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#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport



This is going to be a long one [Thats What He Said]

Understand I know many people report the same accounts. I’m not, on behalf of #TheDragonsDen or myself, taking sole credit...
This is a war.

We only pray for and seek the protection of children worldwide. #TheDragonsDen #Vol4Kids #ARIELSARMY are NOT seeking fame or attention!

God we use aliases so how TF are we obtaining “Fame” or a benefit for doing what we do?
So, to summarize [and then I’ll get to the #TangoDown] WE ARE HERE FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN.

War has casualties. #TangoDown is a salutation to the #pedoPurge.

Those #pedPOS that lost the fight and will struggle to once again sexually exploit kids on Twitter are the following -














These accounts are just the ones I had bookmarked and hopefully I have not listed the same in individual #TangoDown posts.

This is #pedoPurge!

#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy

#TangoDown #pedoPURGE Part 3

A majority of the dead #pedoPOS listed below are from a Child Porn distribution acct - these fuq’s were followers of the Kahuna of this CP ring -



The #pedoPurge celebration will be continued.

If U see it report it! U can always HMU or any other #Dragon, #AArmy or #Vol4Kids if U need help or have a tip on an account.
July 11, 2019

#pedoPOS @1wildlobogmail1 is finally obliterated.

Overnight, the sick fuq’r posted an incredibly graphic ‘money shot’ pic involving an obvious CHILD.

After MONTHS of reporting “he gone.” Maybe the direct msg to @FBI is what did him in.

🙏 2 all that reported
July 17, 2019

We celebrate the removal of child / teen pornographer @Gmass007.

Now, we watch @Jack to see if he reinstates “Lucky2B” like he did #pedoPOS @girl_karty

#TheDragonsDen #Vol4Kids
#ARIELSARMY #JabberDragon
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“Odin! Guide our ships
Our axes, spears and swords
Guide us through storms that whip
And in brutal war” - @AmonAmarthBand

Wasn’t much of a battle w/ teen gay porn luvr @laromamxxx. ‘‘Twas the Will of the Raven!
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“I'm talkin' about one last score. A chance to take it to the man, one more time. Are you with me?” - Jon Spade ‘I’m gonna get you sucka’

A score, but not our last


Was supposed to be @BagetsTrader_2 but it looks like the other one is on its way out too
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“You got to shave before you leave the house in a dress like that, and I don"t mean your legs.” - ‘Don Cleveland’

For those that anxiously waited for teen masturbation vids from @X69moke, well, #GFY. #TwitterGate
I deleted my previous #TangoDown because I got the @ wrong, again.

So as to not put you thru another reading of a dissertation, I’ll simply say goodbye to @sex_lover_boy1.

His posting of obvious child pornography certainly will not be missed.
@threadreaderapp unroll this thread please
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“As men get older, the toys get more expensive.” Marvin Davis

Sorry Marv, I believe you’re plagiarizing a #pedoPOS like @kiddiemealx2 the CP collector, not the toy brand. Kiddie’s tastes bankrupted him. #BuhBye
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“If your kid needs a role model and you ain't it, you're both fucked.” #GeorgeCarlin

@Syddad4son1. Your pedo fantasy was chimney sweeping your “sons” Hope the cops have locked you up. Praying the “sons” aren’t fuq’d
@threadreaderapp please “unroll” this for me! Thank you for your service
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“No shirt, No shoes, No service”

Must explain why @Toplessagain is now Twitter’less. It can’t be because of the child porn it was promoting and distributing. Right??
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long.” Mitch Hedberg

@0d9ee64156d14a7 can sleep as much as it wants since it can’t peddle child porn on Twit anymore.

Well, w/ that account unless reinstated
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


The year was ‘82, #DexysMidnightRunners release “Come on Eileen” in the UK. It reached #1 in the US.

That reminds me of teen incest porn account @jizz4jenna for some reason. Why 🤔. Is it bc they’re history?
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“You're like a dagger, and stick me in the heart
And taste the blood from my blade
And when we sleep, would you shelter me in your warm and darkend grave?” - Lita + Ozzy

@lilaloli17, Yes you fuq’n #pedoPOS
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“Dragons and legends...It would have been difficult for any man not to want to fight beside a dragon.” - Patricia Briggs

Together, WE battled in the cesspool of @Twitter against #pedoPOS...
Those that did not live to see another day of promoting and distributing child sexual exploitation in the #TwitterGate community -






May you rot in the #H377 of a prison cell
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#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


In honor of the Battle of the Bulge ‘44-‘45 and what that meant to world history...

