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1. It's time to retire the meme "Antifa are fascists." This stupidity came about because of Jewish linguistic obfuscation and the fact that Conservativism has been so cuckolded by Jews, they are a living meme of "everything I don't like is Hitler."
2. Of course, there is a dictionary definition of "fascism," but this doesn't help much. Today, fascism is described as having "intolerant" views, but what exactly is it intolerant of? To see this, we have to go back in time before Jewish publishers altered the definition.
3. "Fascism" takes its meaning from Benito Mussolini's Fascist Party. Now, looking at a definition that hasn't been subverted by Jews (i.e. a 1951 definition), its meaning is apparent: a movement organized to oppose Bolshevism.
4. Going back to our contemporary definition of fascism, we now know what fascism is intolerant of: Bolshevism. Of course, this is omitted from current texts because Jewish publishers are literally redefining words to persuade people to hate the things Jews hate.
5. Thus, anti-fascism would necessarily mean tolerance of Bolshevism, which is in direct opposition to fascism by the very definition of the word "fascist." So Antifa is anti anti-Bolshevism. These headlines should underscore the relationship between Jews, Bolshevism, and Antifa.
6. Antifa was anti-Nazi because Nazis were anti-Judeo-Bolshevik just like Mussolini's Fascists, except with a larger emphasis on the relationship between Bolshevism and Jews. Here are German soldiers confirming their enemy is Bolshevism, of which Jews were the primary proselytes.
7. If anti-fascists were simply fighting against intolerance, they would have fought against the Bolsheviks' intolerance of Christianity. But they weren't. They were fighting against the intolerance of Bolshevism. Dictionaries don't explain this because they're edited by Jews.
8. However, anti-fascism and fascism often get conflated because both are authoritarian. The Bolsheviks not only killed the Tsar, but also started purging "deviationists." National Socialists banned Jew Rosa Luxemburg's Communist Party and the Marxist Socialist Democrat party.
9. Incidentally, the US also banned Communism, but somehow National Socialists are uniquely evil for doing the same thing. This is the type of hypocrisy that occurs when Jews write our history books. Sadly, this legislation was one of the last vestiges of a once great America.
10. When Mussolini said "we declare war on socialism, not because it is socialist, but because it has opposed nationalism," it was emblematic of the internationalist nature of Marxist ideologies, which oppose nationalism. This Jewish internationalism is now called "globalism."
11. In a "Democratic" state like the US, these types of nationalist/internationalist ideologies are supposed to co-exist. But obviously this isn't the case because public officials allow anti-fascists to intimidate nationalists, which is a soft form of Bolshevik authoritarianism.
12. The Portland incident wasn't the first time public officials have allowed anti-fascists to attack nationalists. And the Jewish press normalizes this violence - even glorifying it. Democracy is fast becoming Bolshevism, but it's okay as long as nobody calls us "Nazis."
13. In Trump's most cogent speech, he pointed out that the Founders of America are anathema to anti-fascists, and that anti-fascist weren't guilt-free in the clashes in Charlottesville - a statement that was categorically condemned by the Antifa-supporting Jewish press.
14. Despite the fact that Antifa has historically been a pro-Bolshevik authoritarian group, Jewish media portrays them as paragons of freedom and "defensive." They are no more "defensive" than Israel's IDF. This is just more linguistic obfuscation from the Jewish fifth column.
15. The fact is, Antifa serves Jewish interests: globalism, corporatism, & neo-liberalism. They are the foot soldiers for the top 1% in America who want to distill your identity down to a single class: consumer. Anything else you claim as your identity is hateful to these people.
16. Finally, the author of the ubiquitous Anti-Fascism Handbook claims he's not a Bolshevik, but a Communist. Odd because the Bolsheviks became the Communist Party in Russia. They, and Mensheviks, were both originally the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. ⛔End.
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