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*Mega Thread* containing over 125 elected antisemitic @uklabour officials

Labour was an anti-racist political party but then @jeremycorbyn became leader with his garbled world view of Israel, and like many of his fans, he can't differentiate from anti-Israel views & antisemitism
1: People like ALAN BULL a Holocaust denier were protected by @jeremycorbyn's inner circle because they thought he might stand a chance of winning a marginal seat

NB: his partner is now a councillor in Peterborough
2: ALAN MYERS @Uklabour council candidate was suspended for stating:"if you say anything against them they cry antisemitism & harp back to the holocaust to curry sympathy"

Has he been expelled from Labour for this form of Holocaust revisionism? Who knows? thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/15250825.…
3: @Afzal4Gorton a @uklabour MEP and now the MP for Manchester Gorton, compared "Israel to Nazis".

He called our Holocaust surviving family 'Nazis' because they fled to Israel the only country that would take them. 🤢

No disciplinary action was taken telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/1…
4: LORD AHMED, blamed a "Jewish Conspiracy" for his imprisonment for a fatal motorway crash. Ahmed resigned from @UKLabour but remains a Peer. thetimes.co.uk/article/muslim…
5: ALI MILANI a Councillor and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate thinks "Jews are stingy" This was OK for @UKLabour who let him off. He is now being heavily promoted by @UKLabour leadership, as he is standing against @BorisJohnson
6: ALISON GOVE-HUMPRIES shared this post when she was a candidate for @UKLabour in Birmingham, claiming that "Israel was linked to ISIS".

She was deselected, but, has she been expelled? jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/corbyn-support…
7: Cllr ANDREW SLACK was let off by @UKLabour for saying "Israel was created by the Rothschilds & what they are doing to the Palestinian people now is EXACTLY what they intend for the world” with a caricature of a "hook-nosed Jew" his hands soaked in blood.antisemitism.uk/labour-refuses…
We'll be adding to this thread on a daily basis for the next few weeks, stay tuned! We might even release information on @uklabour elected officials you've not heard of yet.
8: ANNE HASAN featured on the military wing of Hamas' website. But, still @UKLabour felt she was suitable to represent them as a Councillor.

She said this about Jews “The final solution, Hitler’s bastard sons have come of age” buzzfeed.com/hannahalothman…
9: Cllr AYFER ORHAN had the whip withdrawn after retweeting a message from the account 'Partisan Girl' claiming Israel backs Al Qaeda and Isis.

Orhan was suspended and quickly reinstated when @UKLabour thought no one was looking & without an investigation.jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/enfield-labour…
10: ADAM KRUPA from Leicestershire quit his candidacy after saying that @margarethodge should pack her bags, (presumably from the UK) for complaining about #LabourAntisemitism leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-new…
11: ALEXANDRINA BRAITHWAITE was a council candidate in Brighton, she believes:

*The media is controlled by Israel
*Nazi Rothschild’s conspiracy theories
*Calls Israel "IsrHell"

She is currently suspended by @UKLabour
12: AYSEGUL GURBUZ a @UKLabour Councillor in Luton praised Hitler as "the greatest man in history" and thinks "it's disgusting how much power the Jews have in the US" #LabourAntisemitism independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…
13: ALEX NUNNS is @jeremycorbyn's speechwriter, he posted on @facebook accusing Israel of exploiting the Holocaust & provoking antisemitism

As we write no action has been taken against him. #LabourAntisemitism

@jeremycorbyn @facebook Having just spent an hour trying to get @Twitter new interface to work on threads, we have given up for today. More tomorrow.
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter 14:BEINAZIR LASHARIE posted a video entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” commenting: “Many people know about who was behind 9/11 & also who is behind ISIS

She got no penalty from @UKLabour quite the opposite she was promoted to Dep Mayor.antisemitism.uk/beinazir-lasha…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour 15: Cllr BEN LLOYD-SHOGBESAN @UKLabour
shared antisemitism on SM, a positive post about late Libyan leader Col Gaddafi and another implying "same-sex marriage was a perversion".

He was let off by the Labour Party bbc.com/news/amp/uk-en…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour 16:Council candidate BILLY WELLS shared a post saying:“Don’t give your soul energy to the parasitical Rothschild-Zion-Jesuit-Vati-lunatic nonce controllers..."

