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1. New #qanon posts. The storm has arrived. God wins!! Deep state no longer has leverage. Senior government positions held by cabal have been vacated due to the purge. The stage has been set. Took 2 years but we are here!
2. Qanon back with a vengance. Strings are cut. Predators have become the prey. Epstein was the key.
3. Qanon repost of prior Epstein posts of photos with Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler.
4. Of course q posts when I’m tied up. H= Horowitz IG report. C= Comey report. #qanon
5. I= indictments. Qanon posts reminder about post related to Clinton Foundation and Crimes against children. Many of us noted the report left out significant details but it did mention that one important note “CF crimes against children”. That’s what q wanted us to see
6. Q telling us to connect dots between Epstein and Clinton Foundation. Epstein of course claimed to co found CF. Epstein is link to get all this evidence admitted. BOOM foxnews.com/us/billionaire…
7. Think about this patriots. The mass awakening is about to begin...2 years you’ve waited and here we are. All those mockers...silenced. Epstein was big but the next round will be massive! #qanon
8. WaPo runs cover for Bill Clinton. Can’t escape the 26 flights on Lolita express with Epstein bill. Loretta Lynch not here to cover for u and Hillary. tarmac convos to be revealed. Lynch was offered Supreme Court appointment to make Hillary’s charges go away. #qanon
9. Les Wesner ceonof victoria secret. Qanon said connect the dots. Here I go ! Wow!
11. The rabbit hole gets deeper as we knew it would. Q posts tweet showing KIT and Geraldine Laybourne connections to Epstein. Both on his flight log. Creator of Nick and former CEO of Disney. Hello Dan Schneider...no wonder Nickelodeon covered for Dan as he Molested his way
12. Through child Star after child star. He was protected by the Laybournes. Disney and Nick will be exposed as havens for pedophiles and human traffickers by the time @potus is at end of his term. Sickens me to no end! #qanon
13. Q posts the Fisagate movie preview board again. Guardians of the pedophiles, Fisagate separates by panic in DC...
14. I’ve always had a difficult time processing how anyone could literally groom children for rape, MK Ultra uses and other abuses. The Laybournes sitting on the board of KinderCare disgusts me. Reminds me of Adam Schiff and his connection to Liddle Kidz Foundation. #qanon
15. Q asks how deep is the rabbit hole and posts the hashtag #madhatter. We previously connected mad hatter to HRC friend Marty Torrey. Qanon telling us there’s more than one pedophile who can be classified as #madhatter
16. Sorry my analysis is so sporadic. Eating with fam and have guests over while trying to post re Q. Let me say that for all the victims of these pedophile monsters who were mocked and not believed, now is the time for your vindication. Justice is here. God wins. #qanon
17. New Qanon. Fakenews Owned and controlled by 6 corporations. Purpose is to keep public blind and dependent and like “sheep”. We are the news now. Public is waking up! Patriots are united!
18. New Qanon. Jeff Sessions will go down in history as one of the greatest American patriots ever. He began the Epstein investigation. Q says once public finds that out many perspectives of this great hero will change. Wow! Sessions is a man of great integrity. Patriot!
19. @GenFlynn news coming per New Qanon drop!!
20. Q saying Mancy Pelosi tried to shut Q down! Pelosi attempted to block Qanon from posting. Wheels of justice are moving fast now. Q saying 10 times the speed they were moving. Finally!! #wwg1wga
