Americans are once again allowing the Republican and Democrat party divide us over race, when in fact race is not the issue! Please look at the foreign policies these woman support, and the policies they do not support! This is not about race & we must address the real issues!
@AyannaPressley, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC.

I ask for Americans to please look at the human policies these woman are addressing. I ask Americans to actually research the US Foreign Policy that causes massive Refugees and Endless War.
I ask Americans to look at who is funding the election campaigns of their representatives. I ask Americans to question why we are continously at war, when it does not benefit the United States! I ask Americans to research the foreign influence that controls US policy!
I ask Americans to question why our representatives are writing Unconstitutional Laws against American Citizens. I ask Americans to question why our Constitution right to boycott & peacefully protest are being infringed upon.

Why is the US government overthrowing sovereignty!
I ask Americans to show their support for these brave and courageous women who are exposing the truth about the corruption in the United States, and the US policy of oppression & endless war.
@RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC, @AyannaPressley
If you truly want to support them then support their voices! Support bringing these policies to light! Support the truth! Do not allow them to divide us by race! This tactic has been used for generations to divide us and to silence the policies they are trying to bring to light
#Trump wants to silence
@AyannaPressley, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC by calling them Anti-American. I believe it is important to identify what it is to be an American Patriot and what it is to be a traitor to the American people and the US Constitution.
The current United States #Potus when he campaigned for election in 2016. What happens when Sheldon #Adelson funds your campain.

#Rubio was funded by Adelsons money and eventually so was #Trump & the Republican Party.

Who is running the United States Presidency & Congress?
Adelson was one of the biggest donors to Trumps presidential campain. Adelsons company saved 670 million dollars from the massive republican tax break. Adelson did not support the Iran deal and wanted the US embassy moved to Jerusalem. Trump gave Adelson exactly what he wanted.
Adelson has a direct line to #potus!

Adelson has private in-person meetings & phone conversations about once a month with #Trump!

Adelson used his access to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and cut aid to Palestinians.…
A Jewish Billionaire and I believe dual citizen has donated over $100 million to the #GOP / #Republican Party campaigns. The Guardian reports Sheldon and Miriam Adelson donated a total $113 million in the 2018 midterm elections!…
#Trump - "I don't know about the United States I think we are doing well but I can run for the Prime Minister of Israel that's what they tell me I think I'm at 90, I think I'm at 98% in Israel

You better be careful I will leave here and I'll go running to Israel."
@Ilhan is working for the Americans in her district, and towards the policies that they elected her for!

This video speaks for itself. Multiple times Congresswoman Omar has spoken up for Jews but she has also spoken up for the Palestinians and against the crimes of Israel!
Trump is attacking @Ilhan not for the color of her skin but for standing with the American people & putting their needs before the needs of Apartheid Israel! This is exactly what a representative is supose to do!

Trump is attacking her to silence & distract from the TRUTH!
Trump is breaking International law for Netanyahu, Adelson, and the Zionist Lobby - a foreign regime. By disregarding International Law Trump is making a mockery of the United States to benefit Israel.

This only hurts the US and puts the security of Americans at risk!
#Trump - "I said, Fellows, do me a favour. Give me a little history, quick. Want to go fast. I got a lot of things I’m working on: China, North Korea. Give me a quickie.”
“How do you like the idea of me recognising exactly what we’re discussing?”
“I went – Bing! – it was done.
Trump discussed this with only US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman (Dual Citizenship), and his son-in-lawJared Kushner (An Orthodox Jew, Mr. Kushner was instructed to protect Israel, remember the genocide and assure the survival of the Jewish people - those close to him say.)
Trump also did this as another favor to #Netanyahu & his mega donor Sheldon #Adelson. It appears to me the only policy Trump has focused on during his presidency are those for Israel & the Zionist Ideology.

Trump is putting a foreign regime before the US…
As the United States president, Trump should be concerned with doing what is best for the US and the American people. Instead of working for Americans, Trump is taking orders from Adelson and Netanyahu.…
"Thank you, my dear friend, #US President Donald Trump, for having decided to declare #Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization," Netanyahu said

"Thank you for responding to another important request of mine,” he added.…
Unclasified US documents prove the US representatives started the war in Syria for Israel & Iran in not a threat!

