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Jeffrey Epstein arrested again on sex trafficking minors and will face up to 45 years in prison.

Credit to @jkbjournalist Julie K. Brown, who was (I believe) the first to report on #Epstein the billionaire Pedo.

#QAnon research has brought to surface many disturbing elements in regards to #Epstein his friends, private island, private her, temple of sacrifice and even who supplies these sick ppl with #Children
We have been expecting the arrest of Jeffrey for along time.
Attached are Q posts relating to his sick world.
Feel free to ask any questions.
There is a lot to go into.

Here is 47 pages of #Qanon related research into #Epstein

Expect more arrests
(12 times Epstein Island)
Rachel Chandler
Standard Hotel
(Crimes against children)

This has been going on since at least 1988.
60 minuites reported on Jean Luc Brunel and his "modeling" agency mc2, which procured under age girls for #Epstein

Thank you to Mike Cernovich
Who was later joined by lawyer Alan Dershowitz the court has ruled in their favor to have #Epstein files unsealed.

Thank you @Cernovich +
This is a huge win for independent journalism.

#Epstein is has molested 100s of children maybe 1000's globally. He was previously given a light sentence of only 18 months at a private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade.
He was allowed to hire his own security and was permitted to leave for up to 12 yrs hrs a day
A day to work in his office.
#Epstein was given the leanest prison sentence ever to a serial child molester.
His victims were kept in the dark about his prison terms.
He should have been put away for life.

Those who follow #QAnon knew this day was coming.
There will be more
More arrests to come.
This is exactly why it is so important to keep your children safe.
Loved and cared for because runnaways and street kids are the ones predators prey on.

Here is ALOT more information that I have not yet covered.

It is no secret that @realDonaldTrump was once friends with #JeffreyEpstein. Called him a good guy and likes woman as much as he did and on the younger side.
There is no reason to believe that @POTUS has ever done what #Epstein was doing.
In fact the evidence
Points to the opposite.
It is not a new revelation that #Trump likes younger woman.
@FLOTUS is 49 he is 73
Trump met Epstein through Mar a logo when Epstein bought a mansion in Palm beach.

One of Epstein victims Virginia Roberts was 1 of many towel girls at Trumps resort.
In fact Virginia Roberts father also worked at the same resort and during the same day shifts. He was a maintenance man.

@realDonaldTrump cut all ties and BANNED Epstein from his resort.
He has been the harshest President ever on human trafficking of children.
Dec. 21. 2017
@POTUS made an executive order placing in the USA under a state of emergency due to corruption and severe human rights violations.
Including human / sex trafficking.

April 11 2018
@POTUS signed into law legislation allowing online sex traffickers to be shut down, greater prison terms and most important for the victims to be able to seek justice from the website operators.

This was used to shut down backpage

You will find ppl like the @TYT @TheYoungTurks (video)who are against this bill because it infringes on the rights of consenting adults.
The bill is being used to fight forced trafficking.
Prostitution is illegal in most of the USA

By using sites like back page or Craigslist do not make it safer because it is in the open.
It may make it more unsafe.
If nobody is monitoring when crimes are being commited then more and more will start doing the same.
Look at how big back page became.
Anyone can put a picture online and an age. Nobody knows weather or not if that person is a victim.
I support the bill but I'm sure many don't.
Those who do not need to petition and think of some alternative solution.
Such as starting city chapters that workers can
Be verified to be of age and consenting by volunteers or staff.
Something like Canada has been doing with with safe houses for opioid.
They are city run and doctor staffed safe injection sites.
What they do there is legal.

Will justice come for Haiti soon?
#Epstein #island is just east of Haiti.
In 2010 @HillaryClinton did a fundraiser for Haiti after a massive earthquake leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.
@ClintonFdn raised 2 Billion dollars a total of 5.7% went back into rebuilding Haiti.

Hillary Clinton intervened In Haiti when her friend named Laura Silsby, who ruñning a bapist church front group, was arrested trying to leave with 33 children.

