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Woohoo! Now George Webb gives us an update on Mossad "SUPER SPY"
Robert Maxwell's key partner Marc Rich..
I hope you paid close attention to George Webb's new vid, Donald Barr, the father of current United States Attorney General William Bar, was a OSS (CIA) agent, who ran NATO GLADIO operations, yeah.. nothing "alternative" about the deep state fucking you up as usual..
HARVARD UNIVERSITY has a very dark history:… EPSTEIN paid them millions. He seemed to have a very specific interest in Prof George M. Church's work relating to the "BRAIN Initiative". Was he funding MKUltra technology to be integrated into OpenCog's A.I. ?
#UnsealEpstein #EpsteinGate #MatrixExposed #MossadMediaMatrix

~ July 22 ~ 1 year anniversary of #IsaacKappy Hollywood whistle-blower
#Dershowitz called the child that was groomed at 15 by Epstein, and then pimped out to pigs like himself, a "lying prostitute". Let's have a look at who is LYING, let's investigate his KOSHER NOSTRA connection to find out who is above Epsteins "pay grade".…
#DERSHOWITZ was introduced to #EPSTEIN & #WEXNER (in his own words) via the #ROTHSCHILDS. Mort #ZUCKERMAN, who had dinner at Epsteins house, got awarded by "" and is also part of #NETANYAHU's Billionaire club!…
So is #EPSTEIN is the front-man for #WEXNER's "Mossad-Chabad BLACKMAIL RING"? Epsteins boss Wexner is involved with the Mega Group. Btw, the "Wexner Foundation" offers a Zohar (Kabbalah) online course, too bad I'm just a non-Zionist & non-elite Jew [/sarc]…
In the section we finally find information about #WEXNER's connection & funding activities of Chabad. Personally, I was always of the opinion that #CHABAD is a GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE hiding behind a philantropist/religious facade.…
#WEXNER is connected to Bronfman & the #NXIVM sex cult, which was also an INTELLIGENCE gathering op. Roger STONE lobbied for NXIVM, #KUSHNER's dad used a prostitute to blackmail a witness, remember? There is your "Russian collusion".. via the Kosher Nostra (Chabad Lubawitscher).
They're all in on it: FSB, Mossad, CIA, MI6 etc, THEY INVENTED THIS SHIT! This is how they control Politicians, News media, Entertainment, Academia, Governments, International orgs, the world is run by this BLACKMAIL scheme & everyone in an important position is compromised!
The same TALMUD a*holes who set Jews up during WW2 to create the Israeli state are now setting them up again for the “Battle of Armageddon” to clear the way for a Kabbalized Christard ILLUMINATI religion, only those Jews who convert will be allowed to survive, me paranoid? lol..
#EPSTEIN was a #Dyncorp Flight Trainer that worked for #Aramco

MOSSAD operative #EPSTEIN had a #SaudiArabian Passport..

All the BLACKMAIL pics/vids cd's are most likely stashed away in an ISRAELI EMBASSY safe or at MOSSAD headquarters in Tel Aviv though.. certainly not lying around in one of Epsteins private homes...…
Well it turns out it is not a Saudi passport, but an AUSTRIAN passport with a Saudi address with a false name. No doubt he is a 'Black Cube' / MOSSAD agent.…
Let's zoom in on #TUMP's relationship with #EPSTEIN, the "terrific guy" he now pretends not to have any "serious ties" with.. blah blah! THEY ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME CLUB...dem or repub it does not matter!
#TRUMP is a Pedophile Rapist, he raped a 13 year old virgin girl at one of #EPSTEIN's parties..

