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Bill Mitchell starring in the "The Sting, That Never Stung"

You'll laugh, you'll cry... from laughing, you may just actually split your spleen!!
I did, twice.

This terrible take accounted for 527,944 likes & 79,191,600 impressions of some of the dumbest gaslighting on the net
Before The Sting was hatched, Bill thought it would be a left wing talking point. Surely no one on the right would be dumb enough to say that Mueller would be Trumps guy right? Surely such idiots would not exist right?
But not 5 hours later... in a weird and bizarre twist of fate, the same guy seemed to start to gaslight himself...
Almost a month later, Bills gaslighting of himself starts to take an even more ridiculous turn... A double agent vibe? The rationale? The hiring of partisan Democrats of course. I know a truly wtf moment.
Bill then decides to tip his toe into what would later become one of the biggest blunders of his short political career... the guaranteed keeping of the house.

But the Sting show goes on...
I mean, why oh why would someone stack themselves with a Democrat team... unless they were trying to undermine their own investigation... Surely THAT has to be it... amiright?

The strategy has to be deep... It's not like Sessions recused himself and would allow this to happen... that type of thought is way too much for Bill to bare.

AND BOOM... there it is... yes before Q, Mitchell was the biggest gaslighter on Twitter. But you'll see how it goes from a "Conspiracy Theory" to "I'm not saying it's a sting" to Yes it is a sting and if you can't see it... YOU need a new hobby
But first... lets get to the title of the thread... right... here is the wind up
The next 392 Tweets is a winding, twisting road from It IS a sting, to Mueller was the best thing to happen to Trump (even though Trump doesn't agree at all, to mueller needs to be shut down even though it is a sting to what the actual F**K Bro. But 1st, Don Jr take on The Sting
Yeah, that's right Bill, say what you want to about others who've been calling out your bullshit, but never once has the son of the President deemed what we've been saying as a Democrat Conspiracy Theory... Take the L, you've earned it by saying things like...🤣
Its a fascinating read into the mind of someone who gaslit himself and did it to others. And stuck to it no matter what the President said to the contrary... He wants to question others commitment to Trump when he himself is the worst offender.
Now remember, Mueller knew early that there was no collusion, yet kept it going to try to ensnare Trump into an obstruction charge, and worse yet, possible perjury charge.
The takes were soooo hot, even back then...
Not saying it's a sting, while saying yeah, it's a sting...
Oh will it now...
And what made you think he would look at Hillary after hiring the most partisan group of Democrat hacks?

Would love to hear the rational on this one...
Just who is the real target Bill opines... Trump Bill, it was always Trump.
There's been quite a few Pimpers of the Trump has nothing to fear narrative. Let me remind you they tired to get Trump to interview (which Bill said was a good idea before he said it was a bad idea) and seemed to have kicked obstruction to Congress....
This poor hapless bast*rd
It's like Bill doesn't know the media at all or something...
Nearly 2 years later.... still free as birds
I wonder how the flipping of Comey worked out? Shall we check in with Comey?

Yep, Comey still a 6'10" steaming pile of free

Wonder how that indicting of Hillary work out?

Shall we check in with her? Nah, I'll save you the gag reflex
Interesting question Millie... the simple answer... anyone wanna take a stab at it?
Well, we already checked in with Comey... So thats a big fat no Bill... No one thought that but you and Cates
Any day now...
I mean, the warning signs were there that they were after people attached to Trump... how did you missed that big flashing warning sign?
Nope, no nasty surprises for Dems
Bill, you have got to have the worst political instincts I've ever seen...

