1) I really struggled with how to start writing this thread. @40_head posted his thread on decoding and following PAYTRIOTs the other night and something inspired me. Over the past 2 ½ years I have tried or done my best to help to bring truth to this movement of Patriots
2) after the half year mark I found this 40 on twitter who’s profound words stuck me with a sense of knowledge, spirituality and wisdom after a couple of DMs we were talking (he was very cautious of me at first lol) This Patriot and I had similar values, views and theories.
3) I originally just wanted to help him with research and do what we call digging and we did for a couple of threads. It was he who inspired me to write my first thread. I was apprehensive at first, he had a way with words and wrote in a more eloquent way than I .
4) I wrote that thread and it was successful. We started talking more and my new friend introduced me to his buddy @AmericanIII . We have been help each other ever since being acquainted with several new Patriots along the way. The most recent about two months ago we were
5) humbled by @Qanon76 one of the more well-known of Anons. Then a couple of weeks ago a patriot that I had been speaking with like a lot of us was wondering if they were making a difference. I knew they were but they had doubts they took a break and we asked this patriot to
6) hang with us and shortly afterwards…. The Storm was upon us. The purpose of my thread is to support a thread that a fellow anon @40_head and patriot wrote. Prior to proceeding if you have not read what my brother wrote take the time and do so it was by far his best thread.
7)ever. Here is the link to that thread
8) Welcome Back ! Now lets move into what I want to say now. I have watched Patriots like @Qanon76 @2runtherace @Americanlll @40_head and many others post content of substance for a very long time and now its time to make something perfectly clear Be Careful Who You Follow:
10) To those that think what is taking place in our World is a damn game or something. If you fall into that category you better get your ass woke quick. Misinformation Attacks on Q to Get Worse (Jones, Corsi, Others) qmap.pub/read/1343 #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow #FactsMatter
11)This is not a game. We are in a very clear battle of evil vs good this is of biblical proportion. I have like the afore mentioned others these so called PAYTRIOTS blowing their stupid decodes up everyone’s ass and the masses falling head over heels for this garbage.
12) Here is what you and your family had better be thinking GOD, COUNTRY and FAMILY and in that order. This is NOT a game. The cork has been pulled from the preverbal bottle and to put it bluntly It is going to hit the fan! After 40 had posted his thread someone whom I cannot
13) remember and wish I could so I could thank them posted a Paul Harvey series of videos about the signors of the Declaration of Independence. As to not be in danger of plagiarizing I wish to credit any and all I write to the late Paul Harvey. The Declaration of Independence
14) is the greatest document ever associated with our government and was the predecessor to the Constitution. The Constitution was the ultimate instruction manual until that government was infiltrated with corruption. I guarantee that 90% of the Millennials could not recite one
15) sentence from the Declaration. The magnitude of what the DOI represents is hard to put into a thread, hell even a book. WE HAVE NO IDEA what these GREAT PATRIOTS did for us, you nor I cant even comprehend the sacrifices they made. Only the brave men and women of our military
16) who are returning home with devastating injuries, PTSD or our Gold Star families know or Congressional members like Steve Scalise, Presidents like Ronald Reagan who were victims of attempted assassinations, know! So do you call yourself a Patriot?
17) I wonder if I am doing enough to be considered a Patriot, GOD knows I want to be. I am flawed and imperfect but my faith in the lord gives me strength. Being former military I watched first hand all the madness unfold with our country watching the sheep lead down the path
18) of deceit and lies. I hope that you can actually realize that the clowns controlled the media when that control went from dozens of companies to 6 yes 6 they were able to adopt operation Mockingbird if you are so naïve that you can’t see this you are not even close to being
19) woke. If you don’t believe that then you’ll find it hard to believe that a major clown op called operation lifelog was discontinued the day before FB started? How about two Presidents that signed away one of the most strategic military points in the world so that the drug
20) and human trafficking had a clean path from South America straight up through Mexico into the USA. Starting to see a trend? We did a thread on Panama and the Panama papers that exposed a lot of that. What was the one thing that stood in the way to complete their plans of
21) their N W O? It was US they had to discredit us, keep us divided or misinformed and did so by numbing the masses through disinformation aka Operation Mockingbird and Lifelog Also taking away our freedom of speech, maybe via chem trailing the hell out of our skies.
