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Thread: Germany is in Deep Kimche (and So are Other European Countries!)

1. The open borders policies of the former East German who is masquerading as the German chancellor are destroying the Federal Republic of Germany. Here are a couple of quotes from a 2017 report:

2. German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her controversial decision to admit over a million refugees in 2015, and insisted she had no regrets, saying she would take the big decisions "the same way again."
3. In an interview published in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper four weeks before Germany's federal election, Merkel said she had decided to open borders to migrants fleeing war and turmoil in Syria, ....
3A. ... Iraq and Afghanistan because the situation was "extraordinary."


Read the rest here:…
4. And this from a report last year:

4A. More people with foreign citizenship live in Germany than ever before, the Federal Statistics Office said …, putting the 10.6 million record figure down to an influx of people seeking asylum and migrants from other European Union countries.
4B. Of the 82 million people living in Germany, roughly one in every eight is a foreign national, the office said.
4C. More than 1.6 million people seeking asylum, mainly from Middle Eastern and African countries, have entered Germany since 2014, weakening Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives ....
4C1. ... who lost voters to a far-right party in an election last year.


Read the rest:…
5. What’s really disturbing is that German censorship laws are making it very difficult for average Germans to express their dissent if not disgust with the policies back by their government and political elite:

5A. A new survey on self-censorship in Germany has shown that Germans censor their own speech to an astounding degree.
5B. Asked whether it is "possible to express oneself freely in public" a mere 18% answered yes. By contrast, 59% of Germans said that in their circle of friends and acquaintances they express themselves freely.
5C. "Nearly two-thirds of citizens are convinced that 'today one has to be very careful on which topics one expresses oneself', because there are many unwritten laws about what opinions are acceptable and admissible" according to the survey, ….
5C1. … conducted by Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach for the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).
5D. "The refugee issue is one of the most sensitive topics for the vast majority of respondents, followed by statements of opinion on Muslims and Islam," it stated. By contrast, "The situation is different when it comes to topics such as climate protection, ….
5D1. … equal rights, unemployment or child rearing, about which one can express oneself frankly, according to the overwhelming majority".
5E. As an example, 71% of Germans say, according to the survey, that one can only comment on the refugee issue "with caution".
5F. 62% of Germans are convinced that a politician stating that Islam has too much influence in Germany will expose himself to harsh criticism, but only 22% believe that expressing such a sentiment in private conversations would cause offense.
5G. Similarly, the sentiment that 'too much is being done for refugees in Germany' is viewed as a risky statement to air in public, but only 31% would consider it a problem to say that in private.
5H. There appears, in other words, to be a significant gap between what Germans say in public and what they think.
5I. Given how advanced the rout of free speech in Europe has become, there is little chance of it passing any time soon.


Read the rest here:…
6. The same thing is happening in France, Belgium, Spain, Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Luxembourg, and to some degree in Italy, too.
7. Politicians and ACLU-type organizations have permanently screwed up Europe with millions of non-assimilating immigrants (they originated the PC term “migrants”) from Black Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
8. Stable European civilizations of the past 2500 years are coming apart at the seams, and the blind politicians in charge are doing nothing to enforce logical mitigating measures, ….
8A. … like demanding (according to laws and constitutions) that the immigrants respect women's rights, observe German laws, and learn to speak German to participate in the economy and culture.
9. There are many good immigrants/migrants, but they are being completely obfuscated by the bad ones – the gangs, the drug-runners, the radical Islamists who see no problem with living in Germany the same way they lived in Syria or in Niger, ….
9A. … without any respect for their new country's laws, social norms, culture, or ethical values.
10. And then there is the small but very dangerous minority who strongly support ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Taliban. Here are some excerps from a 2017 European Union Situation And Trend Report:
10A. <quote>