21. Qanon drops coming fast. Just got one from Q+! @potus says he’s with us! For humanity!
22. Q says first placeholder expected in August so foxnews article today re placeholder doesn’t refer to Epstein prosecution. Related to Hillary. Wow Qanon reposted link from anon re 5:5 videos of what may be depicted in videos involving Hillary and Huma. #qanon
23. Cia and FBI surveillance on Sara carter and John Solomon was just now terminated. Q saying the cabal got away with it cia target leaker program. Cabal fbi claimed they were leakers and obtained fisa warrant from compromised judge most likely. Unbelievable. #qanon
24. @JGalt9 asked how Pelosi could block q from posting. I think what occurred is Pelosi filed suit against Q and @potus to stop q from posting what she would try to say is classified intel. Lawsuit would be sealed due to top classification and submitted to Fed Judge. Fed judge
25. May have initially tried to enter Order for Cessation if Q posting until hearing occurred. @potus admin may have petitioned Supreme Court for review. My hypothesis at least. #qanon
26. q reposts photo of Vanderbilt with Her son Anderson cooper asking if we find it relevant that everything q discussed in last is now In the news as of late. Q posted the photo last year to show the charm symbol around her neck. I believe it’s a rabbit or ancient occult symbol
27. Q going after Biden now. washingtonexaminer.com/15b-contract-i…. Biden’s son made off with a billion dollar deal from China and his brother made off with a 1.5 billion deal from Iraq. #qanon
28. And to say good night Q posts this photo of @potus. Sweet dreams! “My turn”! We love you @realDonaldTrump ! #qanon
29. I have some thoughts on Qanon repost of anon post pertaining to HRC Huma 5:5 raw video. Thinking a lot about it. We know that just because Q reposts anons comments or questions doesn’t mean q putting his stamp approval on it or acknowledging veracity of info. However, Q
30...specifically reposts this summary of arrests to come and description of 3 videos with HRC and Huma doing horrid things to children. Specifically as relates to the video of HRC and Huma carving off child’s face, this is basically what the “frazzledrip” video theory stated
31...which was spread last year on the Chan’s and twitter. I came to the conclusion that it was a fake rumor being spread to discredit anons and Qanon decoders. However, a question during a congressional hearing caused me to reconsider my conclusion. Democrat congress Nazi Jamie
32...Raskin asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the frazzledrip conspiracy being spread on YouTube. I thought that was random and rather strange. However, the more I think about it the more I realize the Cabal was trying to cast frazzledrip as such an
33...unbelievably wild conspiracy theory that no one would believe it. Once I heard Raskin question Pichai i knew there was more to this. She was trying to dismiss it so that when the 5:5 raw video drops Clinton and cabal will be able to say “oh that’s the crazy right wing
34...conspiracy theory that Hillary drinks the blood of children, and that’s already been debunked by Pichai diring a congressional hearing.” With Q bringing it back into the spot light, I’m thinking frazzledrip May be a legitimate recording of Huma and HRC carving off the 8
35...year old girls face. Awful and horrific But this is exactly how the Cabal tries to dismiss horrific but true crimes of the deep state. I don’t know necessarily that the frazzledrip photo that circulated the Chans is actually the photo of the poor little girl but I think
36...there is truth to it. Q clearly bringing it up again for a reason. #qanon. Why would Raskin bring up frazzledrip to the ceo of google of there’s not something more to it?
37. New #qanon. We knew once we saw Tom Steyer was throwing his hat in the democrat presidential ring that his ass is toast. He’s using the “youncant attack a political opponent” defense to try and deflect the impending storm. The walnut sauce is his downfall.
38. New Qanon posts sarah Carter tweet. Bidens, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi made millions after getting electing. Sold their access via donations through foundations from foreign countries. Q proposing an audit of gov officials every 1-2 years and their family members to prevent
39...future kickbacks and bribes from occurring. The dem cash flow would dry up over night. Brilliant plan that must be implemented! #qanon
40. And yes post 1193 q said dark web Video fake. I get that and that’s not what I’m saying. I’m not saying that particular video was legit. I’m saying that the context of what frazzledrip truly is may be real. Not the fake video posted on dark web of which I posted a clip.
41..that HRC really did carve a girls face off is likely legit. Not the video posted on dark web. However Dems trying to dismiss it by asking Google Ceo about fake video being referred to as frazzle drip #qanon
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