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Baby Steps
By: H. R.

Satan (Chaos) uses a gradual process to coerce people into following him rather than God.
Physicists promote Chaos with the Big Bang Theory, & anthropologists promote Chaos with evolution theory.
In secret societies like Freemasonry, it begins with making a person feel unique or special & above the masses.
In religion it generally begins by telling people they are God's chosen Elect or Elite. They are the only ones capable of understanding the sublime secrets & responsibly & faithfully carrying out orders.
Jesus said "They made priests of the lowest people" but these people are told they are "Secure" in Christ who chose them from the foundation of the world to be his own "Elite" from among the masses destined for Hell.
Why Christ would make people just so they can be damned to Hell is never really explained.
John Calvin & Martin Luther spearheaded this "Theocracy of the Elect" but should have known the bible says "Thou shalt not kill", "Love thy neighbor" & Christ died for everyone rather than murdering peasants & heretics.
Even the word heretic is misunderstood. The dictionary defines it as one who holds a controversial opinion or espouses contradictory views to the Catholic Church. By this definition, they were heretics also, but they were far worse than just heretics.
Prior to them, Popes told everyone that they were chosen to be "Vicars of Christ", their Cardinals held the keys to the gates of Heaven & Priests were "chosen" intermediaries between God & His subjects.
Prior or along side the Popes were Caesars, Ascended Masters, Archdruids, Imams, Buddhist Monks & many more. Chosen people are generally rewarded first with comradery like Robin Hood said "One for all & all for one".
Money follows quickly because the bible says "The love of money is the root of all evil". Power, prestige & fame soon follow.
Repayment of these favors begins by forcing these people into maintaining a double standard. What's good for the goose does not need apply to the gander!
Jesus said "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways" so these people begin taking liberties that ordinary law abiding citizens cannot. They justify their privileged status by joining secret societies made up of like minded people.
They may start by getting out of speeding tickets, trading stocks on insider information, get advanced degrees given to them or justify the use of the company car or corporate jet for a family vacation.
In Salt Lake City for example, a sting of pedophiles (June 2006) showed the perpetrators showing up to sex rendezvous with minors with a book of Mormon & a Temple recommend in case they got caught.
One city employee was caught fueling his family cars with the city credit card & another purchased a Hummer at the public feeding trough.
I'm not picking on Mormons, this goes on everywhere.
At the Atlanta Airport a runway was built over an 8 lane freeway (read expensive) necessitating the 2nd tallest control tower in the world (read expensive) just to view it.
After the fraud & corruption trial was completed, exonerating the Mayor & contractors the project was deemed by many as being unnecessary.
The bible says that all liars have their place in the lake of fire so Satan makes them begin to live a lie.
This begins by getting in on government sponsored White Elephant projects. White Elephant is defined in Websters Dictionary a rare & expensive possession that is a financial burden to maintainof dubious or limited valueconspicuous failure unwanted by its owner.
Here are some of the more popular modern day White Elephants I can think of:
Cold War Nuclear Missile Silos
Star Wars Missile Defense Shield
Greenbrier nuclear bomb shelter
Boston's Big Dig
Denver Airport
Halliburton Civilian Inmate detention facilities
Mexico border wall
US Baghdad Embassy
Parsons built Iraq medical centers
If you look close, these projects have Fraud, Waste & Abuse written all over them.
The Big Dig is now known to have substandard concrete, it leaks, & was over budget by a factor of 5.
Greenbrier will house thousands of Government Elite but no sheeple when times get tough.
Star Wars is not technologically feasible, however Scalar weapons are.
Frederico Pena pushed the Denver Airport through against all reason which has a Masonic dedication plaque, a demon statue that looks down on travelers & artwork depicting Nazi soldiers in gas masks killing blacks & Jews.
Halliburton is converting closed US military bases into Nazi style extermination camps, so just as Jews paid for their deaths during WW2, we will as well.
The Mexico border wall makes no sense when a NAFTA Superhighway is being built.
$2.5 Billion Baghdad Embassy protects oil pipelines which terminate in Israel.
There are no US built functioning medical centers in Iraq, & they wont do any good against the uranium munitions which contaminate most of the Middle East.
