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1. Of all the research, of all the digs, and of all the work I have done for #TheGreatAwakening, this may be THE MOST IMPORTANT thread I have written to you. Please, read the whole thread. It may very well save you a LOT of wasted time and effort, and keep you from being mislead.
2. "Encryption is a method of converting an original message of regular text into encoded text. The text is encrypted by means of an algorithm (type of formula). If information is encrypted, there would be a low probability that anyone other than the receiving party who has...
3. ...the key to the code or access to another confidential process would be able to decrypt (translate) the text and convert it into plain, comprehensible text."


So, there's a process of hiding and revealing secret messages.
4. In order to keep that message from being received by unintended readers, the message is "encrypted" by means of an algorithm or formula. In order to ACCURATELY decipher the encrypted message, you MUST use the proper key, and use it consistently.

Do you know your war history?
5. In World War II, Navajo Code Talkers were integral in the US winning the war. Using PRECISELY written codes in their native tongue, they were able to securely transmit secrets and requests to and from one unit to another. They made a cipher, a key.

6. Here's a simple example of a cipher key, a coded message, and the use of the key to code the message to its encrypted state.

Think you're able to crack the code? Here's a set of games the ClA put together for kids to test their abilities. They're progressively more difficult.
7. The point of this? THERE ARE RULES when it comes to encryption, encoding, decryption, and decoding. There MUST be a key used when encrypting the message and the same key must be used to decode the message. If not, the decoded message is untrustworthy.

8. I will no longer sit idly by while people PURPOSEFULLY and CARELESSLY mislead this movement with made up decodes and lies about what QDrops and POTUS tweets really mean.

If #WeAreTheNewsNow, then the greatest attempt at truth is MANDATORY! It's time to call out deceptions.
9. #Q has fully encouraged us to call out all out those who mislead, dis-inform, misinform, and purposefully distract QAnon. Q has directly stated at least 7 times, "Be Careful Who You Follow".

Early on, there was a big push AGAINST our freedom of speech and use of social media.
10. For some crazy reason certain members of #QAnon VIGOROUSLY attacked the push to establish an internet bill of rights. Numerous Anons, including @Americanlll, @Mastersshelby, @QAnon76 and I encouraged people to support an internet bill of rights. We were insulted and degraded.
11. Q had our backs regarding the internet bill of rights. qmap.pub/read/842

"Why do so-called Patriots challenge this?

Careful who you follow.


If that's not direct then I don't know what is. It was an attack from within and we were warned, be careful who you follow.
12. In fact, there have been bad actors planted into the #QAnon movement since the beginning. It got so bad at one point, #Q+ which is @POTUS himself, actually set a trap. In the end, certain people took the bait and were caught. Fake QDrops had been placed on the chans by bad...
13. ...actors and fake decodes of previous drops had been shared. By the time it was over, the Q team had erased the false drops and fake decodes, bad actors dealt with. #1328, #1339, #1343.

Huge takeaways here, make sure to read each photo of the drops.
14. A reiteration of what happened when Q team purposefully released their password. #1430

Q called out people who lied about the spending bill. Many who claimed to be part of #QAnon lied or spread lies, that the spending bill somehow included amnesty for illegals.
15. Many tried to turn fellow Anons AGAINST @POTUS. Q sets them straight. #2737

Q shares evidence several Anons put forward about the #MagaCoalition and how they apparently defrauded those who support them. Who'd have thought that a "Pro-POTUS" group was actually a scam? #3182
16. This will be a well built case I guarantee you. You will rethink everything.

Let's work out a simple decode real quick.

If A=1, B=2, C=3, etc., then what does 4/10/20 mean?
4 = D, 10 = J, 20 = T.


Q has said "learn our comms" MANY times. #504
17. Q advises several times, learn our comms. #1113, #1225, #2524.

Q tells us the "Plan", where we all come together to save the world in is a strategic military operation with military intelligence.

