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And here are the redacted ones! Happy Hunting. #QAnon #DarkToLight
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Hmmm Twatter fuckery? Unredacted disappeared let's try again
When there is so much #PanicInDC [They] will print ANYTHING! 😂😂😂
It's Boom Time! Does anyone like that asshole Jerry Nadler? Well just for LOLZ imma tell the world why he is after @realDonaldTrump! his daddy was a pedophile and buddies with Mr. Epstein
Yup there it is. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Jerrold Nadler was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, the son of Miriam (née Schreiber) and Emanuel "Max" Nadler.
Nadler described his father as a "dyed-in-the-wool Democrat" who lost his poultry farm in New Jersey when the younger Nadler was seven. #QAnon #DarkToLight
[THEY] have been doing clean up online. The guy is a ghost. All I could find is an old tax court case. He wasn't a poultry farmer. In fact, he was an Egyptian immigrant. The amusing part is, it says the wife's name is Jane. You decide leagle.com/decision/19881…
74 when I searched him and Jerry, This came up referencing a Frank Nadler. Same thing he's a ghost. It's like he never existed. He too, is from NY, but there is no way to determine if he is related. Shortest dig of all. amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.thegua…
The next circled name on the list is Bill Maronet. He is listed above Massage Florida and the butler made the notation phones. Okay Anons I am dropping the other massage listing too. Lots of girls names to dig or cross reference with known victims. #QAnon #DarkToLight
2 of 2 n I added another nugget! Why would a billionaire need cheap seats? I owe ya massage Island yet I have to find it again. happy hunting
This guy is a ghost too but I found his very generic website lol. This is self explanatory, but the butler noted him as a witness. He installed all the electronics n prolly the cameras under the temple. I can only imagine what he saw #QAnon #DarkToLight
This page should be a gem. We have Peter Soros and Kevin Spacey. Welp, Peter is pretty much a ghost too, believe it or not. He doesn't even have a Wiki page. He is the son of Paul Soros and appears to have no involvement with crooked George.
78. The Butler circled his name indicating he is a witness. My guess, he was merely a business associate as both he and Epstein managed hedge funds. No telling what he may of seen. I am moving on to Spacey.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Kevin Spacey was born in South Orange, New Jersey, to Kathleen Ann (néeKnutson), a secretary, and Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, a technical writer and data consultant. He has an older brother, Randy Fowler, and a sister, Julie Ann Fowler Keir.
Randy Fowler (from whom Spacey is estranged) has stated that their father, whom he described as a racist "Nazisupporter", was sexually and physically abusive, and that Spacey had shut down emotionally and become "very sly and smart" to avoid whippings. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Spacey attended Northridge Military Academy, Canoga Park High School in the 10th and 11th grades. He graduated co-valedictorian (along with Mare Winningham) of the class of 1977 of Chatsworth High School.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Spacey tried to succeed as a comedian for several years before attending the Juilliard School in New York City, where he studied drama with teacher Marian Seldes between 1979 and 1981. During this time period, he performed stand-up comedy in bowling alley talent contests.
After serving his time as a stage actor, he evolved into a big star. Spacey won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as a depressed suburban father who re-evaluates his life in 1999's American Beauty. Throughout his career, Spacey has been well known for playing
villains; he remarked in 2013: "I think people just like me evil for some reason. They want me to be a son of a bitch."
It is common for people that grew up being both physically and sexually abused to become predators.
Spacey's political views have been described as leftist, like his character in House of Cards. He is a Democrat and a friend of Bill Clinton. Having met Clinton before his presidency began, Spacey once described him as "one of a shining light" in the political process.
Boom! In October 2008, Spacey started the Kevin Spacey Foundation in the UK to encourage youth involvement in the arts. Bssed in England and Wales, its purpose was to provide grants to individuals and organizations to help young people study the arts, particularly theatre.
 The charity shut down in February 2018 following sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey.
In this case predator is an understatement. The old saying birds of a feather comes to mind thinking of his buddy Slick Willy. Bill prolly introduced him to [Them] and taught him how to use a foundation!
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Either way, I think [THEY] heard his message loud and clear. The fix is in.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
You can't make this shit up!
Let's do a recap on the video that led to this. No one and I mean NO ONE will convince me that [THEY] didn't put the fear of Satan in to those victims. I am sick to the stomach and done with this thread. #QAnon #LockThemAllUp
Umm meant to say dig. Lot's more to come on other names. Kek
The more I study the Redacted Black book, the more I am certain that [THEY] did some editing to protect some folks What better way to throw investigators off the scent than to circle names that the butler didn't circle? After all he's dead Only he knew! Some are not a witness
I knew right away that Wexner was dirty and I am convinced that the next scumbag, Clinton/Epstein associate, Bill Richardson, is dirty as hell. No honest person gets a job working for Slick Willy. Massage NM Governor of NM. Come on Man! They r
on the same page! #DarkToLight
What DON'T YOU SEE? His name isn't in the unredacted book. Neither is that special section in the back where I found him and the OTHER listing for Wexner. There is a Notable here. Joan Rivers. After she told reporters MO was a tranny, she died.
I apologize for the delays. I got sidetracked by the new Q. Looking at these drops and cross referencing with all my research, it hit me. What has every person I researched had in common? Trafficking and research facilities. Why? People are big business.
94 Sex, labor, research, organ and cell harvesting, blood, etc. [THEY] all spend millions to traffic them here. Think open borders. Think bringing children. Catch release. Undocumented. No one will notice if they disappear They get a study supply of people for FREE! Boom! #QAnon
95 at detention facilities they could screen them. Pick out the prettiest healthiest, right blood types for desired organs. Diseased ones can be used for research. This is not a game! These people are sick. #QAnon #DarkToLight
[THEY] believe children's blood is the fountain of youth. Think HRC transfusion video, Walnut Sauce, Adrenochrome. This is not a conspiracy theory. History proves present. This has gone on for centuries. Think mass Graves of children. Gloria Vanderbilt is 90+ #QAnon
Back to Richardson.He  served as the 30th governor of NM from 2003 to 2011. He was U.S. Ambassador to the UN and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration. He also served as a U.S. Congressman, chairman of the 2004 DNC and chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.
In 2008, Obama nominated him as his Secretary of Commerce, but he withdrew a month later as he was investigated for possible improper business dealings in New Mexico. You can tell he worked for Slick Willy. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Although the investigation was later dropped, (covered up) it damaged Richardson's career, resulting in his second and final term as New Mexico governor. But, [THEY] Take care of their own. #QAnon #DarkToLight
In 2012 trial US v. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm, CDR employee Doug Goldberg testified that he was involved in giving BILL campaign contributions amounting to $100K in exchange for CDR being hired to handle a $400 million swap deal for the New Mexico state government. #QAnon
Okay here comes the BOOM! How many coincidences until it's mathematically impossible? In 2012 he joined the advisory board of Refugees International. Ya just can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay Anons here comes the unredacted E's Happy Hunting
And here are the redacted happy hunting
Ok AD here come the M's happy hunting
Ok GM is in the special section in back of redacted book. Not in unredacted.
Okay AD here comes the Mother Lode from the special section Happy Hunting
#QAnon #DarkToLight
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5 of 5 Happy Hunting
The next circled name on my list is Alberto Pinto. He doesn't appear in the unredacted book. #QAnon #DarkToLight
You can't imagine how wealthy, well connected and powerful Jeffrey Epstein was. We know his house n chambers etc were monitored with cameras. Imagine having so many personal phone lines you had to list them in your address book to keep track of them all. Think Blackmail.
