1. HATE, what is it good for, absolutely nothing. It will destroy your life if you let it. Seems the lefts hate of @POTUS Trump has turned into America hate, or has it? Look closely & see that the New Left's hate is just like the Old Left's hate. Hate of #Freedom & #Sovereignty.
2. #FreeStuff "bait" used by the left, leads to #Socialism, #Communism or #Fascism, not American at all. America is about individualism, work ethic, love of God family & country. "Out of many (Citizens) One" country, not "Out of One (Ruler)", 1776 ended suppression of #Freedom.
3. This great meme depicts the victory over the suppression of kings and tyrants so well. Notice no flag, not even the Trump flag flies above the USA's Stars & Stripes. The left's insanity of fear of @Potus Trump is unfounded, just another lie to gather their sheep for slaughter.
4. I grew up in the 50tys & 60tys. The 50tys filled with patriotic thoughts from victory in WWll. Then a sea change from "patriotism" to "self" in the 60tys. A Korean stalemate & loss in Vietnam all played in to this sea change. The
left had it's opening then and pounced.
5. The politicians promised more & more, & delivered less and less. I was over seas in the #ColdWar early 70tys while the political parties merged as one, elephants & donkeys all feeding off the American tax payers hard earned cash. America slept thru this time just living life.
6. I came home with a wife & child. Started working hard to succeed as most Americans wanted to do at the time. LBJ had started his great cash giveaway while I was gone, it was just silently eroding the very rock of America, the family. No one seemed to notice, I didn't.
7. The 80tys & 90tys rocked on by, America not moving, just idleing, like my Peterbuilt tractor waiting a load. All the while the government was becoming a monster only seen in science fiction movies, but it was real. Still as citizens, we slept. Then 9/11 happened in 2001.
8. America the sleeping giant was struck deep to it's core, & the patriots awoke, but many citizens still slept. The government seized powers from the people during this tragic time in our countries history, to many it went unnoticed. Privacy is just a memory now.
9. Years of war now, on going. God rest the souls of those who have given all for America & prayers for their families.
America is only safe because of brave men & women willing to fight for #Freedom & #Sovereignty. #NeverForget
10. The threat still remains & now has been imported to America by our last President Obama. He opened the gates for the threat to only grow on American soil.
11. But the #Congress as a whole has blame for the open borders we have now. Like ants to sugar, the world's people are crashing our open gates for all the promises of #FreeStuff, while American's live homeless on the streets.
12. The people spoke in 2016. The lies & deceit of the past years from Washington DC have been put on display for the world to see. Now the #DeepState like the fictional vampires are burning in the light of the truth. Thus the #TrumpHate.
Hate so blinding, they hate America.
13.@Potus Trump is like David facing Goliath, Goliath being the #DeepState. God never chose at saint for the hard battles. Always a person of failure & success to know both sides of life before the battle begins. David had an army behind him, @POTUS has the citizens of USA.
14. Even though the left wants to make this about @POTUS
Trump it's not, it is about America. So America, choose your side, #DeepState lies, Socialism, Communism, Fascism or #Freedom & #Sovereignty. The choice is easy for me, I choose AMERICA.
15. If you got this far God bless you, for I am just an old American Patriot, but seems I have a lot of like minded Americans with me. 🙏🇺🇸
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