, 110 tweets, 78 min read
The MEGA Group includes Steven Spielberg, Epstein's boss Leslie Wexner and Charles & Edgar Bronfman. Other members Lester Crown (Chicago Bulls), Marvin Lender (bagels), Charles Schusterman, Harvey Meyerhoff, Michael Steinhardt.

2. At first I thought Epstein was Bibi's guy, but it looks like he was Ehud Barak's guy - as was Anthony Weiner, also prosecuted in the Southern District of new York

3. @tracybeanz does a great overview here of the legal cases Epstein has been through so far. If you haven't been following closely this will bring you up to speed.
@tracybeanz 4. Attorney-General William Barr has recused himself from the Epstein case. He said it was because he used to work for a law firm that represented Epstein. Forgot to mention his dad Donald was headmaster of the Dalton school 64-74, he hired Epstein in 1973 lawandcrime.com/high-profile/w…
5. Supposedly Barr’s Kirkland and Ellis recusal that Lindsey Graham asked him about in his confirmation hearings only applied to past Epstein cases. He’s not going to recuse from the latest stuff bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
6. Super-perv Steven Hawking visited Epstein’s Orgy Island

(H/t @lifttheveil411 )

7. Video and photos of Little St James Island here from 2015. I didn’t see the golden-domed blue and white “Temple of Moloch”; recent addition?

8. Ghislaine shares the Podesta’s taste in art. Is she into #SpiritCooking too?

9. Poor Jeff. Down to only one private jet now. He won't need that where he's going
10. Follow Big Fish @trebillion , excellent researcher. He's across every detail of this case.

@trebillion 11. BREAKING: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has resigned over his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein "sweetheart" deal in Florida cnbc.com/2019/07/12/lab…
@trebillion 12. Some interesting perspective on Acosta here from Imperator Rex. Wish he was still with us on Twitter.

(h/t @OliversWilde )

@trebillion @OliversWilde 13. Epstein's lawyers argued he has been a good boy since 2005. This doesn't gel with prosecutor claims that he wired $350,000 last last year to influence two potential witnesses
@trebillion @OliversWilde 14. Epstein has a "spotless" & "exemplary" record of "walking the straight & narrow" as a convicted child molester. He's desperate to stay in his $77 million 7-story 21,000 sqft mansion wearing a GPS tracker with cameras on the doors instead of a holding cell while awaiting trial
15. 4K drone footage of Little St James island shows mattresses in the Temple

"Sarah Ransome, one of his alleged victims, said she tried to swim off the island only to be found by a search party that included Epstein and his cohort Ghislaine Maxwell" 😡

16. More great research from @trebillion

Pioneer of "infant massage" for crack babies is friends with the Clintons and listed under "massage" in Epstein's little black book


@trebillion 17. Virgin Islands Senator, former Chief of Police says Epstein case highlights widespread corruption in the territory

18. Superb video from Amazing Polly @99freemind . Puts Jeffrey Epstein’s research funding into transhumanism and social engineering context, and looks at other members of the Maxwell family.

(H/t @the_faceless_1)

19. Epstein flew on the Lolita Express with Nicole Junkermann, a 27-year old multilingual model turned tech entrepreneur. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is chairman of one of her companies, along with senior IDF personnel

(H/t @MaggieT88630052)

@MaggieT88630052 20. Hi-def images of Little St James Island clearly show the presence of underground facilities. (h/t @JuliansRum , @RocketDancer_ )

21. "Epstein moved to the massage table and began to remove his clothes...I just grabbed the vibrator and threw it at his head...[Maxwell] told me that I couldn’t just leave...she told me this man is important, that he is a friend of President Clinton."
22. When Google founders Larry Page & Sergei Brin found out they'd made the Forbes billionaires list "by coincidence" they were at the "Billionaires Dinner" with Jeffrey Epstein. I've mentioned the elitist Edge group in my previous Epstein research thread
23. Digging into the tail number mixups between Epstein's planes and helicopters and Dyncorp. This thread gets pretty crazy towards the end!

