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(1) Anyone who believes the "we will soon begin deportation line" being circulated around DC is delusional.

We are being taken down by the #ClowardPiven Strategy and will soon go the way of France & Germany.

(see attached)
(2) There are 300,000+ illegal immigrants entering the USA per month. Despite what the delusional twit-of-a-bartender .@AOC states, they are clothed, fed, & given free medical care (24/7 access) before being bused into the US Heartland.
(3) What good does deportation do, when we r allowing them in at a much, much faster rate than we can deport them?

By the way, #POTUS has deployed some US Military to the border. Their role?

Cooking food for illegal immigrants while homeless vets die hungry on our streets ....
(4) in addition to acting as "drivers" to transport the illegal immigrants inland and to satellite "holding facilities," before they are released into our country, with electronic debit cards funded with US taxpayer dollars.

The Republic has fallen.

(see attached)
(5) Regardless of what official figures state, we have around 40+ million illegal aliens (+/- 7 million) in the USA right now.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, our national debt is more than double what they have revealed to us, and millions of AMERICAN children ....
(6) go to school hungry every day, as the Islamo-Marxist party in DC, fights to allow more illegals in, in order to increase its voting base.

Even if #POTUS were able to "deport" 20 million illegals before 2024 (LOL), it will not make a difference.

I am all about #MAGA ....
(7) but I also have to be a realist of what direction we are heading in.

Cute #MAGA choo-choo train memes and cries of "We're winning," are laughable.

The "Islamo-Marxists" in DC are fighting a real grass roots war. We are under attack and we are certainly not "winning."
(8) Any pledges by #POTUS and the "republicans" in DC to deport are laughable. That is like trying to clean up after a tsunami with a squeegee .
(9) I supported pre-election #POTUS and voted for him. But all we hear is rhetoric and promises which never seem to pan out.

We had house and congress for two years - nothing was accomplished regarding our domestic issues such as infrastructure creation and immigration.
(10) After 2024 we are finished. There is no way that the right will ever hold power in this country again, short of a divine miracle or civil strife the likes of which this country has never seen.

I remain a staunch libertarian, but at some point (which I have passed) ....
(11) one has to support the betterment of his/her country OVER their once-upon-a-time president - or party.

I believe #POTUS had good intentions before he entered office.

I believe that he has now been compromised by the #DeepState.

I cannot stand #HRC but at least ....
(12) if she had been selected to win (not "elected"), the right would have recognized the clear and present danger we are presently in.

#POTUS and #QAno are fueling the belief that the right is "winning" even as our country is being taken down by #ClowardPiven.
(13) The right is being subject to a #DeepState Sleight-of-Hand.

#QAnon is a #DeepState distraction.

The powers that be have corrupted the country so deeply, for so long that a #PSYOP and a president will not suffice to right our floundering vessel of a republic.
(14) #TrustThePlan? This is the "plan." The plan is the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

#WWG1WGA - isn't that "group-think," the polar opposite of out-of-the-box thinking, which leads to novel lines of thought and action?

#WWG1WGA is a call to "flock," like sheep - or lemmings.
(15) #QAnon has served to hypnotize, entrain and placate #POTUS base into inaction - other than cries of "we're winning," cute memes and #MAGA choo choos.

We are also hearing statements that "America will never be a socialist country."
(16) No sh!t. Socialism was two stops back, we passed it at full speed and are entering the neighborhood of Islamo-Marxism faster than one can blink.

We have a Stasi-styled Secret Police apparatus run through #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters and an FBI, JTTF & DHS that ....
(17) kill and destroy innocents with impunity, with the aid of bogus FISA warrants.

Inner-cities such as LA rival the streets of 3rd world countries, as "elites" such as Pelosi and Waters sit on multi-million dollar fortunes.

This is not socialism - or beyond?
(18) As I stated earlier, our vets are dying hungry and homeless on the streets with no medical care, as we blew tens of millions of dollars on a parade (great ego booster for some people).

The more illegal aliens we take in, the faster our system & infrastructure will crumble.
(19) Islamo-Marxists such as Schiff, Waters, Pelosi & AOC all have their life-boats prepared, laden with food, money and supplies, as the vessel of our republic quickly sinks.

The more immigrants flood the country, the more control they will be able to exert on the hungry masses
(20) They are sacrificing our country and utilizing immigrants to destroy the once republican system, in order to rebuild it as a full-blown communist he77-hole, with the assistance of an already out-of-control police apparatus assisted by #AntiFa #Brownshirts.
(21) #QAnon is not going to rescue us. Neither is #POTUS. That is the sad truth.

His two primary advisors are his daughter & slimy socialist son-in-law who is the main designer (based on #POTUS past statements) of the current "immigration" fiasco.
(22) My love for my country comes before any party, person or #PSYOP (i.e. - #QAnon).

People had better wake up to the Orwellian Islamo-Marxist Police State we are morphing into, even as they babble about #MAGA & "winning."

We are losing folks. Not winning.
(23) The illegal invasion will be the death of us as a republic.

May god have mercy on us in these darkest of hours.

Pray for his intervention b/c #POTUS is not at the helm of this sinking ship.

This thread may anger some, but I am not married to a party, nor cultish concepts
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