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The twists in the Mignogna lawsuit feel like a movie at this point.
He's on the record as to be asked if he was ever known as "The Fuhrer"
...He's on the record as to be ASKED IF HIS MOTHER ever called him "The Fuhrer"
He says no, but says some fans from the Fan Club called him this as a joke and he didn't condone it. Obviously this is FMA related but Beard asks for clarification if it's the same as Hitler.
Q: I take it that when the-- the Risembool Rangers started referring to you as the Fuhrer, you -- you understood the inappropriateness of something like that, correct?
A: I didn't really have any feeling about it.
Q: Well, can you associate for me any other human being that's been called the Fuhrer besides Adolph Hitler?
A: Not to my knowledge.
In case not clear, the questions re: The Fuhrer were by the defense.
Mignogna says he can't recall whether he was fired or resigned from his position as a teacher at Trinity Christian Academy in Florida.
He says he doesn't recall any allegations of inappropriate conduct while teaching.

He also says he doesn't consider himself a celebrity.
Defense eventually objects as "nonresponsive" as Mignogna continues to evade whether he's famous or not.
Mignogna acknowledges the very discussion of his "antisemitism, homophobia" and sexual misconduct is hurting his credibility. Defense questions that he's only suing Rial, Toye, & Marchi if all discussion participants are damaging his credibility.
Mignogna claims he has no idea how any of the money relating to the GoFundMe is spent (...I thought he said extra funds would go to the Salvation Army...)
He admits to routinely deleting text conversations from his phone, including conversations with Rekeita.
(This is part of the Defense's basis for trying to depose Rekeita. They assume he still has the text conversations on his device when Mignogna does not)
Back from macaroni break and toddler popsicle meltdown
Mignogna says he's never looked at the GoFundMe page.
Mignogna agrees that if Rekeita is a con artist taking money in his name, it's not his problem because he's not invovled in the GoFundMe.
Q: Are you aware of any other GoFundMe campaign in the entire United States where a man accused of sexual harassment gets money to go sue his accusors?
A: No, sir.
Q: I mean, you're a unicorn, aren't you?
(Currently jealous I've never been accused of being a unicorn in a court of law)
Mignogna says he has not received any death threats.
Some of these pages are blank and there was...likely questioning since it bounces between topics.
Just a guess based on the topic but there's some omissions regarding Kameha Con here. Mignogna says the con runner was maybe sympathetic to him? It looks like there was back and forth for a few weeks and then the contract was brought up.
Mignogna says he can't put a monetary amount on the damages he believes were sustained due to defendants.
Mignogna says he didn't do anything regarding the allegations until five months later and has to be reminded he hired Beard (and tweeted about it) in February.
Mignogna says he's unaware of ever being banned from a convention prior to 2019.
Also says he's unaware of anyone ever telling him he wasn't welcome back.
Currently into the questioning to get Mignogna to admit he's an independent contractor, not an employee, of Rooster Teeth.
Mignogna seems surprised he was terminated from Rooster Teeth since he was previously commiserating with Koen Wooten who he says told him he didn't believe any of it.
Mignogna claims he was never informed why he was terminated from Rooster Teeth. (Also this guy seems to not really keep track of people or who he's talking to?)
...he seems confused on whether he's an employee or contractor for Funi based on previously directing for them.
More blank pages re: Sony investigation!!
...he's mentioning an incident involving twins in his hotel room.
and then stuff gets sealed again.
So to reiterate, the three incidents Sony asked Mignogna about involve kissing a non-Rial coworker, the jellybean thing, and a pair of twins in Mignogna's hotel room.
Mignogna's defense to the allegations is that they are all fabricated for attention.
Mignogna agrees that he has had consensual sex with so many people that he doesn't know how many.
When asked if he's sued Polygon author Petrana Radulovic, Vic responds "not yet."
Q: And you don't kiss on children anymore?
A: No
Q: Do you agree with me that's kind of creepy, right?
A: No.
Q: Not creepy?
A: Not when they ask you.
Q: I mean, is there an age limit in which a child can ask you to kiss and hug on them and you say that's creepy?
A: You see, when you say kiss, it sounds like something sexual, but somebody who is kissing a child on the forehead or the cheek as a symbol of kindness--
A (cont.): or appreciation, is not meant in a sexual way.
Q: Besides yourself, do you know any 50-year-old men that kiss children on the cheek or forehead that aren't their children?
A: I'm sure there are money
Q: I'm just asking if you know one.
A: No. I never thought to nee to keep a record of that. I don't.
Vic says he doesn't really read ANN and I have some THOUGHTS but better keep my mouth shut.
Q: Do you know the author, Lynzee Loveridge?
A: No.