"What Israel military leaders really worry about -- but cannot talk about is loosing their nuclear monopoly!…
Who else besides Trump and the Republican Party have been attacking @Ilhan, @RashidaTlaib, @AOC, @AyannaPressley? Oh, yes that would be Pelosi and members of the Democratic Party! The party that cheated Bernie out of the 2016 nomination and more than likely the presidency!
Both Trump, Pelosi, and other congressional Democrats are in agreement: the Freshman Four don’t know their place, that they’re loud & wrong.
Why are #TheSquad riddled with condescension and depreciation from within the Democratic party & chauvinism & death threats outside of it?
“Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power,” Pelosi tweeted
So why have centeralist Democrats been belittling #TheSqaud?

Maybe, we do not have two political parties but a corrupt Congress with both sides being funded by a foreign regime!…
Major Democratic Party funder & pro-Israel advocate Haim Saban watched as Pelosi stated; If this capital crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid–and I don’t even call it aid–our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are
How could a US politicians get away with making this statement? Seriously, if the US crumbles, American citizens will be fighting for their own survival & Pelosi believes we should continue giving US tax dollars to Israel instead of taking care of American citizens!
Billionaire Haim Saban has donated millions of dollars to Democrats & pro-Israel efforts.

Of the $361 million Democratic politicians & liberal causes received in 2018, 76% came from Jewish givers although they make up only 2.2% of Americas population.…
You must ask yourself why is @Ilhan being attacked from both the GOP & the DNC? If representatives Omar would have made the following claim about Russia or Putin, would they be attacking her? Absolutely not, the democrats would be encouraging her!

@Ilhan apologized for her tweet & deleted it, but in her apology she added that she was not backing down on the “problematic role of lobbyists in our politics.”

Americans have to researched who is financing their representatives! It is our duty as Americans to ensure foreign & monetary influence is not controlling our policies! WE HAVE FAILED!

If you read this article, you can not truthfully say @Ilhan was wrong…
People...sorry. I am trying to multi-task and not paying attention 😉
Haim Saban a dual US / Israeli citizens and major donor to the Democratic Party made this statement - "We love all 23 candidates. No, minus one. I profoundly dislike Bernie Sanders, and you can write it. So, 22 are great. One is a disaster zone."…
The DNC cheated #Bernie out of the 2016 nomination. Have you ask yourself, why? Bernie was a better candidate to beat Trump!

In court documents DNC Lawyers argue that primary rigging Is protected by the first amendment!

#Fraud 💰💵 #NoDNCRigging2020…
Americans have resources available to them to see who is contributing to their representatives. Please look at who is being funded almost entirely by Pro-Israel Lobbyists and then look at their voting record & bills they sponsor. *See the connection…
The Republican & Democrat parties are being funded by Pro-Israel Lobbyists. This is the United States of America, it is not Israel! This is why it makes no difference if the Republicans or Democrats are the majority in Congress and hold the presidency!

⬇️ ⬇️Nothing Changes⬇️⬇️
The Midterm Elections Scoreboard shows that Israel partisans have dominated Congress over the past 10 years (🤔 so has endless war & illegal coups). American voters have been clear that they want to #MAGA, they want our politicians to put #AmericaFirst & to fix our country!
The scoreboard presents 29 bills & resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel, some openly drafted by *AIPAC*!

Foreign Lobbyists writing US law!
It is time we told the lobbyists to go back to their country & lobby their politicians not ours!…
This is the United States president at a #Trump Rally where his followers chant #SendHerBack! Trump is risking the security and life (@Ilhan has received death threats) of a US Congress woman to try and cover the influence the Israel lobby has over the United States government!
"#DOJ orders #AZC - APAIC to register under #FARA "..receipt of such funds from the #American Section of the Jewish Agency for #Israel CONSTITUTES THE COUNCIL AN AGENT OF FOREIGN PRINCIPAL...the Council's REGISTRATION is REQUESTED."

The #Kennedy Administration required and DEMANDED the AZC - AIPAC to register as a #ForeignAgent! AZC, the Israel Lobby, fought Kennedy for months but he refused to back down.

Unfortunately, Kennedy was assassinated, corruption took over & The Jewish Lobby never registered!
#Trump is trying to paint a portrait of #TheSqad, @Ilhan, @AOC @RashidaTlaib, @AyannaPressley, as being Anti-American because of the policies they support & because they do not offer unquestionable support for Israel!
🤔 Think about this...these are American reps not Israeli reps
In January of 2019, the US government was shut down. The first bill on the Senate floor was not a bill to reopen the government, it was not even a bill to address the many problems America is facing. Instead it was a bill pushed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
The Senate passed #S1 a bill for Israel that violates the US Constitution, the Rights of Americans & breaks US law!