I present to you the Battle of the Protuberance

The #Den wins again #pedoPOS scum.
Casualties of War for the #pedoPOS are






Your days of child sexual exploitation for the fuq’d up gratification of others are over.
From my friends at @TheSoulflyTribe

I am what I create
Believing in my fate
Integrity is my name
All that I am doing
Can never be ruined
My song remains insane
Eye for an eye
Eye for an eye
Eye for an eye
Eye for an eye for an eye for an eye
For every #Dragon + indie reporter lost in this battle, several #pedoPOS accts are gift wrapped by us and delivered to LE.

The latest child sexual exploitation accounts to become dust -






Ya thought that was it? 🤣🤣














Anti pedos everywhere applaud those that report. Many 🙏
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


No attempt at humor ATM. There needs to be a punishable offense in every State for promoting and possessing child eroticism.

The Federal definition of child eroticism may as well be labeled actual porn.
But what about pics of kids that a pedo steals from an innocent account, posts them as his own, and adds a sexually suggestive #?

What about pics of kids posed in suggestive ways? @Twitter is LOADED w/ accounts like this.
That’s why I’m hoping to have a sit down w/ Congresswoman @EliseStefanik soon. This truly needs to be addressed.

With that said, #TheDragonsDen #Vol4Kids and #ARIELSARMY reports these accounts fervently.

Fortunately, at least in the case of @freshmodelsnet, Twit agreed.
The images posted, along w/ the child’s NAME AND AGE, were most definitely Endangering the depicted kids.

We pray that LE did / does get involved w/ that account. I’d bet that sooo much more would be found w/ an investigation into the account holder.

Thank you for reporting!
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


A list, then an explanation






The above now #TangoDown accounts were of “children / teens” that were openly exploiting themselves and / or friends.

A few issues I have w/ that -

• If kids controlled the accounts w/o coercion, what compelled them to essentially traffic themselves?
• If the kids were coerced, who is responsible for their exploitation?

• Why is child eroticism NOT against the law in most States? The Federal guidelines are rather stringent.

Yet, kids are sexually exploited here 24/7/365. Their images may not fit the Fed standard...
...but they are truly victims of child sexual exploitation. And it’s at a pandemic level.

Hopefully @EliseStefanik will indeed meet w/ me to discuss this issue much sooner rather than later.

Please help our kids!
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


@Daddy19812 who promoted for little white girls to be raped by #BBC was shut down w/in hours, thankfully.

@Twitter why are full blown child porn accounts that are reported daily still allowed to be active?
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - coming to theaters near you.

Scary story to tell in the dark - @CarlitosVidal9 sent scary tiny dick pics to obvious minors. He was reported by a Den, and now ‘he gone!’ Scary aye?
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“Here's the deal, Columbus...huh Im not easy to get along with and I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch.” - Tallahassee / Zombie Land

@franck_single, child sexual exploiter, told ya you’re a pedoPOS bitch #BuhBye
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“When the enemy comes he will
never be heard
He'll blow your mind and not say a word” - Judas Priest

The Den, Vols, Angels, all pedo-hunters are the enemy of #pedoPOS. Silently we prey. #buhbye @jesusga09350685
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport


“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu

We know.
Those subdued on the side of child sexual exploiters and abusers -









Our hope is that LE has you by the short hairs. #Buhbye #pedoPOS
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsAngels


“They are the strange within the fallen
Born of the lecherous and sick, the plague is calling
Mind the rules that can't be broken
Through hollow days and words unspoken” - ‘Arise and Purify’ by Sanctuary

Our War..
The following #pedoPOS child sexual exploiters + child porn ring leaders (those born of the lecherous and sick) have recently fallen -

Those infected that hopefully will succumb to this plague...


We call upon plague doctors to keep a watchful eye on these infected yet surviving #pedoPOS.
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” - Dave Pelzer

Presumed accounts of kids, living in the darkness of the soul...
...that sexually exploited other kids are now confined to the abyss of their own respective H377





We’re always looking. We’re always protecting kids. Always.
#TheDragonsDen #ReconReport
#Vol4Kids #ArielsArmy


I wish I could rejoice in the quick suspension of @LCleDnV2ytQWy1G.

It posted a vid of a woman, a school aged young girl, and a female toddler. All nude. One bed. Don’t picture it.

Pray for the safety of the kids
That particular video had been viewed thousands of times, liked over a thousand times and RTed hundreds of times w/in a few hours of being posted.

Satan ซาตาน is definitely at play worldwide as evidenced by the stats.

WE are the light that will shine for the kids.

A couple more departed from the realm of #Twittergate -



Both sexually exploited little girls in erotic fashion.

Materials like this must be criminalized and not just banished from Twit.

Please, contact your politicians and voice your concern
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