Alberto Pinto (1943–2012) was a photographer and interior designer based in Paris. He designed the interiors of apartments, corporations, hotels, yachts, and jets. He had a home collection of his own and collaborated with many manufacturers, such as Raynaud and Pierre Frey.
I couldn't find a reference to Raynaud in the book, but Frey appeared in the special section (circled) under the heading RUGS. Another pseudonym? Why in special section? Time to dig. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Pinto was the interior designer to the super rich and a collection of homes. These could be used to house girls or host spirit cooking events. Did Vrumi replace him when he passed? lovehappensmag.com/blog/2018/07/0…
There is no way a gardener would merit a spot in the special section of the book let alone the Heading RUGS. Pinto did business with (Pierre) Frey. Why a phony name and occupation? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Frey is a member of the Comité Colbert. It was founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain.
Guerlain was in business from 1828 to 1994 when [THEY] LVMH acquired the company. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Coincidentally, this was right after Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the United States. LVMH CONTROLS around 60 subsidiaries. They have over $60 billion in assets
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Many of the company's controlled by LVMH are members of the Committee Colbert. This is where it gets a little tricky. Why was RUGS capitalized? Why the fake name? Why was rugs heading necessary?
#QAnon #DarkToLight
I decided to look for a connection between Bill Clinton and LVMH. BOOM BOOM BOOM! The first time I clicked on the link it said this site can't be reached. When I checked later I could find NO MENTION of Bill or the $1 billion. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Here is the link to the article in the screen shot. #QAnon #DarkToLight
An Anon found the story the link in the screen shot was SUPPOSED to take you to. [THEY] are busy. The site got shut down, the link switched to another story, and the article on Slick Willy was Archived. Ya can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight archive.is/w6hgu
RUGS was bothering me so I decided to search for Acronyms associated with RUG and BOOM! There it was. Commission of the European communities. It is literally an unelected shadow Government that tells elected officials what to do. [THEY] write all of the legislation for the EU
Their headquarters is in, you guessed it, Brussels. I picture a yuge table with all of the bosses of the largest crime syndicate in the world sitting around it.
The Council of the European Union, referred to in the treaties and other official documents simply as the Council, is the third of the seven Institutions of the European Union. #QAnon #DarkToLight
as listed in the Treaty on European Union. It is one of three legislative bodies, and together with the European Parliament, serves to amend and approve the proposals of the European Commission. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Council represents the executive governments of the EU's member and is based in the Europa building in Brussels. The Council consists of 28 seats. There is no official division by political parties. 1 appointed rep for each of the 28 states. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Council first appeared in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) as the "Special Council of Ministers", set up to counterbalance the High Authority (the supranational executive, now the Commission).  #QAnon #DarkToLight
The original Council had limited powers: issues relating only to coal and steel were in the Authority's domain, and the Council's consent was not required on decisions outside coal and steel. #QAnon #DarkToLight
As a whole, the Council only scrutinised the High Authority (the executive). In 1957, the Treaties of Rome established two new communities, and with them two new Councils: consilium.europa.eu
However, due to objections over the supranational power of the Authority, their Councils had more powers; the new executive bodies were known as "Commissions". #QAnon #DarkToLight
In 1965 the Council was hit by the "empty chair crisis". Due to disagreements between French President Charles de Gaulle and the Commission's agriculture proposals, among other things, France boycotted all meetings of the Council. #QAnon #DarkToLight
This halted the Council's work until the impasse was resolved the following year by the Luxembourg compromise. Although initiated by a gamble of the President of the Commission, Walter Hallstein
who later on lost the Presidencythe crisis exposed flaws in the Council's workings
Under the Merger Treaty of 1967 the ECSC's Special Council of Ministers and the Council of the EAEC (together with their other independent institutions) were merged into the Council of the EEC,
which would act as a single Council of the European Communities. In 1993, the Council adopted the name 'Council of the European Union',  (coincidentally the same year Slick Willy became president.) #QAnon #DarkToLight
following the establishment of the European Union by the Maastricht Treaty. That treaty strengthened the Council, with the addition of more intergovernmental elements in the three pillars system.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
The Treaty of Lisbon abolished the pillar system and gave further powers to Parliament. It also merged the Council's High Representative with the Commission's foreign policy head,
with this new figure chairing the foreign affairs Council rather than the rotating presidency. The European Council was declared a separate institution from the Council, #QAnon #DarkToLight
European Council was declared a separate institution from the Council, also chaired by a permanent president, and the different Council configurations were mentioned in the treaties for the first time.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
The primary purpose of the Council is to act as one of two vetoing bodies of the EU's legislative branch, the other being the European Parliament. #QAnon #DARKTOLIGHT
Together they serve to amend, approve or disapprove the proposals of the European Commission, which has the sole power to propose laws.
Jointly with the Parliament, the Council holds the "budgetary power" of the Union and has greater control than the Parliament over the more intergovernmental areas of the EU, such as foreign policy and macroeconomic co-ordination. That's right [THEY] control the money! BOOM!
In other words, no legislation gets approved unless [THEY] say so.
The vast majority of laws are now subject to the ordinary legislative procedurewhich works on the principle that consent from both the Council and Parliament are required before a law may be adopted Keep in mind, the Council ARE NOT duly elected officials #QAnon #DarkToLight
It is my belief that Alberto Pinto introduced Epstein to Pierre Frey, whom was his Liaison within the council. I can't find any public record of the members names. But, I think some of [THEM] are among the super rich members of the Comité Colbert. LVMH for example. #QAnon
In closing of my Alberto Pinto dig, of course, LVMH has several foundations. AND a recent connection to Slick Willy. Ya just can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay AD here comes the redacted F's
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And the unredacted. Happy Hunting.
The next person on my list, is the former 1st lady of California, Maria Shriver. There are a couple notables on this page. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Shriver was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second child and only daughter of the politician Sargent Shriver and activist Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Shriver is a niece of United States President JFK U.S. AG & U.S. Sen Robert F. Kennedy, U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy. The more we know!
It is important to note that her ex husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, DOES NOT appear in the book.
 A Roman Catholic, she is of mostly Irish and German descent.
Shriver attended Westland Middle School in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and graduated in 1973 from Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda. She was introduced to the Mockingbird
at a young age. Of course, she is connected to multiple foundations. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Shriver also serves on the advisory board of the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute, which raises public awareness of her father's legacy as a peacebuilder and offers educational and training programs grounded in the principles of public service that motivate the many programs
he created, including the Peace Corps, Job Corps, Head Start, and Legal Services for the Poor. Shriver began leading the California Governor & First Lady's Conference on Women when Schwarzenegger took office in 2003. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Here comes the 1st BOOM connected to Ms. Shriver. Did you pay attention to the speakers at her event? 3 of them appear in the book! Barbara Walters, Richard Branson, and Tony Blair! Ya just can't make this shit up! Keep in mind we already connected Oprah
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Anons, each one of those names need dug in to. There is wayyy too much for me to handle. In 2004, Shriver created The Minerva Awards to honor and reward "remarkable California women" who have changed their communities,
their state, their country and the world with their courage, wisdom and strength. Here comes the Boom! The award is named after the Roman Goddess Minerva. The image on her chest, is the likeness of Tanit. Ya can't make this up. Note the symbols associated with Minerva #QAnon
I don't even want to think about what the real qualifications are for the award. Former recipients include: former first lady Betty Ford, Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, astronaut Sally Ride and the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver.#QAnon #DarkToLight
Are you ready for the next BOOM?!! Through CaliforniaVolunteers, Shriver has built 31 playgrounds with gardens in lower-income communities around the state in partnership with KaBOOM!. Another children's organization.
