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Ehen! Work don end for today so I have time now to put down some logical thoughts on the raging issues and all the plenty branding of names that has been going on for some time now. But I will first like to start with a bit of background issues predating the #NigeriaDecides2019
Perhaps at the end of this you will be left to think things through and then you’d understand why I have constantly advised that if you don’t know your enemy then don’t get into a fight with him or her. The truth is ; #AtikuIsNotComing and I will show you why 1/
Background: Let’s go back to the #PDPNationalConvention2018

On the surface we papered over the cracks of that convention that produced @atiku as its flagbearer. Remember the threats of “Move this convention from Port Harcourt and you will see what will happen” ? 2/
The schisms has gone full circle ⭕️ and up till that morning , of course @GovWike was still furious and embittered. He didn’t hide his choice of @AWTambuwal presidency. But @GovWike is just one man. There was also the Jigawa big man factor who had stood by the party in its 3/
dark days and had geared himself for the ticket. Overtures were made of course and @GovWike agreed and others in the overall interests of the party and its success at the coming polls, others also conceded reluctantly though. 4/
That convention was the beginning of our loss of the party’s strength and stranglehold in the South South Geo-Political zone. But @GovWike being a strong man he is , kept his cards close to his chest. If not he would have lost his re-election. 5/
Then the @SenatorAkpabio defection; it was a result of the mismanagement on the side of the party’s inability to manage the @MrUdomEmmanuel - @SenatorAkpabio issues that resulted in his defection. This also made it impossible for an @atiku sweep of the SS votes completely 6/
@atiku’s strategy for the elections was that he would have a clean sweep in the SS , SW, and SE and then take the battle to the NE , NW and NC and chip off major votes from @MBuhari but this strategy was prevaricated on mass anger of Nigerians due to hunger/poverty 7/
Bad strategy if you ask me. That it worked for @OfficialAPCNg in 2015 didn’t mean it would work in 2019 and these issues were raised but it was ignored. And then came the most important factor ; consultations! @atiku did not consult with SE leaders ( Politicians )8/
He went on ahead and picked a running mate. Yes we all love him and he’s a good politician but he conveniently forgot that he @atiku on 3 ocassions had offered @iamekweremadu the VP slot and he had asked him to hold on till when the time was right. 9/
Truth be told; No single governor from the SE supported @atiku wholly. I will give you a few pointers;

The @iamekweremadu factor ; even after @PeterObi had been picked by @atiku , not even a call was placed to @iamekweremadu to explain why the sudden change in choice 10/
It was @bukolasaraki that called @iamekweremadu to inform him of the latest developments. In fact , @iamekweremadu tried many times to speak to @atiku on phone and his calls were never answered. 11/
On one ocassions after many trials, an aide picked and said “HE says when he’s ready for you , he will call you” . They were not fazed until @iamekweremadu mobilized the SE governors to meet with @MBuhari and then @atiku decided to call @iamekweremadu . 12/
Remember that was when the rumors of a decamping plan by @iamekweremadu was flying about but it’s wasn’t true. Angry and disappointed but then he want going nowhere. And good enough he made it public. But he was angry still. 13/
There were lots of issues about returnees to the party but it was watered down and all seemed to be okay but people were still embittered. Then eyes waited on the campaign council positions. 14/
Then @bukolasaraki was announced as DG campaign council. Everybody relaxed a bit but as usual @atiku went ahead and formed his parallel campaign council and structure and while he left the former inadequately funded , he heavily funded his own structure. 15/
This in a way actually affected the @bukolasaraki campaign for his own re-election . He was busy doing everything possible to wrest power from the present day marauders @OfficialAPCNg for the PDP and it’s candidate and paid less attention to his own campaigns 16/
@atiku eventually realized his errors in the tail end of the campaign seasons and when the fundings started coming in , the monies went into private pockets of the “big boys”. The plenty stories of PVT etc were all smokescreen. 17/
It became a free-for-all-grab-what-you-can season.

