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I have so much media to consume, but clearly I am going to actually rewatch one of my favorite shows ever, Veronica Mars, in preparation for the new season. I'll be dropping thoughts and recap highlights here as I go. #VeronicaSnark
Rewatching the pilot and the various character introductions is a feels-fest, but none hit me harder this time around than Keith Mars? I get so emotional about Keith and Veronica. #VeronicaSnark
The pilot is super heavy on flashbacks and info dumps but still manages to be charming. For all it tells you about the set-up of the show, of what happened pre-pilot, it shows you a lot about who Veronica is-- from sass to taser honestly. #VeronicaSnark
If you want to watch #VeronicaMars along with our recaps, here is the very beginning:… #VeronicaSnark
No matter how many times you watch S01 E02, you forget Paris Hilton is in it until you see her, it's science. #VeronicaSnark
Or as @democracydiva put it in the recap: "I could not understand what Paris Hilton was doing on my screen until I remembered that it’s 2004. And seriously, I cannot exaggerate how little she emotes during this episode." #VeronicaMars #VeronicaSnark…
Apparently, rewatching #VeronicaMars is 78% visceral reactions to characters appearing because UGH, TROY. #VeronicaSnark

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Sep 30, 2020
After spending the last two weeks talking to employees about how they are holding up during pandemic work, petition for managers to stop commenting on employee's facial expressions, especially on Zoom.
If your concern, in this economy, with the world on fire, is that your employee put effort into maintaining a pleasant expression, you don't have your employee in mind. And you don't have productivity in mind, because with limited reserves ANYWAY, that energy could go to WORK.
And let me tell you that all of the many complaints I got from people about their managers policing their faces were from WOMEN because this "feedback" tends to be incredibly gendered. 😬
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Sep 29, 2020
I had to travel for work and now I have a three hour ride back home. I’m very tired and stressed so there is only one thing to do: Read Kissing the Coronavirus.
Obviously the real uncomfy thing here is the eroticizing and romanticizing of an, um, deadly virus which has claimed many lives. Page 1 goes “the virus is like a devastating penis, yeah that’s the ticket.” #kissingthecoronasnark Image
I’ve thought about the devastation of the coronavirus a lot, you know, but never came close to comparing it to a pulsating, erect penis so maybe I’m doing better than I thought. #kissingthecoronasnark
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Sep 9, 2020
I'm in the middle of a massive unhaul project so I've been thinking about consumerism in BookTube a heck of a lot lately. This is a topic that cycles around in the community and for good reason: how we acquire books is a big part of what we do.
As with most things we hot take on Twitter, there is so much nuance here and it's not as simple as "it's my money nobody judge me" or "buying books is awful how could you."
Everyone has to decide how to curate their own collection and how they spend their limited resources, but we also can't entirely divorce the role of BookTube and community norms from that. It's a worthwhile conversation.
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Sep 3, 2020
It's never that you aren't allowed to dislike books from non-white authors, but that as reviewers-- especially ones who, you know, care-- it's your responsibility to unpack the language you use to review and the biases you bring to a work.
Yes, you are allowed to not like work by non-white authors, but if everything you didn't like about it is everything that doesn't center you, like maybe sit with that for a moment.
I haven't even read The Poppy War, but this isn't just a case of one person (who apologized!) calling one book boring; It's the feedback POC get about their work all the damn time: no one is interested, there is no market, consumers won't see themselves here, it's boring.
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Sep 2, 2020
Every so often, as I work on @BookNetFest things, I just get really proud of @thoughtsontomes and myself. I'm always amazed that the wild idea I had while sitting on the floor of a hotel room, the idea Sam immediately said yes to, became this event.
@thoughtsontomes In my experience, the book community has a tendency to be better at co-opting ideas than supporting what already exists, especially if made by smaller or marginalized creators. I'm infinitely grateful to everyone who has supported @BookNetFest along the way.
@thoughtsontomes Every year, there's this sense of "can we do it one more time?" Every year, we magic together the best event we can with a tiny budget, big dreams, and quality volunteers. Truly, thank you because it still feels like I'm shouting my wild idea and now a bunch of you say YES.
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Aug 6, 2020
"This is a cool scene in which he talks about how Bella’s sweet blood is making him want to murder her right here, in front of everyone. And had he known that her blood existed, he would’ve found her and murdered her *ages ago*."

#MidnightSun Chapter 1:…
"Edward starts focusing on how much he hates Bella for existing and being desirable to him, which helps take the edge off of wanting to kill her. Gotta love when your misogyny helps keep your murderous desires at bay, I guess."

#MidnightSun Chapter 1:…
"Ms. Cope has to repeat “too young” in her head to keep it appropriate. “Wrong,” Edward thinks. “I was older than her grandfather.” It’s true! He is older than her grandfather! And yet he’s still going to date a child. Here we are."

#MidnightSun Ch. 1:…
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