He was given training by @uklabour & has since carried out a campaign of harassment against us.antisemitism.uk/labour-selects…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour 17: CAROL WILCOX a @PeoplesMomentum backed candidate for @UKLabour posted suggesting that Zionists are not “real Jews” & compared Israel’s actions to those of Nazi Germany.

It is unknown if Carol faced any penalty from Labour.theredroar.com/2018/08/anothe…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum 18: CAROLINE KOLEK @UKLabour Mayor & parliamentary candidate in Tiverton & Honiton, claimed Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi was "buying oil from ISIS to sell to Israel", and that "Israel was behind The Sun newspaper’s push for UK military action in Syria"

@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum 19: CATHERINE HIGGINS Co Chair of Wythenshaw and Sale East CLP. She is one of the biggest conspiracy theorists we've ever seen. @hurryupharry profiled her when she stood for Galloway's party. How she ever managed to enter @UKLabour is anyone's guess. hurryupharry.org/2012/10/30/cat…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum @hurryupharry 20: Charley Allen, who likes to call Jews "Zio" is was a candidate in Crouch End (and lost a safe Labour seat). Despite being reported to @uklabour numerous times, once for defending Hamas, they have done nothing. jewknowblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/02/its…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum @hurryupharry 21: Cllr CHERYL RAYNOR, from Wyre in Lancashire, was let off charges of antisemitism by @uklabour after sharing this cartoon by a Holocaust Denier on FB (and a lot of other racist comments). dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
@jeremycorbyn @facebook @Twitter @UKLabour @PeoplesMomentum @hurryupharry 22: Lovejoy actor & @UKLabour council candidate
CHRIS JURY, promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories, suggesting the Israeli Embassy was helping the “right-wing” of the party to attack the Labour leadership.
#LabourAntisemitism dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
23: MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON, will travel the length of the country to support antisemites. Williamson described antisemitism within @UKLabour as “proxy wars and bulls***” and suggested that @uklabour had been too apologetic for antisemitism. jewknowblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/cor…
@UKLabour 24: COLIN O'DRISCOLL Co-Chair @labourint

- RT’d a conspiracy about the “Jewish Lobby”
- Accused @BoardofDeputies of being Tories faking AS
- Won’t report AS even if he sees it
- Conflated Israel with the EDL
- Donated to a crowdfund to sue @LabourAgainstAS (which was removed)
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS 25: DAMIEN ENTICOTT a councillor from Bognor, used this picture to illustrate his belief that “Hitler had a point” & Zionists (read Jews) should be “put in concentration camps”. Which party did he represent?
@UKLabour portsmouth.co.uk/news/crime/cou…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS 26: DANI PASSMORE @uklabour council candidate in Devon shared an antisemitic conspiracy theory around the supposed Rothschild financing of the Nazis, he also claimed Israel "destroyed Palestine" and then "were behind 9/11 and the resulting wars". thejc.com/news/uk-news/l…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS 27: DAVID ARIS SUTTON, a council candidate in Derbyshire was suspended from @UKLabour after we passed these repulsive tweets to @thetimes jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/parish-council…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes 28: In a tweet responding to concerns raised by Wes Streeting about voters being put off @Uklabour by claims of antisemitism, DAVID SHEARD, deputy leader of Kirklees Council, retorted: “Jewish organisations run a concerted campaign against @jeremycorbyn" kurio.id/app/articles/1…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn 29: DAVID WANGUSI MASINDA South East regional board of @UKLabour likes to racially profile Jews and is ever so obsessive about the Rothschilds.

Has he been expelled? Who knows. #LabourAntisemitism
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn 30: DEBORAH GOLDING is one of the WORST cases of #LabourAntisemitism we have ever come across, she was a Councillor in Norfolk & she's a Holocaust denier.

Like many @jeremycorbyn fans, she pretends to be Jewish to excuse her antisemitism. #LabourAntisemitism
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn 31: DENNIS WILSON used to be on the Executive Council of @unitetheunion (he may still be). He’s apparently close to the leadership of Unite

He’s a member of @uklabour & an antisemite conspiracy theorist, using Palestine as cover for his racism.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion 32: DENISE ADDISON @UKLabour candidate for Longbeck shared the same antisemitic mural, that @jeremycorbyn supported, in the full knowledge that it was antisemitic. It would seem that she didn't care that it was racist.