Cc @trebillion @ImperatorTruth

24. Another great Epstein thread, updates from the bail hearing in New York

25. I guess Epstein's lawyers' claim that he's been a model citizen since he got caught kiddie fiddling is out the window now...

#LockHimUp #ThrowAwayTheKey

26. Vanity Fair spoke to workers at the St Thomas airstrip, who regularly saw Epstein travel with young girls. "I could see him with my own eyes,” the employee says. “I compared it to seeing a serial killer in broad daylight. I called it the face of evil"

27. Jeffrey Epstein was very good friends with the family mentioned in this powerful thread that names many names - but not even close to all the names that have already came out as public scandals in the Empire. George Pell, Ted Heath, Lord Mountbatten...
28. When his buddy's ex-wife got into trouble with around £5 million of debts, he turned to Jeff for help. The billionaire offered £15,000 to pay off her assistant, who was owed £78,000. JE's assistant Sarah & pilot Nadia both pled the 5th about the buddy.
29. #DroneAnon did another HD drone flyover, this time of Great St James, Jeffrey Epstein's "other" Virgin Island

(H/t @NeonRevolt)
30. Jeffrey Epstein had many phone calls helping to procure assistants for Charlie Rose, who resigned in a #MeToo scandal. There's more to this story than just the pedo stuff. This was a network of depraved elites

31. When trafficking underage girls through the Virgin Islands, it helps to own the Marina

32. "Alligatoring" on the cheap looking floorboards suggest they were laid in a hurry. A/C units on the roof make no sense to put under the gold dome. Stack of 6 mattresses in the "gym". Did Epstein cover up the elevator to his tunnels? (H/t @esoteric_ed)

@esoteric_ed 33. Check out the superb high definition drone footage of Little and Great St James Islands from Rusty Shackleford, impressive piloting skills. Jeffrey Epstein has his own "LSJ Ambulance" for his island.

@esoteric_ed 34. This lady Doreen Dotan does great research and has interesting opinions.

She is linking Epstein's temple to the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, and Sabbatean Frankists & Turkish Donmeh
35. Looks like They just tried to assassinate #Epstein out in jail.

(H/t @JuliansRum )
36. Media collusion? Police brotherhood?

37. @LibertyBlitz has some good Epstein threads. Another arms dealing connection, this time via the UK

@LibertyBlitz 38. Epstein's partner Ghislaine Maxwell has licenses to pilot submarines and underwater robots. Some speculation on the chans that Epstein may have had a submarine dock under the Temple on his island. Maxwell's Terramar charity was all about Law of the Sea
@LibertyBlitz 39. Jeffrey Epstein was Cosmopolitan Bachelor of the Month in July 1980

@LibertyBlitz 40. @coreysdigs has done deep dives into #Epstein's New Mexico property (surrounded by King land) and now Virgin Islands. He was directly connected to the governors of both.
@LibertyBlitz @CoreysDigs 41. Freshly unsealed Epstein documents (via @CNBC ) but only 354 pages...where are the other 1646+? Giuffre was Jane Doe # 3 in a separate case; her Dersh hook up was key because it proves trafficking. Alleges GM recruited her at 15, was sex slave 99-02

@LibertyBlitz @CoreysDigs @CNBC 42. This is a nice compilation of the flight manifests from one pilot David Rodgers, put into a spreadsheet so it's easy to read & decode. There were multiple pilots, including Nadia Marcinko. Her dad Peter's rumored to be prominent architect in Slovakia.

