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From Saria Eilat: Accusing Israel of "Ethnic Cleansing" & "Genocide" .. Propaganda technique whereby the victim is portrayed as the abuser & the abuser as the victim! 1) #Israel #Antisemitism #InvertedReality #EthnicCleansing #Genocide #Nazie #Holocaust #Palestinian #Propaganda
Turning the history of the Jews against them is another commonplace of antiSemitism.
2) #Antisemitism #Jews
If the Jews were victims in an actual genocide, then what better way to transfer sympathy from them to their rivals than by painting the Jews as modern Nazis perpetuating a new holocaust...this time against the poo' poo' "Palestinians" 3) #JewHate #Smears #Propaganda #bloodlibel
Genocide is an attempt to exterminate a people, not to alter their behavior. The Israelis who employed a third of the Arab "Palestinian" population within Israel Proper, armed Arafat and his Palestinian Authority...4) #Israel #ArabPalestinians #Arafat #PalestinianAuthority
...& even offered Yasser Arafat a state consisting of 95 percent of the disputed territory... were hardly practicing genocide! Israel, however, is now sustaining a war for its own existence. 5) #Arafat #PalestinianState
A nation defending its citizens against Arab terrorist bombings, mortar assaults, sniper attacks, and a military and diplomatic onslaught by an array of Arab foes is practicing survival, not genocide. 6) #ArabTerrorism #PalestinianTerrorism #JewHate #ExistentialThreat #Israel
The 1,200,000 Arab "Palestinians" whose parents and grandparents opted for Israeli citizenship in 1948 now have a life inside Israel. Despite their constant bitching and their seeming support for their "Palestinian" kin to destroy Israel,...
7) #ArabPalestinians #IsraeliCitizens
they have no intention whatsoever of leaving Israel for Arafat’s Palestinian State if, or when, it is declared. If anything, they are popping out Israeli-Arab babies in such high numbers that Israel will demographically no longer BE a Jewish State by the year 2030! 8)
Despite their perceived problems with Israel, the Israeli Arabs still like it there.

Arabs & other religious minorities enjoy FULL freedom of their religion in Israel. 9) #Israel #FreedomOfReligion
In addition, Israel pays for Arab education, in the latter’s own language, in their own schools & in schools built by Israeli taxes. Israeli Arab primary, secondary & university students have the right to teach hatred of the Jews, also at Israeli taxpayer expense! 10) #Israel
They vote in Israel's elections & even have Israeli-Arab Knesset members. Free democratic elections such as this cannot even be imagined in any one of the 22 countries of the Arab League nor in any of the forty-four Muslim nations throughout Africa and Asia. 11) #IsraelElections
However, should any of these Arab citizens of the Jewish State [Israel] wish to move, we at Masada 2000 .org would wholeheartedly encourage them to do so! After all, "No Arabs - No Terror!" 12) #NoArabsNoTerror
Israel heavily subsidizes the health of all its Arab citizens equally w/that of Jews & other minority groups. Whether they be clinics, hospitals or homes for the aged, all Israeli citizens have access to one of the highest standards of medicine in the world 13) #IsraeliHealthcare
Monthly subsidies also go to parents of large families (unfortunately, Arabs have the largest families!). And get this....
14) #IsraeliGovernmentSubsidies
recently, when an Israeli-Arab man blew himself up taking a number of innocent Israelis with him, his family began receiving welfare checks from the government since they were now without a breadwinner! 15) #ArabIsraeli #suicidebomber #welfarechecks
Is THIS what they call "apartheid" and "ethnic cleansing?" If so, then ALL countries should adopt policies of "apartheid" and "ethnic cleansing!"
16) #apartheid #ethniccleansing
On the other hand, the Arab/Muslim/Islamic nations who are Israel's accusers are the REAL ethnic cleansing "specialists." For the Saudis have ethnically cleansed their land of Jews and all other non-Muslims... 17) #IslamicNations #ethniccleansing #Saudis #Kuwait #Jordan
except, of course, when they need American soldiers to drive out the likes of Saddam Hussein. Then the Saudis are more than willing to have non-Muslims die in the service of Islam! 18) #AmericanSoldiers #SaddamHussein
The oil-wealthy Kuwait also doesn’t allow their Jewish citizens freedom of religion or education. They don’t have to. They have no Jewish citizens. Jews & all other non-Muslims are forbidden in their Muslim-only paradise. 19) #Kuwait #ethniccleansing #ArabEmirates #Syria #Lebanon
As with the Saudis, the only exception is when it's time to send American soldiers to protect them.

Jews in Jordan do not enjoy the same rights or facilities because Jordan also has no Jews. 20) #ethniccleansing #Libya #Morocco #Syria #Tunisia #Yemen #Oman #Qatar #Somalia
Their ethnic cleansing policies do not permit Jews to defile the purity of their Arab country. These same policies are standard fare in all Arab/Muslim/Islamic countries. 21) #ethniccleansing #Sudan #Bahrain #22MuslimCountries #JewHate #NoFreedomOfReligion
These same 1.6 BILLION voices who daily cry out for "rights of self-determination" for the poo' poo' Arab "Palestinians" deny this same "right of self-determination" for the 7 million Jews of tiny Israel. 22) #OnePoint6BillionMuslims #SevenMillionJews #selfdetermination #Israel
& what about Jewish education or religion in the Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Bahrain or any of the other Arab/Muslim/Islamic countries?
23) @ethniccleansing #22MuslimCountries #NoJewishEducation #NoJewishReligion #NoFreedomOfReligion
Not to worry. There are no Jewish education or Jewish religious freedom to worship issues because Jews dare not even visit, let alone live there. 24) #22MuslimCountries #ethiccleansing #NoJews #NoFreedomOfReligion #NoJewishEducation #NoJewishTravel
What happened to the ancient Jewish communities of Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen? 25)
#EthicCleansing #Algeria #Egypt #Lebanon #Libya #Morocco #Syria #Tunisia #Yemen #JewishGenocide
They [Jews] all had their land and possessions taken from them and were driven out (or killed) by their Arab/Muslim/Islamic hosts... a case of REAL "ethnic cleansing!" 26) #MuslimCountries #ethniccleansing #Jews #Genocide #DrivenOut
While Israelis (formerly, the Jewish "Palestinians") were fighting their 1948-9 defensive War of Independence against 5 invading Arab armies, nearly 900,000 Jews were murdered or driven out (ethnically cleansed) from many of the surrounding 22 Arab countries.
27) #ethniccleansing
These Jews were as much victims of aggression as the Arab "Palestinians" in 1948-9 & again in 1967. In fact, the Jewish refugees were more a victim population since they were driven out by persecution.
28) #ethniccleansing #ArabJews
Those Jews were not involved in a war against the Arab populations in any of those 22 countries! 29) #ethniccleansing #ArabJews #TwentyTwoMuslimCountries
Finally, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics just published the total Arab "Palestinian" populations in the West Bank & Gaza Strip. 30) #Palestinians #WestBank #GazaStrip
It has grown from 1.1 million in 1967 (when Israel began "occupying" these territories) up to over 3.5 million. Does this population explosion sound like "ethnic cleansing and genocide" to you! 31) #PopulationExplosion #WestBank #GazaStrip #PalestinianCentralBureauOfStatistics
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From Saria Eilat: Accusing Israel of "Ethnic Cleansing" & "Genocide" .. Propaganda technique whereby the victim is portrayed as the abuser & the abuser as the victim! 1) #Israel #Antisemitism #InvertedReality #MuslimEthnicCleansingJews
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