Has she been expelled? thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/17505811.…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion 33: DIANA DAVEY a @ukabour candidate in Devon thinks:

* The U.K. is almost completed infected by Zionist Rothschilds Propaganda
* Uses repulsive memes, reworked from actual Nazi Propaganda.
*The Rothschilds and the Illuminati are controlling Brexit
* Israelis are Nazis
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion 34: Dilys Hadley another @UKLabour candidate from Devon believes:

*Israel is covertly fueling claims of antisemitism
*Good "Jews" are anti-Zionists
*Shares fake news about Israel
*Shares Neo-Nazi Website Rense.com to racially profile Jews
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion 35: Cllr DIPU AHAD voted against permission for a new
@marksandspencer because M&S is "Zionists who kill Palestinians". Dipu is unpleasant, he apparently hounded out the Jewish members of the Holocaust Memorial Day org.

No action was taken by @UKLabour chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-eas…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer 36: DORIAN BARTLEY A Diversity Officer @UKLabour

A "diversity officer" used this meme as his @facebook profile & no one from @UKLabour objected?

Has he been expelled? dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook 37: ELAINE LIGHTFOOT @ukabour council candidate shared a post online that compared Jewish MP
@margarethodge to Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister. Has she been expelled? telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 38: ELEANOR TRISTRAM a candidate for Stafford Borough Council, shared a claim on Facebook that the Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth was funded by the ‘Israel lobby’ and also described the Labour anti-Semitism crisis as a ‘smear’ organised by “pro-Israel Labour MPs”. kurio.id/app/articles/1…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 39: FRANCES NAGGS was selected as a @UKLabour candidate in Staffordshire Moorlands. Frances said Jewish protest against antisemitism was work of ‘powerful special interest group’.

Frances has gone on to threaten legal action against us for reporting this. independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 40: GEORGE MCMANUS - who served on the
@UKLabour National Policy Forum wrote on Facebook: “Apparently Electoral Commission states that Watson received £50,000+ from Jewish donors. At least Judas only got 30 pieces of silver.”

He was let off by Labour. hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 41: HARRY VIRCO, candidate for Fylde council in Lancashire, wrote on Twitter last year: “Has Israel & the Jewish people learned nothing from their persecution under Hitler? Yes they have! They now know how to persecute other people & especially children.” thetimes.co.uk/article/3b89a8…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 42: HELEN “Nelly Jane Lotus" is the Women's officer of S Wilts @UKLabour She’s fond of sharing Icke conspiracy theories & even attending his events.

She also believes that Jews have no right to live in Israel. She shares these views widely on FB no one from Labour objects.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 43: Cllr ILYAS AZIZ urged Jews to “stop drinking Gaza’s blood,”. He has also compared the actions of Israelis towards the Palestinians to the actions of Nazis & said Jews in the Middle East could move to the U.S.

No action was taken by @uklabour jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/ilyas-aziz-rea…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 44: Former Mayor of Shrewsbury Cllr IOAN GRUFFYDD JONES, shared (link: Smoloko.com) Smoloko.com a far-right white supremacist antisemitic propaganda website on Facebook, among other unpleasant posts.

Has he been removed from @uklabour?
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 45: Cllr IRFAN MOHAMMED shared a post claiming Jews were warned to stay home on 9/11. He posted a video on FB claiming that Jews “received a text message before the incident “Do not come to work on Sep 11 & there are Israeli ties to the Sep 11 attacks” bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 46: IRFAN JAVED @UKLabour candidate in Woodfield in Stevenage. He has ranted on Facebook about “Jew propaganda” and commented: “I am just suspicious. This is what Jewish dominated western media usually does.” He has also compared Zionism to Nazism. order-order.com/2018/05/01/lab…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge 47: JACKIE WALKER Ex Vice-Chair of @PeoplesMomentum was expelled from @UKLabour but not after @JennieGenSec tried to save her.

Walker carries on her harassment and stalking of Jews on her @Jackiew80333500 twitter account.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 48: JACK CRITCHLOW, Chair of Torbay CLP & @uklabour candidate, said when suspended for antisemitism "I am the victim of Labour’s over-sensitive reaction to a situation that has needlessly got out of hand & of no relevance to the council election campaign."devonlive.com/news/suspended…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 49: Cllr JADE DOSWELL @Uklabour who represents Fallowfield in Manchester said that she was a “little bit sick in my mouth” at the sight of an Israeli flag.

No action was taken by Labour.

@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 51: JEAN THRITTLE a candidate for North Norfolk District Council shared a post which showed Israeli and Nazi flags side by side.

