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1) This is my Q thread for July 8, 2019

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My Theme: What Happens When...?
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4) Q asked:

What happens when those who held positions of POWER (& INFLUENCE) no longer pull the strings?

Let's look first at who pulls the strings.
5) On November 3rd, 2017, Q asked a series of questions about Jared Kushner's visit to Saudi Arabia.

He asked where the biggest political donations come from.

He also asked what Saudi Arabia (was) known for.
6) The Foundations of US politicians (prior to 2017) received enormous amounts of money from Saudi Arabia.
7) The day after the above post by Q, (Nov 4th) Muhammad bin Salman, with the help of Blackwater contractors, arrested corrupt members of the Saudi royal family and many corrupt Saudi businessmen.
8) The arrest of members of the Saudi royal family and businessmen and the freezing of their assets by Muhammad bin Salman, brought an end to the financial benefits US politicians received from Saudi Arabia.
9) The election of Donald Trump and the cleaning out of the FBI & DOJ meant an end to the protection against prosecution that corrupt politicians enjoyed for more than 50 years.
10) An anon asked what all this meant for Hillary Clinton.

Q responded;
Hillary (and other politicians) were puppets of the Saudis but ever since November 4th, 2017, they've been scrambling for their lives.
11) Remember, remember the 4th of November.
12) It's easy to be fooled by their smug, self-assured smiles when they're in public, but make no mistake, they all knew exactly what it meant for them when Donald Trump won the 2016 election.
13) Politicians are useful to the powerful and wealthy.
Bribes are used to control them.
Blackmail is used to control them.
Donations are used to control them.

Q asked:
What happens when those who held positions of POWER (& INFLUENCE) no longer pull the strings?
14) Q asked:
What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?

Do you become a LIABILITY?
15) The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is going to have an effect on politicians and those who control them that most of us probably haven't considered.

Because the evidence of their guilt will be made public, politicians will no longer be assets but liabilities.
16) What happens when you become a liability to someone powerful who once controlled you?

Panic in DC?
17) Q closed the first post of the day with a puzzling sequence of letters:
(H)> C, D, I
18) The letter H was used previously to refer to DOJ Inspector Michael Horowitz.
19) The letter C has been used recently to refer to a coming DOJ report on James Comey.
20) Joe DiGenova told us about the Comey report

Why have we not seen the Comey report yet?
Bluffs, threats, promises (moves & countermoves) cause people to turn against each other & they cause the enemy to expend ammunition
Ammunition is hard to come by

21) The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein seems to have signaled the arrival of the storm.
22) It's been a long time, hasn't it?
23) While many people grumble because they don't see anything happening, behind the scenes, preparation work has been ongoing to pave the way for the return of justice, freedom, and prosperity to our nation and the world.
24) Q Asked if Mueller's testimony to Congress is a tactic by the President's enemies to delay the release of IG Horowitz's (H) report.

Mueller is scheduled to testify on July 17th.
25) Q asked if the release of the Horowitz (H) report is necessary prior to [C]omey report being released.

It would seem the answer is 'yes; and it would seem the President's enemies are desperate to delay all moves by the DOJ which will end in Indictments (I) for them.
26) Q wrote:
(H) + [C] = D

The (H)orowitz report and the [C]omey report = D

I don't think D necessarily means DECLASS (Declassification of the Spygate docs), but it could mean that.
27) Whatever D means, Q indicated:

D = the start of the mass awakening to the crimes of the Obama White House (WH), FBI, CIA, DOJ, (ABCs), State Department, Foreign heads of state and intel agencies.
28) Q wrote:
Post D comes many I's.

After the (H)orowitz report and the [C]omey report and D (declass?) come many I's (Indictments).

(I is my new favorite letter)
29) Q Wrote:
When BLACKMAIL no longer holds due to LOSS OF SENIOR LEVEL KEY GOV POSITIONS AND 11th HOUR TESTIMONY…………those previously protected become prey.

11th hour testimony?
30) Key witnesses sought for questioning by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz have come forward at the "11th hour".
32) An anon asked of Q was returning, publicly.
33) As you can see if you're keeping up with his posts, Q is definitely making a "public" return.
I have a lot of screencaps to take and research to do before I continue this thread.

I'll pick up where I left off in the morning.

Sweet dreams.
H/T @M2Madness for the vid
35) Q reposted pics related to Jeffrey Epstein, including a photo of the temple on Little St. James Island and a photo of Bill Clinton with Rachel Chandler.