KGB boss says Robert Maxwell was the second Kissinger:…
Trump's Chief Operating Officer Glassner, his ambassador for Italy, Eisenberg & Jared's father Charles Kushner, were chairmen of the Port Authority of N.Y. that oversaw billionaire Larry Silverstein's insurance policy after the 9-11 inside job.…
Trump's friend and Jared Kushner's mentor "Lucky Larry" Silverstein admits on camera how he had planned to rebuild WTC7 since 2000, he says "a sacrifice will be made" to make it possible and "let's get on with it".
All these individuals are AIPAC lobbysts & buddies with Netanyahu, Barak, Olmert, ICTS honcho Atzmon (9-11 airports security "failure"), all MOSSAD related, which leaves ZERO room for doubt that Trump, Ivanka & Kushner knew about the 9-11 inside job and are part of Chabad mob.
Dancing Israeli/Art Students MOSSAD cell had safe houses & warehouses spread all over Palm Beach near Mar-a-Lago and Epstein's mansion. in 2001 Ehud Barak joined SCP Partners, a contractor of high-tech warfare and developer of the"nanothermite" used to knock down the WTC on 9-11.
A lot of shit seems to have gone down in Florida.. Epstein's Black Book lists a number of people whom Mossad and its operatives may have blackmailed and controlled prior to the events of 9/11:…
Board member of Israel's Shin Bet contractor ICTS, that handles "security" at major airports, including 9/11 Newark Airport, Logan Airport & Dulles Airport - Mr. Sass, worked with Ehud Barak prior to 9-11, and landed a job at ICTS right after the attacks.…
Another piece of the puzzle connected to Barak and Epstein:

"The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS"…
OSS Connections To Epstein’s Diplomatic Passports

IT'S ALL LEADING BACK TO WALL STREET & THE US GOVERNMENT! Jeffrey Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents Suggest May Have Received a "Secret Federal Reserve Bailout" !!!…
Leslie Wexner now says Jeffrey Epstein stole 46 Million Dollars from him, but did never talk about it previously? LOL! I start to think there maybe is a connection between the take down of 8Chan and "Q" posting there about #Epstein, etc.…
The Mossad Cover-Up Continues…

The veils remain in place:

Les Wexner as financier of fake billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
Mossad control of it all, upgrading from Maxwell’s prostitution ring
CIA and FBI complicity from day one…
Jeffrey Epstein an Occult Perspective:

Alex Jones exposed as a DEEP STATE gatekeeper (no big surprise here) trying to white wash TRUMP'S INVOLVEMENT with the Epstein gang. Since Epstein is gone (one way or another) Trump (being in power) breathes a sigh of relieve, eh?!
Did you know that ISIS hasn't attacked any Genel or Genie pipelines yet? Did you know that Genie drills in Syria's Golan Heights? Did you know that Genel has been operating in Kurdistan since 2002?

The man assigned to watch over the #Epstein autopsy is none other than >85 YEAR OLD< pathologist Michael Baden.. you can't make this shit up! So they got an experienced "Pathologicalist" for the it.
The NYPD was also present during the "FBI raid" on #EPSTEIN's Pedo Island..
This is rich coming from #Epstein's madam, reportedly recruiting young girls for his sexual blackmail operation. Sex trafficking children is a crime!
Documented Flight Logs with Bill Gates name go back to 2002. Now think about all the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Bill Gates is invested/involved in..…
Another Billionaire friend, affiliate and/or contact in #Epstein's "Black book" suddenly died...
Jean Luc Brunel, the modeling agency boss who was accused of scouting young girls for #EPSTEIN and date-raping others, has mysteriously "vanished like a ghost" as investigators search the world looking for him...…
MOSSAD AGENT #EPSTEIN bragged about recruiting Melania for Trump. The founder of the Kit Kat Club in Times Square is none other then MOSSAD AGENT Gislane Maxwell.…
Any other pedophiles that Trump is pally with that we don't know about?…
What really happened at Epstein's Island?

What went on inside the creepy temple?

And who all was involved?

There is one person who knows all those ansers.

Her name is Ghislaine Maxwell...

CIA-linked bank Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was also involved in sex trafficking, they would sell underage girls to powerful people in the #UAE.
CIA documents that later surfaced...stated that BCCI was directly involved in “money laundering, narco-financing, gunrunning and holding large sums of money for terrorist groups.”…
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