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I keep asking people wailing at me in MY mentions that James Comey's daughter Maurene works in the SDNY office as a prosecutor & they **KNOW** she's been assigned to the Epstein case just **HOW** do they know this?
**HOW** do you know that Maurene Comey is working this case when the guy was just arrested yesterday, his indictment hasn't been unsealed yet and there are TWO HUNDRED TWENTY prosecutors in the SDNY office?

Looking for a reason to panic, are you? Well there are plenty of people who will be MORE THAN HAPPY to speculate their asses off and help drive you into a panic, if that's what you want.

Do you like having smoke blown up your ass?

I can't help that.

It's not my problem.
Trump spent 40 years collecting dirt on these people. He let them think he was one of them. He knows who did/does what. They totally opened themselves up to him because they **THOUGHT** he was one of them. He's not and he's never been.
I've mentioned several times Trump has his own personal security agency and his own personal intelligence agency & he's had both since the early 1980's.

They're not for show, they are real & are among the best in the world. For a good reason. Long before he became President.
There was evidence released from the FBI Vault a few months back that directly pointed to Trump being an FBI informant against the NYC/NJ mob back in the 1980's. When he was heavily involved in the casino business.

Of course, Lefty sites took the wrong reading from this.
For over a year and a half, evidence has surfaced that the DOJ was carefully examining the Epstein case and the horrible rotten smell coming from it.

Plenty of corrupt cases from the past are being reviewed, some are coming ready for action. Epstein's is the first.
The Clinton Email server case, The Clinton Foundation, Operation Cassandra, the Epstein case, and of course the more recent one, the Crossfire Hurricane case.

Sessions, Rosenstein, Horowitz and now Barr & Durham have a lot on their plate. Not only ongoing stuff, but past cases.
Unbelievable. In a thread I started to highlight the face NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE PROSECUTORS ARE WHO HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO THIS CASE WHEN THEY INDICTMENT HASN'T EVEN BEEN UNSEALED YET people are popping in to comment that they 'know' Maurene Comey is working the case.
If I can't save people from their own stupidity, at least I can fix it so I don't have to see it.

The blocking will now begin.
So two false narratives have **immediately** sprung up around this Epstein arrest/forthcoming indictment:

1) There is a 'close relationship' between pedo Epstein and Donald Trump.

Guess who's been pushing THAT narrative?


2) The second false narrative to immediately spring up around the Epstein arrest/indictment is the false claim that there is **evidence** Maurene Comey, daughter of former FBI director James Comey, is working the Epstein case.
Now, I started this thread to call out the people who - with no evidence, mind you - are trying to start a panic among Trump supporters based on deep state agent Maurene Comey fixing to use Epstein to go after Donald Trump.
Here's the CNN crime & justice correspondent who is passing on SCUTTLEBUTT he heard from an anonymous source.

An anonymous claim from someone who will not go on the record & who the reporter describes as "a source with knowledge of the case" is not evidence.
Note what Prokupecz says here:

He doesn't say "a source inside SDNY".
He doesn't say "a source inside the DOJ".
He doesn't even say "A source close to Epstein".



You know, the same reporters who's "sources familiar with the matter" strung them along with fake leaks & fairy tales about the inner workings of the Mueller Special Counsel for over two years.
Don't you remember?

Can't you recall the hundreds of stories you were regaled with by these MSM reporters where their 'sources with knowledge of" inside baseball told lurid tales of how Manafort, Flynn, Page, etc. had all 'flipped' & were spilling their guts to Mueller?
For years reporters published stories where their cool inside anonymous sources told them Mueller was squeezing these flipped canaries HARD, they were spilling their guts & informing on Trump as hard as they could, trying to save their own asses.
And it was all a fantasy. None of that happened.

Now the same reporters are spreading fake news about which prosecutors are working the Epstein case while simultaneously putting out a fun new narrative straight from Fusion GPS about what good pals Epstein & Trump are.
Not surprisingly, @themarketswork is already over this new Fusion-GPS-launched narrative that Epstein & Trump are good buddies.

Oh hey, guess who banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago for assaulting an underage girl?

And this was reported in the Washington Post....

Aw gee....I can almost hear the Lefty hopes dying with a shriek here....

Trump took ONE RIDE on an Epstein plane that **wasn't** the infamous "Lolita Express" when he caught a ride from FL to NYC. He never went to "Lolita Island".


REDO: Trump took ONE RIDE on an Epstein plane that **wasn't** the infamous "Lolita Express" when he caught a ride from FL to NYC. He never went to "Lolita Island".


It's early, but my sense of this is that @themarketswork is 100% correct on this:

"This is not going to go the way Lefties are hoping..."


Don't let anybody drive you into a panic because some anonymous source told a reporter for a Fake News network something that can't be verified & for which there is no evidence yet.
...Trump is the most vetted candidate in history. People clinging desperately to the hope that now....ONLY NOW...will it be shown that Donald J. Trump is some kinda secret KIDDIE DIDDLER are about to suffer massive disappointment....

Senator Ben Sasse questions AG William Barr on the Epstein case during his confirmation hearing on Jan. 15, 2019.

In case nobody knows just how MUCH of a sweetheart plea bargain Epstein got:
Epstein spent most of his 13 months in a Club Fed where he was allowed to GO TO HIS OFFICE every single day and work for up to 12 hours a day 6 days a week.
The stuff I'm seeing from Lefties today is delusional. They already forgot if any of these elites were able to nail Trump on being a perv kiddie diddler, it'd have come out in 2015/16.

This is what desperation looks like.
Rich and famous pervs literally can't help sending signals of their proclivities. Look at what got James Gunn in trouble, for instance.

Yet your expected to believe a guy who doesn't drink or smoke & who has been a rich & famous celebrity since the 1970's managed to hide it.
Recall how many of these creeps who have been exposed in recent years, their activities were a HUGE OPEN SECRET in the industry.

Cosby, etc.
Morons are being led to believe somehow it's been a HUGE OPEN SECRET among the elite for years that Donald Trump is a kiddie diddling perv, and it's only coming out now after the MSM used scorched earth tactics trying to destroy him in 2016 & after he's been President 2/12 yrs
"They'll fake a case against a Trump!" I'm being told. "That's why Maurene Comey is in charge of this case!" they're crying right now.

Why sure they will. SDNY will fake a federal case against Trump and present it to...who?
Any SDNY prosecutor who was actually dumb enough to try to fake a case against Trump won't have any more luck than Mueller & his SC team did.
How about this novel and revolutionary take?

This arrest happened because honest people went back & exposed all the corruption involved in giving Epstein that sweetheart plea deal & you're about to see every official involved in that called out for it.
I know I know, people are waving the shiny narrative "this is a Trump take down!" before your eyes, and that's far more exciting a story for some of you.
This Epstein arrest/indictment is being run out of the PUBLIC CORRUPTION UNIT of the SDNY. This is essentially a public corruption case.

So just factor that in, why don't you, as people try to get to panic about some supposed plot against Trump.
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