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@AnneV @BeePrinsloo Hey @adamlevine @bprinsloo happy shared anniversary birthday a little early. Epstein scandal who knew?? So are Victoria secret models products of Epstein types and agencies? #naomicampbell steemit.com/technology/@cl…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo The Epstein Victoria secret Pipeline nypost.com/2019/07/14/ins… so when Anne v became a liability due to my civil lawsuit they replaced her with behati in 2012. Killer models eh?
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo Anne v literally coded a pizza picture in her hand when Adam was served with the lawsuit. Hindsight is 20/20.
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo What was that around Feb 2012 the pic with the pizza in hand? So. Amazing #Epstein boycott and burn your #victoriassecret anything. Just saying world.
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo They allow them to tel' you they are being tortured, people blow it off as art his handling truly began here.
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo Is this code? #pizza has a variety of freedom of flavors with harems of abused children awaiting in middle east. if you follow how this began that they are framing me & & put it in context... Nothing to see here. Either way w or wo adding ties classic code
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo #BOOM #awkward @nakwrdfairytale has tons deleted and shadowboxed but this is all real and they are all connected #Epstein was just a pimp #HappyTuesday
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale Search Obama maroon 5 ties at white house events. First in search literally gifted me with a tie in to my lawsuit Zaira Ameratsu {Scottie 👹} thanking angels & karma right now. In her honor I coined this
google.com/amp/s/www.urba… Michelle+pizza🤔#QanonArmy
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale See. October 2010 on my nakwrdfairytale account "Iinvented a new word. Obsessedformation. When someone is totally obsessed something/someone & they cover their obsession by calling it info
7:54 AM · Oct 1, 2010" @urbandictionary messed up date.
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary ""
" @nakwrdfairytale
Ahahahahaha I LOVE IT! I coined a word!! I'm gonna be published. This is so awesome~ Universe I love you. Thank you.
11:07 PM · Nov 4, 2010"
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Wexner is lying and so are the entourage who have everything to lose. This thread contains proof they handed Adam into marriage with one and they are sadistic: its all true but even younger Wexner Swears He Didn't Know About Epstein Penchant For Pedophilia zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-1…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary "The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS" theswamp.media/the-epstein-as… another model. This article is EPIC
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary "Comcast intended to buy out the rest of GE's stake of NBC Universal over the following seven years. Ownership remained split at 51%–49% for four years. Then, on February 12, 2013, * comcast assumes 100%" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acquisiti…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary the plane was not empty. He claimed fir 10 years it was there without his knowledge. Giving an aura of he is that important.. He is Epstein or one of his BOSSES #Qalert #kevinspacey #ebola #pizzagate #podesta #ObamaWasBetterAt hiding the Pedo traffickers
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Story of John Lang. Mirrors mine. He just didn't mention pedophiles out loud. He knew more than a plates scam. m.youtube.com/channel/UCTMl9… he did these videos because he knew too much, hoped anonymous and people like me would do what I am doing now if he died it Was pedogate FRESNO
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Julian Assange wikileaks are to the truth movement what the clintons and their foundations are to humanitarian aide and being accountable for their actions. Huge body count and unsolved sex crimes. #BOOM #METOO #Qanon #RipMichaelHastings #opdeatheaters 🌋
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary all the links on human trafficking busts in America I go back to are broken on msm. Why? Mandela effect Arizona human chop shops are not new. Kappy was in Grand Central Station of it.