Amazingly the Chair of @nn_labour saw nothing wrong with this and said she was "entitled to her views"


@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour 53: JEFF DAVIS a @UKLabour candidate in the Wirral & a “good trade unionist” and antisemite:

Jeff shared posts stating:-

"Just listen to this conniving deceitful pair posing as a couple of poor persecuted Jews"

This is @MLewisLawyer who has had his life threatened!
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer 54: We exposed JEFFREY FROUD for vile antisemitic posts, was suspended from @uklabour but, still stood as a candidate. Hopefully, no one voted for him and he has been expelled from Labour.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer 55: JENNY JOY MATTHEWS was a @uklabour candidate in Derbyshire.

She is an antisemitic conspiracy theorist, who like
@jeremycorbyn sees the "hand of Israel" behind everything #LabourAntisemitism
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer 56: JENNY MANSON Chair of "Jewish" voice for @UKLabour
is a deceptive individual, she started to identify as Jewish in order to attack Israel & she compared IHRA antisemitism definition to controversial Section 28.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer 57: JENNY RATHBONE @WelshLabour AM was let off after saying Jews' security fears are "in their own heads" & suggesting that the Israeli government is interfering in UK politics?" bbc.com/news/uk-wales-…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour 58: JERRY GOULD a candidate for Brighton and Hove Council
was slammed for an ‘openly anti-Semitic’ letter he sent to colleagues in Brighton in which he branded Israel racist and praised the BNP. metro.co.uk/2018/09/25/bri…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour 59: JOHN CLARKE @UKLabour Cllr & PPC in Essex, berated Jewish victims of the holocaust, saying we should have "fought back" & the Rothschild's have "used usury as an imperial instrument to take over the world and all of its resources, including you and I” antisemitism.uk/racist-labours…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour 60: JOHN SHAW a @UKLabour political education officer made a sick jibe about cutting the throats of supporters of Israel & was let off by Labour.

Only when the Daily Mail got the story was he suspended, no one knows what has happened since. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour 61: JONATHAN ROSENHEAD leader of @jvoicelabour

✅Thinks modern-day Jews are "imposters from ‘Khazaria"
✅Blames Israel for the issues of antisemitism plaguing the Labour leadership.
✅said Zionists stopped Jews getting out of Germany. antisemitism.uk/appalling-clai…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar 66: KEITH KENDRICK another @UKLabour council candidate from Derbyshire thinks:
*"Zionists”(read Jews) are responsible for global terror attacks
*Zionists have a global agenda
*Jews are "Nazis"
*Zionists have caused antisemitism
*The Rothschilds control world media
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar 67: KEN LIVINGSTONE needs no introduction. Here is a thread about his past antisemitic comments. He also appeared on Iranian TV, where the host repeatedly claimed the "Holocaust has become an industry" (on Holocaust memorial day). @Uklabour let him resign.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour 71: LIAM MOORE a council candidate made comments such as “Rothschild's Zionists run Israel & world governments" &
@uklabour is "infiltrated by sellouts who would sacrifice a Labour gov for 30 pieces of silver.” He was backed by his local labour group liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour 72: LISA FORBES MP not only didn’t object to the statement “Isis was created by the CIA & Mossad” she actually said she enjoyed reading it!

Shamefully Lisa liked also a post saying “Mrs May has a Zionist Slave Master Agenda” @uklabour took no action
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour 73: Cllr LUKE CRESSWELL. Was reported to @UKLabour
for antisemitism, he was rewarded with a council seat. He tweeted a blood-drenched Israeli flag, captioned “Moses must be proud of you”. In another, he uses a cartoon to portray "Israelis as the new Nazis".telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour 74: MARK SERWOTKA leader of @pcs_union told a @The_TUC event that the Jewish state could have ‘created a story that does not exist’ in order to distract attention from ‘atrocities’. He was not sanctioned by @UKLabour, The TUC or the PCS. independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC 75: MAJID DAR is @UKLabour Cllr for Ancoats & Beswick, in Manchester. Majid:

🔴Likes posts that suggest that Zionists are the world's enemy.
🔴Leaves unmoderated posts on his Facebook wall which state "Kill all the Jews PERIOD"
🔴Compares Israelis to Nazis
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen 77:MARTIN BURKE @uklabour candidate said: “As Hitler sat down with popcorn, he asked his movie-going companion: Sweet or salty? All the same to me, came the answer from Balfour. They’ll never find out, surely, & I’m so glad that SM hasn’t been invented yet”thecomet.net/news/labour-no…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen 80: MARY STICKLEY was the Women’s officer @labourint
Instead of focusing on issues of importance to Women, Mary spends a lot of time comparing “Jews to Nazis” and stating that the Israel lobby are paying off @UKLabour Politicians.