Okay, you get the idea, it's the old $40 hammer routine only bigger!
CEOs get multi-million $ perks for intentionally ruining companies such as power utilities (Enron), steel producers (US, Geneva, Bethlehem), auto makers (GM, Ford), airlines (Delta, American, United).
Newsmen get invited to join the CFR or Bilderbergers for lying in front of the camera (Rather, Jennings).
Brokaw helped Al Gore put out his global warming message so all the devastating natural disasters can be blamed on Mother Nature when they know Scalar Weapons are intentionally causing it.
The primary vehicle for selling America out has been the Trilateral Commission. Founded with 54 members in 1973 by David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski, this organization has been largely responsible for the accumulation of US foreign debt.
Roughly speaking, the US had no substantial foreign debt in 1973, but by 1980 we had $1 Trillion, & now over $22 Trillion.
The commission is made of Globalists like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, Bush Sr., Charlie Rangel, Paul Volcker, Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Diane Feinstein etc.
This would be expected, but a large contingent of corporate leaders & labor union leaders is there as well.
One would think these entities were antithetical, but guess again.
The TC gained a foothold in America with Jimmy Carter. Ford stepped aside & Carter placed 18 of the original 54 members in his cabinet.
The oil cartel was made king of the American hill with his 3-mile Island nuclear charade, & the national debt has gone ballistic.
One can easily see the double-minded nature of this organization which exists for the sole purpose of plundering America.
Remember, this too is God's will. We can't do anything about it except warn people!
Because of their lies, an unrepentant person at this stage will not pass God's judgment.
Church membership is encouraged as a personal comfort & to serve as a smoke screen for illicit activity. Example:
Rev Jesse Jacksons affairs & out of wedlock children; Rev (Methodist minister) Oliver Norths Iran-Contra activity; Catholic Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick murder cover-up; Methodist George Bush's Skull & Bones membership; Methodist Hillary Clinton's Wicca activities.
As the game plays on, the person at this stage may begin to seek esoteric wisdom in astrology, clairvoyance, witchcraft, shamanism, cabbala, Sufism, eastern philosophy, fortune tellers or Tarot Cards.
These activities now violate God's commandments but are hidden behind innocent facades like earth worship, philosophy, meditation or Yoga.
If repentance is made, youre still alright, but Satan knows if no repentance is made, none of them will see the Kingdom of Heaven.
Lifestyles at this stage may become more involved with homosexuality, pornography, adultery, fornication & sexual deviancy to widen the rift between "The Elect" & biblically acceptable lifestyles.
To ensure compliance, photos & evidence of deviant lifestyles are collected & used for blackmail purposes.
God will still forgive anyone, even at this stage, but people who see a picture of themselves with a prostitute whether they are of the same or opposite sex may not be able to muster the guts to tell their wives, children or bosses.
The homosexual Greek philosopher Plato really is at the fountainhead of most of this, but modern day dupes like androgynous pedophile Michael Jackson, Sir Elton John, Rosie O'Donnell, or Ellen DeGeneres certainly help promote the cause.
Just as a poker game, the rewards as well as the stakes continue to rise in the occult world.
Lies become bigger & more common place because Satan knows all liars have their place in the lake of fire.
Misery loves company & everyone else is doing it now, so it becomes OK to lead a dual life.
What is good for the goose (elite) does not apply to the gander (sheeple).
The fountainhead of this duality is found in Talmudic Sanhedrin law where Jews (really Pharisees who say they are Jews but are not) live under laws that apply only to them.
Here is a quick overview.
I mean no disrespect to honest God fearing, God chosen Jews. The term Jews used here refers to the Pharisees of Jesus day & today's Zionists who say they are Jews but are most definitely not.
In my opinion, Jews who rejected Christ were mislead just like Muslims who pray to Allah, Catholics who pray to Mary or Protestants who think God chose them only.
Pharisees were Satan worshippers in disguise, whose ancestry goes back to the Canaanites & Israelites influenced by them, most notably in the Tribe of Dan.
Today's Illuminati do not adhere to the laws of commoners just as the Druids & Saxons were noted for doing in the British Isles.
