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Let’s give this a shot. First twitter thread. 40,000’ Thread for what we are seeing today.

First we need to start at the beginning.

1. Donald Trump is a young businessman who wants to start a casino in Atlantic City but can’t due to the mob. #BringThePain
2. Trump works with the FBI as an informant to take down the mob so he can operate his business without their influence.
3. Robert Muller and Rod Rosenstein are who he works with at the FBI during this time.
4. This is how their relationship begins.
5. Trump has had his own intel agency for years. Probably a group of people fiercely loyal to protecting Trump interests. This group was probably formed by him after JFK Jr.
6. Trump doesn’t do anything half assed and has been using this team to gather intel.
7. Trump begins “toying” with the possibility of running for President in the 90’s. His team begins pushing his brand hard and shaping him into a household game that can win the election. The narrative America needs to hear in 2016 is being formed now in the 90’s.
8. POTUS bans Epstein from his properties globally because he is a disgusting pedophile and CIA asset. Hugh Hefner was also a CIA honeypot.
9. POTUS makes public comments about Epstein in the years prior to the 2016 election. Saying “he likes his girls young”.
10. The DS knows that he knows.
11. Admiral Rogers tips off Trump that he is under surveillance. The NSA is on Trumps side.
12. Trump formally announces.
13. Queue dismissive attacks from all directions. If [they] say he won’t be president enough it’s sure to be right?
14. The DS with the most to lose go about attempting to destroy Trump. The Steele/Simpson dossier now comes into play. The honeypot information is now used to manipulate people into pushing the intel into circulation above normal vetting channels.
15. Obama orders his people to spy like hell on the Trump campaign because they are scared of him and what his intel people know. They know how much he knows due to his twitter posting from when Obama was in office.
16. The DS pulls out all the stops to cheat the win.
17. Against all odds Trump wins the nomination.
18. Against all odds Trump wins the presidency.
19. Queue the additional attacks from all directions from every famous person in the industry.
20. Flynn is being charged with “process crimes” so he “falls on” the sword. He hires the law firm that Eric Holder works at. Flynn is still under FISA surveillance at this time which means that practically the entire law firm is covered under the surveillance umbrella.
21. The DS takes a wild swing with the collusion/obstruction and goes about setting up the special council. 22. POTUS needs to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is clean from Russian ties.
23. POTUS meets with Robert Mueller the day before the special council is appointed. POTUS “tells” Mueller to tear him apart with a biased team so there can be no question that he is clean. If there was anything to find it would have been found.
24. Sessions recuses himself to work on laying the groundwork for going after the global pedo network.
25. Hillary’s “Clinton foundation” office in Arkansas gets raided. Feds are seen seizing a plane load of documents.
26. El chapo goes down. This provides us with the intel on who he was paying off. POTUS learns who has been compromised by the cartels. The Mexican President goes too. assets are seized and are now property of the US Gov.
27. Huber is looking into the Clinton Foundation.
28. POTUS has nothing to worry about because he is “insulated from all sides”. His relationship with Mueller and Rosenstein means that Sessions can work without worry and under the radar.
29. This law firm represents the state of California and Australia. FISA goes both ways!
30. Everyone around POTUS is serving the plan. Optics are important which is why he constantly attacks them. This is the kabuki theater. If he is attacking them then the Dems will cheerlead for them. There are now years worth of news articles of dems supporting and defending....
31. Now when the hammer drops in earnest what will the dems do? dems are standing there with all of this documentation of their support out there. How many times can they flip flop before they lose all credibility?
32. Now Barr comes in to play some ball with the DS.
33. Barr testified and starts redpilling the hell out of everyone and casting doubt that the spying was “accurately predicated”. Plant seeds of doubt early and water often.
34. Queue the Epstein case.
35. Epstein is CIA
36. Epstein was tasked with getting powerful people on video in compromising situations to allow the CIA to leverage the world. The CIA was the biggest cartel in the world.
37. Mike Pompeo went to the CIA to clean house.
38. Pompeo leaves and goes to State Dept.
39. Gina Haspel installed by POTUS as head of the CIA
40. Epstein is now cut off from his CIA protection.
41. The leverage/blackmail Epstein obtained is now in white hat control.
42. Patriots are free to operate and manipulate the battlefield as needed.
43. Epstein discovery is going to be atomic. Possible tie in to XNIVM, Weiner laptop, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Huma etc.
There were some things I skipped over and the order of events are not exact but hopefully this will help some people understand a little bit of what got us to where we are today. This is strictly a theory based on what I have seen.
Looks like I was right about sessions! 🧐😜
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