1/ **Warning**

The Hamstead 2!

In 2014 information began to surface about what can only be described as horrying, sick and deprave. A mother by the name of Ella Draper after years of worrying about her 2 children's behaviour and secret sexual touching of one another found
2/ out the horrifying reality as to why her children were acting so strange and abusive towards others and themselves.

The brave child whistleblowers 9 year old Alisa and her 8 year old younger brother Gabriel began to talk about the sickening abuse they succumbed to at the
3/ hands of their father Ricky Dearman and a satanic cult network of abuse at their Hamspstead Primary School. This story is beyond comprehension and implicates many facets of society.

On a trip to Morocco with her partner Abraham Christie, Gabriel and Alisa were caught
4/ touching one another in their bedroom by Abraham. After questions were asked as to who was responsible for teaching the two children these secual acts they began to disclose all the details they have been subjected to at the hands of there psychopathic father and the
5/ people who were supposed to teach and care for them. This story is so stomach curdling and sad that it must strengthen our resolve to make sure this never ever happens again.

The story continues with years of video evidence, testimony and physical examinations by the NHS
6/ of which have later been proven to completely validate their story.

Their poor mother knew nothing about what was really happening until the children started to speak. They talked about how their father who was only supposed to see them once every 2 weeks, he would have
7/ connections within the school who would notify him when their mother had left. Even though they were only meant to see him every 2 weeks he would turn up at the school every day and along with all the complicit teachers they would sodomise, abuse and brainwash these
8/ children to extreme lengths.

The NHS reports show scarring on their anus' which indicates that blunt objects were forced up there which made them bleed, all lines up with what they both said, that these teachers and their father would "stick plastic penises up there
9/ bottoms". They would be forced to touch the depraved cult members "private parts" and lick them along with reciprocal touching on the children themselves by the adults.

10/ drive.google.com/file/d/1GzMvft…

Now this story goes much, much deeper and I can't possibly speak about it all here but I am trying to run through the most important points. Links will be attached
11/ as we go along.

Here is the video of them talking about "sacrificing babies" and "dancing with the skulls" it's very hard to come by because a lot of the information has been scrubbed so I am dropping the SGT reports interview with Ella Draper, which also has footage of
12/ what I'm talking about. Along with other parts you may want to see. In total this video runs through much of what you would want to know. (If you do want to know)

SGT Report Interview with Ella Draper:

I have since
13/ found the 2 minute video on Twitter:

Now after these children started to expose the satanic ritual abuse at the hands of their father and people within the community it became very
14/ clear that as this went to family court it was nothing more than a stitch up on Ella and her partner Abraham. They didn't even take it to crown court, instead it stayed within the secret family court system! Now remember how Gabriel and Alisa spoke about them and CAFCASS.
15/ It's all part of the same systemic problem we have world wide.

Judges, politicians, police and the social services. They all want to keep these sickening crimes from ever seeing the light of day. Here is an article I did on CAFCASS!

16/ m.facebook.com/groups/3975675…

Once this farce of a court case began it became very clear that the judge was siding with Ricky Dearman the father, not only that but this satanic scumbag was given air
17/ time on the BBC. YES, the BBC who covered up crimes and ridiculed his victims. The same BBC that is doing the same to this poor woman Ella Draper. She had been subjected to horrible smear campaigns among other nasty events that have left her life in ruins.

Here is the
18/ BBC interview with Ricky Dearman:

I mean seriously? Have you ever seen such fake tears in your life? This man is pure EVIL and so are the complicit BBC. Anyway, the very worrying and horrifying turn of events actually
19/ ended up with the FATHER keeping full custody of the children. Even after all of the ample evidence to suggest what was happening was true it was hushed under the rug by the police and the family courts.

Think about it, if this court case ever made it to court by rights
20/ Ella Draper can call on as many witnesses as she likes and cross examine the children's father, except that never happened. It never went to crown court and instead under the secret family court system it never made the light of day. They know full well if this made it to
21/ criminal court the father and all those who were complicit would be called to stand and would very likely break under pressure and the truth would of been exposed.

Instead, today in 2019 if you want to find information on Hampstead it has pretty much been scrubbed from
22/ the internet. Research is necessary to find the information. They are terrified of this exposure ever getting out publicly. This is a true window into what truly goes on in our society and no one can even fathom how bad it actually is.

Only a day or so ago ago Q tweeted
23/ this:

Now what are the odds of that?

Trump retweeted an account called "Save The Littles" which had the profile picture of both Gabriel and Alisa from the Hampstead story!
24/ will be added below!


There are rumours going around that this is 70% fake and that the retractions by the children themselves is what the court case was based on. Yet, if you watch those videos of the children retracting their statements saying they lied
25/ about it all it's very obvious that they were coerced into it for worry of being killed no doubt! Remember these are generational satanists and these networks climb all the way to the upper echelons of society and power.

Here is the link of their retractions:

It is our duty as awakened people to keep bringing this stuff to the masses. This is a story that must be TOLD! It must be heard by the people of the world and justice must be brought for their mother and those poor
27/ kids. Research is being done to find out their whereabouts all the time!

This is the Great Awakening!

Child abusers, killers and traffickers!

Your time is UP!


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