Hearing the voices in your head are not rumors Bill, they're just you talking to yourself.
His feeble lil mind just couldnt see how Mueller has hurt Trump... now remember, Trump has been saying it has....
If he wasn't such a pompous, first to say "I told ya so" even though those turn out to be false, lying asshole, I'd feel bad for him. But he is, so I don't
This dude had blown his own mind into thinking Mueller indicting democrats and Hillary was going to happen.
Here's an i told ya so moment that just wasn't so...
So sad
And this has been what passes for political analysis to YVA fans? No wonder @Gingrich_of_PA peaced out.
So who's side is Bill really on? so far we have about 8 months of talking up Mueller, trying to steer Trumps base away from Trumps own thoughts on Mueller. Remember, he's been doing the same thing with Sessions
Ah yes, the secret plan that never was.
Again, I ask, who's side is this guy really on? We know from the Mueller report, Trump wanted Mueller gone
Once again, Trump tells you one thing, guys like these out there running around telling you Trumps actually lying? Yet this dude has the nerve to question others cus we point this type of bullshit out?

AGAIN: just on the sting accounted for at least 79,191,600 impressions
Well, if Bill would have actually listened to Trump and had taken Adams analysis, he would have known the answer to the question he keeps asking. But can't tell Bill shit.
I mean, look at these like and retweet counts... Of lies of the most crucial and most damaging part of Trumps presidency... as being no big deal and a good thing.

I've never seen, in my 30+yrs of political hobbism, this type of self harm being done by a presidents supporter
There is no words for this type of dumbassary
Thats a big fat NO Bill...
Bills self proclaimed "real political instincts"

A legend in his own mind. How'd that work out Bill? Again, reminder, Trump was saying the opposite as this clown
This is what happens when people who were never involved nor paid attention to politics, just crawl out of the woodwork one day. Is it his job to make complete fools out of himself and his followers?
Remember, Mueller was searching for that obstruction charge and possible perjury charge at this point. But Bill was thanking God for Mueller, so were the Democrats while Trump was pissed. Remember that...
That last tweet though... Perhaps we should Isolate that one... and lets see if Bill should find a "new hobby"
We're Isolating this one for a reason. 1st, Bill talks more shit than almost anyone... lets see who was right... Bill "I told you so" Mitchell... or those of us who were making the claim.... how about we just ask Trump?
Oh, Hannity already did ask the question...

Perhaps it's not us who need to find a new hobby there Big Bird.
Question Bill: Do you believe your own bullshit?
Or this next level type of stupidity?
Hence Trump calling it a witch hunt Bill, this isn't hard
Honestly you guys...
By this time, Big Billie Bird is balls deep into the sting scam... where it percolated into the Rush Limbaugh EIB (that BBBird now claims Rush listens to his show)

Does Bill need a serious mental health evaluation?
Or is he just running a scam on people?
Mueller is over, and we are still waiting for Mueller to indict all the deep staters
🤣🤣 pretty sure this is where i split my first spleen.
But wait, theres more, so much more
How'd those midterms work out again Bill?
If the democrats could make a dumbass caricature out of a Trump supporter, This dude would be it.
CUS IT WAS A WITCH HUNT YOU FOOOO. I mean, how dumb is that question?

But when these type of disinfo pushers (all centered around the same nexus of people i might add) it starts to wear on people who are not well rooted or versed in politics.
And yes, he has done countless shows centered around "The Sting"
There are just not words...
Some of the shows, pooof, no longer exist 🤔
Does Billie Bird even know what he's talking about? Remember, Dowd sent a letter to Mueller asking him to look at Hillary and he said no...
Pushing that "The Plan" bullshit. If spending all your political capital on a special council that didn't indict one democrat, worst plan ever. But of course, that wasn't the plan at all.
I mean, if this is where you are getting your political analysis from, I really feel sorry for you...
Imagine, this dude calling anyone else an idiot...
Could you Imagine, an Obama supporter, telling his supporters that a Special Council investigating him was actually not investigating him?

Again, who's side is this dude on?
say hi to 🎅while you're in fantasy land
and the Easter🐰
Enter in the SlowWalker

Yes, there will be a Bill Mitchell "SlowWalker, Stranger Danger" thread as well.
Remember, "The Sting" wasnt working out so well, so it changed to slowwalker. Did anyone of Bills or the YVA fans even figure that out when it happened? No one said, "yeah, this dudes full of shit"
another terrible take
Almost one year into Mitchell blowing his own mind and gaslighting himself.
The set up of Mueller and Sessions dropping the hammer by the midterms....