This is no joke and not to be taken lightly.
18. This was planned by the most intelligent minds in the United States Military Intelligence and leaders of the NSA...don't you think we need to take the comms very seriously and MAKE SURE we are using our most stringent tools to communicate? Our cipher needs to be precise.
19. I see a lot of people making videos and threads using nothing but their Dick Tracy decoder ring they got from a cracker jacks box. I'm going to give you a couple examples...if you see ANY of these methods of "decoding", turn and RUN!

Hypothetical posts made from REAL posts.
20. "POTUS tweets at 1425 Hrs". If the Anon doesn't check QDrop #1425, you should immediately know there is an agenda to this decode. He says:

"by adding the numbers together, you get 5 2 5, which means 5:5 like the ratio which turns out to mean 'I read you loud and clear'".
21. His reasoning?

1+4 = 5, there's the number 2, and then the number 5.

He gets all excited because he said it means POTUS is saying he reads us loud and clear, he is 5:5.

Here's the deal, with that thinking...from now on, he'll need to continue using 2 as a colon.
22. If you do it once to achieve an outcome, it's now a rule. And, if you only add one side of a quad set of numbers...it's now a rule. With 1425, he added 1+4, then left the 2 which he turned to a colon, and left the 5. He only added one side of the equation. Now, a rule!
23. But the next time he comes across a number, he didn't follow those rules. He uses 2327. We're all amazed when once again says this means 5:5 too! He says 2+3 = 5 and then he says to flip the 2 behind the 7 so you now have 7-2 = 5. Therefore you have 55, which he says = 5:5
24. Wait a minute.

Earlier he said the 2 stood for a colon so essentially 2327 should have looked like :3:7, but that didn't make sense to him so he changed the rules. This time he decided to add AND subtract in the same equation, which he had not yet done in past decoding.
25. But, he also broke basic math process rules. You don't switch numbers around to make a positive difference in subtraction, if you wind up with a negative number, that's what you end up with! He created new rules, broke old rules, and made it say what he WANTED it to say.
26. There is one specific, HIGHLY regarded video making Anon that uses these conflicting and rule-less decoding styles. Many Anons have corrected this person with FACTS that are indisputable like dates in history, names, places, etc. We've also pointed out his math was incorrect.
27. To my knowledge, he has rarely made a correction or edited his material to reflect the corrections. And, as his popularity has grown with naive and impressionable Anons, his videos now have discount offers, advertisements and ways the video maker significant income.
28. Compare it to Q's warnings.
Is he spreading false information? - Yes
Is he profiting from the movement? - Yes
Is he making stuff say what he wants it to say in order to make his videos more popular? - YES

Do you know that in the ancient method of Gematria, letters = numbers?
29. And, numbers = letters, words, or phrases. Try it out here for yourself. Try typing in "45". It will give you the total of 9. Now, click "Match". Scroll down. There are HUNDREDS of potential phrases from the number 45 across the Gematria forum.

30. So, when someone tells you a certain number = a certain word or phrase, they're usually just CHOOSING one word or phrase out of hundreds, sometimes thousands, like what you see here.
Consider: Encryption and coded messaging is regularly used in numerous military applications.
31. The decryption and decoding of hidden messages must be EXACT and PRECISE. Imagine this: A forward operating group in WWII uses the Navajo Code Talkers we talked about earlier to relay coordinates for a mortar firing mission. In order to fool the Japanese, the Code Talkers...
32. ...begin sending their messages across the air waves. Then, at the Howitzer firing line, three Code Talkers receive the message and decode them. If exact rules aren't followed, there's going to be a MYRIAD of incorrect translations.

Using the current QAnon level of...
33. ...decoding standards above that I just showed you, one Code Talker is going to come up with "the front wants peanut butter and jelly sandwiches". Another decode will say "Thanks for the hookers and whiskey". Finally, the last decode will say "Bomb the hell out of Paraguay".
34. Without SET RULES being followed, none of the Code Talkers would ever have correctly relayed the request to provide mortar fire on specific coordinates.