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary elitedaily.com/social-news/bl… this article all the suspected Epstein and horror show people are mentioned with someone named #BAE and there's usually code in that 👇 must be nice to have a Twitter for just one race. 🤔
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Kardashian family has participated in so much propaganda, lies & breaking up traditional families this is incredibly ironic. BAE clan for nwo agenda. Mommy released Kim's tape,they're victims of psycho parents who prop them up as sex toys. Break the cycle
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary "bar #may is a pig Cameron is a pig and heath was a ritualistic sadistic abuser so those covering it up are same. There's a cold place in hell for them. #CSAinquiry #gchq #savile #BAE #BBC #Macron #Dutroux #Epstein #HumanTrafficking
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Again there is a global network or multiple but the actual cases of crimes and how are being exposed differently, yet it's same MO. The boys are being hidden. Meet Carl Beech. Aka Nick. I believe to be credible. #MuellerHearings is also part of cover ups
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary " C’est tout un système de traffic d’êtres humains par les agences de mannequins qui doit être attaqué, bien au delà des prédateurs démasqués" Alexis Poulin 👍
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Top 3 human trafficking countries in world USA, Phillipines, Mexico. You didn't know? *WHy? #Acosta #Epstein Satan #MaraLago recruiting ground, Sam's clubs and Wales Marts converted to provide triage to chop, sell or other? Arizona is a literal nest. #ObamaWasBetterAt hiding it
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Satan was an odd typo I thought I erased. Anyhow the Phillipines have been a base for US military and Mexico an extension with Bush ties that reek. They've been trafficking Phillipinos since they got there. no msm on reality... refworld.org/docid/49880636… military steals babies
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary This is why I say Issac Kappy was literally in grand central human trafficking of all kind eu.azcentral.com/story/news/loc… à slap on the wrist you go to jail for longer for pot. I lived there when this was discovered... Arizona was rough. Really rough. It loses foster kids randomly
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Hey @beeprinsloo your either à predator or victim. Models who show off their babies knowing Pedowood is real just are literally helping them. What does this say about you @adamlevine 🤯 - Epstein assaulted woman while claiming to be Victoria's Secret scout mol.im/a/7290093
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary They are framing me for a human & drug trafficking network since I became a whistle-blower on them & fought back. I've caught them but who would believe it, actually isn't that what they do? Takes a whole lot of white collar criminals to do that #Qalert
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Hey @AnneV @adamlevine @beeprinsloo won't be soon before long u r Overexposed. Remember that time you write a song called Maps Adam which was your way of admitting you'd used maps to stalk me? It was before backdoor in maps app was outed. This thread connects you psychos #Epstein
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary This is part of the current breach and sequence of data usage of apps in background of my phone manager I did not install and can't uninstall it. Remove the caché and it reloads all data. Burn in hell terrorists
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary Something is wrong with this death. NYPD had case against Clinton, fbi as well. She was quietly given immunity by DOJ in 2016. Then Trump fbi theater hid it they frame things & people but the details are sketchy. #HAITI Islands #HumanTrafficking #Epstein
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary @CCastaner ☠️
J'en suis certaine que l'état français protège Epstein et son réseau que la raison qu'ils ont pas ouvert une enquête c'est qu'il sont impliqué ainsi que les Rothschilds et qu'il sont entrain de chassé les victimes et témoins avant une enquête
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary @CCastaner Marne La vallée. Quand ils ont fermé la base militaire presidio (*Micheal aquino) ils ont mis un musée Disney sur le terrain. C'est toujours un lieu de culte, mk et Pedos. Donc la France 25000 employees avec statut Souverain thefreethoughtproject.com/disney-vp-gets… 👀google.com/amp/s/amp.lefi… 🙄
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary @CCastaner Je suis une cible, l'exposition comme ça m'a sauvé, les traces judiciaires et un réseau de Robin des bois qui se bat pour informer les gens et protégé les cibles... Ça existe. Toi tu fais quoi ? Ton salaire est minable car les Satanists aime te voire à genoux. C'est pas un hazard
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary @CCastaner Le fil argenté d'être cible, aidé à l'éveil: Je retourne la caméra sur eux. Reprisailles Reims la police nationale j'ai était jusqu'au cour d'appel, classé sans suite. Mais agressé x2 en 6 mois et police à porté plainte contre moi. Bienvenue en FRANCE
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo @nakwrdfairytale @urbandictionary @CCastaner So what do I do
is implicated
is implicated
is implicated in my gangstalking as retaliation for being a victim of powerful people and a whistle-blower. I've been to cour d'appel. Pharos???? leparisien.fr/amp/faits-dive… #Terrorists
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