All theater dontcha know... The only theater going on here is Bill knowing politics
Oh yes... I remember when Hillary went down before the midterms.... but it was a month earlier and it was just some stairs in india.
3600 people liked this tweet.

this dude has no shame, nobody at YVA has any shame.
I liked this one soooo much i included it... why? cus bill deleted the tweet, and small biz for trump nailed it
You just can't make this silly shit up... unless you've got problems, or running a scam on people....
sometimes, i just don't know what to say
Because Bill also tweets out shit like this, which is totally contradicting his "TheSting" nonsense.

When Mueller was appointed
Trump: "my presidency is over"

Mitchell: "best thing to ever happen"
And now back to the greatest sting that ever was, is null and void

So that would make the take down of the deep state null and void too

So... now we are back to the sting and no longer null and void?

Question: Is there another Bill Mitchell living in Bill Mitchell's head?
Bong water should not be consumed
and neither should acid
nor mushrooms
nor peyote
nor mescaline
no huffing paint
If I put out one tweet like this, i'd be so embarrassed I wouldnt want to show my face on social media for a long long time.

let along 1000's, and yes when i said i have 1000's upon 1000's, unlike some on twitter, i'm not a liar
yeah i got nothing
Bill, how many hats have you put on Mueller through this whole The Sting show?
Same guy saying others don't have Trumps best interest in mind...
Said Declass would not be obstruction
Said Mueller was the best thing to happen
Sessions was awesome
And pushed a Dem Conspiracy theory
Does this sound like a guy who has Trumps best interests in mind?
I mean... really bruh?
So, is it a sting or has it derailed....?

Mueller has nothing to do with the tasks of the IG, every department has one Big Bird
"Trust me, i'm from the future" 🤣

Translation: "dont listen to Trump, listen to me"
I wonder what from the future Bill, would go back and tell the past Bill on this hot take?
And there is the "Told Ya" Bill... not to be confused with the "From the Future Bill" but easily confused with the "Bad Take Bill"
No doubt about it, this is the Bad Take Bill
I think at this point, Future Bill should have gone to the Past Bill and said stfu Bill

I can't...
Breathe 🤣🤣
Future Bill shoulda just kicked past Bill in the nuts and called it a day
Should definitely get out of the prediction business
Hey Mitchell, you ever get tired of being wrong?
Answer to that previous tweets question is an obvious... hell naw
I'll apologize to whomever liked/retweeted any of this if your mentions blow up. But I'm only halfway done w/ "The Sting"
Some keep asking "what does it matter"
When these people are generating nearly 1 Billion impressions over the last 2 years of disinfo, that matters.
Social media & the "rule of 7" go hand in hand. A person can be manipulated by that rule of 7 in mere minutes, where a lie is posted, retweeted/posted by someone else, next thing you know that lie becomes common knowledge even if it's just in a passive manner.
And it's always the same Nexus of people who are doing it (trying to change Trumps narrative). Mitchell, Cates, Beanz, Dilley, Medic, Vandersteel (yes, threads coming on all of them). But why are they doing this, what's their real motivation?
they have to know the damage it causes unless they're really stupid.

Lets do a worse case scenario war game on this data using the rule of 7.
1 person accounts for 7 impressions till gaslit. using no variables

The Sting: 79,191,600/7 = 11,313,085 gaslit individuals
The Sting + Slowwalker = 121,437,300 impressions/7 = 17,348,185 gaslit individuals that directly contradict what Trump is trying to tell his base?

That doesn't matter?

But know we're back to Mueller probe ending, thus ending the Sting that Bill has been hyping up.
And back to the 1st tweets thinking that it will be a left wing talking point that Mueller was Trumps pawn, the exact same thing Bill has been trying to tell you was happening.. WTAF

Not a sting vs is a sting? Head spinning yet?