BOOM BOOM BOOM The CEO of Kaboom is James Siegal!! Since leaving commercial advertising in 2006, he has been responsible for many political advertisements from Eliot Spitzer's gubernatorial campaign in New York in 2006 to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign in 2008.
In 2009, Siegel teamed up with stem cell advocate Brooke Ellison and directed the award winning documentary "Hope Deferred". Sooo, Shriver is connected to a children's Foundation, connected to a guy that's connected to the Clintons AND research. Ya just can't make it up!
But oh, there's more! Before I drop the last bomb, one of these days I want to dig in to those playgrounds and cross reference them with missing children. Sooooo many new rabbit holes; I am overwhelmed. #QAnon #DarkToLight
In 2009, Shriver was honored with the Shinnyo-en Foundation's 2009 Pathfinders to Peace Award, which is bestowed annually to a person who exemplifies the ideals of compassion, harmony and peace. I had to dig in to Shinnyo-en, a new sect of Buddhism. It was a Holy Shit moment.
Shinnyo-en (真如苑 Borderless Garden of Truth) is a Japanese new religion in the tradition of the Daigo branch of Shingon Buddhism. It was founded in 1936 by Shinjō Itō(真乗伊藤, 1906-1989), and his wife Tomoji (友司, 1912-1967).
#QAnon #DarkToLight
In 2011, Shinnyo-en was reported to have 860 000 members, and temples and training centers in several countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The temples are characterised by the Nirvana image, a statue of the reclining Buddha. 860k? How come most of us never heard of it?
As of 2017 the head of Shinnyo-en was Shinsō Itō (born 1942, also known as 'Keishu'), who holds the rank of Daisōjō, the highest rank in traditional Shingon Buddhism. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Shinnyo-en believes an individual's action can contribute to creating a harmonious society. Working towards this goal, the organization engages in interfaith dialogue,
environmental activities,and DISASTER RELIEF. Shinnyo-en also supports organizations such as Médecins sans Frontières(Doctors Without Borders), the Red Cross Society, and the World Wildlife Fund. How many coincidences until it's mathematically impossible? #QAnon #DARKTOLIGHT
It's never ending connecting dots. Next I had to dig in to Médecins sans. We already know about the Red Cross. The more we know the better. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I apologize for the double 162, I am growing weary.
MSF's principles and operational guidelines are highlighted in its Charter, the Chantilly Principles, and the later La Mancha Agreement. Governance is addressed in Section 2 of the Rules portion of this final document.
MSF has an associative structure, where operational decisions are made, largely independently, by the five operational centres (Amsterdam, Barcelona-Athens, Brussels, Geneva and Paris). Need I say more? [THEY] control it.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Common policies on core issues are coordinated by the International Council, in which each of the 24 sections (national offices) is represented. #QAnon #DarkToLight
[THEY] have an annual budget in excess of $1.6 billion. 90% of which comes from private donors. MSF has general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Coincidence? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Note where [THEY] focused their missions in 2015 (RIGHT BEFORE the election.) [THEY] never thought she would lose. Those are all known human trafficking hubs. You just can't make all this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
My thread got broken following 161, if you missed the first 162 it's here
Are you ready for the Clinton connection?
MSF has been working in Haiti since 1991, but since President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was forced from power, the country has seen a large increase in civilian attacks and rape by armed groups.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
In closing of the Shriver dig, all I can say is, she is not the person the media portrays her to be. She is one of [THEM] a very evil person, hiding in plain sight. One could learn a lot with in depth digs in to Kaboom and MSF. Hint hint.

#QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay AD here comes the G's Happy hunting!
Unredacted G's Happy hunting
Here are the unredacted happy hunting
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My thread broke here for some reason, but here is the continuation
I've been so busy on my dig that I missed some Q drops. I was going to do Cheryl Mills next, but I'm shifting gears to the Q drop. I had the Bronfman on my list but was saving them to see if any other bad actors led me there.
Edward Bronfman and some Rothschilds are in the book. This video will give you some insight in to just how powerful the Criminal Rothschilds are. Remember, [THEY] Control the money.
Btw it's Edgar Bronfman. Damn autocorrect.
Edgar Miles Bronfman (June 20, 1929 – December 21, 2013) was a Canadian-American businessman and philanthropist. He worked for his family distilled beverage firm, Seagram, eventually becoming president, treasurer and CEO. #QAnon
As you can see, Seagram's was another company (like Guerlain) that [They] took control of.#QAnon #DarkToLight
The Bronfman holding company, Cemp, paved the way for them to muscle their way into huge companies. #QAnon #DarkToLight
 1951 the Bronfman family established two holding companies to hold the assets of the children of brothers Samuel and Allan, beginning with Seco Ltd.
During the time of Cemp's ownership of Seagram, the distilling empire established itself as one of the two largest distilling companies in North America and diversified into property development, natural resources, and entertainment.
In the early 1960s Cemp acquired a 30% stake in Paramount Pictures and sold it in 1966 to Charles Bludhornof Gulf & Western. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Ok, back to Edgar.
When former World Jewish CongressPresident Philip Klutznick stepped down in 1979, Bronfman was asked to take over as acting head of the organization, then was formally elected President by the Seventh Plenary Assembly, in January 1981. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Together with his deputy, Israel Singer, Bronfman led the World Jewish Congress in becoming the preeminent international Jewish organization that it is today.
. Initiatives such as those seeking to help free Soviet Jewry; expose Austrian President Kurt Waldheim's Nazi past; and to help victims of the Holocaust and their heirs to acquire compensation (including by Swiss banks); raised Bronfman's international profile in the 80s/90s.
In the late 1990s, Bronfman championed the cause of restitution from Switzerland for Holocaust survivors.[20][21] Bronfman began an initiative that led to the $1.25 billion settlement from Swiss banks.This settlement aimed to resolve claims
"that they hoarded bank accounts opened by Jews who were murdered by the Nazis."
The Swiss banks, the United States Government, and Jewish groups investigated unclaimed assets deposited by European Jews into Swiss banks before the Holocaust.
Negotiations began in 1995 between the U.S. and Switzerland. They reached a settlement in Aug 1998, and signed the $1.25 billion settlement in Jan 1999.
Bronfman was accused by another WJC official of "perfidy" when he wrote a letter to President Bush in mid-2003 urging Bush to pressure Israel to curb construction of its controversial West Bank separation barrier, co-signed by former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger.
Bronfman stepped down from his post as President on May 7, 2007, amid scandals and turmoil about Israel Singer.Bronfman's leadership is known for transforming the World Jewish Congress into the powerful organization it is today. Oh it's powerful alright. #QAnon #DarkToLight
1st Boom! In 2003, a Forbes article reported that Bronfman took a course from NXIVM endorsing itbut had since "grown troubled" due to the "emotional and financial investment" daughters Clare and Sara were giving to Raniere's group, remarking that Clarehad loaned NXIVM $2 mil
2nd BOOM!
Ya can't have anything shady going on without the Clintons being involved! #QAnon #DarkToLight
So, how did Forbes always have the scoop on NXIVM? BOOM! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Edgar passed away in January of 2014.
