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The Hot New Game Journalism Take:

You should stop listening to your customers because they aren't 'woke' enough to know what kind of games they should be buying and playing. So shut up because we're not going to listen to you anyway.


I've been an avid video game player since the 1980's. I've followed the developments in the industry only closely however since around 2009 when the first PC attempts started being overtly made to 'educate' gamers about what was 'wrong' with them.
I was on Twitter when the whole "GamerGate" thing exploded several years ago. The label "GamerGate" was coined by my good friend @AdamBaldwin to describe a scandal where an industry was starting to attack/marginalizing it's customer base.
I wrote about the developing GamerGate "scandal" at the time on my own blog, in columns such as this one:

The "scandal" of GamerGate was that the gaming journalism industry, full of progressives & leftists, decided the core gaming base of fans weren't 'woke' enough and needed to be repaced.
This is not parody. Gaming journalism sites actually began publishing articles like this one. Seriously. With a straight face:
An entertainment industry built on promoting fun and fantasy and escapism now had people running/editing the industry's news sites who simply would not stop interjecting politics & political haranguing at every opportunity.

Of course, this endless hectoring resulted in pushback.
I'll let you on a little secret. One reason all the DNC Media hacks are so insufferable is because in their little world they are THE ABSOLUTE TOP OF THE INDUSTRY. They are **it**.

And there are thousands of wannabes out there who dream of being the next Acosta, next Rather.
And the wannabes that don't get cushy jobs on CNN or NBC News or writing for a liberal rag like the NYT's, they have to settle for sports coverage or entertainment coverage or business industry coverage.

They didn't make the cut to enter Valhalla & it bothers them.
Instead, these fuming far left political reporter wannabes are relegated to the almost unbearable burden of having to cover stuff they don't even like or are enthusiastic themselves. Like you know, sports. Or games.
Since they can't cover the REAL STORIES that need covering due to their being relegated to job writing about video games or sporting leagues/events, these insufferable political reporter wannabes end up **constantly looking for THE ANGLE** that will allow them to 'go there'.
So this explains why so many frustrated sports reporters were ABSOLUTELY THRILLED so much with Colin Kapaernick that they fell truly, madly, deeply in love with him.

NOW they can talk about racism, you know, SOMETHING IMPORTANT, not how the Bucks beat the Goats.
And it just so happens that gaming journalism has been filled up with tons of far left progressive types who chafe that they hardly ever get to write about THE BURNING ISSUES OF OUR TIME because they are reduced to talking about mere video games.
In a follow up column I discussed how the insane gaming news industry's attempts to ditch 'gamers' as their customer base had backfired massively.

I wrote:

"Yet this is exactly what the social justice advocates in gaming media attempted to do in response to #GamerGate; dump the closest group of passionate consumers of the industry & trade them in for another audience.

In what universe could this have possibly worked?"
These social justice morons embedded inside the gaming industry media outlets actually tried this on probably the most DIVERSE group of people in America and got soundly rebuffed.
The only real diversity is diversity of thought. Extreme leftism results the absurd attempt to force people apart through identity politics into defined racial/gender/class groups all at war with each other & yet they must also all be SAYING THE SAME THINGS.
You end up with Lefty snitches all patrolling the different segregated groups all cut off in their own ghettos, the whites over here, the blacks over there, the Hispanics way over there, etc. while also looking for anyone inside these groups publicly committing WRONGTHOUGHT.
The absurdity of this kind of SJW thinking is now playing out to it's inevitable conclusion right in the halls of our US Congress, as freshmen Democrats are now openly warring with the party leadership while accusing them of racism.
I predict we're going to actually see Democrats in Congress split themselves into warring camps based on race/class/gender in a hugely confusing mess that weakens the party heading into 2020.
ESPN already figured out what the whole "Get Woke Go Broke" thing leads to.

The gaming industry news sites are still pushing it, and we're watching it literally pull Democrats into grabbing each other by the throat in D.C.

Nice going, Frankfurt School.

ADDENDUM: Would you be surprised to discover that most of the political activists haranguing the video game industry to change how it does it's business don't even like video games all that much?

It's true.
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