Here are some of the laws Zionists have written for themselves:
1. Jews can murder or steal from a Gentile & not be held accountable to God.
2. A Jew can marry a 3 year old girl.
3. Jews may have sex with a young girl so long as she is less than 9 years of age.
4. Women may have sex with demons. Note: This was the reason God flooded the earth & the reason God instructed the Israelites to attack the sons of Anak who were the giants described in Numbers 13.
When the Israelites refused to do as God commanded, he made them wander the desert for 40 years so as to kill off anyone over the age of 20 save for Moses, Aaron, Joshua & Caleb who trusted in Him!
5. Persons who read the New Testament will have no portion of the world to come.
6. Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell & be punished for all generations.
7. Jews can steal & cheat non-Jews & there is no requirement to repay the debt. Note: DOD Comptroller Dov Zakheim looted some $3 Trillion from US taxpayers, but thats OK.
8. Lying to a Gentile is not considered lying.
9. Gentiles are considered sub-human.
10. They consider Jesus mother to be a whore.
11. Hitting a Jew is considered the same as hitting God.
12. Harlotry does not apply to bestial intercourse.
13. A Jewish priest may co-habitate or marry a girl under the age of 3.
Basically, the Talmud is used to religiously justify killing, torture, pedophilia, pederasty & sodomy which ironically were the chief reasons God destroyed the Sodomites, Trojans, Spartans, Greeks, Romans & now the US.
Look up more Sanhedrin law at:

People like to point out that war is justified because God instructed the Israelites to destroy Jericho or Goliath, but the reason for this was because God had to flood the world to stop women from fornicating with Satan's fallen angels, & people in Canaan were still doing it.
Thats how they became giants! Bad as this is, & believe me this is really bad, God still forgives all of it if repentance is made (merely saying your sorry).
At some stage, advancement to the upper levels becomes impossible without rejecting Christ, & the Holy Ghost.
The Rolling Stones called this dancing with Mr. D, other bands call it running with the Devil & God calls it Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.
This is the proverbial Fork in the Road which is the Point of no return where one Crosses the threshold. Jesus called it the Broad Way which leads to destruction.
A funnel comes to mind, & apparently to scientists as well because Big Bang adherents invented Black Holes, & defined them as gravity funnels from which not even light can escape.
Julius Caesar Crossed the Rubicon & Burned the Bridges as he went.
Occultists refer to this choice with these phrases now. The hour glass symbolizes this choice, & indeed the lower chamber may as well be called the Bottomless Pit which will one day hold Satan for 1000 years.
For the occultist, the end of this journey is the Omega Point, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Cabbalists use 11 to denote Antichrist & follow the Sephirot 10 station Tree of Life toward Godhood, so the 11th level is called the Backside or the side of Antichrist.
We see this X around us all the time in railroad crossing signs, aircraft taxi instructions, X-Box controllers, a Pirates skull & crossed bones, crossed legs in yoga, & the crossed swords on Muslim country flags, or military weddings.
This willful rejection of the Holy Ghost comes at the Royal Arch level of Freemasonry (13th in Scotch Masonry, or the 7th level of York Masonry).
Candidates at this point now find out that building King Solomon's Temple & installing their God, Jahbulon is the true goal of Masonry.
Double headed phoenix & triple Tau become their symbol, they drink from human skull to remind them Masonry is about sacrifice of uninitiated humanity just as Jesus sacrificed Himself, & the password becomes I am, that I am which reminds initiate He is now fulfilling role of Jesus
In other words, He is now a god!
At the 3rd level in Wicca Witchcraft, candidates acquire skills to harness the forces of nature, thereby becoming soldiers of the God of forces.
At a similar level in Indian Shamanism, initiates learn to enter shamanistic states of consciousness through rhythmic drum beats or through the use of mind altering drugs like mescaline or peyote in order to become one with their protective spirits.
In their mind I suppose, they feel like they can travel into the earth, through the air or swim in the sea as animals like reptiles, fox, tigers, porpoise or bears
which we in the normal world can identify with or with perhaps even mythical griffins or dragons which exist only in mythology & imagination.
Shamanistic rituals like Wiccan or Druid rites usually face east or move counterclockwise because all they all stem from worship of the Eastern Star, the Sun in one form or another.
The foundation for the Mormon Temple was even laid out counterclockwise for this express purpose.
