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I've never said 'fuck you' #onhere or IRL (and meant it) because pastor stuff and posture and so on, but I did today and it turned out it was to the creator of Dilbert. Who it turns out is a #Charlottesville Conspiracy Theorist. So yeah, fuck you Scott. In Jesus name.
My mentions are turning into a dumpster fire. Thanks Dilbert. Everyone read this. Feel free to be blocked if you just want to say "Vox isn't reliable." xoxo vox.com/2019/4/26/1851…
For everyone calling me a "fake pastor" - I caution that you're in the same company with those Nazis and white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville. Do with that what you will. Take two Salvaxapro and call your doctor in the morning:
Thx to Dilbert this is most viral I've gone & probably ever will. To make lemonade, plz know that many people, incl. friends of mine, are still traumatized & dealing w/ high costs of injuries from the Nazi attack in my hometown. Plz DONATE to help here: cacfonline.org/heal_charlotte…
Since my account is getting trolled to the max today, might as well give y'all some more fodder:
Lastly, here's something I wrote last year on our true national religions and hopes for a new way. Enjoy, folks. And feel free to explain all the MAGA hats/flags waving among the swastikas and Stars & Bars in Charlottesville. I'll wait. sojo.net/articles/nfl-f…
What does it mean that I decided to put on this shirt for the first time this morning 😂
I wonder what Dilbert guy thinks of pussy grabbing & concentration camps...wait, actually don’t tell me.
For those keeping score at home, Jesus cursed. Strongly. It just doesn’t get translated as ‘fuck.’

I don’t use “profanity” lightly - but let us be sure that which offends is that which is truly profane.

#CloseTheCampsNow #AbolishICE
Been tied up all day to keep up. Will add some more thoughts later but in the meantime grateful for the solidarity from friends ❤️✊🏽❤️
I don't have much to add that I haven't said before #onhere, in person, or lived directly the past 2.5 years. But for those curious, this somehow started in a C'ville-living NYT columnist's thread when I posted the Vox link in response to comment on Trump/Cville. Enter Dilbert:
The transcript Dilbert & his trolls are obsessed w/ me ratifying comes from 45's Spring 2019 comments after he praised R.E. Lee & hashtag-Charlottesville arose again, along w/ his 'fine people.' I read the transcript. 45 says Nazis etc "should be condemned." SHOULD. (cont.)
Does 45 condemn them? No. He says they *should* be, & then goes on w/ the "others" who wanted to protest the plan to take down the R.E.Lee statue & renaming of our central park. Which is disingenuous at best, because *UNITE* the Right was sold w/ 3rd Reich images & Nazi speakers.
It's weird this even needs to be said, and many have already said it well today, so here's one example:
Of course, this isn't the foundation of Dilbert's trolling & hoax-mongering, same as it wasn't on Aug. 11-12, 2017, & same as it isn't in our current moment w/ this Administration. The issue is our explicitly white nationalist White House operating as such in policy & procedure.
The organizers of UTR stated explicitly at 45's election & since that they know they have their man in the White House. He ratifies them in coded & often explicit signals & they crow about it. They're emboldened (hence all the MAGA hats 'uniting' w/ the swastikas & Stars & Bars.)
The time taken to gaslight, obfuscate, obsess & troll the basic white supremacist Presidential fuel & outcomes by 'influencers' like Dilbert & his legion is nothing but a self-own (they're telling on themselves), but one w/ very real & dangerous consequences.
This great thread from a UCC colleague illuminates the pattern & history at play today that fits a historical one. Keeping "fine on both sides" conspiracy-narrative alive by constantly banging it & in so doing, normalizes white nationalist speech & actors:
Saying Unite the Right was about the statue is like saying hard tacos are about the tortilla shell: it's a fragile excuse for filling up a vessel w/ the meal you really want to have. Charlottesville was ripe location for activating all that happened b/c it provided framing shell.
It's telling & damning of our white supremacist patriarchal country that all it 'took' was the threat of removing a Jim Crow-era white supremacist Civil War participation trophy idol to 'justify' the gathering that took place. In that sense, it is about the statue.
In this way, the white supremacists/Nazis/neo-Confeds are more honest than many of us when they said "You will not replace us" etc. We're far away from a true reckoning w/ our nation's true religions when white men are so threatened by Lee moving, they attack a city.
We valorize our values. Those statues speak loudly. Trump's supporters know it. So whether Nazis Neo-Confeds or FoxNews loving relatives, none are condemned/ implicated by him for what they did in Charlottesville & continue to do to terrify migrants, Jews, Muslims, queer folx etc
Peace, love, & good night. Let's reckon w/ courage & honesty in naming things what they are. That's not erasing the past, it's learning from it so we don't repeat it. #MAGA means the opposite. xo
Free life hack for Dilbert & his legion: live your life in such a way that when you go to a rally, you're completely sure it's not a NAZI celebration in any way shape or form. Barring that, at least try & save your breath from defending those who did. It's not a good look. Jesus.
Last night I meant to add just because - as has been reported, when Trump walked back his first ‘fine Nazi’ apologia, he called it the “worst fucking mistake of his presidency.”
That is, the ‘worst mistake’ was appearance of not continuing to defend all his supporters. 😘
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