At his memorial, Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said of Bronfman, "Edgar was never shy of pressing an issue in the face of injustice," as she spoke about the many causes he championed in his lifetime #QAnon #DarkToLight
It was then that [THEY] came out of the shadows and partnered with the Bronfman's! BOOM! belr.com/who-we-are/

Founded in 1997 as Virchow Krause Management, Bronfman Rothschild was acquired by the Bronfman and E.L. Rothschild families in 2015. There ya have it folks, all dots connected! Ya just can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
In closing of this dig, I want to say ThanQ to Q for for all of the crumbs he leaves for us! #QAnon #DarkToLight #WeAreTheNewsNow
Ok AD here comes the redacted H's
Here are the redacted. Happy hunting!
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Ok, back to Cheryl Mills. There is a massive online clean up op underway. When I tried to visit her personal Web page I got another downed website. Here is a link to multiple articles about her.
Cheryl D. Mills is an American lawyer and corporate executive. She first came into public prominence while serving as deputy White House Counsel for President Bill Clinton, whom she defended during his 1999 impeachment trial. We know anyone connected to The Clintons is dirty
As Anons, it is our job to dig for and report the truth, which is what investigative journalists used to do before being controlled by [Them]. Project Mockingbird IS NOT a conspiracy theory. theblackvault.com/documentarchiv… #WeAreTheNewsNow #QAnon #DarkToLight
That being said, everyone dug deep in to the Clinton email scandal, BUT, how many of them knew she was In Epsteins book? Let's be real, there is no way a lowly public servant gets in a book full of the world's elite unless she is working for [THEM]. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I am going to jump right over the Email scandal. There is no need to beat a dead horse. I want to find her role in the pedophelia and child trafficking. I will profile her background, then find the dirt. #QAnon #DarkToLight
She served as Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, and is considered a member of Hillary Clinton's group of core advisers, self-designated as "Hillaryland". #QAnon #DarkToLight
It is no secret that Hillary prefers women Which is y she didn't give to shits about Slick Willy's filandering. Thus all women and one gay male in her inner circle. But, I can't help but wonder how many children of low level staffers were molestedThis is creepy #DarkToLight
Clinton biographers, Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta, Jr. described Hillaryland as "an important subculture during the Clinton presidency." That list of names just revealed a bunch of new rabbit holes. #QAnon #DarkToLight
It is my belief, that the members of HillaryLand, are the people running the Clinton human trafficking operation. It may take months, but I will dig every name on that list and bust this op wide open. #WeAreTheNewsNow #QAnon #DarkToLight
At the beginning of Clinton's 2009-13 tenure as U.S. Secretary of State, she brought over some of the Hillaryland personnel to staff the State Department. That appointment put her in the perfect position, via pay for play, to spread and coordinate their ops world wide.#QAnon
On September 3, 2015, Mills testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi regarding her and former Secretary Clinton's actions and role during the 2012 Benghazi attack. This begs the question: what did the ambassador find out? I believe it was a hit. #DarkToLight
Trey Gowdy was relentless in his pursuit of the truth, but [THEY] controlled the FBI and DOJ. Congress doesn't have the ability to indict. This video is VERY relevant.
I don't have time to go down this rabbit hole right now, but Blumenthal is VERY relevant. He worked for [THEM] We know there was trafficking going on in war torn Libya. Lot's of orphans and displaced children. What was the business venture? #QAnon #DarkToLight
When Gowdy resumed his interrogation of Hillaryhe pointed out Blumenthal had unfettered access to her his emails got immediate replies some forwarded to the ambassador, but NONE of the ambassadors multiple requests for security were replied to. What wouldn't he go along with?
What is Gowdy's role in plan? Why did he leave public office? Think how much evidence he uncovered during his investigation. As a member of Congress he can't be a witness. [THEY] would cry foul. Political bias. What did Gowdy do for a living before congress.Think Trump EO.
Think Kavanaugh questions about Military Tribunals. EO gives civilians ability to serve on a Tribunal. Gowdy said on Fox, Benghazi isn't going away! Will Gowdy be the prosecutor assigned to Hillary case? #QAnon #DarkToLight #WeAreTheNewsNow
Taking a dinner break then I will resume.
Before I continue with Mills, (I will do a separate dig on Benhhazzi) I must Emphasize, BENGHAZI IS NOT GOING AWAY! #TrustThePlan this video is VERY RELEVANT! #QANON #DarkToLight
I need to make edit to my previous tweet. I meant to say Benghazi dig at a later date. Well, what do you know? A video that I had saved on my youtube channel, that I just watched again yesterday, is no longer available to me. Numerous videos I linked to in other digs deleted
Cheryl Mills is connected to several foundations connected to children. The first one I looked into is the See Forever Foundation. When I tried to access the article in the screen shot I got another Phishing site. They even have a transition home. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I can't help but wonder how many of the children never get returned to their parents custody. Their official website is supposedly being revamped. Operation cleanup? Despite her connection to children, Mills primary function is being Hillary's fixer. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Mills founded BlackIvy Group and is CEO of BlackIvy group, a company which builds and grows enterprises in Africa. Her close professional relationship with Sae A chairman, Woong-ki Kim, led them to cooperate with Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís,
cutting the ribbon at the new Sae-A factory in Costa Rica. Here's where it gets interesting. Per Wikileaks:
Jean-Louis emails Cheryl “Random Good News”…. “Cheryl Because it’s that kind of day and that kind of week:
Sae-A shipped the first 65,000 shirts ‘Made in Haiti’ that should hit Walmart stores soon. They now employ a 1,000 workers, many trained by a USG-financed training center. #QAnon #DarkToLight
*Only two mango trees had to be uprooted at the Caracol Park. Trees under threat are now being transplanted to the Caracol Ekam housing. *”
(It may be just a coincidence that 65,000 is also the amount of money spent on “pizza and hot dogs” at a now infamous White House party.) #QAnon #DarkToLight

Many Anons believe that mango trees are women who are kept specifically to produce children for child trafficking.
But, as you can see, all the players are already there. George Soros’ ex-employee now works for “us” meaning the Clinton Foundation through the Black Ivy proxy.

/u/bonniedundee put some of these pieces together over a year ago…
Clarification: Hillary didn’t receive a box of mangoes, but she was apprised of the establishment of a mango distribution pipeline from Pakistan to the U.S. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Could this be a cover for transporting child merchandise through a USAID/Pakistan program? FBI anon told us to look for connections to USAID because children were transported in USAID shipping containers.
Why was Hillary so interested in mangos (misspelled) from Pakistan? Why do they talk about “partners in crime”? Could “mango” be code for child merchandise?

Amrok and Amrita Mahlbubani who did a lot of “cooking” at Tony’s apt. in DC also had “fresh, sweet mango” on their menu.

See here for compilation of Wikileaks emails mentioning this dubious Hindu couple:

FBIAnon suggested an actionable lead would be to look into Cheryl Mills’ previous employer, Hogan Lovells.

I find it amusing that the article containing all of this email sauce posted links to the Wiki page that detailed Black Ivy which led me to the article in the first plsce lol.
There are so many dots to connect. One rabbit hole after another reveals itself.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
I could dig and dig into Mills, but I completed my mission and connected her to child trafficking. Here is the link to the article I got some of the sauce from.
In çlosing of the Cheryl Mills dig, I hope someone digs in to the Sae-A Co. in Costa Rica; which is another human trafficking hub. One might find a lot of African slaves working in their factories. If they teamed up with Mills and the Clintons, they're dirty. #DarkToLight
Prepare yourself. Q led me to yet another rabbit hole. It took a lot of legwork, but I made the Gloria Vanderbilt Epstein connection. This is a massive network with an astronomical amount of bad actors.#QAnon #DarkToLight
Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (February 20, 1924 – June 17, 2019) was an American artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite. She was a member of the Vanderbilt family of New York. At one time, they were the wealthiest family in America. #QAnon #DarkToLight
During the 1930s, she was the subject of a high-profile child custody trial in which her mother, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, and her paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, each sought custody of her and control over her trust fund. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Called the "trial of the century" by the press, the court proceedings were the subject of wide and sensational press coverage due to the wealth and prominence of the involved parties,
, and the scandalous evidence presented to support Whitney's claim that Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt was an unfit parent.