This is what I consider to be Anti-American! A US representatives that votes to violate the US Constitution is a traitor to their country!…
The Senate passed the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, which includes combating BDS! The US Constitution gives Americans the right to peacefully protest!

Our representatives swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution!…
This law would even require students who want to judge high school debate tournaments — to certify that they are not participating in politically-motivated boycotts against Israel.

Why are Americans not protesting these traitorous acts against our Constitutional Rights?
@Ilhan introduced a bill to protect the right of Americans!

H.Res.496 Affirming that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution…
@Ilhan is being attacked by president #Trump & many #Republicans as well as #Democrats because she is standing up for the #US #CONSTITUTION!

Please show your support for the #UnitedStates & the #Constitution by supporting this bill!

Text: H.Res.496 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)
@Ilhan is being attacked by president #Trump & many #Republicans as well as #Democrats because she is standing up for the #US #CONSTITUTION!

Please show your support for the #UnitedStates & the #Constitution by supporting this bill!

Text: H.Res.496 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)
Please read the following comments from the US President.

The Trump administration is working on behalf of Israel not the America people! When Trump attacks @Ilhan as Anti-American I must ask, why is no one attacking Trump who is clearly comprised!

The House of Representatives and the Senate are passing Anti-American Legislation on behalf of the Israel Jewish Lobby, against American Citizens!

This is what Anti-American Legislation looks like ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️…
What is included in the #IsraelFirst #AntiAmerican Legislation, let's have a look...

"The $38 billion package amounts to $7,230 per minute to Israel, or $120 per second. And that’s before Israel advocates and ambitious politicians in our own country push it even higher."
"Passed by the House of Representatives on September 12, 2018, the United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 effectively rolls back every limitation that President Obama placed on the amount of aid we give to Israel."
"Most dramatically, this new act would eviscerate the ability of President Trump and his successors for the next ten years to withhold United States aid (#American #TaxDollars) to Israel."
"In an unprecedented gift of our executive power to Israel, the House has passed for the very first time a law that forces the American president to give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion per year. We have in effect, crippled our ability to promote US interests in the Middle East"
"Without a cap, and with incessant lobbying by Israel and her proxies in the United States, the amount we give could conceivably double over the next 10 years. This is a huge coup for Prime Minister Netanyahu and quite a slap in the face to the Obama administration."
"Section 106 will increase Israel’s access to a war-reserve stockpile by completely removing the limits on how many precision guided missiles we can give Israel. The existing law set a maximum of $200 million worth of arms from the stockpile per year,"
"Israel can export U.S. arms

Section 108 of the Act authorizes Israel to export arms it receives from the U.S., even though this violates U.S. law."
"The House version deleted that requirement, and simply orders the American President to grant Israel the privilege. In fact, Israel is ineligible, having repeatedly made unauthorized sales in violation of this Act."
"The Export Act further forbids granting such an exemption to any country that is in violation of International Nuclear Non-proliferation Agreement, which Israel has refused to sign. Israel is known to be in possession of nuclear weapons, and hence in violation and ineligible"
Section 201 orders NASA to work with the Israel Space Agency, even though an Israeli space official has been accused of illegally obtaining classified scientific technology from a NASA research project."
"U.S. agencies periodically name Israel as a top espionage threat against the United States. The section also states that United States Agency for International Development (USAID) must partner with Israel in “a wide variety of sectors,"
"Including energy, agriculture and food security, democracy, human rights and governance, economic growth and trade, education, environment, global health, and water and sanitation.”
"Israel eludes usual military aid requirement

All countries except Israel are required to spend US military aid on American goods. This ensures that the American economy benefits to some degree from these massive gifts."
"In the past, Israel has spent 40 percent of U.S. aidon Israeli companies, at the expense of U.S. industry. Under Obama’s 2016 MOU, this percentage was to be decreased over the 10-year span, and eventually Israel’s unique right not to spend use U.S. military aid"
"to purchase items from American companies was to be ended.
The new Act #eliminates this requirement, putting Israeli economic interests before our own."
"Netanyahu has demonstrated to the world that Israel can continue to act contrary to US interests and still manage to get ever more military aid and greater concessions, greater access to U.S. secrets and technology, and greater control of U.S. foreign policy."
Americans have to stop letting our enemies divide us! It is time Americans unite together against the foreign occupation that has taken over American policies!
Donald #Trump as a candidate and a citizen spoke up many, many, times about the terrible policies of the US government & also just insulting the gov. It is not America @potus is defending, he is trying to silence criticism of apartheid Israel!

