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Update: after stalling for 2 hours @joniernst is now telling us that she won't get on the phone.

Iowa moms aren't leaving. They have a message:

"Dear Senator Ernst,

We are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and Iowans and we are horrified.


"We’re here because what is happening to children and families on the Southern border and at
raids across the country is inhuman.

"Individuals and children are fleeing horrible conditions in their home countries and are coming to
the US for protection."

"Instead, the US is subjecting children and families to
more violence and mistreatment, holding migrants and refugees captive in cages.

"Children and adults are sleeping on top of one another on cold, concrete floors, with no access
to medical care."

"@joniernst, you can stop this. We are asking you to:

● Tell Trump to cancel the raids
● Close the detention camps and get kids out of cages
● Let asylum seekers go through the process without being detained in camps.
● Tour the detention centers"

"24 immigrants have died in ICE custody, with more
dying under the watch of other federal agencies, like CBP,
including five children.

"The camps must be closed and the mass deportation force and policies brought to an end."

"We can either continue family separation and
the criminalization of immigrants, and allow our govt to keep killing asylum seekers

we fight back against a govt that refuses to recognize the humanity of these children and
of immigrants and refugees."

"@joniernst, you are a mom, just as we are, just as the women being detained, abused, and
killed at the border are.

If you can recognize the humanity in us, recognize the humanity of the
mothers, and children who are suffering and dying at the border."

It's 10 min until @joniernst's office closes and Ernst won't take 5 min to talk to the moms and babies packed into her office.

These #momsagainstthecamps are not leaving.

At the moment, they are joining together in prayer.
After getting no response for over 3 hours, 10 min after closing time, @joniernst's office finally gets her legislative staffer in charge of immigration on the phone.

The @joniernst staffer tried to claim that she tried to keep families together.

The #momsagainstthecamps immediately pushed back. "we don't want families together in cages. Families should not be tortured."
One of the #momsagainstthecamps identifies that @joniernst's legislative staffer in charge of immigration formerly worked for white supremacist @SteveKingIA.

Joni Ernst and Steve King share alot, including taste in immigration policy staff.

.@joniernst has been dodging us for 3.5 hours (now 30 min after close), saying that she's on the Senate floor.

Turns out she got off the floor almost 2 hours ago. One of the #momsagainstthecamps just looked it up.

These moms have been here all afternoon can Ernst take 15 min?
We asked @joniernst's immigration policy staffer, who previously worked for @SteveKingIA, how Ernst's immigration policy differs from Steve King.

He refused to answer because he felt it was "inappropriate."

We're entering hour 4, @joniernst's office closed an hour ago, and the whole building is about to close down.

All we got was a few minutes with Corey Becker, Ernst's chief counsel who "does immigration" and worked for @SteveKingIA as of May 2018.

Here's the thing: 100 Iowa moms with their babies just wanted 15 min with @joniernst and she ignored them.

She says she has an important oversight role over immigration, but allowed ICE and CBP to torture children.

She can't face her constituents.

The Ernst office closed 90 min ago. The building closed 30 min ago.

@joniernst's staff has told us that if any one of us leaves the office to go to the bathroom, we will be escorted out of the building.

One of the #momsagainstthecamps had to leave @joniernst's offices for health reasons.

"I'm sorry to the children at the border. I'm sorry that I can't stand even a fraction of what @joniernst is putting them through right now. I'm so sorry."
We're going to stay as long as we can until we get @joniernst on the phone.

Kids are being tortured. @joniernst can act today.

She can at least talk to her own constituents who have been waiting almost 5 hours.


By the way, @joniernst's chief counsel who "does immigration" and worked for @SteveKingIA as of May 2018 appears to have taken down his LinkedIn profile. This was up about 30 min ago, but I didn't screenshot it.

The last remaining #momsagainstthecamps are leaving @joniernst's office.

After 6.5 hours and about 100 Iowa moms passing through with their children she finally agreed to a 30 min call tomorrow.