She was born in Manhattan, New York City, the only child of railroad heir Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt(1880–1925) and his second wife, Gloria Morgan(1904–1965).
She was baptized in the Episcopal church by Bishop Herbert Shipman as Gloria Laura Vanderbilt. After her father's death, she was confirmed and raised in the Catholic Church, to which her mother belonged. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Vanderbilt's and Rothschilds go way back and had multiple business dealings, but a recent connection was Vanderbilt University
received a transformational $20 million gift from a donor-advised fund of alumnus and Board of Trust Vice Chairman-Elect Jeffrey Rothschild and his wife, that will accelerate ongoing development of its residential colleges program, College Halls..
Can you think of a better place to recruit young girls than a college? I wanted to get the Rothschild connection in before I get to the heart of the dig.
The Boom is, a Rothschild was one of the founding engineers of Facebook. Ya can't make this shit up. Zuckerberg works for [THEM] #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
When Vanderbilt was 18 months old, she and her half-sister became heiresses to a half share each in a $5 million trust fund, equivalent to $71 million in 2018 value.
upon their father's death from cirrhosis.The rights to control Vanderbilt's share while she was a minor belonged to her mother, who traveled to and from Paris for years, taking her daughter with her. They were accompanied by a beloved nanny—Emma Sullivan Kieslich,
whom young Gloria had named "Dodo"—who would play a tumultuous part in the child's life, and her mother's identical twin sister, Thelma, who was the mistress of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) during this time,
As a result of her spending habits, her mother's use of finances was scrutinized by the child's paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. A sculptor and philanthropist, Whitney wanted custody of her niece, which resulted in the aforementioned trial.
They were already connected to the royal family. The trial was so scandalous that at times the judge would make everyone leave the room to listen to what young Gloria had to say without anyone influencing her. Some people heard weeping and wailing inside the court room.
It is my belief Gloria was being sexually abused. Maybe even offered up by her mother.
Testimony was heard depicting Vanderbilt's mother as an unfit parent, including an allegation from a maid of a lesbian affair with a member of the British royal family. Vanderbilt's mother lost the case and Gloria became the ward of her aunt Gertrude. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Litigation continued, however. Vanderbilt's mother was forced to live on a drastically reduced portion of her daughter's trust, which was worth more than $4 million at the end of 1937, equivalent to $70 million in 2018 value.
Visitation was also closely watched to ensure that Vanderbilt's mother did not exert any undue influence upon her daughter with her supposedly "raucous" lifestyle. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Vanderbilt was married four times, divorced three times, and gave birth to four sons in all. She also had several other significant relationships. There were no Vanderbilt's in the black book so I searched for the men in her lifeNone of her husbands, or anyone with their last
appeared either. I had to dig deeper. I believe it was when Gloria went to Hollywood that she was introduced to the occult and the Pedo Elite. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I can't help but wonder why the aunt would allow a 17 year old child, to not only go to Hollywood, but marry an older man. Was it arranged? Was she sold to him? This makes no sense at all to me. #QAnon
Vanderbilt was very close friends with fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. While appearing as a guest on her son Anderson Cooper's television talk show, Andersonon, September 19, 2011, Boom, Fürstenberg. There were several entries, but no Diane..I'm pretty sure r related.
Vanderbilt referred to comedian and actress Kathy Griffin as her "fantasy daughter". Truman Capote was speculated to have modeled the character of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's on Vanderbilt, but others say it was based on her friend Carol Grace.
Coincidentally Vanderbilt died at her home in Manhattan on June 17 2019, aged 95. No cause was given. She is to be buried next to her son Carter and last husband Wyatt in the Vanderbilt family plot at the Moravian Cemetery in Staten Island, New York Did [THEY] tie up a loose end?
After a ton of digging in to her former lovers, I found it. Roald Dahl. I found Sophie Dahl in the book and Boom, she turned out to be Roald's granddaughter. And get this, she's a model! Oh it gets better! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Roald Dahl (13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990) was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and fighter pilot. His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I have no idea what the royalties on 250 million books equates to, but this dude was loaded. He became a flying ace and [intelligence officer], rising to the rank of acting wing commander. He served during WWII. #QAnon #DarkToLight
He has been referred to as "one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century". #QAnon #DarkToLight
Dahl had a taste private Catholic schooling and the abuse that came with it.
I couldn't find anything as to who Sophie's mother was, but as the result of the abuse received by the Catholics, he was skeptical about Religion. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Born in London, Sophie Dahl made her debut on the English catwalk during London Fashion Week in February, 1997, after meeting Isabella Blow, (the recruiter for [THEM]) who was then a stylist for Vogue magazine. #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
Blow introduced her to the management at the Storm Model Agency in London who signed her to a number of modelling campaigns, including those for Versace, Alexander McQueen, Patrick Cox, DKNY, Boucheron and Pringle. Here comes the BOOM! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Guess who owns the Storm Agency? Richard Branson ya just can't make this shit up! They recruit young girls by offering them fame n fortune, use them for sex toys then turn them in to recruiters or involve them in the trafficking. You don't get in the book unless ur elite or help
Remember Naomi Campbell, Briatore's GF? She was recruited at age 15! She now sits on the board of several foundations. Yes they are connected to children, Haiti, etc. I am really beginning to wonder about Mandela. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I'm closing the Vanderbilt dig but have to say, it's just mind boggling to me how all of these peoole are connected and how all of them r either in the book when I start the dig or like Gloria, lead me to people that are in there.With Epstein in custody there's mass panic.
Our country is under attack by the demonrat Mockingbird media. They try relentlessly to insinuate @POTUS is part of Epstein’s pedo elite. Meanwhile the TRUTH, is all open source. Trump DOJ is hurting [THEM] BIGLY! #TrustThePlan #PainIsComing justice.gov/opa/pr/nearly-…
The Vanderbilt dig led me to a rabbit hole I can't resist going down. Robert Branson and the Storm Modeling Agency. I want to point out, there is a lot of activity at Epsteins island. No telling what they are finding. He recently spent $29 mil to bury the tunnels/chambers.
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is a British business magnate, investor, 
author and philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s, which controls more than 400 companies in various fields. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Like Epstein, he also owns an island. Necker Island is a (74-acre) island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The island's land is entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson. It has accommodations for 34 adults and additional accommodations for 6 (CHILDREN).