Trump's comment against #TheSquad, "I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said."

#Trumps comments about the #UnitedStates government ⬇️⬇️
Apparently, Trump is fine with talking about America but he doesn't want anyone to address the unconstitutional bills for Israel or Americans constitutional right to boycott.

Who is Anti-American?

#Trumps comments about the #UnitedStates government ⬇️⬇️
.@Ilhan - True patriotism is not about blindly supporting a single Administration.

True patriotism is about fighting for our country and its dignity.

True patriotism means making sure people of our country and our Constitution are uplifted and protected

Every single #American had a duty to stand up to protect this country, the #US #Constitution and a moral obligation to protect #humanity from the evilness of our greedy representatives. 

#Please watch the this eye opening - very important interview!

Every US representatives including the @potus should be very concerned when foreign regimes influence American politics. When
Al Jazeera did an undercover documentary showing how Israel influences US policies, Trump went to incredible efforts to suppress it.
After, Al Jazeera realeased the undercover documentary showing how the Israel lobby penetrates all levels of British democracy, a diplomatic crisis suddenly centered around Americas ally #Qatar.…
A list of demands were made for #Qatar by Trump and the Saudi Regime, which including shutting down the privately funded media network #AlJazeera along with cutting all ties with #Iran.

AlJazerra never released the undercover documentary, for the US.…
Against the wishes of the US Defence Secretary, James Mattis, and the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, #Trump supported a #Saudi led blockade of Qatar along with a Saudi led attack against #Qatar!

#Trumps remarks came as a shock to #Qatar, considering they house 10,000 #USTroops and are a #UnitedStates ally.

#SaudiArabia had been fighting claims in #Washington that #Riyadh was the chief sponsor of #terrorism, so #Trump also aided in distracting from Salman terrorism. 🤔
Trump supported a #Saudi led invasion of #Qatar while #USTroops were stationed there to prevent The Israel Lobby in the US documentary from being released! The #US president was willing to risk the lives of American Soldiers to cover up the foreign influence in American politics!
#Trump supported #RegimeChange against a US ally, and also supported making #SaudiArabia who funds #AlQaeda & commits massive human rights violations the principle power in the region, if Qatar did not shut down AlJazerra!…
I urge all #Americans to please watch the undercover documentary that the Israel Lobby, Trump, and the majority of Congress don't want you to see!

The Israel Lobby in the #US Part 1

I urge all #Americans to please watch the undercover documentary that the Israel Lobby, Trump, and the majority of Congress don't want you to see!

The Israel Lobby in the #US Part 2

I urge all #Americans to please watch the undercover documentary that the Israel Lobby, Trump, and the majority of Congress don't want you to see!

The Israel Lobby in the #US Part 3

I urge all #Americans to please watch the undercover documentary that the Israel Lobby, Trump, and the majority of Congress don't want you to see!

The Israel Lobby in the #US Part 4

There have been many American Patriots who have tried to warn us about Israels influence in US politics. Unfortunately due to the massive corruption in the United States and the Jewish owned Mainstream Media, Americans continue to be in the dark.…
Michael Scheuer - 22 CIA Veteran who headed the Osama Bin Laden Unit.

“The decisions are going to be made by Congress and the President . . . and the people who pay them off, the Israelis, the American Jewish community.” - #Scheuer
"In the long run both #Israel and the #Saudis are much more dangerous to the #UnitedStates than the #Iranians"

"Congress is owned by the Israelis and Saudi is very influential"

Every American should take a moment to watch Michael Scheuer a Veteran CIA officer of 22 years that headed the Osama bin Laden Unit speak the truth!

#Scheuer October 14, 2011 on Fox Business.

"The performance of the FBI and the DOJ in the error of terrorism has been pretty pathetic over the years. It turns out to be another sting Judge. This is another, another counter terrorism operation that lured someone into running it ..."

