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Pride month has ended and this 4th of July almost feels like a liberation from the barrage of pozzed propaganda we have had to endure from the Cathedral throughout June.

So let’s celebrate with some white pills for once: the difficulties faced by universities in America!
You have to understand if you don’t already that universities & higher ed are your enemy. Lots of boomers are going to have strong emotional attachments to the idea of higher education as a benefit, but the role of universities changed from education to sedition a long time ago.
Universities are today’s testing grounds & Petri dishes for tomorrow’s sociological experiments. The insanity of safe spaces, enforced globohomo, deplatforming, nannying, LGBTQWERTY, mattress girls and all other Clownworld ills starts on campus then spreads outside like AIDS.
Tenured professors in useless subjects that give them zero skills to survive in the real world concoct “research” and “studies” that drive our society ever leftward in an internal status-seeking competition that has little consequence to them but has a huge impact on us.
The Business Schools are even worse. Factory conveyor belts who produce a single product: arrogant management consultants who are then exported by McKinsey and BCG to wreck havoc on global business and society with PowerPoint presented nonsense and empty sound bites.
The cabal of academics, journalists and hand-wringers who have all decided to trade in our civilisation and future in exchange for feels all gain their legitimacy and power from the universities. They are the temples of our Western Brahmin caste. Demagogues who reign unchecked.
I believe it was Moldbug who said that Harvard controls Massachusetts, Massachusetts controls the US, and the US controls the world. Smashing the universities is as important to liberty and freedom as the dissolution of the monasteries was to ushering in a new age.
The universities maintain wealth and power by pushing their credentialism onto society, forcing young people to have academic approval before being allowed to enter the workplace. A whole generation has been plunged into inescapable debt, and their youthful fertility decimated.
So rejoice - rejoice! - whenever you hear of problems in the education sector. Every liberal arts college that closes, every professor fired (barring those in the hard sciences), is a step forward in dissolving the power of an arrogant elite aloof in their ivory towers.
Funding to universities in Alaska has been slashed. $130 million has been denied to the Uni of Alaska. This means faculty layoffs and closing its 13 community campuses. Look at the physiognomy of this woman.
Uni of Alaska President James Johnsen said “There aren't any nickels and dimes laying on the floor anymore. It has to be – to borrow a medical term – amputation at this point." Excellent! Sever the diseased organ to let society recover. Again, check out the weak physiognomy.
South Dakota recently passed a bill demanding “intellectual diversity” at its colleges. The bill orders universities to protect free speech, including speech that may be “offensive, unwise, immoral, indecent, disagreeable or conservative.”
The bill had been stalled but was revived amid a debate over a "Hawaiian Day" party planned by University of South Dakota students, an event whose name was changed to "Beach Day" after an official told them their theme violated rules about inclusiveness.
This article tells of Newbury College - a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts - closing down. There’s a lot of hand-wringing here but inbetween the lines notice the usual ills of the education sector: inefficiency and greedy over expansion.
Greed is common to colleges. Not content to enforce their state-backed credentialism on a generation or go begging for funds to spend on society-wrecking “research”, they’re also happy to ignore domestic students & expand recklessly to create room for higher fee paying foreigners
Nearly every higher ed institute now depends on Chinese students who pay much higher fees in exchange for an overseas education. But the Chinese are wising up. Why spend all that money sending your kids to a college in the US when all they will learn is hookups and poopdick?
Some colleges like to blame Trump for this and say that he is making foreign students feel unwelcome. Wrong. It’s simple economics. Colleges in Asia are rising in standards, American colleges are lowering. It’s cheaper and better for many to stay at home.
American students are wising up too. The numbers no longer add up. The debt burden of student fees and loans are no longer a worthwhile risk when degree value has been diluted, tertiary education has been pushed to everybody with thumbs, and campuses turn into brainwashing camps.
Nearly half of all US colleges will close by 2030. Some of this is due to the reasons above, but it’s also down to a “winner takes all” economy. Increasingly, if your college isn’t Harvard or Yale, your degree holds far less value in a nepotistic economy.
MBA applications are down too and even business schools are struggling. Rejoice when you hear this, for every less McKinsey consultant in the world makes it a better place for the rest of us.
Burn the universities to the ground. This article is a great example of why we need to do that. They have become toxic insane asylums where the perpetually useless drill madness into the heads of the youthfully stupid in order to infect society with cancer
The great American satirist HL Mencken once said:

“Let's not burn the universities yet. After all, the damage they do might be worse.”

If Mencken could see the state of universities today he’d be redacting his statement and reaching for the gasoline and matches.
So this July 4, take time to enjoy the respite from the unpatriotic propaganda that seeps from the colleges like pus from a wound. Enjoy the fireworks. Enjoy the tanks. Most of all, enjoy the thought of unemployed professors stacking shelves at Walmart in 2030.
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