Anyone who follows me knows I have more than a few bones to pick with #cdnmedia. My complaints are, at times, directed at those who's bias and activist agendas are a hair-on-fire-over-the-top, insulting our collective intelligence, offensive in their underhanded manipulation /1
out-of-context distorters of facts, flagrant fakers, truncaters of videos (major recent example of this scurrilous behaviour) worst of all, those who know a fake story that's been planted by an extremist and who run with it anyway without fact checking just to generate clicks /2
on their ledger so they can get a pat on the head and a cookie from the boss. These ones, when called out on their cheap stunts, will never apologize or completely retract since the notoriety of their offensive attitude will generate even more clicks that feeds their sty. /3
They tend to be arrogant, insulting curs who have little regard for people around them or the country that helped give them the opportunity they are trashing. You can recognize them easily by their feigned defensive attitude that says “How dare you question me you $%^&^%%^” /4
Followed by “ Poor me, everyone is out to get poor, poor me. Somebody called me a bad name...wah.” They range from activist op-ed writers with major media networks to independent howlers with a national pulpit bent on personal vendettas. I will, as many here will, continue to /5
call them out as the cheap manipulators and liars that they are but....having said all of that, there still remains quite a few thoughtful competent journalists who do not need to toe any particular line and care little about what the boss says since they have hard earned /6
luxury of an audience who will follow them regardless of the banner at the top of the page. They rise above the snake pit that's been created by mass media concentration so those of us who want truth will find them and glean real information from real journalists. /7
Mass media conglomerates are not our friends. They're not interested in news, they're interested in money. They are investment vehicles for rentiers and profit takers. They hire management people who know nothing about news or information sharing and do not care to learn. /8
They in turn hire the angry arrogant selfish boors who are paid to offend, to disrupt, to cause angst and anger. Their job is to rile people up, get them pissed off, drive them to the corp's pages, and buy the products sold there, nothing more. They'll take on all challengers /9
when called out on a lie. Their marketing tools include purposely offending, name calling (yes, I'm aware of the irony) establish hate for one side or the other, it doesn't matter who as long as someone gets pissed. They'll do anything they can to be noticed and drive clicks. /10
Since the invention of movable type newspapers reflected their owner's opinions in all things. Their business, their right. That was back in the day when the owners lived in the community. They were directly affected and moulded by that community, they had a stake in /11
its success and would fight to the death to protect their neighbours, their families and the town. That's no longer the case. Now we have a board of directors in some far off city who's primary concern is profitability and their personal stake in their empire. /12
They'll help install/uninstall governments that aid them in their pursuit of profit. They care little whether the communities they were supposed to serve survives or dies. As long as their bonus cheque clears, the lawyers/accountants are happy, and the shareholder gains more. /13
The town's media (newspapers, local radio/TV) that used to inform, entertain and even protect us from many forms of malignant governments and carpetbaggers no longer exists. It's been replaced by profiteers and charlatans in expensive suits. /14
The young upcoming real journalist is blocked from public view by the tabloid barkers. How can we fix this...break them up? Maybe. But there isn't a politician on the planet with the guts to do that. So, we are lost to predatory capitalism and corporatism. /end
Addendum: Here is a thread pointing to another fail by #cdnmedia, we are not in good hands right now.

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