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Calling Netaji Bose as a Nazi supporter is a Historical lie.

We are talking about a politician who described himself as a Leftist Anarchist and praised USSR a lot.

To understand the dynamics of British India during World War 2, we need to go back to 1932.

Long #Thread Alert.
The year is 1932 and the world is ruled by Two Superpowers.

A) The British Empire
B) The French Empire

India was Britain's most important colony and the Simon Commission, Meerut Conspiracy, Chittagong Armoury raid & the hanging of Bhagat Singh had raised public anger.
"Thank God for the French Army!"

This was Winston Churchill's remarks after his learning of Hitler's rise to power in 1933.

The French Army was the best in the world and its Navy was the 2nd best in the world after the British Royal Navy.
By mid 1930's, a new breed of young leaders were slowly rising to prominence in the Indian National Congress (INC). The prominent amongst them was Subhas Chandra Bose.

In Sep 1935, Bose and Nehru met in Badenweiler (Germany), where Nehru's wife was undergoing medical treatment.
The book 'Bose in Nazi Germany' by Romain Hayes will tell you a thing which 95% historian have missed.

In 1935, Bose attacked the Nazis. Bose was angry as Indians were described as Sub-Humans in Mein Kampf.

His letter to Dr. Franz Thierfelder written on March 1935.
Yes. The British arrested Bose on April 1936, because he insulted the Nazis.

The West at this point had a soft spot for the Nazis. Even during the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939), the Western powers observed neutrality as the Fascists rose in Spain.
"Shoot Gandhi. If necessary, shoot more Congress Leaders (Nehru & Bose)."

- Hitler to Lord Halifax, Britain's Foreign Secretary

This statement by Hitler in 1937 angered many pro Leftist leaders of the INC including Bose.

So Bose in a Hitler Fan?
Bose reached London in Jan 1938, and he met many leaders of the British Labour Party including Attlee.

1938 & 1939 were two huge years for the Indian National Congress.

As i always say, the 10 year phase from 1938 - 1948 shaped modern India and it began in 1938 Haripura session
Netaji Bose was elected as President of the Indian National Congress at its Haripura session in 1938, and every single Congress delegate from South India voted for him.

During his inaugural speech in Haripura, Netaji quoted Lenin and praised the British Communist party.
The inaugural speech of Bose at Haripura stunned the pro right Gandhian wing within the INC

After becoming President, Netaji's major step was to form Planning Committee for the first time in the history of India in Dec 1938. The swords were slowly rising against him within INC
Bose's presidency greatly enhanced his reputation around the World.

He appeared on the cover of Time magazine on March 1938 & in Daily Worker (Communist Daily from New York).

The phrase Netaji became famous in 1938, and his political influence was at its Zenith.
As Bose's presidency neared its end, to the surprise of many, in particular Gandhi, he sought re-election for a second time.

Gandhi, who wanted a moderate Gandhian to succeed Bose, appointed his own candidate to challenge him.

Thus at 1939 Tripuri Session, Bose & Gandhi clashed
The result of the 1939 Tripuri Congress Session was shocked many Indians.

Bose was elected president of INC again in 1939 at Tripuri, over Gandhi's preferred candidate Pattabhi Sitaramayya.
The Tripuri session result was declared on January 29, 1939 and Netaji secured 1580 Votes and Sitaramaya got 1377 votes.

The result shocked the Gandhians & in protest, Gandhians in the Congress Working Committee collectively resigned.
Many advised Bose to restructure Congress party away from Gandhi.

Bose was reluctant, for fear of splitting Congress between left wing which supported him & Nehru, and conservative right which backed Gandhi.

As all this happened, the clouds of war were looming over Europe.
Netaji during the presidency of 1939 canceled the dual membership of Congress and Mahasabha - Muslim League

This move by Bose started an open rebellion within INC against him.

During a meeting of the AICC in April 1939, Bose conceded defeat and resigned.
OK. The war has started in Europe.

In March 1940, Bose approached PC Joshi of Indian Communist Party and Ram Singh Dutt of Kirti Kisan Party.

The aim of Bose was simple : To meet Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin.

Source : Subhas Bose and India Today (page 225)
Coming back to the world strongest Army (The French Army)

Well, the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) destroyed the French Army in six weeks in June 1940, and kicked out the British from Western Mainland Europe at Dunkirk.

Manstein's Sickle cut had destroyed the French & British.
With the defeat of the French, Netaji Bose was now sure that the Axis victory was more or less secured.

Most important point is that the Axis trio of 'Nazi Germany, Italy and Soviet Union' were still allies in World War 2 (WW2) against Britain & France at this point. 🔫
On July 2nd 1940, Netaji Bose was arrested by the British for his ties with USSR and Italy, and was detained in Presidency Jail (Calcutta).

Many don't know but 16th January 1941 is one of the most important dates to remember in India's history.
On 16th Jan 1941, Netaji escaped from Jail

He & his nephew Sisir Bose, sat in a car (on display at his Calcutta home) and managed to make their way to Peshawar, with the help of Punjabi revolutionary Chain Singh Chain (The forgotten Hero).
From Peshawar, he was helped by supporters of Aga Khan III to get into Afganistan.

Bose's guide Bhagat Ram Talwar, was a Soviet agent.

From Afganisthan, Bose changed his disguise and traveled to Moscow on the Italian passport of an Italian nobleman "Count Orlando Mazzotta".
Netaji first assured Soviet Support.

From Moscow, Netaji reached Rome and secured Italian support, and from there he traveled to Nazi Germany in April 1941.

The German invasion of Greece was ongoing at this point.
June 1941 changed everything. (One of the Biggest turning point in Human history)

Operation Barbarossa : The German invasion of the Soviet Union. The war of annihilation between Nazis & Soviets had begun.

Netaji said it was a huge mistake

But Netaji had already made a deal with the Devil (Himmler). It was Himmler who wanted the Indian Legion, not Hitler.

USSR was a regime that Netaji had great admiration and sympathy for.
In 1943, after being disillusioned that Germany could be of any help in gaining India's independence, he left for Japan.

The book ‘The Indian National Army and Japan’ By Joyce Lebra gives details about the last years of the INA
'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'

This was the policy which Netaji used, and the it failed during World War 2.

But if he was a Nazi fan, then so are the British and American Corporations.
The Hanging of Bhagat Singh, the INA and the 1946 Bombay Naval Mutiny were the things which triggered India's freedom

When your own Native Armed Forces turns against you, then it's time to leave. The British Knew it and were afraid of it since 1857 revolt.

After World War 2, the world had two new Superpowers

1) USA

World war 2 in reality was a battle for Oil and Lebensraum ('living space'). The German Expansion policy

The battle for resources is perfectly explained in this superb documentary.

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