Remember this "joke" @realDonaldTrump
Jeffrey Epstein Full Unsealed
#indictment pgs 1-4
#epsteinindictment (Pictures)

#EpsteinTrump @MiamiHerald
Jeffrey Epstein Full Unsealed
#indictment pgs 5 6 7 8
#epsteinindictment (Pictures)

#EpsteinTrump @MiamiHerald
Jeffrey Epstein Full Unsealed
#indictment pgs 9 10 11 12
#epsteinindictment (Pictures)

#EpsteinTrump @MiamiHerald
Jeffrey Epstein Full Unsealed
#indictment pgs 13 14
#epsteinindictment (Pictures)

It is a great day for the victims.
Epstein previously has made 36 financial settlements with his victims.
He never should have been let out of jail, this time he faces up to 45 yrs
🔸#Breaking #Epstien #news
Pic 1 is Gislaine Maxwell.
#JeffEpstein's serial child procuror and daughter of
Elite media mogul ;
(Pic 2) Sir Robert Maxwell.
Proven to have been an Israel Spy in the Mossad agency and
Once knighted by the Queen,
Robert Maxwell is known to have kept Mossad blackmail photos and videos on elite businessmen, political figures, royals etc.
His daughter Ghislaine seems to have been up to same thimy.
In the safe of #Epsteine was a CD labeled "Young (name) with (name)*
One of #Epstien's victims, Virginia Roberts told police during the previous investigation tshe and other under age young girls were forced to be with powerful men.
She also told police Epstein would record the sessions.
He specifically told her it was for blackmail purposes.
This 30 min video goes into a lot more details regarding Mossad, Epstein, blackmail, Ghislaine + a lot more little unmentioned connections.


@BillClinton issues a statement about #Epstein Bill says he only flew with Epstein 4 times doing charity work.

Here are the flight logs.
Bill Clinton = 26 times (12 without security) to Jeffreys private island.
@HillaryClinton 6 times
#flights #QAnon
Ghislaine Maxwell appears at @ChelseaClinton wedding
And on the #EpsteinIsland flight logs as "GM" with @BillClinton #Epstein
Epstein and GM are known to be friends with some of the UN-royal family members + associates.
Prince Andrew being the most well known.
Let's not forget about the @johnpodesta
Ghislaine, Tony Podesta, connections to Portugal abduction of 4 yr old Madeline McCann (2007)
Less then 1 mile from Madeline's abduction lived pedo Clement Freud, Sigmund Freud's grandson. Also friends with the totals and even knighted as "sir"
What is it ppl knighted "Sir" ?
There is also super predator Jimmy Salvie = knighted.

Richard Branson = knighted Virgin CEO who has been linked to the Sex Cult and child trafficking case of NXIVM
Branson owns an Island right next to pal #Epstein called Neker Island
Neker Island is also where his good ol' pal Hussein likes to go.

This famous Bill Clinton Photo also happens to be on Nekker island

I guess @TomSteyer thinks nobody knows about the Panama Papers. Jim Steyer
His climate scandle and connections to Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau

#nxivm #epsteinindictment #Epstein #HumanityFirst
#DemocraticDebates #EpsteinClinton
#Epstein full flight log converted from handwritten to computer.
Much easier to read.

What is the significance of the colors and symbols used on #Epstein's Temple?

First understand the occult religion of Epstein and many many others is a Jewish religion but is NOT Judaism.
It is called KABBALAH which stems from Egypt before Israel was even formed.
The esoteric Kabbalists believe very heavy in the power of magic, spells, envoking spirits (demons) signs and symbols etc.

The temple shape, square and circle represents heaven and earth. "As above , so below"

Colour meaning "pictures"

Owls on the Temple.
Later in Greece the owl is known as MINERVA.
The owl of Athenea

MINERVA can be traced back to the Babylonian goddess ISHTAR.

"Goddess of fertility and sex"

Fact :
Inside sat a grand piano and all the walls are soundproof.
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