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farm picture thread


pea and oat mix (@LibertyFarmNH will likely sneak out there and grab some peas, but I'm planting them mostly for an experiment in crop rotation / nitrogen fixation)
@LibertyFarmNH 3/

trying something new with compost this year: perforated pipe to bring air to lower strata

(also: farmhand has mucked out all four stalls)
@LibertyFarmNH 4/

cucumbers transplanted outside
@LibertyFarmNH 5/

onions planted a few days ago, already exploding
@LibertyFarmNH 6/

garlic (planted last fall) almost ready to harvest
@LibertyFarmNH 7/

@LibertyFarmNH 8/

close up of the ~31 foot long 2" angle iron trellis braces, plus diagonal supports I fabbed up.
@LibertyFarmNH 9/

what it's all about: grapes
@LibertyFarmNH 10/

pumpkin patch, north end looking south
@LibertyFarmNH 11/

some of the smaller plants (weeds / hay mix is a fright!)
@LibertyFarmNH 12/

one of the furthest along pumpkin plants opened flowers recently!
@LibertyFarmNH 13/

interior of garden shed #2 ; I need to weld up some shelves to get half this mess off the floor
@LibertyFarmNH 14/

study hard agricultural science; make parents proud!

@LibertyFarmNH 15/

brush hogged the orchard this morning
@LibertyFarmNH 16/

spinning 45° to my left, more fruit trees
@LibertyFarmNH 17/

The big project of the last week was getting three dumptruck loads of fill dirt to fill in a bunch of potholes, cover over tree stumps, smooth the terrain, and bury two old concrete foundations (small garages from c. 1920, is my guess).

Mouth of driveway facing orchard (W)
@LibertyFarmNH 18/

Spinning 45° left (SW)
@LibertyFarmNH 19/

Spinning a final 45° left (S)
@LibertyFarmNH 20/

The plan is to cover all of this fill dirt with an inch or two of either topsoil or maybe just woodchips that I let rot into topsoil, then plant some cover. This will all get fenced in (with orchard) and we'll let sheep graze under fruit trees and rest in the small copse.
@LibertyFarmNH one pix of the dirt fill project, augmented with an outline of where the foundation was (well...still is!)

ground sloped down and away from it to the right, so I could either cut down all the trees that had already grown through cracks in the concrete ... or just raise ground
@LibertyFarmNH 22/

the other foundation
@LibertyFarmNH 23/


(red is foundations, yellow is fill dirt, green is my location while taking pictures)
@LibertyFarmNH 24/

I enjoy looking at them.

If I get out in time to harvest seeds, great!

If not, hurray for the birds.

@LibertyFarmNH 25/

Never too late. I moved to the farm when I was 42 or 43 I think.

@LibertyFarmNH 26/

Define "working out" ?

Do we enjoy living on the farm? Hell yeah.

Is it easy? No.

Is it cheap? No.

Is it profitable? We don't even aim for that / we don't sell anything, so N/A.

Are we prepared for WW III / Zombie apocalypse? Not 100%

@LibertyFarmNH 27/

oh, also...

remember "the hatch" from Lost?

@LibertyFarmNH 28/

I'm joking. It's a capped off "dug" well.

I.e. presumable 25 or 30 feet deep, and giving access to near-surface ground water.

Considered unsanitary in CURRENT YEAR bc surface contamination (animal feces, spilled gasoline, road runoff) can reach that depth.

However >>>
@LibertyFarmNH 29/

in a SHTF scenario, it'd be nice to have access to that. With tractor running, it'd be a simple matter to lift concrete cap off with a chain and the bucket.

In a DEEP TEOTWAWKI scenario, I suppose a lashed tripod and a chain hoist could get the job done
@LibertyFarmNH 30/

LOL, derp, my bad!

Compost aeration tubes literally got installed in pile 2 days ago.

Zero data.

Will know next spring.

@LibertyFarmNH 31/

Well, yes, I've thought of this.


"just do 16 hrs labor and spend $1,000 on a pump and solar cells and piping and electrical and and and..."

conflicts with

"need to weld the brushhog and fence in the orchard and build shelves and and and..."

@LibertyFarmNH 32/

Given that I already have a well, and a street power, and battery backup power, and a tractor with a PTO generator, and 10 g diesel on hand to fuel it, and 250 gal heating oil (which the tractor can burn), and and and and, this "fully equip a second well" is not in top 10
@LibertyFarmNH 33/

Also, how much work should I do to further optimize for the 1 in 1,000 scenario, vs work to optimize for the 999 in 1,000 scenario.

I.e. building bookshelves, on average, helps me more.
@LibertyFarmNH 34/

How exactly does equipping a second well and using that to water my garden save me money over ... using my first well to water the garden?


Have you owned goats?

I have.

How, exactly, are goats going to weed AROUND and BETWEEN my pumpkin plants?

How, exactly, do I stop them from eating and/or trampling the pumpkins?

How do I keep them from wandering off?


I !@#-ing hate the phenomena of third hand received wisdom internet prepper / farmer / back-to-the-landers.

Hoes exist for a reason, and it's not that 19th c. (and 2nd c.!) farmers didn't know of the existence of goats.

Different tools for different jobs.
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