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So I understand Bill Clinton has released a statement regarding his long time association with Jeffrey Epstein?

That's interesting.

Hey everybody, let's see a show of hands: would this be a good time for the #WeinerLaptop to resurface or nah?
I - even *I* - who has spent over a year and a half counseling people to be patient, am stunned at the careful, strategic patience of this current President.

A year & a half ago I thought this would have all dropped long before now.
Trump waited until he had STARTED his reelection campaign.

Now watch the Dem party leadership, the Clintons, all the yahoos running for the Dem nomination get constantly 'surprised' by one drop after another over the next couple of months, they'll constantly be wrong-footed.
The Epstein arrest/indictment springs from **TOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS** doing corrupt deals to let him walk so as to protect him and the POWERFUL PEOPLE he associated with, many of whom likely shared his own sexual proclivities.

And now it's all going to be exposed.
Now it's becoming clear to me why, since Trump & his team took over, the Epstein case was played close to the vest and the Weiner Laptop has been carefully....oh so very carefully....kept under wraps and out of sight while they mapped out the networks & built their cases.
There were no sensational leaks to damage the building of these cases, either at DOJ or at SDNY.

That's how you know serious professionals were in charge of this, not grandstanding corrupt morons like many pictured here.
The Epstein case springs from the SDNY Public Corruption Unit being told to dig deep into & reexamine the sweet, sweet deal Jeffry Epstein got from the FL US Attorneys.
Those of you who spent 2 years telling me how useless & corrupt or whatever that Jeff Sessions was are about to have it graphically proven to you that you know nothing.

SpyGate was outsourced to Rosenstein so Sessions could spend all his time dealing with OTHER ISSUES.
Among those other issues Sessions spent all his time on were setting up federal leak hunting task forces, federal task forces in the major blue cities to crack down on gun crime and VOTE FRAUD.

And oh yes: mapping out the pedo networks & building cases against them.
Rosenstein was Trump's ***hand-picked guy*** brought in in late April 2017 to facilitate the SpyGate countermeasures. Many people watched that send off ceremony he got 2 months ago & couldn't figure out why Barr & others wanted to pin a MEDAL on him as he departed.
A lot of people **still* can't grasp what Sessions and Rosenstein were actually doing, but that's ok because their ignorance doesn't change a thing about how this is going to go down.
Trump has even more patience than I gave him credit for.

The declassification, the Horowitz report, the scandal of the Epstein case, the stuff about the Weiner laptop, the Project Cassandra stuff & **who knows what else** will all drop while he's running for reelection.
I'm constantly told "But Brian....it's JUST DOESN'T MATTER! It just doesn't MATTER because the MSM is ***not going to talk about any of this stuff!***"



Because what's Trump going to be DOING for the next year and a half?
He's going to run ***exactly*** has he did in 2016.

What, do you recall, was Trump DOING almost 100 times in the build up to that 2016 election?
Yes, yes, Trump will be tweeting on his Twitter account, to be sure.

But he'll ***also*** be holding almost 100 TELEVISED RALLIES all over the country where he regale the live & TV audience with the latest exciting developments!
Imagine Trump up there in front of a live audience of 50,000+ and the national TV audience: "Oh hey, they finally indicted __________! About time if you ask me! Did you see that indictment?!" [crowd roars] "Even I didn't know about a lot of this stuff! Wow!"
So GTFO of here with all this "It won't matter, the MSM will just bury it, most of the public will never even SEE this stuff!" talk.

The Grand Master Troller Of The Universe will TROLL these idiots into doing exactly what he wants them to. He's been doing this for YEARS.
In 2016 they thought giving him over $2 billion of free TV time was KILLING HIS ELECTION CHANCES. They thought most of the people watching were as repulsed by Trump as they are. Their projecting that kept them blind up to the very end.
THIS time? In the buildup to 2020?

Well **of course** the MSM is telling itself "We're not giving him the oxygen! We're not gonna show his rallies live!"

It won't matter.
Trump will be ANNOUNCING things that make these rallies news & he'll be TALKING about stuff that will be irresistible catnip to these DNC Media types.
The day Mueller testifies in just nine short days from now, you'll see this playing out for the FIRST TIME.

Did you know Trump has a rally scheduled for that very same night?


July 17 is MUELLER TIME!