Note the similarities to Epsteins brass dome temple in the images above and the tunnel entrances and camouflaged subterranean structure next to the water in this tweet. #QAnon #DarkToLight
There is not a doubt in my mind, he is running a trafficking operation too. Note all of the speed boats. They are commonly used for transporting people or drugs. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Forbes estimates Branson's net worth at $5.6 billion, but mark my words, that is what's on the books. [THEY] use their businesses as a front for their criminal activity. They make far more from illegal activities and hide it. Foundations make great laundromats. #DarkToLight
In March 2000, Branson was knighted at Buckingham Palace for "services to entrepreneurship". His contributions to humanity, music and space travel. [THEY] Do an excellent job of hiding in plain sight. #QAnon #DarkToLight
At this point, I am convinced that Mandela, was one of [THEM]. On 18 July 2007, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mandela announced the formation of a new group, The Elders. Kofi Annan served as Chair of The Elders and Gro Harlem Brundtland as Deputy Chair (Campbell connecrion)
The Elders is funded by a group of donors, including Branson and Gabriel. Ya just can't make this shit up! Here comes the BOOM! #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
In 1999, Branson became a founding sponsor of the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children("ICMEC"), the goal of which is to help find missing children,
and to stop the exploitation of children, as his mother Eve became a founding member of ICMEC's Board of Directors. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Are you ready for it? BOOM! Branson also founded "Virgin" Unite. In the United States, Virgin Unite is focusing on global warming and rehabilitating [homeless children]. Ya just can't make it up! virgin.com/unite/virgin-u…
#QAnon #DarkToLight
This thread got broken a few times by twitter. I'm going to piece this back In to my pinned tweet and resume with more names. I haven't scratched the surface yet.
The next person on my list is Alec Baldwin. Early research led me to multiple rabbit holes: I am digging. I need to figure out a way to consolidate it all, and then figure out how to present it properly. I am nauseous. This will blow some minds, and hurt some feelings.
Baldwin was born April 3, 1958, in Amityville New York,and raised in the Nassau Shores neighborhood of nearby Massapequa, the eldest son of Carol Newcomb (née Martineau; born 1930) and Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr.  a high school history/social studies teacher and football coach.
During his 2010–2013 stint as a spokesperson for Capital One, Baldwin's contract was written to fund the Hilaria Alec Baldwin foundation. He was paid $15 million over nearly five years. After taxes and accounting fees, the remainder was $14.125 million.
The questions became: why would someone be under contract to put all of their earnings in to a foundation? What was the foundation doing with the money? Isn't it ironic that everyone in the book either has a foundation or is connected to one?
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Upon searching for the foundation, I found a generic website, that referred you to their Facebook page. It had regular posts about organisations they were donating to. I couldn't find any reference to his donors, employees or anything. So, I started digging the recipients.
Before getting in to what he's funding, let's look at his ex wife Kim Bassinger.. It's amazing to me how so many roads lead back to models and modeling agencies. It's almost as if the girls become some type of operatives. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Basinger studied ballet from age three to her mid-teens. By then she grew in confidence and successfully auditioned for the school cheerleading team. At 17, she entered the America's Junior Miss Scholarship Pageant, won at the city level and was crowned Athens Junior Miss.
Although she lost in the state pageant to Sue Whitted,who competed as "Georgia's Junior Miss," her beauty was profiled in the national program.She had competed at the state level for the Breck Scholarship and was featured in an ad for Breck in a joint portrait with her mother
She was offered a modeling contract with the Ford Modeling Agency,.but turned it down in favor of singing and acting, and enrolled at the University of Georgia. She soon grew weary of being a starving college student and went to New York to become a Ford model. #QAnon
Ford Models was started in 1946 by Eileen and Gerard W. "Jerry" Ford. Ford was the first company to advance their models' money-owed by jobs that had been completed but not yet paid. Here's where it gets creepy. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Ford family had the tradition of allowing "teenage models" who originated far from New York City to stay in their home. Can anyone say trafficked girls? Hello! #QAnon #DarkToLight
The company was the pre-eminent New York agency until John Casablancas of Elite Model Management opened up in the city, leading to the "model wars" of the 1980s. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Ford, like many of the original agencies of the 1970s, now has to compete with a broad field of contenders, such as Women, IMG and DNA.
Here comes the Boom! Eileen and Jerry began the business in their home. Their daughter Katie Ford took over in 1995 after working in the agency for 16 years. In 2007, John Caplan became Ford Models' chief executive officer.
Despite earning $1,000 a day, Kim never enjoyed modeling, saying: "It was very hard to go from one booking to another and always have to deal with the way I looked. I couldn't stand it. I felt myself choking."
Basinger has said that as a model, when others relished looking in the mirror before appearing, she abhorred it and would avoid mirrors out of insecurity. I personally believe it was more so shame. We know what these girls have to do to get that booming career. #QAnon
The underlying fact here is: Alec, and the owner of the Ford Modeling Agency are both in Epsteins book. Basinger met Alec Baldwin, in 1990 when they played lovers in The Marrying Man, and they married on August 19, 1993. It blows my mind how the dots connect. #DarkToLight
Alec and Kim had one child together their daughter, Ireland Baldwin. And get this; she's a model! Did you ever notice how all of these girls, have that same sad look about them with cold vacant eyes? It's as if they were offered up to the sex cult at a young age #DarkToLight
Ireland is quite the wild child and has a history of posting controversial pics on Instagram. This is the most recent. Pay attention to her tattoos. Symbolism will be their demise. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Now that I have established that this is one twisted family, let's look at the organizations Alec's foundation is funding. The first is The Perlman Music program.
Founded by Itzhak "Toby" Perlman in 1994. The first thing I noticed was his wiki page had been edited 5 days ago
The Perlman Music Program offers unparalleled musical training to young string players of rare and special talent. Now tell me these two don't look creepy.
With a world-class faculty led by Itzhak Perlman and a signature summer program on "Shelter Island", PMP is developing the future leaders of classical music within a nurturing and supportive community.
Next is the international school of Brooklyn.
It's always connected to kids. These people are sick. Young Concert Artists is a non-profit organization founded by Susan Wadsworth in 1961, dedicated to discovering and launching the careers of exceptional, but unknown, young musicians from all over the world.
318 Next is Young Concert Artists INC. Are you ready for the Boom? It was only a matter of time until we connected this bastard. It consists of the
Annaliese Soros Educational Residency Program. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Next is the Sesame Workshop. Did you ever watch Sesame Street when you were a kid? Did you know they have a foundation based in 150 countries? Think Disney. I regress. Did you hear about Mr. Rogers getting busted for pedophelia? These people that work with kids r all sick.
Next is beginnings nursery.
Are you seeing the pattern yet? [They] use foundations that set up all over the globe to traffic the children. [They] use modeling agencies, or prey on their love of music to recruit them. Then get them in schools to further their music career etc.
Next is the Queen Sofia School. This one and the last one. The last on especially, give some insight into what [They] have planned for America.
If you are from Texas, let this be a YUGE warning to you!! This is the plan [THEY] have for America. Beside being a Pedo Hollywood elitist, we all Know Alec Baldwin is a political activist that works for [THEM]. Last is the Jolt Initiative. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Jolt Initiative was founded in November 2016 by Cristina Tzintzun, (They never thought she would lose) a nationally recognized civil rights leader. Cristina was named “Hero of the New South” by Southern Living Magazine. #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
Her work has been featured on NPR, Vogue, The New York Times, MTV, USA Today, Univision, MSNBC’s Up Late with Alec Baldwin, among others. This will blow your mind. I can only hope @realDonaldTrump is made aware of this along with the "CITIZENS" Of the great state of Texas.
In closing of the Baldwin dig, I can only hope the @FBI looks into the Hilaria Alec Baldwin foundation.. A foundation with no record of donors, employees or volunteers. A foundation that's only function, is doling out cash, to other organizations. Ya can't make this shit up!
Q dropped about the attempt on Epsteins life. He asked if the power outage was for that purpose. Members of the MSM have insinuated suicide. Q touched on that too. The question becomes, who are those powerful people?