@LibertyBlitz @CoreysDigs @CNBC 43. @CoreysDigs has some more documents in her file drawer under "Jeffrey Epstein Depositions & Exhibits 8/9/19", but we're still 634 pages short. Some bombshells from Doc 280. Testimony from multiple victims & procurer. Virginia wasn't only one with🤴
@LibertyBlitz @CoreysDigs @CNBC 44. @TrueEyeTheSpy has also published some documents, obtained by PACER. Between us so far on this thread we have put out Docs 278,279,280,286,287

@esoteric_ed 46. Continuing my research into #Epstein after his deathening. Remember when sweet innocent Hannah Montana, on every little girl's lunchbox, turned into Whore of Babylon Miley Cyrus? Guess who threw a massive LGBT party for her Sweet 16 party at Disneyland
@esoteric_ed 47. Who believes Epstein really committed suicide? Investigate who these believers are connected to. "Sophisticated imaging technology" & Golan Heights Genie Energy investor Rupert Murdoch's NY Post say it's true. Only crazy anti-Semitic #QAnon conspiracy theorists would doubt it
@esoteric_ed 48. Disneyland Resort was full of tweens celebrating a party for Hannah Montana (5 months before her 16th) when Jeff had his 25000+ rave at DLand California Adventure (which is inside DResort). LGBTQP took over entire Resort including DLand #FilthyFiasco
@esoteric_ed 49. My bad- Miley's birthday was 3 weeks before the event. She was 15 though. Her concert was at Disneyland Park, part of the whole resort. It was a big highlight for the gays, as you will see from this photoset. Look closely by Pooh's head.

@esoteric_ed 50. Thanks to @JasonBermas and others who pointed out that it's a different person named Jeffrey Epstein who organized Gay Days weekend at DLand Resort, with Miley's Sweet 16 at Dland Park as the high point of the rave. Still super creepy & inappropriate.

@esoteric_ed @JasonBermas 51. Dead Jeffrey Epstein was still connected to former top Disney execs: Chairmen Richard Cook & George Mitchell, President Michael Ovitz, head of R & D Danny Hillis

52. Ghislaine Maxwell is ready to talk, says @RedPill78

#ArrestGhislaine to prevent more victims of #ClintonBodyCount #Arkancide

Clocking up the #TrumpPedoCount

#NXIVM #BackPage #Epstein

@RedPill78 53. I thought it was strange that Vicky Ward, one of the main journalists "investigating" Epstein for many years, was photographed in 2009 (post-conviction) with Ghislaine Maxwell. @FurorRises has done a great thread digging further into her connections.
54. The official story must be true, it was on 4chan

55. Great investigative reporting here from @_whitneywebb . Links Epstein to Bronfmans, Lansky Syndicate, and the arming of 🇮🇱

56. Bombshell here. Even if his claims that he had nothing to do with child sex trafficking victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre were true, why is he hanging out with Epstein 2010 after his conviction? His pic with 17yo was taken 2001 at Maxwell's London house

57. A recent @entylawyer lengthy blind item talked about a billionaire Russian oligarch friend of Ghislaine Maxwell helping her to escape. Could it be this guy Dmitry Itskov?

Did Epstein take this route too - escape justice and become immortal? thesun.co.uk/tech/9613934/b…
58. This article claims to have exclusive information from a 14 yo victim who flew on the Lolita Express. Some big names in tech are listed...and there's photos of both Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt with frequent flyer Kelly Bovino

59. Looks like this scandal is growing, with MEGA group member Steinhardt now connected to 6 different #MeToo claims. Epstein seems to have been a front for MEGA founder Wexner; Bronfmans & Spielberg also in it


@JIBCAMERA 60. This photo of #GhislaineMaxwell was published in the UK's Daily Mail but not NY Post.
@esoteric_ed used to professionally retouch photos, he points out multiple anomalies proving the image has been photoshopped.+ Confirmation from 2 independent sources
61. @StefanMolyneux does a great job breaking down the injustice of what happened to Epstein vs his butler, who did hard time in prison then died over $50k he said he needed to keep himself safe - and never received, it was used to entrap him.

@StefanMolyneux 62. Epstein supposedly signed a will just days before his death. But is it really his signature? Sure doesn't look like it...

63. More lawsuits coming out. Epstein promised a girl surgery, forced her to marry another girl so she could stay in the US, then stiffed her out of $10,000 cash and the operation when she turned 25 and became "too old" for him.

64. Great reporting here from @tracybeanz on the link between Anthony Wiener's laptop, Jeffrey Epstein and Loretta Lynch.