The number of Europeans travelling as foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) to the conflict areas in Syria and Iraq, the intensive use of the internet and social media in propaganda and recruitment activities, ….
10A1. … and the terrorist attacks in EU Member States directed or inspired by jihadist terrorist organisations, have caused a major increase in the number of cases at Europol concerning “crimes committed or likely to be committed ….
10A2. … in the course of terrorist activities against life, limb, personal freedom or property” - a development that is not expected to come to a halt soon.
10B. Jihadist actors can be both directed by Islamic State (IS) or merely inspired by IS ideology and rhetoric. Jihadist terrorists have been found to use a range of weapons to include bladed weapons, automatic rifles, explosives and vehicles, & are expected to continue to do so.
10C. Jihadist terrorists are expected to continue using mostly low-tech smaller improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and improvised incendiary devices (IIDs) consisting of readily available products.
10D. Violent jihadists target individuals, as well as small groups of people who represent values considered by them to be non-Islamic, and large unsuspecting crowds.
10D1. Individuals or small groups targeted by terrorists can be both hard targets (police, the military) or soft targets (a church, synagogue, mosque). Large unsuspecting crowds, chosen with the intent on causing mass casualties are regarded to be soft targets by definition.
10E. Perpetrators of terrorist attacks in the EU include both foreigners, of whom a number may have resided in the EU for a long time, and nationals who have grown up in the countries they attacked.
10F. The influx of refugees and migrants to Europe from existing and new conflict zones is expected to continue. IS has already exploited the flow of refugees and migrants to send individuals to Europe to commit acts of terrorism, ….
10F1. … which became evident in the 2015 Paris attacks. IS and possibly other jihadist terrorist organisations may continue to do so.
10G. Terrorist groups continue to exploit the socio-economic grievances of Muslim immigrants to the EU, in order to recruit and incite them to engage in terrorist activities.
10G1. IS ideology has a certain appeal amongst segments of the Muslim population in the EU, sometimes expressing admiration for “martyrdom”. Motivations may generally include a belief that Islam is under attack from the West.
10H. Women and young adults, and also children, are playing increasingly operational roles in committing terrorist activities in the EU independently, not only facilitating other operatives in various ways, but in the (attempted) execution of terrorist attacks themselves.
10H1. Female militant jihadists in the West perceive fewer obstacles to playing an operative role in a terrorist attack than men, and successful or prevented attacks carried out by women in western countries may act as an inspiration to others.
10I. There is a decrease in the numbers of individuals travelling to the conflict zones in Syria/ Iraq to join the jihadist terrorist groups as foreign terrorist fighters. The number of returnees is expected to rise, if IS, as seems likely, is defeated militarily or collapses.
10I1. An increasing number of returnees will likely strengthen domestic jihadist movements and consequently magnify the threat they pose to the EU.
10J. Refugees and ethnic minorities in the EU are facing increased violence. These crimes are arguably intended to seriously intimidate sections of the population however, despite showing some similarities, ….
10J1. … do not qualify as terrorism or violent extremism and are therefore not reported by Member States and consequently not included in the figures.
10K. Based on … various physical assaults against politicians that happened across the EU in 2016, public figures, political parties, civic action groups and media that take a critical view of right-wing extremism, or advocate pro-migration policies, ….
10K1. … have to be considered as potential targets of right-wing extremist agitation. Anarchist and left-wing extremists, on the other hand, take advantage of peaceful demonstrations to carry out attacks on government property and law enforcement personnel.

10L. Here is a graphic from the report showing the number of suspects arrested for religiously inspired/jihadist terrorism in EU member states in 2016; check out the numbers for France!
10M. This disturbing trend is the direct result of the EU’s disastrous migrant policies. You can download and read the rest of the detailed and disturbing 60-page report here:…
11. We cannot solve the world's problems for 7 billion people by bringing them all to the United States of America or to Germany, or to Britain, or to the rest of the EU countries. It simply can’t be done no matter how feel-good the notion is to leftwing fools.
12. Besides, that also would mean that there would be few good people left back at their countries of origin to oppose and eventually change dictatorship, corruption, ethnic conflicts, and genocide.
13. I just don’t see Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, or any part of Africa improving within the next several decades as a political and economic environment conducive to some semblance of functional societies with decent life opportunities for their populations.
14. Given the opportunity (exacerbated by false promises propagated by leftwing NGOs), millions will continue to emigrate desperately to Europe and to North America – and bring their political and social problems with them.
15. Just think about this little factoid: the population of Sub-Saharan Africa will DOUBLE AGAIN before 2050. That will make for an endless supply of “migrants” to Europe and elsewhere unless/until sane immigration policies are implemented across the EU!
16. Keep in mind that US immigration laws (or perhaps rather the collapse of their enforcement especially during the Obama years) have been trending in the same direction as the EU’s globalist-oriented nonsense.
17. The result is intuitively obvious to the casual observer, and we need to learn from Europe’s mistakes, not repeat them! As for Germany and other EU countries? They are balancing on a knife’s edge and need to get a grip fast or resign themselves to oblivion:
17A. Implement and enforce very high and strict procedural and legal barriers to immigration
17B. ONLY ALLOW LEGAL immigration and conduct massive deportations without appeals for those who have violated the trust of their new countries with criminal, anti-social, terrorist, and dangerous political activities.
17C. Vigorously prosecute and deliver stiff sentences for human smugglers and human traffickers who bring illegal people into the country for whatever purpose
17D. Apply the benefits of free travel within the EU Schengen Zone only for native-born European citizens, not for immigrants.
17E. Deny social-welfare-net incentives to immigration by denying the dole, food stamps, housing, and legal counseling to illegal immigrants.
17F. Limit such benefits only to those who apply for immigration, work permits, and citizenship via regulated legal processes.
17G. Deny all attempts to replace the country's constitution and law codes with Sharia law in immigrant neighborhoods.
17H. Target violent and radicalized immigrant gangs with renewed intelligence penetration and knuckle-down prosecutions.
18. Do the Europeans have the political willpower and stomach to implement these measures? I am not optimistic.
19. Oh, and yes, the same measures should be implemented in America to mitigate our own crippling immigration problems! Do *WE* have the political willpower and stomach? The Democrats are sold on open borders just like the European elite! We must defeat them! ///The end.
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