She was let off by @JennieGenSec
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen 83: MEL MELVIN, was Women’s officer in Brighton @UKLabour

She tweeted "Sarin gassing was filmed by the BBC at Pinewood on the orders of Mrs May and the Israeli lobby". She apparently left the party, but, not after being supported by MP @lloyd_rm
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme 86: Cllr MIKE PEVITT said about a letter signed by Rabbis criticising @UKLabour over antiSemitism:

“Nobody bats an eyelid about mosques writing to Tories about Islamophobia but Labour get into the lead & Tories instruct their Jewish members to write in” manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-m…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme 89: Cllr MOHAMMED PAPPU shared messages on FB accusing Britain of attacking Syria 'to install a Rothschild bank' as well as sharing posts over the social media platform claiming that Israel had staged 9/11, the London bombings & Paris terrorist attacks. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme 90: @jenniegensec was FB friends with MUSABBIR ALI a campaign officer, who in 2016 was suspended from
@UKLabour for tweeting a link “Timeline of the Jewish Genocide of the British People” which accuses Jews of financing various bloody historical events. jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/musabbir-ali/
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme 91: MOHAMMED SHABBIR @UKLabour Councillor in Bradford claimed "Russian Orthodox Jews were involved in the sex trafficking trade — demand is particularly high among Charedim, the conservative Orthodox Jews, many of whom are regular clients of brothels…." timesofisrael.com/uk-labour-offi…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme 92: MURAD QURESHI @UKLabour candidate in the Euro Elections made a string of controversial comments inc attacking the “powerful pro-Israel lobby”, & re-tweeting a message which said “you can get away with offending anyone so long as they’re not Jewish”.thesun.co.uk/news/8939834/l…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO 94: @uklabour candidate in Belper, NEIL PLOWMAN was suspended from the party after sharing antisemitic posts.

Plowman says he was hacked, the number of Labour members who have been hacked after sharing antisemitic comments is astounding! derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-new…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO 101: PHILOMENA HEARN is a Cllr in Corwen @WelshLabour Who thinks:

“Marks (Jewish) & Spencer were set up by some of the Jewish persuasion..might explain their buying policy”

She’s an antisemite who shares David Icke conspiracy theories & Rothschilds tropes. #LabourAntisemitism
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO 103: REBECCA MASSEY former Chair of @UKLabour CLP in Brighton tweeted "Interesting insight into how Israel has Tory & Labour parties under control" & "How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party's anti-Semitism crisis".

She was let off by Labour. antisemitism.uk/just-another-d…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO 105: ROY SMART a council candidate, was posting antisemitism & Holocaust denial widely for years on Social Media, but, @UKLabour still selected him. We exposed him, only then was he deselected.

He has since been arrested and is under investigation by the police for hate speech.
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO @RachelRileyRR @Treat_Me_Gently @TweetForTheMany 114: SHAH HUSSAIN, a councillor in Burnley, directed a series of Twitter posts at Israeli soccer player Yossi Benayoun, calling him a “complete and utter plonker” and saying he and Israel were “doing the same thing that Hitler [sic] did to ur race in ww2.” bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
@UKLabour @LabourInt @BoardofDeputies @LabourAgainstAS @thetimes @jeremycorbyn @unitetheunion @marksandspencer @facebook @margarethodge @PeoplesMomentum @JennieGenSec @Jackiew80333500 @nn_labour @MLewisLawyer @WelshLabour @JVoiceLabour @LabourHighPeak @kate_linnegar @lewishamlabour @pcs_union @The_TUC @LabourSheffield @Danish_Karen @lloyd_rm @lfpme @TracyAnnO @RachelRileyRR @Treat_Me_Gently @TweetForTheMany @JohnMannMP @ColchesterLab @CamdenLabour 119: TERRY COUCHMAN was @UKLabour Councillor in Calne.

He thinks that "Jews wearing kippahs make the perfect target practice." Despite many complaints to @uklabour and the police, no one did anything about his violent tendencies & it took over 2 years for Labour to expel him.
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