65. Where is #JeffreyEpstein’s body? Why no funeral or obituary?

66. A lot of interesting details in this story, including about Epstein's royal friend getting massages at Epstein's house while visitors come over.

67. Epstein was allowed to hire a teenage girl to service him in his office 6 days a week while on "work release" in Palm Beach.

68. Bill Gates "shocked" to be the "backup" executor of Epstein's will. Which may have been forged. Gates flew on Epstein's plane

69. correction: Bill Gates' science advisor. Did Epstein give his money to eugenics ?
70. The Royal family has made the unprecedented step of issuing a statement about Epstein. Guess the prince thought there was nothing inappropriate about teenage girls giving him & Jeff foot massages (allegedly). Virginia Roberts was over age of consent in U.K.(16) when they met.
71. The NY Post journalist who got the Epstein death exclusive also played that role in JFK Jr death & when Stanley Kubrick died of a heart attack the night of screening Eyes Wide Shut to Tom, Nicole & Warner Bros execs. Journo is mentioned IN the movie.

73. Another great presentation from @djmarkdevlin . Linda Eastman was actually Linda Epstein...Lithuanian. Any relation? What about between Jeffrey & Beatles manager Brian?

Both Linda & Yoko Ono grew up in Scarsdale NY. Yoko admitted to being a witch.
74. Getting sick of the narrative that Jeffrey Epstein was a pedophile monster, a sex trafficking blackmailer? Instead want to hear that he was very handsome, a genius, a patron of the arts?

Enter Jason Goodman, determined to "crowdsource" "the truth"

75. Another person who blew the whistle on the trafficking network and ended up in jail.

76. Epoch Times reporter @BowenXiao3 from the courthouse with many of the victims

77. Epstein's assistants got paid $200,000 per year plus unlimited haircuts with a top stylist and free meals. They got paid bonuses for recruiting girls for massages; they may now be prosecuted.

Great thread from @Jewel4Trump

@Jewel4Trump 78. First-rate dot connecting here from @CarrollQuigley1 . Epstein's network of transhumanists - it's all snapping into place. I wanted to add some further thoughts and possible connections, I'll do it here rather than cluttering up Dr Quigley's thread.

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 79. Epstein's Zorro ranch may include a nuclear missile bunker. It's not far from Los Alamos, the SunSpot Solar Observatory which was shut down for CP, the Santa Fe Institute & the terrorist training compound where a dead child was found.
See @CoreysDigs
@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 80. Epstein announced plans to seed a master race at his New Mexico compound. Was there an underground baby factory there?

From my earlier thread looking into the New Mexico Zorro Ranch

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 81. Epstein ran a *DNA Database & Data Mining company* out of his marina in the Virgin Islands tax haven. He partnered with Jonathan Farkas, member of Harvard's Hasty Pudding club, to create a deepwater marina to accommodate Les Wexner's yacht Limitless

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 82. Quigley found several links between Epstein & NM Governor Bill Richardson. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt & Richardson went on a mysterious mission to North Korea in 2013. Nancy Pelosi visited too. (h/t #QAnon)

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 83. Also nearby: Pedo priest hideout/treatment center. White Sands Missile Range where the first nuclear weapon was detonated. Scientology's Trementina base, where LRH is supposed to be reborn. United World College, Armand Hammer's elite boarding school.

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 83. Why would Epstein own a DNA database? Why would Google founder Sergey Brin's ex-wife (& YouTube CEO Susan's sister) Anne Wojcicki?

Why would Elon Musk's parody site come out recently making fun of DNA databases? Epstein said he advised Musk on Tesla.

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 84. Why would Epstein own a DNA database? Why would Google founder Sergey Brin's ex-wife (& YouTube CEO Susan's sister) Anne Wojcicki?

Why would Elon Musk's parody site come out recently making fun of DNA databases? Epstein said he advised Musk on Tesla.

