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🔸Thread 1🔸
On Jeffrey Epstein and everything previously known about him, his disturbing past, friends, island etc.
Over a year's worth of research.

What the #FakeNewsMedia won't tell you about #EpstienIsland #EpsteinsBlackBook

🔸Thread 2🔸
Jeffrey Epstein.
Ghislaine Maxwell.
Their friends and business involving.
Clintons + Obama + TerraMar etc.
🔸Thread 3🔸Jeffrey Epstein.
Today a judge will decide if Epstein will be let out on bond.
He has offered 75 Million $ and his brother to co-sign another 100 Million.

My prediction right now is NO bond. He is a high risk repeat offender. He has never stopped abusing kids.
🔸Thread 3🔸
Page 2
#Epstien denied bail.
A New York federal judge today ordered Jeffrey Epstein to be held in prison without bail.

a new charge for
#HumanTrafficking has been added to his list.

NEW #Qanon proof
Q posts about #RBG
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
She was elected to the Supreme court by @BillClinton

She wrote "The Mann Act"
a 230 page code
"Sex Bias in the U.S
It calls for the elimination of ALL gender words such as
Mothers Day, Fathers Day
🔸T3🔸pg 3
RBG also has been trying to legalize pedoph!lia
Ruth Bader Ginsberg calls for the age of concent to be legalized for ppl under the age of 12, if the give permission.
Sick sick sick
Everything is in the link below

🔸T3🔸Pg 4
This world is getting CRAZY
The list below is a new law in Berkley. No gender names allowed.
🔸T3🔸Pg 5

To the #LGBTQ community
All of this gender identity, non bianary , fluid gender stuff, FINE be yourself but stop pushing it on everyone.
Some groups have been pushing the "Love has no age" non-sense

🔸T3🔸Pg 6
The @LGBTfdn @LGBT community want us to accept them for who they are.
Fine but STOP pushing it on everyone.
Just like you ppl don't want us Christians to push our religion on you.
Do the same.
Remember :
The Lord #Jesus
Will accept you at any time.
Pray to him
🔸Thread 4🔸 pg 1

#Epstien founf injured in his ce'll.
Possible suicide attempt
🔸Thread 4🔸pg 2
Lynn Forester Rothschild if found on Epstein flight log.

1995 Lynn thanks @BillClinton
For their talk about #Epstein

1993 Epstein donates to Clinton's whitehouse
(Some fundraiser)

🔸Thread 5 🔸Epstein Dead

So I decided to go offline for a couple of days and clear my head out.
Get in some family and nature etc.
I come back to the news that #jeffryepstein has commited suicide. Its Shocking because just few days prior #Epstein attempted suicide.
🔸Thread 5🔸Pg 2
Browsing through news arrivals Epstein was was out on suicide watch and then taken off a week later.
From what I understand, if a prisoner attempts suicide, they must under-go a mental psyche evaluation along with behavior determines the length of suicide watch.
🔸Thread 5🔸Pg 3

Añouncement for #Epstein

🔸Thread 5🔸Pg 4

W4 hrs before the #EpsteinSuicide happend court documents relating to Virgina Giuffre (now married Roberts) vs Epstein + Maxwell and many others were released.
I have not yet read them but did did see this from a news article
(pic 1)
🔸Thread 5🔸Pg 5
Consistent with Trumps @WhiteHouse Rose Garden Statement that he flEW one time on Epsteins private jet from New York to Palm Beach.
Never on #Epstein' s other plane dubbed the "Lolita Express" which went to Epsteins private Island.
🔸Thread 5🔸 Pg 6
Epstein's "apparent" suicide n

Mandatory protocol says :
Persons on Suicide or just being taken off suicide watch:
🔹Must be checked on every 30 min. Epstein's was NOT. He was checked on every 90 min.
🔹Not to be left alone in a cell.
Epstein was alone
🔸Thread 5🔸 Pg 7
Here is a good article on what has been discovered so far, from Fridays 2000 pages of Epsteins court documents.

Names named and where these are now.
I am going to start reading the 2000 pages tomorow.

🔸Thread 5🔸Pg 8
@FBI Return to #Epstein's Iasland "Little Saint James"

Tip to the @FBI use ground penatrating radar.

Rumour says he paid 27 million to cover in tunnels and torture
/ sacrifice rooms.
Under the temple.

New Thread
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I was working on a thread, has it saved in drafts, came back to open it, only to find tw!tt removed it.
Frustrating ...

If you are just learning about #Epstien, scroll up to read EVERYTHING about this sick in the head monster.
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 2

⚠One of the 2 guards was NOT a corrections officer.
⚠They both fell asleep.

☠Epstein was not checked on for 3 hours.
⚠The 2 guards falsified papers by saying Epstein was checked on the mandatory every 30 min for someone coming of of suicide watch
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 3

Most importantly #EpsteinSuicide was most likely NOT caught on camera.
Reports are saying:
"The cameras
only scan common areas and outside the prison, not inside the cells"
- Washington Examiner -
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 4
Remember #EpsteinSuicide attempt put him on special watch.
#Epstein was just coming off of watch. He was placed in a cell that "should have" had a camera pointing directly in the cell.
🔸General Population, the cameras records the public spots, always the outside
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 5
#EpsteinSuicide should not have happens. He was supposed to have a cell mate (someone that can ring for help)
Cell mate was removed for unknown reasons.
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 6
The #autopsy of #EpsteinSuicide raised more questions due to the medical examiner finding Epstein's "hyoid bone" broken.
The hyoid bone is located on top the Adam's apple and is found broken in cases of homocide by strangulation more so than hanging
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 7

India, conducted a study from 2010 to 2013 on suicide by hanging. Hyoid damage was found in just 16 of 264 cases, or six per cent.
#Epstein's cause of death in currently pending.

Add this to the list of coincidences.

Full article
🔸Thread 6🔹Pg 8

If #Epstein and @BillClinton were not close then why did Epstein has a painting of Bill Clinton dressed in women's clothing?
@ChelseaClinton @HillaryClinton @RepAdamSchiff
🔸Thread 7🔸Pg.1=T7.1
▫The Epstein Files

Starting now I will be adding
suspicious deaths, foundations, charities and all other documents that I have a feeling will be connected to Jeffrey Epstein(JE) or to his inner circle.
Davìd Koch dies at 79
A @nytimes reporter solicited and received from #Epstein a $30,000 donation a preschool called O’Gorman Garden in Harlem — granted by a US Virgin Islands-based 

The preschool is a type of hobby farm

▫Other JE news

Paris, France has opened an investigation into JE's activities and social circles.
I suspect they will have ALOT of questions for Jean-Luc Brunel


Jean-Luc Brunel flew Jeffrey Epstein in three 12 year old little girls from France for his birthday.
Here is the link to the full news article.

Thread 8🔹Pg.1🔸
Jeffrey Epstein (JE)

A breakdown page by page of the declassified Epstein files.

It is being done in segments. About half is finished and it is mind blowing.

I am NOT the author of this breakdown.
Reddit = Anon notable

Declassified JE files:

Here is the Reddit user's profile where all his/her breakdowns are located

#Anons #QAnon #QAnon2019 @BreitbartNews @TrumpWarRoom @WhiteHouse #BeatMiami
From the last point of my research into Epstein, Maxwell, #EpsteinMurder
#epsteinscandal, Island, bad actors and everything else connected, this thread of DocRock's will bring you up to date.
Well worth the read.

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