Note the filename of the pic with Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler: ChatterHealthBC.jpg
36) From February:
As their crimes came under greater public scrutiny, Q said there was chatter about Bill and Hillary's 'public' health deteriorating.

Will they face the humiliation of a public trial?
Or will they choose to leave on their time frame and on their own terms?
37) Rachel Chandler is alleged to be the handler for many of the young women and girls—the victims of the powerful people connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

This thread from March is my most recent one on Rachel Chandler
38) The Thread reader version.
39) In the same way that Allison Mack's testimony led to the prosecution of elites involved in the NXIVM sex cult, Ray Chandler (if she testifies) will bring down many powerful people connected to Jeffrey Epstein.
40) On the left is a screencap of a post from March 20. (See below)

On the right, is a conversation about a typo that was made when Q asked why Epstein was spending millions to bury the tunnels on his island.

(They allowed phones in and that allowed evidence to be collected.)
41) The post about burying tunnels on the island had a missing letter 'H" in the word 'his.'
42) Q made the correction, but used a capital letter 'H.'
43) Q posted a screencap of a tweet by @ARRESTPODESTA, who thought the capital letter 'H' indicated Hillary Clinton.

44) That's a strong possibility since Hillary is usually referred to in emails with a lone capital letter 'H.'
45) On March 20th, Q posted the other image found above.
In that post, he asked if the rich and powerful would be able to keep a court from making public the documents that expose their corruption.
46) Follow the attorney?
Nick Lewin is the attorney who filed a brief on behalf of an anonymous party asking the court to keep the documents sealed. politico.com/story/2019/03/…
47) The rich and powerful did not succeed.
The court decided to unseal 2,000 pages of documents in the Epstein case.
48) The court made the decision to unseal the documents on Wednesday, July 2nd.

Epstein was arrested on Saturday, July 6th, as he returned to the US from overseas. thedailybeast.com/jeffrey-epstei…
49) The DOJ was wise to move quickly and arrest Epstein at the earliest opportunity. That gets them ahead of the court of public opinion that will, no doubt, demand justice when the documents are made public.
50) FYI - Alan Dershowitz was one of the litigants who succeeded in getting the court to unseal the documents. He believes that the evidence will prove his accuser lied about him. biglawbusiness.com/dershowitz-win…
Correction... it was Tuesday, July 2nd.
51) Last night, Q indicated that news would be forthcoming about General Flynn.
52) Just in:
Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell contends in a new filing that the government cannot designate him a co-conspirator in his former business partner’s case, because prosecutors stated in open court on June 13 that Flynn is not a co-conspirator.
53) This tweet from @courageouskriss got a shoutout from Q.

An SDNY attorney credited investigative journalists with helping in the Epstein case.

54) Q responded.
55) From an anon.
56) Q responded.

(Where we go one, we go all)
57) Last years' DOJ Inspector General report included notes by FBI Executive Assistant Director Randal Coleman about files that were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

Among them:

Hillary Clinton and Foundation
Crime Against Children
58) I have no doubt that the evidence found on Weiner's laptop will lead to indictments.
59) Many people were disillusioned by the (H)orowitz IG report last year because they saw no visible proof that corrupt people were being held accountable.
60) Those who are disillusioned overlook the career deep state employees who have been removed by Jeff Sessions and Chris Wray.
61) Q wrote:
Just because the 'public' isn't aware of something……
62) Jeffrey Epstein's attorneys once claimed: "Mr. Epstein was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative."
64) Not suspicious at all.
65) Bill Clinton issued a public statement denying any knowledge of, or involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's sexual misdeeds,
66) Q asked if this photo of Bill Clinton on Epstein's plane with Rachel Chandler refutes Clinton's public statement.

The Fake News will continue to deny Clinton's involvement and attempt instead to tie POTUS to Epstein but their attempts will fail.
67) @SacksClark got Q'd while laying down the facts about Trump & Epstein.

68) The job of the media is not to report facts but to control public thought through narrowly defined narratives.
69) An anon responded.
70) Q reminded us that Jeff Sessions began the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein and that, while it may be frustrating waiting for justice to arrive, it's worth the wait.

Events are now moving much faster. (The Mueller blockade has been removed.)
71) From an anon
72) Q responded.
Jeff Sessions will, one day, be vindicated.
73) From an anon.
74) Q previously suggested that the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was recorded and stored by the NSA under the supervision of Admiral Rogers.
75) Now that Loretta Lynch is no longer in charge at the DOJ, will the tarmac tape be released?
77) Q wrote (in Tweet 70):

We are back online (Pelosi attempted block).