Levels of mastery correspond roughly to the 6 month purification ritual required of candidates for the Tiferet 5 degrees = 6 degrees level in Cabbalah which effectively binds initiates to Satans Great Work, albeit in the name of peace.
Some generational occult families bypass the so-called Blue Lodge levels & progress in a fast track fashion that would abhor people unfamiliar with occult rituals in Ivy League occult fraternity initiations such as Yale's Skull & Bones death/rebirth ritual initiation.
For Christians to be useful to Jesus Christ, they must become Born Again, otherwise the bible will not make sense.
Examples of this would be:
unregenerated Christians thinking good works will get them to Heaven
being comfortable with homosexuality
joining Freemasonry
trying to reconcile all religions into one (ecumenicism)
thinking evil is relative
thinking their loved ones are waiting for them in Heaven
thinking Satan is not a real person in charge of this earth
not regarding the flood as a real event
the bible is not accurate or eliminating the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on earth.
In similar fashion, it is only after people bind themselves freely to Satan that they become useful to The Great Work aka New World Order. They are the people who can lie, & make you believe them. The bible says that rejection of the Holy Ghost is unforgivable.
Notice the parallel to Israel's refusal to battle the giants? God did not hold accountable for this decision, children under the age of 20, & found only 2 adults (Caleb & Joshua) He deemed worthy to save.
At this stage, the person is said to have Sold their Soul & is as dependent on Satan for salvation as a Christian is to Jesus Christ.
The Tiparoth level of Cabbalah begins the 2nd order which corresponds to the Rosicrucian level in Aleister Crowley's Order of the Silver Star.
The bible says that without the Holy Ghost, the bible will seem like foolishness.
Quite possibly, this is why the Rosicrucian Martin Luther said to be Christian, one must first pluck out the eye of reason.
The person at this stage is unable to filter information using the Holy Ghost & must now use a Satanic filter. He is now Satan's property where black is white, good is evil, Jesus & Lucifer are brothers, sin is relative & Heaven becomes Hell.
Satan knows that prior to Jesus Christ, observant Jews were his only enemy, & now Born Again Christians are his enemy because they are the only ones who can see what he is doing & are warning others.
Jesus said not to cast your pearls before swine. I believe He was saying, stop wasting your time converting someone who has rejected the Holy Ghost.
The reason occultists like Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews is because 144,000 of them will evangelize the world during the Tribulation protected by God!
The bible says woe unto them that call evil good because they all end up on the Left hand of the Savior's Throne of Judgment at the end of the Millennial reign of Christ.
These people all know this, & have willingly chosen to try & avoid judgment in the afterlife.
These people are motivated by satanic promises Satan cannot deliver because he will be bound for a thousand years & thrown into a pit.
People at this stage answer to bosses most of us have never heard of in London, Rome & Jerusalem.
Oaths they take to their respective countries take a back seat to knightly oaths they make to Merovingian masters in western Europe, Jesuit oaths they make in Rome or Cabbalistic oaths they make in Jerusalem.
They manage both sides of war (Bush, Bin Laden & Hussein were all business partners as were Hitler, Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt) to exterminate undesirables like Torah believing Jews and Born Again Christians.
They seek to exterminate Muslims, Buddhists & Hindus because most of them are not expecting a Messiah.
They collect the worlds raw materials & money, so they can give all of it to Satan when he ascends to the throne of the Temple in Jerusalem.
They used explosive uranium/plutonium munitions in Hiroshima & Nagasaki & subtle uranium weapons in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, & Iraq to provide acceptable sacrifices to Satan.
They tested chemical weapons like mustard gas during WW1 & on Kurds in Northern Iraq in1991.
They used biological agents in medieval Europe with Bubonic Plague & smallpox, LSD in Vietnam, AIDS in San Francisco, & radiation infested dust in southern Utah.
They stole raw materials in the US, South Africa & South America & grew drugs in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Afghanistan.
They blow holes in the ozone layer with scalar radars like HAARP, Tesla Howitzers & air burst nuclear weapons to damage the ozone layer & ionosphere which create global warming.
They then blame the resulting ice pack melting on human caused C02 emissions & cow flatulence (methane).