22) I will be the first to tell you that I hate to see gun violence or any other type but that is neither the 2nd amendments fault nor any law abiding citizens. Those people are murderers and they are not going to abide by gun laws if they were changed. The 2nd amendment is the
23) other thing that saved our asses up to present day its been said that we are the hardest country in the world to invade because with 325 million people there are 3 to 4 guns per person. So now that we have a unfortunate pejorative to continue. The DOI was signed by the
24) some of the greatest Patriots to ever live. And with all of the above said this brings me to my objective of asking those who have the audacity to charge people for information on this movement and if any of those so called PAYTRIOTs read this you can redeem yourselves by
25) changing your ways and only you can figure how to right those wrongs. 40 had said that those that had left their jobs to do research needed to sustain to provide and I get that but lets take a look and what the original signors of the DOI went through. I will be posting a
26) a link to Paul Harveys amazing video on this at the end you should watch it and if you don’t well you probably do not care about being a PATRIOT and should continue paying The Homer Dinkly decode on youtube. On to what Paul Harvey had to say…
27) “In the Pennsylvania state house the men that were considered to be the very best from their respective colonies met. The Assembly was that of 24 lawyers and jurists, 9 were Plantation owners. They all sat down on the 11th of June and after 17 days of writing
28) Thomas Jefferson produced the draft of the Declaration of Independence. It was adopted of course in July. Each and every signor on this document was considered a rebel by King George III. All were considered to have committed treason punishable by hanging. 56 men signed the
29) Declaration of Independence. It was held secret for almost 6 months. These men risked EVERYTHING!” Paul Harvey stated that most cant recite a sentence from the Declaration of Independence but that this one could be remembered.
30) “We mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortune and our sacred honor!” Lets talk about a few and after each one pause and think what they went through.
“John Hart was driven from his home whilst at his wifes side while she was dying! He and his 13 children were
31) forced to flee in different directions for fear of their lives while their mother was dying. His farms and Gristmill deteriorated and he was constantly on the run living in caves and the forrest on to return home when the was had ended to find his wife dead. His children were
32) gone he never saw them again and with his property gone he died a few weeks later from exhaustion and a broken heart.” “Richard Stockton had his entire estate looted was captured and tortured until his died at the age of 51!”
33)“Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey lost his home to the Hessians.
Thomas Nelson Jr. raised 2 million dollars to pay the French Fleet, after the war he was of such integrity that he paid back the loan wiping out his entire estate never to be reimbursed by the Government. He asked
34) General George Washington to fire upon his own home which was occupied by Cornwallis, destroying it.”
35) Thomas Lynch Jr. was a wealthy rice farmer 3rd generation that owned a large plantation he became ill shortly after signing and while traveling to France with his wife to take care of his health was lost at sea never to be heard from.
36) Carter Braxton of Virginia was a rich trader and planter he lost all of his ships, his home and died in rags!
37) Thomas Mckean of Delaware was force to move his family 5 times in 5 months and served in Congress with NO pay.
38) Francis Lewis his home was destroyed and his wife was put in prison where she died.
39) Louis Morris His land was destroyed and his family was scattered.
40) Phillip Livingston died from the hardships of the war after a few months.
41) John Hancock who’s signature is the most noticeable on the Declaration of Independence was one of the richest men in New England
42) He is reknown for the words one terrible night while standing outside “Burn Boston, Though it makes John Hancock a beggar if the public good requires it!”
43) Out of the 56 men that signed the Declaration of Independence few were long to survive.
5 were captured by the British and tortured before they died. 12 had their homes from Rhode Island to Charleston sacked and looted then occupied by the enemy or they just burnt them
44) to the ground.
2 lost their sons in the Army
1 had 2 sons captured by the enemy
9 of the 56 died in the war from its hardships or a more merciful bullet. “
45) Prior to posting the link to watch this I would like to say this most of us that were involved in this movement, we would be subject to what happened to those above if the plan failed or HRC was elected. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard and the
46) beginning of “The Storm” I believe we are going to have a lot of new faces showing up on a daily basis and the longer this goes the more devastating it will be to the newbs. Remember what our movement is about! I would suggest the PAYTRIOTS to make your change sooner than
47) later! Get right and BE BEST! I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic and coming from a family with three generations of Military service I will uphold my oath until the day I die.
48) Prior to the link for the video and Declaration of Independence, We have spent 2 ½ years doing what we could most nights I know I only get 4-5 hours of sleep what we have been doing is minute in comparison to what the signors did.
49) So those of you that decide that you are going to support these fake PAYTRIOTS with their cereal decoder rings I wish you well and those of you that want to do this the right way you can start by watching who you follow. I can tell you that @eyethespy is someone we have all
50) been paying a lot of attention to as of late. Ronald Reagan said the following : ” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
And as promised here is the link to This Amazing description of The Signors of The Declaration of Independence by the late Paul Harvey. What happened to the signers of the Declaration.mpg via @YouTube
@YouTube Here is a link to our Panama threads I missed adding it earlier Godspeed Anons…
I have went back and read my thread and I am pretty angry at the shillery that’s taken place Two people proof read this four times words are changed war- was, led- lead partial sentences gone we cut and pasted it 2.5 hours we spent insuring it was right
We proofed each prior to adding and reread prior to submitting
Found this and how appropriate it is for this
If you watch the video reply watched please I want to do a honesty check via analytics so far it says 4 have watched it I know that’s fake
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