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So Kamala Harris's position on busing now is... the same one she criticized Biden for having in the '70s? 😂


I mean I'm sure it intuitively makes sense to ppl that it was "more urgent" then, but studies show schools are even more segregated now

Ultimately the issue is moot anyway b/c SCOTUS declared busing unconstitutional back in 2007 in PICS v Seattle, but having some principles would be nice
Except they're not, when that de facto segregation is driven by student assignment plans enacted by government school boards who determine the racial and socioeconomic composition of schools

Assignment-wise, what's different in Charlotte now vs Swann?

Not just chartered; Charlotte, for example, used magnet schools to try and address racial disparities as well

Magnets didn't work, and charters exacerbated the problem

4-4 at the core, with Kennedy providing a 5th swing vote both invalidating the voluntary district plans that were considered (one in WA and one in KY) and the "dissent" arguing that not all race-based assignment is always illegal

2nd point is totally valid; I don't follow on the 1st and 3rd

Whether there should be a more equitable field doesn't erase that there isn't, and generations of kids are going through substandard school in the time it takes to create one

And it literally is illegal for kids to go to those predominantly-white schools unless their parents have the $$$$$$ to live in the white neighborhoods. Wasn't there a story about a mom in Ohio getting jailed for precisely that?

More than one

➡️ Kelley Williams-Bolar, OH: fined $30,000 + 15 days in jail for trying to send her daughters to a better school district - abcnews.go.com/US/ohio-mom-ja…

➡️ Tanya McDowell, CT: 5 years in prison for trying to send her son to a better district - yahoo.com/lifestyle/mom-…
I know your mom is glad for your success lol 👊

But serious question: what about everyone else? Char-Meck is as segregated now as it was in 1969, with some schools actually being worse

Vox linked some thorough studies here: vox.com/2018/1/8/16822…

If the policy position ends up the same, does the stated rationale matter?

The quantum of bullsh*t that's crossed my inbox since I got interested in criminal defense years ago is unreal

Why? How is a Confederate sympathizer who thinks the Civil War was about "states' rights" materially better than a Confederate sympathizer who thinks it was about slavery?

The families just end up getting forced out as the rising property values lead to higher property taxes and ensuing sales or tax foreclosures

My distaste for Kamala Harris is pretty well-documented at this point

But you also didn't answer the question. If rationales matter, it's not a false comparison at all

No dispute Biden got railed during that exchange; I mentioned it a couple days ago (and also don't much care for Biden as a candidate)

But this is reminiscent of Pawlenty's "Obamneycare" line back in 2012. A solid hit that got walked back for no reason

In the general, whoever the Ds nominate (even if it's Harris)

In the primary, idk yet. I've donated to Booker and to Warren, but won't make a decision until the field's narrowed dramatically

I vastly disagree with Warren politically. But after 2.5 years of this freak show it would be refreshing having a non-idiot in the Oval Office, even if it risks policies I may not agree with

My philosophy is that the Trumpist GOP needs to be burnt to the ground and the Earth salted beneath it

I'll worry about future policy fights when that current battle is over
Idk about that. A poll had @EricaforUSSen20 beating Thom Tilli$ by 8pts just last month, and Alabama Rs can always re-nominate Roy Moore 😉

But that's the issue: the circumstances aren't different, at least in terms of the problem

Schools are more segregated now than when the Supreme Court allowed busing in Swann v Charlotte in 1971

Hes fantastically and uniformly wrong on almost all criminal justice issues. Not as bad as the prosecutors, but close

At least as of the 2013 school year (the most recent day for the UC study), Wake's assignment policies significantly reduced segregation

The dashed line represents what enrollment would look like if school seg perfectly mirrored neighborhood seg

Here's another way of looking at the same data. Plot on the left was 2013 school assignment; plot on the right is hypothetical where all students go to their neighborhood school. Darker colors correlate to nonwhite population %
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