They use these scalar weapons cooperatively (most are located in coastal Antarctica) to create devastating weather & earth changes such as:
hurricanes Katrina & Rita
the Indonesian tsunami
wild fires in California & Oklahoma
floods in India
the earthquake in Pakistan so they can blame God for them as apostate ministers tell us the Tribulation has started.
They create false alarms such as Chernobyl & 3-mile Island to end nuclear fission & deny viable alternative sources of clean power such as:
nuclear fusion
hydrogen fuels
cold nuclear fusion
telluric earth power taps
motionless electromagnetic generators
make $ trillions controlling carbon based fuels. Note: They call it Fossil Fuel but dinosaurs fossilize into rock, not oil unless the flood is considered a bona-fide event. Most oil was produced 4500 years ago within a few hundred years when God flooded the earth!
They control populations with euthanasia, forced sterilization, abortion, manufactured diseases & genocidal wars of attrition under their control.
To quote Barbara Marx Hubbard

"We are the riders of the Pale Horse."
The bible says they do these things because they have not known the Father or the Son. In other words, they have rejected the Holy Ghost.
These people like so many before them will attempt to control Jerusalem as the Knights Templar & Sufi Assassins did & cleanse the earth of undesirables in preparation for what John Calvin referred to as a Theocracy of the Elect.
Plato called this his Republic
St. Augustine called this the City of God
Francis Bacon called it New Atlantis
the founding fathers called Novus Ordo Seclorum
Karl Marx called it Utopia
HG Wells called it the New World Order
Hitler called it the Third Reich
Saddleback Church Pastor (Purpose Driven Church) Rick Warren calls it Gods Kingdom on Earth.
The bible calls it the Apocalypse of the Antichrist which precedes the real Millennial Kingdom of Christ by 7 years!
Satan has a well organized army of demons. They have no physical bodies & therefore require the free will of human beings to work in the world. The people they work with are called the Illuminati, & these people think they are valued by Satan. This is not the case!
Jesus said we are fighting a war against forces of darkness & evil principalities. Jesus is the only protection from these demons, & we are not equipped to fight this battle by ourselves.
The bible says that in Satans rebellion, 1/3 of Gods created angels followed Satan to this world. This is their world for now! This world is only accessible through practice of Mystery Religions.
Demons are classified into groups much like the Hindu Caste system.
Highest order demons are Warring Demons. They are responsible for instigating all wars, & they have been exceedingly good at their job. In the post flood years, there have been less than 300 years of peace!
2nd order demons are Greed Demons. They are destroying the world through runaway inflation, boom & bust cycles & theft.
A subgroup of 2nd order demons have areas of expertise in the following: Hate, Lust, Strife, Envy etc. Basically they appear to coerce people to commit one of the 7 deadly sins.
3rd order demons are experts in witchcraft, false religion, self mutilation, self destruction (suicide), fear, magic, sorcery, ESP, psychic phenomena, necromancy & Satan worship.
4th order demons are associated with perversion. They are said to be hideous looking creatures who present themselves as something desirable. Homosexuality, sadism, bestiality, torture all result from them.
It is this war for souls that Satan desires to win, & he will destroy the earth to do it.
Humans are a trinity made up of Body, Soul & Spirit. Your spirit will return to God no matter what happens on this earth. It is what gives humans the ability to communicate with God, & makes us different from all other creatures on earth.
There is no doggy Heaven because dogs don't have spirits.
Demons communicate with our physical bodies through our spirits much the way the Holy Ghost does, only their goal is to destroy our soul, by getting us to commit it to Satan & then destroying the physical body.
The bible says for us to watch & be sober because demons don't take long to do their work.
An example might be committing adultery, lying about it to your wife, feeling remorse & killing yourself. Conceivably, this could happen to Mr. Straight Arrow in one night.
The original sins would be forgiven if repentance had been made, but once the physical life extinguishes, the spirit returns to God, & the soul awaits judgment by Jesus who will look for it in the Book of Life at the end of the Church Age.
If its not there, the soul will be judged after His 1000 year reign to eternal damnation.
I was a very secular person for 46 years, & thought all I had to do was be a good person. Wrong. This is a deadly serious war whether you are aware of it or not!
End of thread.
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