The proponents of today’s e-campaigns of hope know this to be very true but they’d prefer to play ostrich with hopes that they can displace others from the party 🤣

Fickle minded people 18/
Let me state clearly that the Enugu state governor @GovUgwuanyi gave cash to mobilize voters for @MBuhari as against @atiku. @GovDavidUmahi not only gave cash but campaigned personally for @MBuhari. @willieobiano4g is a different issue. He matched PDP with cash 19/
Let me bring in the @adeyanjudeji factor ; of course you’d ask “who is @adeyanjudeji that he should be important?” . That’s a mistake ! Deji played a critical role . Took the fight to the front and faced the FG and threatened a boycott if @PoliceNG and @HQNigerianArmy 20/
got involved in the electoral process . By this time , @MBuhari had declined assent into law the Electoral Bill 2018 as amended because he knew he’d lose if he signed it. @OfficialAPCNg saw the dangers of letting him loose so they grabbed him and locked him away 21/
@adeyanjudeji wasn’t let out till after the elections had been announced. But the @OfficialPDPNig in its aloofness didn’t maximize the moves @adeyanjudeji had made to tackled the FG and forced them to recall securities off the polls. 22/
See , if @OfficialPDPNig had opted for a boycott , we would have been better off today than we are. We ballooned our chances to beat @MBuhari silly. But that’s okay ! There’s always another day to teach someone a lesson 23/
Let’s take a look at what could have happened in the north; @atiku shot himself in the foot . He tried to employ an old strategy @MBuhari used ( The Shia Muslims) to gain votes. He was told of their large population and he believed it and went into a pact with them 24/
This meeting was recorded and leaked to the ulamas and this irked them. “So @atiku is now liasing with our enemies” . That was the word on the streets. There’s no love lost between the Sunnis and the Shiites . It was seen as a call to war by the Sunnis . 25/
This leak nearly cost @OfficialPDPNig sokoto . @AWTambuwal escaped defeat by the whiskers . You can go and check the results of #SokotoDecides2019 for yourself and see the margin of victory. 26/
In fact , this is the major cause why @atiku lost in the north plus the rigging prowess of the @OfficialAPCNg 27/
Adamawa state : Imagine what nearly happened to @atiku in his own home state. He survived defeat by about 30k or less votes. What could have caused this ? Betrayals ? Negative impressions ? Or the issue of the Wazirin title ?

How is it that this man @atiku has given so much to Adamawa people but they don’t love him enough ? Because he took a title that is generational family title due to his influence and wealth. That’s why Taraba , Adamawa and some others punished him via their votes 29/
Ah! The T Y Danjuma factor ; another major issue . Forget all that talks about him being angry with @MBuhari . He is of course but not because of what you think but because @Mbuhari had failed to nip the killings in the bud. They are still close friends till date 30/
Truth is ; T Y Danjuma had actually promised @MBuhari that if he handled the Taraba killings , he’d get Darius Ishiaku to join the @OfficialAPCNg . 31/
I had earlier mentioned the funding factor that also caused part of the reasons for the defeat. Intels was already on lockdown by the FG but when it eventually came , the Ogas ( they know themselves) pocketed it and PVT and co became fables 32/
The @ChairmanINEC : Now lets talk about it ; your yeomen of today claims @inecnigeria had no integrity to speak of in the #NigeriaDecides2019 abi? BS! They are playing with your emotions because they know that you hoped for @MBuhari removal. So let me ask; 33/
If @inecnigeria had not stood its ground, do you honestly think that the @GovUmarGanduje boast of 5M votes would not have been a reality ? And nothing would have happened ! And so it happened in many other states where plans had been set to rig massively. 34/
That’s why I always laughed when the whole #AtikuIsComing thing started and then suddenly a demonization of @inecnigeria started. As much as I am not going to say what you hope to hear because I still consider them my friends but just know that I know what you don’t 35/
And someone keyed in and is using it to continue the defrauding of @atiku as many did during the campaigns . They went as far as forging a fake server results to cover their tracks and the latest the recent document against @dftaiwo who he claimed worked for @inecnigeria 36/
Fortunately , the @atiku legal team having carried out investigations have now found out that it’s all fake and have dropped the pursuit of a “golden egg” as was sold to them by the con man

When I tweeted yesterday and said a peace talk had been called , I knew why 37/
Lastly; internal sabotage : @atiku’s mishandling of relationships , under-estimation of the enemy @OfficialAPCNg , under-appreciation of the role of security in the elections and under-appreciation of the people who worked for his expected victory affected his chances 38/
Truth is; @atiku could not have won the elections. Forget the security infractions . Forget the nonsense server talks , @atiku failed to plan and failure became the end result. The PEPT is just academic exercise even though it has further exposed @MBuhari . 39/
@atiku wanted to win but was not hungry enough to want to win. @MBuhari was hungrier and he did everything to take it. #AtikuIsComing is a sale of hope that is naturally a normal human quintessential error. Reality is ; #AtikuIsNotComing

But @MBuhari will pass

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