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Everyone is a Nazi to antifa and Leftists because fascism/Nazism is and was:

"conservative", not "progressive"
pro-family, anti-gay/trans/pedo
pro-NATION, nation-first, patriotic, anti-globalist
pro-Christian, anti-Jewish
pro-work, anti-parasite
Antifa, are Communists. Antifa was and is a Jewish-led and Jewish-funded militant organization:

Globalism, corruption, organized crime
pro-perversion, gay, trans, pedo
pro-abortion, prostitution
anti-marriage, monogamy, family
anti-Christ, Tulmudism, satanism, freemasonry, etc.
All the above, plus rampant nepotism and the replacement of ethnic Germans in qualified positions and opportunities at universities, civil service, arts and sciences, politics, etc.; and usury, engineered financial crashes that robbed the Germans of life savings and property,
are WHY Germans expelled and jailed and clawed back wealth from the Jews and other communists and perverts -- who were devouring Germany from within and attacking Germans on the streets -- exactly like antifa.
Being called a Nazi or fascist is the same as being identified as a conservative, traditional, a nationalist, a patriot. No more, no less.
Nazism/Fascism is nothing to be ashamed of!

Therefore, they made up the Holobunga. They accused the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, guilty ONLY of DEFENDING their NATION and their PEOPLE from Bolsheviks who had already mass murdered 30 MILLION White, Russian Christians --
of GENOCIDE. (((They))) at the behest of Stalin's USSR made up the Holobunga and blamed the horrible mass murder of "poor, defenseless Jews" on Germans. It's an egregious LIE!

They accused Germans of Genocide--when THEY were the ones guilty of genocide.
THEY -- the Communists, predominately Jews, mass murdered 30,000,000 White, Russian Christians. THEY started the war by murdering 58,000 ethnic Germans in Poland, THEY got the ALLIES to nuke Christian Nagasaki and Christian Hiroshima and FIREBOMB civilian, Christian, Dresden!
And that's not ALL.

AFTER the war was over, THEY genocided another 2 million German POWs--they starved them to death in Eisenhower's CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

And millions more were worked to death in Stalin's gulags.

Millions of German woman and girls were raped to death.
Children were left to wander and starve to death in the war torn streets of Germany.

Millions of German refugees were treated like shit and left to wander.

While Jews were coddled, provided BEST jobs, and funds for decades by govts. (How did THAT work out?)
The only CRIME Germans were guilty of -- was a LIE. A huge LIE that USSR and United Nations foisted on the rest of the world and murderous govts -- guilty of genocide & war crimes THEMSELVES -- agreed to go along with.
If Holobunga is a LIE -- and it is -- what is so, so, so terrible about Nazism and Fascism? THIS:

Pro-family, nation, God
Conservative, traditional
Anti-pervert, promiscuity
Pro-WORK, anti-corruption, org crime, financial speculation, usury
Nazis and fascists are DEMONIZED because they are what it takes to have strong nations and healthy, happy, thriving, highly reproductive families, obedient to God or at least high morals.
Our enemies don't want strong nation-states! They want to rule OVER an enslaved, degraded, weak, melded, blended, gray people.

Our enemies are Zionists-Communists. They think they DESERVE to rule over thousands of slaves each, and to own all the wealth of the world.
Hitler was on to them, totally. He EXPOSED them and their goals. He shouted it from every rooftop -- and they took REVENGE.

Holobunga is BULLSHIT. IF Germany had holocausted 6 gurrillion COMMUNISTS they wouldn't have OCCUPIED every nation that took their sorry asses in.
When our ENEMIES, call us Nazis and Fascists and anti-Semites-- they are calling us anti-Communists. They are COMPLIMENTING you!

We are NOT genocidal. THEY ARE. We are ONLY defending what we LOVE & CHERISH, just like Germany and Italy and Japan.
Nazis/Fascists' only crime is a NON-EVENT.

Be brave, and see for yourself:

Patriots need to buck up and stop whining and crying over name-calling and start actually defending your nations and people against enemies who hate OUR PEOPLE and our nation-states!

They call you racist and anti-Semitic BECAUSE they are anti-WHITE, anti-CHRISTIAN.
So, grow some balls and get thicker skin because this a war THEY have been waging on us since BEFORE World War ONE. And you're just figuring it out! They're way ahead of you. They've incurred MAJOR DAMAGE on our people, our families and our nations.
Man up, and stop caring about what they CALL YOU.

Take THEM to court, if need be.

Stop worrying about "minorities" and "Jews" and "Holocaust" and being called "Nazis" and "Fascists" and "racists".

That is ALL BULLSHIT! And you are wasting time!

Shrug it off and defend your nation and your family and your religion -- not your REPUTATION!
It's SICKENING the way you bend over backwards to GROVEL and WORSHIP non-Whites -- you're bigger virtue-signalers than LIBERALS. You "conservatives" conserve 0. You're people-pleasing WIMPS!

Gays, minorities & legal immigrants won't SAVE THIS NATION.

That's up to US!

Want Holocaust?

HERE! Here is the HOLOCAUST! >>>>>>> HellstormDocumentary.com
And HERE is the BIG, FAT ....... LIE. Get mad! They've lied to us 24/7x365 for 70+YEARS. That's our greats, our grands, our parents, us and our CHILDREN!

If this account, my third, is suspended, I'm going all the way to the Supreme Court. What I am saying is the TRUTH! And people have a RIGHT to know it.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, can make me keep this a secret.

I'm going to tell the whole WORLD!
Make me rich, @ADL! Make me a rich, rich woman, SPLC @splcenter. Make me rich beyond my wildest dreams World Jewish Congress! Fill my coffers and my children's coffers and theirs! @twitter!


Sue me!
You know how many people's lives @ADL, B'nai Brith, @SPLC, UN, #ZOG and other Jewish orgs have DESTROYED for simply telling the truth?! For blowing the whistle, sounding the alarm about their MASS MANIPULATION & MULTI-GENERATIONAL EXTORTION SCHEME?!?!?!?
Do you know how many SOLDIERS were drafted into WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Middle East wars to fight FOR our OCCUPIERS and AGAINST innocent people guilty only of DEFENDING their people and their homelands?

Now you know why they kill themselves if they make it home alive!
What happens to a man when he realizes the murdering, the maiming, the displacing of civilians, the refugees invading our nations, and the deaths and maiming of his fellow soldiers were in the interests of our ZIONIST-COMMUNIST OCCUPIERS?
Knowing no one would believe him if he told the truth vs manufactured Public Opinion! They'd call him crazy and "anti-Semitic".

100s of millions murdered, maimed and displaced in manufactured wars, and economic crises.

And if you speak up, you're destroyed for "anti-Semitism"
That's criminal on a massive scale.

1. It has to stop.
2. Propaganda and lies for purposes of a false narrative and mass extortion must be outlawed.
3. The historical record must be corrected en masse.
4. The liars and their heirs need to pay back what they extorted.
Our children, by law, MUST attend school. Our education system, incl. PRIVATE ed (they have to follow state/federal curriculum) is USED to LIE and propagandize our people regarding Holobunga bullshit in order to maintain their EXTORTION scheme & PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT!
It has to stop. Our educational system can not be used to LIE to impressionable, trusting students.

Our educational system and media has been weaponized AGAINST our own people.

It can't continue. The historical record MUST be corrected.
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