There is another "decoder" in particular who does this non-stop same type of no rule decoding, and I can't stand it.
35. A hypothetical example:

He takes 50 and says, "well, that obviously means 5:5 because 50 = 5:5." Of course, the rest of the free world has no idea how he came to that conclusion. He says, "well, you have 5 and 0 is a placeholder so it would be another 5. So, 55 or 5:5."
36. Then, for now on, that 0 will also be a place holder worth 5 or at least a mirror of the number it's next to! And, in that process, you're going to have to insert a (:) every time you use 0 as a placeholder. Otherwise, it's a 1 time rule and again, falls under the "bullshit!"
37. Sure enough, the next time he comes along 50, he says, that means "see". Again, how the hell?
He'll describe something like "The most patriotic song in US history is obviously the Star Spangled Banner and the 5th word of that song is 'See'".

Folks, I am not kidding you.
38. BOTH of these Anons I'm warning you about come up with this same level of weird ass, random crap, and unless someone points out how ridiculous it is like I'm doing here, y'all are like "OH MY GOSH, he's so amazing! Here, take my money and my 1st born child!".
39. I know this is true because every single day some of you send me links to one of these Anons videos and I'm just like oh my goodness, not again!
This next part is something you need to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO. You can LITERALLY trace this belief to this ONE EVENT.
40. What I'm about to tell you is how the biggest drive behind the #JFKJrLives movement started.

This is NOT hypothetical, it's the EXACT sequence of events.
Q was asked DIRECTLY, if JFK Jr is alive to which Q simply said "No." The majority JFK Jr enthusiasts let it go. #2611
41. The idea that JFK Jr may still be alive had not really caught hold in QAnon at that point, but the rumor was going around. Finally, someone asked Q.

This 1 anon is quite possibly responsible for the entire rebirth of the group that thinks JRK Jr is still alive.
42. Q's answer SHOULD HAVE been definitive.

Believing that JFK Jr is still alive is THE MOST COMMON claim of insanity used against QAnon to discredit us by the #DeepState, #FakeNews media and by good honest Americans who are TRULY curious about the #GreatAwakening.
43. This person mislead 1000's of Anons with a fake decode. He says N = 14, and O = 15. Add them to equal 29. He's right so far! THEN, he says he believes JFK Jr will in fact "return" which when broken down into numbers, = 96. (R = 18, E = 5, T = 20, U = 21, R = 18, N = 14) = 96.
44. He wants his total point value to say "RETURN" so, he decided that the period (.) must be worth 67 points, 96-29 = 67. I literally asked this Anon how he figured that the period was worth 67 points? He flat out stated he made it up BUT, that it MUST be worth 67 because...
45. ...NOW Q's response to the question of whether or not JFK Jr was alive, using his math, would = "RETURN" instead of "No." He made it say what he wanted it to say with a NO RULES decode.
I'll give him this, he's somewhat consistent about the whole number value thing.
46. He uses 67 for periods now, 45 for commas I believe, and other symbols for other numbers. BUT, when the number doesn't add up to what he wants to it say, he'll abandon the rules he's made, ignore commas and periods and continue dividing and subtracting and mirroring and...
47. ...doing all kinds of other weird crap UNTIL he makes it say what he wants it to say. And, he'll RARELY if ever uses that same decode sequence twice. That's breaking the rules and it's NOT an accurate decode. I've asked him for his cipher, he has stated there is not one.
48. He says there is no cipher, you have to just roll with it.

And, he's the guy that the MAJORITY of the JFK Jr believers faith in JFK Jr being alive, can trace their hope and belief back to.
49. And don't message me "Just leave these people alone, it's not hurting anybody!"

Yes it is hurting somebody. I've had several off internet chats about QAnon with people. The first thing out of their mouths...every time..."So, you think JFK Jr is coming back huh?" No. I don't!
50. Seriously folks, this is NOT high school! There's no playground or tire swings. It's a freaking WAR! Allowing people to believe a lie is about as intelligent as saying "Why not let people believe the earth is flat, it's their opinion". No...it's not an opinion, it's wrong.
51. It's false. It's misleading. It's stupid. It's a lie. AND, it discredits the entire movement when Anons say it's a belief of QAnon.