The moms and babies at the border, held without charges can't choose when to leave.
.@joniernst should have never helped create our monstrous immigration system, never allowed torture of children happen under her oversight, and it shouldn't take 100 Iowa moms and their babies occupying her office for 6.5 hrs to get a 30 min phone call.

Stay tuned to the hashtag #momsagainstthecamps tomorrow when they meet with @joniernst.

These Iowa moms are simply asking how Ernst can allow babies just like theirs to be tortured and killed at the border.

And what will Ernst do to stop the suffering and death RIGHT NOW.

#MomsAgainstTheCamps will be meeting at @joniernst's Des Moines offices at 2 PM TOMORROW (Weds 7/10). Please join us to demand Ernst #CloseTheCamps (especially if you are a MOM).

RSVP on FB: facebook.com/events/3676668…
The #momsagainstthecamps wanted to talk to @joniernst yesterday, and wouldn't leave until she agreed to a phone call today.

These moms dropped everything AGAIN to tell Ernst herself to #CloseTheCamps.
These moms are packing strollers, diaper bags, taking off work, and more for a short phone conversation with @joniernst to tell her to #closethecamps.

Imagine what the moms and children in the camps are going through.

Just last night we heard about more abuses at the border in Arizona. The human rights abuses are widespread and systemic. #momsagainstthecamps are still filing in, gathering around the speakerphone where @joniernst will speak.
Senator @joniernst is on the line. "Yesterday 100 moms, grandmothers, and kids came to your office. I want to talk to you mom to mom. The moms at the border would do anything for their kids, just like you would do anything for your daughter Libby."

Pastor Alejandro speaks about the ICE raids terrorizing his congregation. @joniernst defends ICE saying "we need to keep Americans safe."

He says "the only reason The border is dangerous is because ICE is kidnapping and torturing kids."

.@joniernst asks the #momsagainstthecamps if we can all agree that there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. The room shouts back "YES! the administration is creating it!"
.@joniernst says "abuses of children happens. I do not support abuse of children ... If you have specific examples --" the crowd erupts.

One of the #momsagainstthecamps
says "When abuse happens you have to DO something. That's why I'm here. What are you doing NOW?"
After 20 min @joniernst says"I am going to go because you are clearly unwilling to listen ..." the #momsagainstthecamps ask if she will follow up with us after she visits the detention camps. Ernst refuses her own constituents and hangs up.
.@joniernst pushes back against holding ICE accountable shifting blame to the moms and children at the border, "We are a nation of laws."

What about ICE molesting children?
What about the laws of asylum?
What about ICE arresting people without a warrant?

After @joniernst makes multiple factually inaccurate statements, #momsagainstthecamps offer to share the multiple reports of abuse at detention camps. Ernst flat out refused, saying her staff would keep her informed.

Ernst's immigration policy staffer worked for @SteveKingIA.
"We are moms, grandmas, and children who will not sit by while kids are in cages."

-- #momsagainstthecamps at @joniernst's offices before their phone call with the Senator
Demands of #momsagainstthecamps:

● Tell Trump to cancel the raids
● Close the detention camps and get kids out of cages
● Let asylum seekers go through the process without being detained in camps.
● Tour the detention centers

@joniernst agreed to your the camps
"it's simple: does @joniernst support children being in cages or will she fight with us for humanity?"

By not answering our questions and hanging up on the #momsagainstthecamps, Ernst has made her position clear.
During the phone call, @joniernst made several factually inaccurate statements so #momsagainstthecamps corrected, clarified, and offered to share information and expertise with Ernst.

@joniernst declined the offer.

Ernst won't even accept information from her constituents on the detention camps.

Apparently, she'll only listen to her immigration policy staffer, Corey Becker, who she snatched up from @SteveKingIA.

(this LinkedIn profile now set to private)

You can watch a series of videos of the #MomsAgainstTheCamps talking to @joniernst here.

She didn't give us straight answers and then she hung up on us.

You can also listen to the FULL AUDIO of the conversation between #MomsAgainstTheCamps and @JoniErnst here (start at 2:15).

100 Iowa moms and kids occupied Ernst's office for 6.5 hours to get these 15 min.

Then she hung up on them.

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