I guess I just got Mariah Carey'd
Q: Would you agree with me that kissing 14-year-old girls on the face, whether it's consensual or not, is really not appropriate for a 40- or 50-year-old man?
A: I would say a lot depends on the context.
The defense asks in what context it would be appropriate. Mignogna says when it's requested but follows up that he's apologized for this line of thinking already.
Ah, they're using the photos from my article as evidence~
Mignogna claims that posing for photos with girls/women and kissing them is irregular but uh, I'm skeptical of that based on the number of photos I've seen (requested and not)
Mignogna admits that he was aware that these types of photos were being received negatively and that he continued to kiss for photos anyway.
OH HO WAIT, there's a paragraph here that he declined to comment to me based on the idea that we only seemed interested in clickbait that's super interesting as a person who has those e-mails
Yo, my e-mails were super friggin nice. 😤
(this probably seems dumb but I hate being mischaracterized when I go out of my way to make people feel comfortable!)
Anyway, the defense seems to be making a case that the articles published about the incidents were more damaging than the defendants' comments themselves. Mignogna seems a little confused on the timeline as to when he lost convention appearances
Defense asks if Mignogna embracing and kissing children at conventions would raise eyebrows and Mignogna has maybe his longest answer here.
"Yeah, like every other voice actor does in public for photo ops at conventions. It's not seedy and dirty and pervy. And the vast majority of people, many of them that I have met over the years, have no problem whatsoever with it. There is a small contingent that does--
--and I apologized to those people in the tweet where I said, I -- I accept that I need to be more mindful that not everybody is open to that kind of interaction."
Defense basically asks about each individual con cancellation and if it was due to the actions of defendants. So far (page 175), Mignogna has not been able to confirm that he lost those convention appearances due to defendant's actions.
Page 183, Mignogna interrupts defense to comment on a fantastic picture from Gizmodo
Presumably it's the illustration of him with Tokyo Ghoul hands.
(I think maybe he didn't immediately understand the point of the illustration) io9.gizmodo.com/one-of-anime-s…
He says he's never read this article?? But he provided quotes for it?!?
Mignogna presumes (like another previous article brought up by the defense) that the contents are defamatory despite having not ever read it.
Neither Mignogna nor Beard are sure whether they produced e-mails to the defense regarding the iO9 article
Mignogna admits that he was told by a third party who read his e-mail for the iO9 article and the article itself that he was misrepresented. It wasn't a conclusion he came to on his own since he never read the article.
Mignogna says Todd Haberkorn referred him to a PR-type team (Jessica and Cliff) that helped him craft his responses to the iO9 article.
Wait, scratch that. Mignogna says Jessica and Cliff helped Haberkorn craft his response so he reached out to them. Doesn't really say how he knew who Haberkorn used (and I think we know what response he's talking about)
Mignogna paid Jessica and Cliff to help him draft his responses.
Defense brings up a specific allegation he responded to in the iO9 article regarding "Rachel." Mignogna initially claims he doesn't know her then has to read his response...
Mignogna finds the situation "funny" that she would agree to come by his room quickly again after she said she had a "horrific experience" with him prior.
Mignogna claims he is unaware of anyone opposing him being harassed online but that his supporters have been "viciously harassed."
Defense brings up an e-mail Mignogna sent to a fan about a certain voice actor turning on him. Mignogna seems flustered and begins denying ever promoting harassment.
Mignogna suggests that those claiming to have received death threats have never produced them.
Mignogna says he's lost seven or eight reoccurring roles at Funimation.
We're back in redacted pages land regarding Funi/Sony investigation.
Mignogna alleges that Funimation is a major sponsor of Informa-run conventions and could have put pressure on the company to pull invites.
Mignogna says Rial, Toye, etc contacted cons besides Kameha Con to get invites pulled or threatened to not attend but cannot name any cons specifically and does not have any written evidence to support the claim at the time of the deposition.
another OMG
Q: And--and by get attention to themselves, you mean people post anonymously that you --you harass people or do inappropriate things?
A: Yes.
Q: And so they want to get attention for themselves--
A: Yes
Q: --through an anonymous avatar I guess?
Mignogna suggests the anonymous allegations are made for social media clout with no basis.
Mignogna states that he may sue the publications involved with publishing the allegations.
That's basically it. The deposition ends with Mignogna saying he's skeptical that Funimation didn't put pressure on conventions but again has no proof to that claim outside of rumors.
Let's take a look at these EXHIBITS
There's some shade throwing in here.
Exhibit C: Delcaration of J. Sean Lemoine (counsel for Rial & Toye)

"As an unfortunate result of this lawsuit, I have come to learn of an individual named Nick Rekieta."
The document says that in a video on July 4 both Rekeita and Yellow Flash discuss raising enough money to sue Marzgirl so that she would lose her car.
There's a lot of Dragon Ball ads in this exhibits.
Hmm, I guess that's the whole lowdown. I'll go back to recuperating from con crud!
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