One great achievement ♟of the last few 100yrs was the perception that we’re the prime of civilization; that sophisticated humans only emerged a few thousand years ago. The result (conveniently)is very few Q’s about “his-story”:
🔹In many places, Roman ruins were found floors underground. Why? Plausibly? When many other old ruins are not?
🔹Many buildings & streets have been excavated, only to find other structures UNDER them, that no one knew was there, nor could explain plausibly.
🔹Folks drive past man-made hills, never questioning what lies within, as they don’t even realize they’re not natural.
🔹Whereas the last time someone excavated one of those, in Turkey, they found Midas, who had ears resembling an upside down donkey’s, and other such super-species characteristics.
🔹At a further end of Turkey lies Gobekli Tepe, believed to be at least 12K years old, and was a “history changing” discovery: a mammoth multi-story complex (think village) that SOMEONE BURIED to “hide” it - at the top of a mountain!
🔹Still in Tartaria, I mean Turkey, there are huge underground cities stretching for miles & that go many stories down. Yet no one knows how they came to be, or what risk they were sheltering people against 😱? Whereas the region was densely populated for millennia ...
... No records? No one questioning?🤔(Interestingly, I just read that the U.S army is now being trained for underground combat.)
🔹Athenian style monuments & ruins are found world-wide, yet no one probes that more critically. Why? Is it likely? Why do we not question the world around us more? When this time here is but transient; an experience of Spirit in flesh. What keeps us so distracted? (Clue: ...
... financial pressures & strain. Follow the money trickery! TV. Pop culture. Consumerism - beating the Joneses. Unsustainable family incomes sending moms to full time jobs.)
🔹There is much proof of advanced stone craft (which we have no current tech for), with stone block walls enduring mysteriously, for 1000s of years, without even any adhesive.
🔹The Kailasa temple is an enormous structure - “carved” from one piece of stone, (a mountain actually) which we can’t replicate. There is even a theory that the apex of Mount Kailash is a pyramid!
🔹The world is full of pyramids! There are thousands in China alone, which we are hardly told much about. As “pyramid burials” are more or less limited to Egypt, who can say that that was ever their original purpose? Who built them all, along such similar principles & dimensions?
🔹 Is it likely that worldwide construction of these structures could’ve been undertaken by these old “unsophisticated” ancestors of ours?
What does it mean that half the men of Europe are genetically related to Tutankhamun, but only 1% of modern Egyptians are, too?
🔹The mysterious Voynich MS was just recently “discovered” to be written in a Romance language, of which Italian and French are said to be descendants.
Whereas these guys claim it’s linked to Turkish. I’m inclined to believe them.
🔹The Roman Empire fell under Romulus to ze Germans (them again, ja; specifically those Angles.) Yet the people inhabiting Rome speak Italian; not German, or Latin. The Scots maintained culture & traditional dress for centuries - who knows how long?...
...But not any Romans? (It’s almost like the people and language, got buried, along with their buildings. Or something; Ja?)
🔹Italy is full of Fleur de lis’, which is a French insignia.
🔹 Ever heard of the Italians? Neither have the Etruscans. Ever heard of the Etruscans, or the Greeks for that matter? Neither have the Turks? Know the Turks? Or the Russians? Tartaria, doesn’t either❗️
”The founders of Ancient Italy came from Turkey/Iran just like ...
...the founders of Ancient Greece.” (Which origin is SUMERIAN)…
🔹And on that note, did you know Turkish speakers can kind of understand Sumerian? And that Turkish shares something like 5000 words with Hindi?...
...The Etruscans used the old Turkish alphabet; which was realized by the discovery of the Orkhon inscriptions. Surrounding European countries, like Hungary, as well as places like Finland, and Korea speak a Turkish dialect.
🔹Those “Greeks”, meant to be these founders of high culture and philosophical thought, still speak Greek, and (now!) number only 10 Million people! (Hmmm. Think this one through! 🤔)
🔹Paintings of Table Mountain from a few centuries ago all bear an odd resemblance, but not quite of today’s view❓They seemed higher than they should be, to me, ...
...and then I come across this pic claiming that there used to be a another layer above it that eroded away “long-long ago.” Hmmm...
What else might change the appearance of a mountain in such a short time, otherwise?
(Er, ✈️🧨💣?) Any parallels to those underground cities [bomb shelters?] in Turkey, I wonder?