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi attempted to shut down the board.
82) This article provides some history on Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner, including the closeness of their relationship, the fact that Epstein managed Wexner's money, and received a New York mansion valued at over $70 million for the price of $0. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
83) Here's another article on Epstein and Wexner.
84) Here's a recent article suggesting that Victoria's Secret and Wexner ought to put more distance between themselves and Epstein in light of his arrest.
85) A few of the people found on Epstein's flight logs:
86) Geraldine Laybourne.
Former President of Disney-ABC.

87) Kit Kaybourne.
MTV, Nickelodeon, PBS - Children's Television Workshop.

88) Photo of Gloria Vanderbilt with one of her sons.

Is it interesting that things discussed in past drops are returning to the news?
89) Gloria Vanderbilt with her two sons, Carter and Anderson Cooper.
90) Anderson Cooper inherited only $1.5 Million from Gloria Vanderbilt's estate after she died on June 17th.
Correction - Kit Laybourne
91) One way to make money in DC is to secure lucrative contracts for your family members.
92) For example, the housing contract in Iraq that was worth $1.5 Billion to James Biden's company. James is the younger brother of Presidential candidate Joe Biden.
93) Or the $1.5 Billion Chinese private equity deal for Joe's son Hunter.
94) Politicians receive reimbursement in many ways when they authorize spending on foreign and domestic programs. If they and their families were audited, do you think that practice would continue?
95) Q's link points to a tweet and an article by Sara Carter about the $4.4 million in aid given to Equatorial Guinea by Barack Obama, which may have helped pay for a stable of supercars owned by the President's son.
96) This post was in reference to corruption in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc, but it may apply to other areas of government.

The vision POTUS has of draining the swamp involves the removal of all corruption and putting in place checks and balances to ensure this never happens again.
97) Joe Biden's tax returns were released.
He and his wife made more than $15 Million in the two years after they left the White House.
99) Ed Buck is facing new legal troubles as the mother of a man who died in his home has filed an amended civil suit accusing him of human trafficking and engaging in revenge porn.
100) Q posted a link to the above article.

The HUNTERS become the HUNTED.
101) Last year, Q predicted that some people will run for President as a way to avoid prosecution, claiming any such action taken against them would be a political attack by POTUS.
102) Trump-hating Billionaire Tom Steyer is the latest to announce he's running for President.
103) Q has a message for Mister Steyer.
104) Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers have submitted a plea deal to SDNY.
Epstein will cooperate with investigators & give up the names of individuals that paid for sex with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence not to exceed 5 years.
105) It may be too late for Epstein to get a deal.

Q began posting about Rachel Chandler (RC) last year, I suspect, to raise social media awareness of Epstein's activities, knowing his prosecution was coming and wanting a critical mass of citizens to be informed.
106) Rachel Chandler has probably been interviewed by FBI/DOJ and if she has, she may have already provided them the names of Epstein's clients.

Leave it to POTUS and the military to always be ten moves ahead.
107) Q wrote:
Who posted the picture?
Who posted 'internal security cam' pics (Temple)(IG)?
Untouchable mindset by all involved?
Top-down protection?
108) They posted the pictures because they thought they were above the law.
They never thought she would lose.
Now they all lose.
109) Q posted a few previous drops and a link to Bill Maher's twitter page which has no mention of Jeffrey Epstein since his arrest.

No jokes.
No attempt to link Epstein to POTUS
He knows who is really involved.
110) It was once amusing to mock Q, but now the hecklers aren't having quite as much fun.
111) The MSM took to their presses when JFK Jr. didn't show up on the 4th of July as some had predicted.

Q has repeatedly stated that JFK Jr is dead.

But if you can't beat Q with facts, you can always smear him with a "failed prediction" that he never made.
112) Those who are convinced that Jeff Sessions was an ineffective Attorney General must believe the Epstein investigation began under someone else.
Confirmation bias demands it.

There's a lot more information that will soon be made public.
113) William Barr has recused himself only from 'past' Epstein cases not 'pending' cases.

Expect more outrage because Barr hasn't recused himself from the current case.
114) Q wrote:
Pelosi's daughter inserted?
Counter made.

Q seems have suggested that Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine, was used to get Dems to accept the repercussions of Epstein's arrest.
115) Q posted a link to an Executive Order from Dec 21, 2017, allowing the Treasury to seize the assets of individuals found to be engaged in human rights abuse or human trafficking.