The reality is they all appear in the black book the flight logs or received campaign donations (payoffs) from EpsteinThe list is quite long, so rather than go through my pdf of the book, take screen shots and post them all, to save time, I will post sauce of the connections
I have named this group Epsteins NY Cartel. They all have residences in NY and most held some form of political office. Keep in mind, a NYC ADA argued to have Epsteins classification lowered from a level 3 offender to a level 1.
Jennifer Gaffney argued in court that Esptein’s sex offender status should be lowered from level 3 to level 1. This was after Epstein pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor as part of a secretive sweet heart deal.
The question becomes: why was Epstein not monitored in NY? He was still bringing young girls to his Townhouse. He wasn't required to make his regular checkins, and Noone at the airport questioned the girls boarding and unboarding his jet. Many of which came from abroad.
Many of which were obviously underage. There were reports that he had them wear clothing with college logos, but it was obvious they were too young for college.
In fact, despite the fact that registered sex offenders are not allowed to be within x amount of distance to minor children, depending on their specific classification, Epstein paraded his girls all around town.
He took them shopping, to the finest restaurants, and public charity events. NO ONE SAID A WORD! Now that takes some juice. Let's start revealing the sick bastards protecting him in NYC #DARKTOLIGHT
Bill and Hillary Clinton. Former president, Governor of Arksnsas, NY Senator and secretary of State. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, NY senior Senator Chuck Schumer, Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg etc.
Among others with juice in NYC we have several members from The Kennedy family
Former DNC chair, Don Fowler denied knowing Epstein, but Clinton sponsored fund raising events prove otherwise. #DarkToLight
I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture. It would be very easy for [THEM] to orchestrate a black out to get to Epstein. [THEY] Know if he lives to testify, to put it in literal terms, are FUCKED! Don't forget all of the witnesses [THEY] Have already killed..
The final portion of this dig reveals something VERY Interdasting! Boom! Does the name Kashoggi ring a bell? The more we know. #DarkToLight #QAnon
Rather than keep the 1st tweet of this thread pinned, I am going to pin each new dig and attach the entire thread for those who haven't seen it yet.
The next person on my list is:
David Seth Kotkin (born September 16, 1956), known professionally as David Copperfield, is an American magician, described by Forbesas the most commercially successful magician in history.
I happened upon the deposition of an attorney representing 3 of Epsteins victims and found some relevant information on Copperfield. He didn't appear in the black book, but when I was digging the Q drop asking about billionaires that own Islands, I discovered he does too.
About a decade ago, life came crashing down hard on this, at the time permanent A list celebrity. After what happened he has laid low for much of the decade which endangers that permanent A list status.
At the time, our permanent A lister was traveling all over the world. He was making a lot of money, but not enough to support his lifestyle. He wanted more. He also had a huge sexual appetite, but like most people in this spot, it was not anything anyone would consider normal
It turns out, one of his best friends at the time was this now convicted child rapist/molester with the powerful friends. Much like his best friend, our A lister also owned an island and knew he could have something similar.
While the friend focused his attention on the US and Europe, our A lister focused his attention on Asia. While the friend focused on connections, our A lister focused on making money.
A lot of money. On his trips to Asia, he met with some people who specialized in tourists wanting children or young teens. Our A lister arranged for a group of 20 of these teens to get visas to "study" in the country where his island is still located.
The government of that country makes a lot of money from the A lister and also had many of their own government ministers at his home on the island.
The teen and tween girls were set up in a dormitory adjacent to the main house.
Then, Copperfield made bookings with Asian companies for his services. The thing is though, his services for years were one price and then beginning that year about a decade ago, his fees quadrupled.
The difference was what men paid to visit his island. For close to 18 months or so, our he was making millions of dollars a month. Just a ton of money he was making so men could rape these tweens and teens.
Every two or three nights, the boat carrying 10-15 of these men would pull up to the dock and then be replaced three nights later with another group of men.

At some point, Copperfield got cocky. He started filming the tweens and teens and sending out little clips and photos of them across the internet to make the dollars flow even faster
He met a woman who he thought would be into that kind of thing and invited her to come to the island so they could explore together. She came and then almost crashed his whole world.
She went to the feds. The next thing you know, he has all his cash seized and they find evidence of the porn and money laundering and he knows he is going to jail for a very very long time.
To make matters worse for him, all of the men who had paid in advance to visit the island complained to the companies they paid money to. Those companies were also mad because the agreement they had in place to supply teens for money was now canceled.
Our A lister was looking at decades in jail. Then, the most fortunate set of circumstances came to be. Some new people came to power and they decided to look the other way. They made everything just go away. Guess who that was? BOOM Barack Obama!
That's right! No matter how hard you try, you can't make this shit up! My guess is, his buddy Epstein put in a call to his buddy Bill, who told crooked Hillary to talk to tell BO to make this go away. After all, she was secretary of state and could pull the strings.
They even managed to make the woman who turned on Copperfield look like a loon. In return, this group of people got names and contacts and also all those clips. It is amazing what power can do.
I bet there were some pretty powerful Asian officials on that list. As well as some very wealthy business men. Can anyone say blackmail? #QAnon #DarkToLight
This is the link to that article, albeit, you already saw everything relevant, I have to give creds.
Here are some other clips on Copperfield.
I have to say, this was an excellent fix.
Epstein. Went after the attorney whose deposition I posted earlier too.
In closing of the Copperfield dig, I think you got a pretty good idea of the power and influence Epstein wielded. He literally saved Copperfield's ass. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Here is the Fox article about the Island lawsuit. And yes, Copperfield still owns it. One can only wonder what happens there now.
Rather than keep the 1st tweet of this thread pinned, I am going to pin each new dig and attach the entire thread for those who haven't seen it yet.
I have been researching Epsteins black book for months. Have eliminated ppl that are just business associates, and exposed bad actors. I have been hacked, shot at and was interrogated for 9 hrs by feds. I have repeatedly asked for help digging in to all the names, but NO ONE will
Help me. The purpose of Anonymous is to be the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf and the voice of the weak! The truth seekers and the revelers of truth to the sleeping! Though none of the Twatter self proclaimed Anons will help me in this fight. I will carry on! #WWG1WGA
The bottom line is: don't claim to be a part of this fight if you don't have the balls to get in it! This Is Not A Game!
The next name on my list is Cindy Lopez. She was one of the names circled by the butler and I have verified, she was indeed a victim. She was also the mystery victim in the pic with Slick Willy aboard the Lolita Express! #DarkToLight
Cindy is a ghost. I was able to find an Artist by that name, but I can't say for sure if it is her as an adult, although she does look like her. The Key was Karin Models.
Much like the other modeling agencies I found that were connected to the Black Book, the girls all have that victim look. Not that of a cheerful aspiring model.
Karin Models is owned by Jean Luc Brunel. I found a couple different references to him in the book. In fact, remember the Apt for models I posted earlier? They actually kept a guest cell phone there for him to use when in town. The butler drew an arrow to his name under Apt
At least six modelling agencies were listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, and under each was a listing by first-name only, of dozens of models. It has been reported that Epstein may have lent money (seed money) to at least one of these modeling agencies. #DarkToLight
It is well known that Epstein desired to setup a modelling agency. There is a comment in one of the court filings where Epstein is quoted as saying, “I want to set up my modeling agency the same way Trump set up his modeling agency.” Trump brought in models from overseas.
However, Epstein and Brunel had more sinister plans. They knew it was a good front to traffic sex slaves. Donald Trump set the standard for what Epstein wanted. Trump was known for securing models from overseas. His agency was very successful.