🔹And did you know that old tunnels in to Table Mountain have been found? A pipe tunnel and tin mine tunnels! A detail most didn’t know, ja? Who knows what else might be going on there? 🤔
🔹Considering how fond the Dutch were of portraiture & conquest, it has now been discovered that the likenesses of Jan Van Riebeeck & wife, the so-called starting point to the Dutch colony, not to mention “Afrikaners” (referred to by Arthur Conan Doyle ... one of the most “unconquerable races ever seen upon the earth”) wasn’t even of them. Banknotes, monuments, etc. All fake! Plus there is evidence that there was another refreshment station already there, 40 years prior. (on my timeline)
🔹Table mountain is made of sandstone. Apparently the sea sand rose up from the ocean floor, hardened somehow, & that mountain was the result.
🔹You’ve heard of the centuries old Piri Reis map, (more Turks!) which cartographs Antarctica perfectly?! WITHOUT ice? And from so long ago. How to explain that one? 🤔IKBINT
🔹The Christianity we know is allegedly 2000yrs old, (yet did you know the Catholic Church was only founded in 325AD after the council of Nicaea (whadya know; Turkey again 🤷🏻‍♀️) when Emperor Constantine stuck some guys in a room (read:jail) until they could ...
...agree on a scripture that would unite Rome commercially, and stop in-fighting. (Might’ve happened too in Arabia, possibly?🤔 But why? For the same reason? Namely, in-fighting; needing to unite people in a common belief, etc?
But aren’t these the religions that mostly built...
...the modern world; or so they say. Whoever “they” may be, as someone once said; in a klein grappie 😆)
Using my business mind I’d say all the non-negotiables of the general populace’s beliefs had to go in, to get people to buy in; yes; strategists?
And I just read recently that The Talmud was only written down for the first time in 1523, or something. By heaven; isn’t that a 5000 years or so, old, founding Abrahamic religion? That the others followed after?…
🔹Did they pass down their teachings by CD, or record, then? Because I was five years old when I first played broken telephone at school: to learn how unreliable that is. Why on earth would I trust them who still don’t know that, as grown men? So then,...
... is the Pentateuch actually the old book, or is it perhaps, a new one? Who could even say, or since when? Heard about all those discoveries, now turning up as staged/faked, up at Giza and the surrounds? I mean, everyone knows there’s an underground city there by now;...
... and people must have got in, and who knows what they might be bringing up? It truly feels like more is starting to make sense out there right now, for lots of people.
🔹So is it definitive that the Jews of the Bible, were a religion; or might they have been a different people, even? And is that why all these histories abound about always being booted out of countries through the centuries; oh for you can’t believe how long; ...
... because, why on earth, by #OccamsRazor, would that be; that they were always homeless? The few hiding within the shadows of another People, that is; pretending to be one of them! Pulling strings behind the scenes.
🔹And does that have something to do with why there may have been some cross-continent “blending of common beliefs” to kick-off a new common religion and stop disputes? Why? Something to do with those barred cities, perhaps?
If we’re so modern, and things change so fast,...
... why does the Bible refer to all these many “walled cities, with gates and bars?” Like in 1 Kings 4:13, and 2 Chronicles 8:5 (KJV)
Sounds like world-wide concentration camps to me. Right there, in the book! Why? Who knows? After a massive war, or something like that, maybe?
🔹And the survivors, maybe then migrating (forcibly / read:slavery) through various routes to repopulate the abandoned / decimated regions of the earth, perhaps? (Remember my post on how JHB was found as a “barren” sand-pit, ja?)
🔹And so who/what is this force - somewhere out there - invested in keeping us unwise to all of this; lest we question anything!? Would explain those tiny kids “from industrialization” having to be worked into adulthood like burly miners.
🔹And then, being under-educated; fed a mish-mash history / religion which honestly, by the third generation, becomes gospel. Well; don’t ask me exactly why? This is one for all of us to go think about. 🤔No one of us has all the answers, all of the time, after all.
🔹And, too, why is there such profundity in the Bible, but also such nonsense? Like God, our gentle father, reflected to us through the exquisite poetry of Psalms, but then contrasted with the covetous, violent God of the old guard?
🔹 And all these names for our dear Father. Doesn’t it smack of, “Well, we’ll just stick all the god stuff from every damn book in, and replace some of the odd names like Ra, and Isis, with some generics?”
And then seeing as they need a ruffle in the waves at all times,...
... while slinking around doing who knows what on pervert islands, and even in whole countries, just about, frankly! Then they start feeding us soap, I mean GMOs, and all that other rubbish, and when no one can think clearly anymore, they hope we’ll all just be happy ...
... that our own good stuff went into the book, and by the next generation no one will even remember that it was ever different. And that gets that damn emperor off their neck, ever since his head went all fat, after he declared himself the “pope”, though none ever existed ...
...before he asked them to formulate this Catholic, (Latin, n: general) combined religion; that he laid out a plan to take over the world with, under the guise of X; but which only happened hundreds of years later, in the end. (Lost in translation, or that broken telephone ...