Logically, POTUS must have planned to identify such people
1+1 = 2 (A logical expression)
116) The Executive Order on Human Rights Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Corruption has been applied to many people but it will be used against many more in the coming days.
117) POTUS has been trying to put people on the Federal Reserve Board who support a return to the gold standard. Judy Shelton is one such person.
118) In a question & answer session, Q confirmed we have the gold needed to return to the gold standard and that is the President's long-term goal.
120) Q posted a link to a video that describes the nature of corruption in America and the President's plan to eradicate it.
But the plan doesn't just involve America.
POTUS intends to wipe out corruption on a global scale.
121) The takedown of corruption has been carefully planned.
Look at the last 2 years.
We were told what would happen.
Have faith that in the next 6 years, the plan will be carried out to completion.

Because patriots are in control.
122) Q indicated that the deep state surveillance of John Solomon and Sara Carter had been terminated.
123) Anons wondered how the deep state managed to keep Solomon and Carter under surveillance.

Q said it was done covertly under the DOJ's "leaker" program.
124) Anons were shocked to hear the news about surveillance of Sara Carter and John Solomon.

This anon wondered if the "placeholder" comment by a former FBI official was one of the Placeholders Q had referred to in the past
125) Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker said he believed the 2-count indictment against Jeffrey Epstein will serve as a "placeholder" and that a superseding indictment with additional counts will be filed in the future.
126) Q said population of the placeholder posts will begin in August of 2019.
127) August is a logical timeframe since some of the placeholder posts deal with the declassification of #Spygate documents and the Inspector General's report which are expected imminently.
128) Q+ posted this.
129) Anons were excited to see Q+ (POTUS) return to the board.
130) A few responses from anons.
131) From a Brit anon.
132) 😎
133) "Trips" is slang for "Triple." Sometimes a poster will drop a special crumb on the board if their post number ends in a triple digit.
134) Another anon caught the "trips".
135) An anon posted this response.
136) Q+ responded to the anon.
138) Prayers up for Q, POTUS, and his family.
139) During last nights' show, Sean Hannity dropped his pen.
140) An anon suspects that Hannity dropping his pen is a signal to us.
141) Q responded.
142) Some anons believe Hannity follows Q's posts.
144) I've suspected that Hannity, Sara Carter, and John Solomon may follow Q's posts but don't discuss it publicly.

145) Coincidence?
146) Q posted a link to a Sara Carter tweet about developments in Michael Flynn's case.

I'm guessing Flynn's attorney, Sidney Powell, may need a security clearance to get access to information that will clear him.
148) In another Flynn story, the retired General is claiming that his previous legal team submitted documents with false information without his knowledge.
150) It seems Admiral Rogers has been talking to people like William Barr and US Attorney Durham.
As the former head of the NSA, Rogers has the dirt on bad actors
he wants to see corruption removed.
It's why he risked his career to meet with Trump after the election.
151) Who [else] knows where the bodies are buried?
Did Rogers retire so he can testify as a civilian?
152) An anon created a graphic showing Q's post from the 8th about Flynn-related news and the 2 news stories from the 9th.
153) Q continued the discussion of Jeffrey Epstein with a video showing Little St. James island.

Consider the symbolism of owls.
What about the temple?
What can we learn about the rooms and tunnels below ground?
154) I do not know the exact meaning of [CLAS 1-99]
Gauging from the context in which it is generally used, it seems to represent information that is known but which is classified.
155) Epstein Island video.
156) This photo posted on July 19, 2013, to Rachel Chandler's Instagram (IG) account shows a display of 16 screens that apparently monitor by video camera various rooms and corridors on Epstein's island.
157) Q told anons to note the date displayed on the lower part of the screen.
158) The year 2013 is clearly visible.
The month appears to be 07 (July),
That's the same month Chandler posted the photo to her Instagram account.
159) An anon realized the date on the photo could be cross-referenced with flight logs to Epstein's island.
160) Q provided an example of the attitudes of some people toward pedophilia on July 19, 2013,
161) From 2015.
I guess we know why Bill Maher has been silent about Jeffrey Epstein since his arrest.

162) Answering Q's question about what can be learned from the Instagram photo, an anon noted there are at least 3 staircases visible.
163) Q asked anons to estimate the degree of incline and depth of the stairwells.
164) One anon gave this estimate.
165) Here's another estimate.
166) An anon made this observation about channels 7 and 11.
167) An anon responded.
168) An anon gave this summary.
169) It seems we will see many more stories like this one in the coming days.
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