This is basically a claim by the Federal government that protected us from harm that was never really there and never really threaten us to begin with."
#Scheuer "The only people that would benefit from that would be Israelis and the Saudis and I think if I was looking at a counter intelligence operation to decide where this information came from I would be very interested to see if I could find an Israeli hand or a Saudi hand."
"In the long run both #Israel and the #Saudis are much more dangerous to the #UnitedStates than the #Iranians"

"Congress is owned by the Israelis and Saudi is very influential to Congress."
#Scheuer - 2011
"American lead west attacking a Muslim country that has oil." Both parties love to intervene in other peoples business where there are no US interests at stake and we spend an enormous amount of money at a time when we're nearly bankrupt"…
#Scheuer 22 year CIA Veteran who headed the Osama Bin Laden unit speaks about #Iran & #Israel

Video recorded during the Obama Administration, I believe in 2011

Scheuer - "At least in the Unites States were pretty helpless. If the Israelis attack Iran the power of AIPAC and the lobby here.. they own the Congress will uh..will lead to our support for whatever the Israelis do I think.
"In an odd way Lou it doesn't matter whether we approve what the #Iranians do or what the #Israelis do to #Iran or not. Because in the #Muslim world both Shia's and Sunnis will regard an Israeli attack on Iran as being sanctioned and supported by the United States even if we .."
"..claim to the contrary."

"So #Americans on the verge of another #war no one needs and a war that will, can't be won by airpower alone"

"It's really a gaping hole, we are looking into that's a very dark place."
"Within the #UnitedStates, within #Canada, within #Mexico, within the #Caribbean area the #Iranins have an intelligence and terror apparatus that's perfectly capable of exacting revenge for them here at home."

"Much more than #Saddam, much more than #AlQaeda, ALTHOUGH THEY WONT USE IT unless they're attacked....."
2013 #Scheuer, speaks with Lou Dobbs about the growing threat in the Middle East, and how Israel will involve the #US in a conflict with #Iran. A #War #Congress will involve #America in because they are owned by The #Lobby!

#Scheuer in 2005
"Unfortunately, the American democracy is not functioning as well as it should. Our government is very prone to being pressured by foreign governments. But certainly the one issue that cannot be discussed in America is the relationship with Israel."
#Scheuer 2005 cont.

"That's, as Mr. Bin Laden or Mr. Khaled Al-Sheik Muhammad would say, that's a martyrdom operation for any American politician."

"It would be the end of his career if he questions the relationship with Israel."…
Mike Scheuer criticizes the administration for Iraq war & losing focus on Al Qaeda. On this day, November 12, 2004 #Scheuer resigns from the CIA after 22 years of service due to what I can only perceive as the corruption of Israeli influence in the US.…
Paul #Findley, served as a US representative from Illinois from 1960 to 1982. He is the author of Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the U.S.' Israeli Relationship, Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam, and They Dare to Speak Out.
Influence of Pro-Israel Groups

Former Representative Paul #Findley made opening remarks at a summit critical of the US.-Israel relationship. Representatives #McKinney .@cynthiamckinney also contributed a pre-recorded video.

I highly recommend watching…
#McKinney @cynthiamckinney

Every #US Candidate for Congress at that time was given a pledge to sign by the Israel lobby, stating Jerusalem is the capital of Israel & that they would support the military superiority of Israel!

Full video available at ⬇️
American Patriot James #Traficant Jr. RIP was a Democratic, and later independent, politician and member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio.

In an Interview in 2009, Traficant sets Hannity straight on the influence of the Israel Lobby in America.
Listen as Hannity spews nonsense to try and silence an American Patriot #Tranficant. This is US propaganda at work!

Americas unquestionable support for Israel and the US role in the death of innocent woman & children were the motivating factors of the #September11th terrorist.
Fox News & Hannity attempt to discredit an American Patriot. Traficant had the courage to stand up to the Israel Lobby & he never backed down even when the US courts turned on him.

''All of Ohio and America knows I've been railroaded,''
When president George HW Bush tried to take on the Israel lobby it caused pro-Israel voters and campaign donors (The Lobby), as well as many in the MEDIA or Fake News, to oppose him.…
The Times of Israel reports: “The 41st president beat AIPAC, but lost 24% of his Jewish backing after confronting Israel over the settlements; it’s a lesson US leaders since have taken to heart.”

They would rather sell out America then lose funding!…
Bush to reporters: “I heard today there was something like 1,000 lobbyists on the Hill working on the other side of the question. We've got one lonely little guy down here doing it."

The US president drew laughter from reporters, it is unfortunate he was unable to gain support!

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