Folks, this guy is PERSONALLY responsible for a vast majority of the false rumors and belief that JFK Jr is alive.
52. The news you received that people in QAnon believed Jr was alive most likely came from this crap and it can probably be traced back to this guy! If you believe QAnon has worked out that Jr is alive, this is probably the EXACT decode that brought that belief.

And it's fake.
53. We asked him to teach us how he decodes. He went into a major fit, as condescending as hell. Eventually others caught on and his follow numbers dropped over night when they saw through his bullshit and lies. He came at us with insults, threats and accusations.
54. qmap.pub/read/1082
Plane crash 1999.
HRC Senate 2000.
The “Start.”
Enjoy the show.

An Anon who has repeatedly tipped the scales, PROVING he has TRUE inside knowledge, is


Like him, hate him, I could care less.
55. But, @TrueEyeTheSpy has no less than 10 tweets or replies stating EMPHATICALLY that Jr is dead. But, it's what he hones in on that is the most imporant key. POTUS is doing all of this BECAUSE of Jr.'s death. Do you get that? It's the fire in Trump's purpose.
56. If JFK Jr is still alive, then why is Trump REALLY doing all this?

Since Oct 28th, 2017 when Q first started dropping messages on the chans, certain men and women stepped up and with INCREDIBLE intellect, were able to see through the coded messages and find the true meaning.
57. It was OUTSTANDING! Some of the greatest intel dropped by #Q came from those early autists and decoders. But, there were rats standing by. They saw an opportunity to take advantage of an eager and impressionable bunch of PATRIOTS.

By following closely to what the actual...
58. ...decoders were saying, many of these people copied and stole hallowed decodes and built for themselves a reputation of being powerful decoders. As their fame grew, so did their penchants for decoding. They were trusted by the bulk of QAnon.
59. To this day I still get links from Anons telling me to check out certain decoders. I shake my head because many accounts I am told to check out are FAKE decoders! As I pointed out in the beginning of this thread, there MUST BE RULES to decoding QDrops and POTUS tweets.
60. An Anon shared this with me (for the life of me I can't remember who it was, I sincerely apologize).

"If paytriots are charging you money for intel, its not intel you want"

You're looking for entertainment AND the paytriot knows EXACTLY how to keep you coming back for more.
61. If you're contributing to a patreon or paypal or whatever account to people who are making up shit to entice you to return, then you've been bamboozled!

Let me add one thing. There are some DAMN GOOD PATRIOTS out there who have left their jobs, taken on researching,...
62. ...writing, decoding and breaking down QDrops and POTUS tweets full time. They are entitled to compensation because they're not in it for exploitation, they're in it for a cause that has enveloped their life. One must support him/herself and earning a living is necessary.
63. How they handle the money donated to them is a whole different story.
I wrote a thread on holding each other accountable and pointing out those to be cautious of a while back.

64. Folks, I am not going to give you the names of the two decoders I am outing right now. One is VERY well known and is widely acclaimed, especially by new Anons. The other has been relegated to somewhat of an obscure position. If I told you who they were, you may just block...
65. ...that person and never learn to see for yourself how they are lying to you.

Here's my challenge. Next time you read or listen to a decode, take notes or at least make mental notes.

1. Has this person ever used THIS type of decode process before?
66. 2. Is this Anon's process comparable to a military operation?
3. Are you being tricked by fast talking, partial explanations, and confusing processes?
4. Does ANY of this Anon's decoding processes conflict with ones he/she has used in the past?

And most importantly...
67. ...5. Are conclusions the cause of the decode or, are the decodes the causes of the conclusions?
If you take serious notes on this you will see some people know EXACTLY what they're going to tell you in their decodes before they even start.

Remember the Code Talkers.
68. If someone's decoding processes don't add up, call them out or back away.

Remember, #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow

God bless!


- End
69. I usually will not tell you who you should or should not follow. 100's of you have asked me who's safe and who's fake since I wrote this thread.

Remember, I wrote this thread to teach you how to discover that for yourself.

Please, just use the 5 point checklist I gave.
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