And Trump will hold a rally that very night in which he will at some point DISCUSS THAT DAY'S EVENTS at the Congress with Mueller's testimony.
What are the chances while Trump is up there riffing in front of that huge crowd in Greenville, NC that night, that he mentions the EPSTEIN CASE?

I'll bet....100%.
Now, picture a YEAR AND A HALF OF THIS going forward.

There's the DNC Media over there, muttering to themselves: "We're not gonna cover this next Trump rally, right guys? We're not right? We're just not gonna..."
Then ___ drops that day.

Trump **will** talk about it that night.

DNC Media **KNOWS** he's going to talk about it. That makes it NEWS.
He is literally going to be FORCING these DNC Media hacks to cover his rallies.

Oh sure, they'll cover it 100% negatively like they always do. Will that matter?

It will not.

They threw EVERYTHING they had at this guy, he's on a counteroffensive now.

They can't stop it.
Doom criers who insist Trump is on the way out or down want to keep you from seeing that Trump has ALL THE ADVANTAGES NOW.

In 2016, he did NOT.

He had the combined might of the DNC, the elite establishment, the power of the fed. gov't itself itself against him.

He was an unknown quantity as a politician with NO TRACK RECORD as political executive.

Now he's got a record to run on, a record of keeping his promises, and while he's running on that, stuff will keep dropping that exposes his enemies & weakens them.
Jibbering gibbering doom criers are wailing "nothings being done about vote fraud! Trump's asleep! 'elp 'elp we'ah gonna be REPRESSED!!!"

Federal task forces were already set up to deal with the vote fraud. 2018 was the first election these forces were in place.
Don't let doom criers tell you he's not, because he is.

Because the preparations to lower the boom on the cheating isn't rolled out publicly yet, people as usual assume "nothing's being done. HEY TRUMP, WAKE UP!!!"
Trump is unleashed and on the offensive for the next year and a half, so as things continue to drop & Democrats grow more incoherent & radical, screaming that the election is going to be stolen through cheating is about all the doom criers will have left.
Some people, even after ***everything*** they've watched for the past 3 years, simply CANNOT ACCEPT the truth that Trump knows **exactly** what he is doing.

They can't accept it because he's not doing it how THEY think it should be done.
I've watched these people scream in frustration at Trump, then angrily announce they are 'off the Trump train for good!' and make a flouncing exit from the room.

And then come back and repeat the flouncing exist a few months later when once again Dunce Trump 'blows it'.
They're out there right now trying to convince you Dunce Trump has blown it again, getting hit by a totally unforeseen "Deep State op" to smear him with an association with Epstein, and that's why the SDNY PCU is suddenly rolling out this case.
You know I tell you it's a free country, you can follow and listen to whoever you want.

But over time, track records develop, and at this point in time people who tried to repeatedly sell narratives about Clueless Trump certainly have a bad one.
Trump was ***the***most thoroughly vetted presidential candidate in US history.
The Dems & DNC Media & the political elite went over EVERYTHING in his past and then went over it AGAIN multiple times looking for anything they could hurt him with.

There's nothing left to find.
So doom criers are now trying to convince you that the SDNY PCU is now seeking to **FAKE** a case tying Trump to Epstein with Barr & Horowitz looking over their shoulders.

That is beyond absurd.
The entire might of the DNC & RNC political establishments was brought to bear against him in 2016. So was the full might of the DNC Media & Hollywood & academia. They mustered ALL THEIR FORCES to stop him.

And he beat them anyway. When he was an OUTSIDER.
"Oh no, Trump's REALLY DOOMED NOW!" the usual cast of losers are wailing to you right now.

Why, sure he is!


"Nobody's getting arrested, nothing's happening!"



Epstein is supposedly a BILLIONAIRE.

Why would they take HIM down first?

Because of asset forfeiture. And the people he can be induced to give up to the feds.

Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking. So yes, Epstein can have his assets seized.
ADDENDUM: And now there's the issue of all the PICTURES and VIDEOS that were likely seized from Epstein's NY mansion.

You get Epstein FIRST because it certainly looks like he could have been holding blackmail material on a whole lot of people who enjoyed his parties.
What are the chances it occurred to Epstein at some point during those wild parties on his island in the USVI that he had rich famous celebrities & politicians cavorting with underage minors, "Wow, if I could get pictures of this...."
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