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 85. Last year Forbes published an interactive map of megayacht travels. Epstein boss Les Wexner's Limitless only left the Caribbean to visit Little St James Island. It can cross the Atlantic at 25 knots with diesel-electric propulsion like a Navy ship

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 86. Limitless is so big that other boats come out of it - a Riva Aquarama and a Venetian water taxi. Does it also have a submarine? Why else would the tender garage be so high above the waterline?

Source: pinterest.com/pin/3020930874…
@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 87. Ghislaine Maxwell also dated Gateway computers founder Ted Waitt. She has a submarine license, and piloted the submarine aboard his Plan B yacht. Waitt donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. His connections helped Maxwell launch TerraMar.

@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 88. Some rare interior photo's of Wexner's $100 million, 96-meter Jon Bannenberg designed steel hulled Lürssen Limitless. It sleeps 12 guests in 5 cabins (incl. master) with 20 crew.

Source: superyachtfan.com/superyacht%20l…
@Jewel4Trump @CarrollQuigley1 @CoreysDigs 89. Limitless features underwater lighting and a "dolphin cam" in the bow. It is driven with an F-16 joystick and has cruised hundreds of thousands of miles. It is so big that it required a special Act of Congress to be used as a recreational vessel.

91. Good thread looking into Epstein's many ties to a certain small country. The accounts who deny these connections exist are #HighlySuspicious

92. There's a lot of very fishy stuff around the Aaron Swartz case. This needs to be investigated fully now we know of Epstein's secret MIT ties.

93. Epstein’s DNA company in the Virgin Islands. He wanted to genetically map the entire country; referenced Frankenstein in his pitch “It’s the Frankenstein version but it’s true, yes. In fact it will turn out that certain people can learn certain things”
95. Here’s the original testimony Jeff gave to the Virgin Islands Economic Development Commission. #Epstein comes across as a total 💩 artist. He says “I have a breast care center in New York”

96. Did the Maxwell family end up with the PROMIS software, exposed by dead-before-their-time researchers Danny Casolaro and Mike Ruppert ?

97. Mind-blowing thread on the #HumptyDumpty Institute. Mark Epstein (brother of #JeffreyEpstein), Dyncorp, Hillary

98. More of #JeffreyEpstein associates coming under scrutiny now. This thread looks into Leon Black

100. Was Epstein pimping out Courtney Love? She grew up in the Grateful Dead world - #MKULTRA

Her father Hank Harrison was an early band manager and dedicated one of his books about the band to "the boys at the Bohemian Club"; GD from "Masonic families"
101. Part 6 of my investigation into The Mysterious Death of Isaac Kappy

Did a famous YouTube truther indirectly trigger the US Marshals to investigate #JeffreyEpstein 's death? Sure looks that way to me, the dates line up.

102. Why was Brock Pierce invited to a scientific conference with NASA, MIT, and Jeffrey Epstein? A former child actor who never went to college, but was involved in a major pedo scandal; both he & #Epstein have ties to Steve Bannon. Bitcoin & Treasury?

103. At least there is still an investigation going on in France. It's unfortunate they waited more than 2 months after his arrest to search his property.
105. Seems like there is a connection between #Epstein and the current #Ukraine scandal

106. Certain people said it's "Anti-Semitic" to link Epstein to🇮🇱intelligence; just because Robert Maxwell was their "Super Spy", doesn't mean daughter Ghislaine continued the work - she couldn't have, because she met Epstein after he died. Proven #Disinfo
107. The judge was 96, so this is not as suspicious as the headline makes it sound. He presided over the Harvey Weinstein case too.

108. Genie Energy is positioned to extract the oil & gas resources of the Golan Heights & maybe route pipelines through to Europe. Extremely important company involving Murdoch, Rothschild, Cheney, Woolsley and #Epstein pals Larry Summers & Bill Richardson
109. Link to the FBI Vault files on Epstein

(H/t @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 )

@TS_SCI_MAJIC12 110. Jeff Zucker from CNN is being exposed by @Project_Veritas . This is his wife with her good friend Ghislaine Maxwell.
(h/t @SquidSqueezer )
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