...problem again, jy weet?🤔)
🔹And again, back to the Romans and their Latin: so here’s me getting my hands on this tome about bibles from history, and these beautifully hand drawn ancient texts all look like one collection to me. Even one hand. Where are the analyses,...
... and papers, about the changes to both gospel, and practice, through the history of the church? Is Christianity today, the religion of the teachings of Krist? ✝️ Why do clerics not come forward for discussion when rational thinkers question things?
For instance, The Holy Ghost may in fact be The Mother, seeing as that family has a dad and son, already; I see no logic in the benefit of a ghost; unless it was Casper, the friendly one; there to entertain the lad again, because, clearly something had happened to his mum ...
... and he may be in need of comfort. And so with this moms’ lens on, I went back to passages I’d highlighted for myself, as me feeling they were truly of Christian spirit; and reading them again, (ref my page) I thought, if the Holy Ghost isn’t Mother God; true,...
... in that family of just males, then I must be mad then, and the only one seeing upside down around here. Or ..?🤔 (Check out my thought injection tweets.) And then all these beautiful hand-drawn bibles; all mainly in Latin, a language no one speaks. Huh?
🔹Christianity is allegedly 2000 years old, yet it was only in 1929 that The Vatican became its own tax exempt country, under the Lateran Treaty? Why? Well, to paraphrase my understanding, it was to appease the pope who was having a ninny fit (wanted to be the king too!...
... “God said” it was all his, naturally) and he felt entitled to rule the lands!
🔹Was this a sign of changes within the church; perhaps culminating in the appointment of the first ever (current) “Jesuit” Pope❓What does it mean? That the Catholic Church...
... has been overthrown by Jesuits ❓THEY even have their own “Black Pope” referred to as “controlling the white pope”? Here’s a pic of them together. Check the images below also to see what all these Jesuits were accused of! 🤔…
🔹As far as I know, there was a East / West Catholic split in Euro-Asia (What is “Europe” actually, if not the far West of Asia? Why does the edge of that continent get its own name?) with many, then aligning, with Coptic Christianity.
Interestingly, the Egyptian Dendera Temple has a Coptic Church in the complex, and there are so many parallels between Jesus of Nazareth and Mother Mary, and Isis and Horus, it’s uncanny. 🤔
🔹And why are we so in the dark about our true history when at the Vatican there is a secure underground library with gazillions of unaccessible (to us) manuscripts from antiquity?
Especially seeing as how many of the great libraries, like at Alexandria, were “burnt to the ground,” and much of our civilization’s collective knowledge was lost to us. 🤔 Why does the pope get to hide out in his own country,...
... with all the books and knowledge of the world, locked away underground? A conspiracy theorist might conclude that it was to keep us ignorant; but that just sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.
🔹 Plus, too, in biblical times, Matthew knew about Jesus the Nazarene’s genetic ancestry for 42 generations, but today hardly anyone knows more than 2? We’re really high-tech & modern now, huh?
🔹Science changes from decade to decade and yet the current version is ALWAYS gospel to many. (Till it’s refuted.) Why? Is questioning things a crime against God, or something? (Oh, right; bankers.)
🔹And then no one has the time (ever) to ask these questions; or thinks to.
Can you believe, that the history we thought we knew, might hardly be the truth, at all! WHY? That’s a big toffee apple, but for another time.
❗️Well Holy Smoke; I wrote this & other threads just earlier this month about:
🔹 #CombinedReligions that happened after #Nicaea, with some supporting facts for the hypothesis
🔹The impact this had on known history (not great)
🔹Influence of the #Jesuits on ✝️#Christian doctrine
JUST TO THEN come across this article from back in 2016 for the first time, where the (very first; we think 🤔 ) #JesuitPope is suggesting that the 3 Ab-RA-hamic religions + Buddhism merge to form a #OneWorldReligion❗️…
Holy Gas, wasn’t that a #ConspiracyTheory like 20 years ago❓That the elites planned to bring us a chaotic #BorderlessWorld & #OneWorldReligion❓😂 (Key impact being a loss of historical, and religious legacy, rights and culture, ja)
And then another from earlier this year❗️: “Pope Francis Signs Agreement with Imam, Heading Closer to One-World Religion” with a “goal” of Frank’s being for all people to embrace & kiss one another”…
So is this the next “council of Nicaea / Arabia” then❓🤔Where in 500 years no one will even know the others (theirs) ever existed⁉️ (like now?)
History is repeating itself, in front of our very eyes‼️🔥🔥🔥

✝️#ChristianityInDanger #WorldCapture 🆘🙏🏼
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