fucks Keith with his tongue. Keith shivers beneath his fingers and Shiro slows down when he feels Keith getting close, he's always loved teasing his partners, but the /sounds/ Keith makes when he's desperate are
just so beautiful, Shiro could listen to them forever.

"Please, please, Shiro," Keith begs. "I need to come."

Shiro presses a final kiss to his cock and lifts his head.

"No you don't," he says, feeling suddenly powerful. "Not until later."
Keith is pouting when Shiro crawls up his body and grinds against him.

"We can come together," Shiro says. "You want that, don't you, Keith?"

"Fuck," Keith groans. "Yeah." He's still rocking up against Shiro's own hard cock, Shiro's pretty sure it's not enough to get him off.
"Let's get you dressed then," Shiro says. He rolls out of bed and pulls out a clean uniform. Helping Keith into it when every movement he makes screams "fuck me" is it's own brand of torment. He's not sure how, but they make it to dinner in one piece.
Shiro feels the stares of the other Blades more than usual and when they get back to Keith's quarters, Shiro asks about it. Keith scratches the back of his head awkwardly.

"They can smell me," he explains. "We can always tell when someone else is in heat."
"Oh," Shiro says. "Were they wondering why we weren't here going at it?"

That gets a laugh out of Keith.

"More like they were probably jealous," he says. "Kolivan has a lot to do around here, you know. He wasn't the only one who took care of me."
Shiro takes a step forward into Keith's space and tips his chin up with two fingers.

"And now you're mine," he says. Keith nods and Shiro eases down the zipper of his uniform.

Keith helps him out of his own clothes and leads him into bed.

"And you're mine."
I think this fic might be done now that the prompt is FINALLY finished but I do have some more thoughts about this au, so....
In the meantime, I have a bunch of good filth over on my patreon so go check it out 😘
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