Jean Luc Brunel’s MC2 modelling agency, listed prominently in Epstein’s black book, had been accused of far worse. I need to drop a boom here. I couldn't understand y Ehud Barrack was listed adjacent to the Apt for models, then I found this! mc2models.com
BOOM! Mc2 is not only based in Miami, (Epsteins stomping grounds) they are also based in Tel Aviv! Ya can't make this shit up. Obviously, Mc2 and Karin were financed by Epstein and Brunel was the handler of the girls! Barrack was their trafficking contact in Israel! #QAnon
Witnesses from MC2 and Karin’s reported the herding of 14-17 year old models into cramped bunk beds in Manhattan. They say they were then overcharged for the bed, sometimes nearly as much as the standard rent for apartments in the area. #DarkToLight
Then they were paid little for their efforts, ensuring they did not have enough money to pay their bills. They were forced in to prostitution! The models said they could do nothing because in many cases, they were in the country illegally.
Accounts from the 1995 book, Model, mentioned Brunel specifically. Jérôme Bonnouvrier stated:

“Jean-Luc is considered a danger. Owning Karins was a dream for a playboy. His problem is that he knows exactly what girls in trouble are looking for.
He’s always been on the edge of the system. John Casablancas gets with girls the healthy way. Girls would be with him if he was the butcher. They’re with Jean-Luc because he’s the boss. Jean-Luc likes drugs and silent rape. It excites him.”
John Casablancas (notorious teen-lover) continued the same thought:

“I really despise Jean-Luc as a human being for the way he’s cheapened the business. There is no justice. This is a guy who should be behind bars. #DarkToLight #QAnon
There was a little group, Jean-Luc, Patrick Gilles, and Varsano…They were very well-known in Paris for roaming the clubs. They would invite girls and put drugs in their drinks. Everybody knew they were creeps.” #DarkToLight
Upset that the crimes against them had been brushed off via a unbelievably lenient plea arrangement, Epstein’s victims continued to fight for justice but were struck down time and time again.
In March 2011, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra rejected the U.S. Attorney’s Office argument that it was under no obligation to notify victims prior to striking a non-prosecution agreement. It seemed as if the victims may have finally caught a break. They had not.
They had not. The legal battle continued for nearly a decade.

In January 2015, Virginia Roberts stepped forward saying she was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Epstein’s lead attorney, Alan Dershowitz.
She said she was underage at the time of the encounters. She maintained Ghislaine Maxwell acted as Epstein’s “madam”. “They trafficked me for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives.”
She admitted recruiting other girls for Epstein. “The younger the better,” he allegedly said.

She also said Epstein made her tell him about the sexual encounters “so that he could potentially blackmail them”. Indeed, Epstein was in a position to supply authorities
with inside information on some of the world’s most powerful people. Evidence buried in court papers filed against Epstein reveal that he recorded the movement of guests using cameras hidden in the walls of rooms.
The above picture is of Cindy Lopez and Sara Kellen. Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s former assistant who allegedly kept a Rolodex of young girls to recruit for her employer, is now married to NASCAR driver Brian Vickers.
Along with traveling with her husband, the 39-year-old (who also goes by the name Sarah Kensington) is the owner of an interior-design firm, SLK Designs. #DarkToLight
You are entitled to your opinion, but I don't believe for one second that Jeffrey Epstein is dead. There are 2 possibilities. 1. [THEY] faked his death to break him out of jail. 2. He was placed in the witness protection program. No One knows whether he had an evidence
stash kept by one of his most trusted associates as an insurance policy. He is not a stupid man. He is more valuable alive than dead to either side. Imagine what [THEY] could do with his black mail material [THEY] could literally control the most powerful people in the world
In closing of the Cindy Lopez dig I am including the link to an article I got some of the sauce from. However, I didn't include their Russia spin they tried to incorporate in it. If Trump was guilty of any crimes against children, the Mueller team would have found it.
Rather than keeping this entire thread pinned to my profile, I am pinning each new dig, and adding the link to the rest for those that haven't seen it.
I forgot to connect this to my Epstein thread, so I am posting the link here. Be warned, it's a long dig lol.
The next name on my list is Eva Andersson Dubin.
Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin is the founder of the Dubin Breast Center of the Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Until 2012 when Dr. Andersson-Dubin decided to devote her time to working with the staff and patients at the Center,
she was an in-house physician at NBC where she worked for 18 years. Born in Sweden, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Ostraboschool where she graduated first in her class.
After college, Dr. Andersson-Dubin pursued a career in modeling and in 1980 was named Miss Sweden and placed fourth runner up in the Miss Universe contest. (That's when she was recruited).
She attended the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm for three and a half years and then transferred to UCLA’s School of Medicine where she earned her MD in 1989. Dr. Andersson-Dubin did her internship and residency at Lenox Hill Hospital.
Dr. Andersson-Dubin is a member of the board of directors of the Friends of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.
Like many of the higher up's, Eva is a ghost online. The only thing left on her Wiki page is her accolades as an olympic swimmer. The key Dot connected is Epstein.
If you saw my previous digs, you know that Eva was referred to as Epstein's GF by the MSM. That is incorrect. JE doesn't have girlfriends and has never been exclusive with anyone. His appetite for a variety of young girls can't be overcome. The reality is, he was her handler.
A prominent hedge fund manager (Glenn Dubin) and his model-turned doctor-turned philanthropist wife had longtime ties to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein
- and their relationship didn't end when Epstein went to jail for prostitution in 2008.
Instead, Glenn and Eva Dubin invited him to their home for a large Thanksgiving celebration in 2009,
after he served 13 months in jail. Before the holiday, Eva Dubin wrote to Epstein's probation officer in an email obtained by Business Insider to say she and her husband were "100% comfortable" with Epstein around their children, including their then-teenage daughter.
An investigation by Business Insider revealed that the billionaire Dubin, well known in New York and Palm Beach circles, had numerous financial, social, and philanthropic ties to Epstein. Of course, he was washing his money!
While the couple didn't end their relationship after Epstein went to jail in 2008, they're now trying to distance themselves from the sex offender. Are you ready for the BOOM?
It's too late! The Feds found the picture of the naked teen displayed for all to see in his Manhattan townhouse! In a handwritten section in the back of the black book, the butler made notes for potential buyers of the book!
Are you ready for it? The girl in the naked pic, is none other than their freaking daughter! That's right! They let Epstein photograph their daughter nude, and God only knows what else! Think Alec Baldwins daughter. [THEY] offer up their children!
Does ANYONE wonder why that butler is dead? Imagine what all he knew! Mark my words, that sent a message to the rest of Slick Jeffries staff. No ONE will talk to the Feds!
Through a spokesperson, they said that Eva Dubin had known Epstein for decades and thought he rehabilitated himself after his plea to charges including procuring a minor for prostitution. Give me a fucking break!
"The Dubins are horrified by the new allegations against Jeffrey Epstein," a spokeswoman said in a statement. "Had they been aware of the vile and unspeakable conduct described in these new allegations,
they would have cut off all ties and certainly never have allowed their children to be in his presence." It's too late! They've been exposed! That's what we Anons do! #WeAreTheNewsNow #DarkToLight #QAnons
The Dubins are the latest high-profile Wall Street family to come under scrutiny for ties to Epstein. Last week, Business Insider revealed that Epstein was the director of the private-equity guru Leon Black's family foundation from at least 2001 through 2012.
The Blacks later said he resigned in 2007 and that they submitted erroneous tax forms for years. Here's the deal! No matter how hard [THEY] try. Their darkness will be brought to light! God and Anons win in the end! #QAnon
My thread was broken yet again! It continues here.
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