4 days apart
Is a sting vs not a sting.... 1 day apart.
sprinkled with conjecture
Back to the full throated, is a sting and the best thing to happen to Trump and that Trump Knows this and is just lying to you for "theater"

I think Bill needs to find a new hobby, unless that hobby is to try and damage Trump by contradicting his narrative on such a key issue
I take that back, it wasnt just a key issue, it was the defining issue of his 1st 2 years in office. But heres another patented I told ya so that was never so.
More trying to counter Trumps Sessions narrative... less than 2 months before Trump fires his ass.
Once again, Bill telling those who don't think that Mueller has been good for Trump, needs to find a new hobby.... I guess that would include Trump Bill... cus you are directly, once again, contradicting what Trump wants out to his base.
Bill.... Find a new hobby buddy
Cus politics just isn't for you. You've Larped and grifted enough off of Trumps name.... and in the words of @realDougStewart ... We are not taking you with us.
Another prediction, another failure... But according to Bill, he may be the most accurate pundit alive... 🤣🤣🤣

Ok, that a third spleen splitter...
Wasn't it just a few weeks earlier that Mitchell was going an I told ya so prediction that Trump was avoiding a Mueller sit down?

Mister October with his .800 batting average... A legend in his own mind
I think Bill might have misplaced a zero in that average.

.080 FIFY
So... no Hillary indictment?

Remember, Bill wasn't the only one claiming Mueller would be wrapped up before the midterms... OH NO he wasn't
So Mueller end with nothing... no sting take down, no Comey, no Hillary indictment?

Did you drop that shit off at the bus stop? Cus at this point it was 2 weeks before the midterms and your predictions were shit Bill
Yep, Flynn case fell apart🙄
Nope 🤣🤡
.800 indeed
Most accurate pundit?
Answer: Common Sense
Wrong again
Pretty sure they haven't walked away from it.
Yes Bill, we were telling you when we lost the house what would happen... And you scoffed and ignored our warning that the Democrats now have subpoena power... and they'll use it.
I'm pretty sure Mueller he had the choice and chose not to do it.
So wait, Mueller was flipped in this sting, but now has nothing?

Same day, same guy
Same guy
Yep, back to the Democrat Conspiracy theory
Now Bill is opining on why Trump hasn't declass'd... Obstruction Bill, obstruction... you need a new hobby
Sometimes a witch hunt is just a witch hunt
SlowTalker pushing SlowWalker
Still trying to shift Trumps narrative
Ah yes, the "told ya so" Bill pokes his head back up for some air
But he didn't
Because you're schizo?
This guy has totally Blown his own freaking mind 🤣🥳
Cus it's what Dems do Bill.... now thats red pill day one shit

Trump just now "what could have been.... if we didnt have the bullshit" in reference to Mueller and the Russian Hoax... 🤣🤔

Time and time again Trump debunks Billie Bird
Wrong... 400 page "we are done"
HAHAHAHAHA... oh no he didn't
Bill thought all these tweets went down the memory hole

So now Mueller has nothing, not even on Hillary bill?
No Bill... he's telling your slowwalker and the sting was bullshit
You're wrong Bill
Well, cus that's not who Mueller was after Bill...
Wait, so it wasn't a sting? No hillary indictment? Now it's just stage 1?
Same dude who was telling you Hillary, Comey, Podesta was going to be indicted by Mueller, Now is kinda claiming victory... The grift off Trump continues and forever changes shape
Nothing Bill... But I guess this political genius didn't listen to the Dowd interview in Feb where Dowd says he asked Mueller to look into Hillary and he declined...
Bill trying to do damage control...
say whaaaaat...
Back to the sting that never stung
Well, the smart and at least semi intelligent already knew Bill, why didn't you?
Full Stop ya'll, Bill has said he was right.... except by this thread, we know that is just not the case. If fact, no one has been more wrong than you
I wonder why that is... now keeping rod on was strategic... do you even news bill?chicagotribune.com/nation-world/c…
Yup, more slow walker bullshit since the sting bullshit turn out to be bullshit
Says the guy who has no idea how the special council worked...

Hey Mitchell, you ever get tired of being wrong?
The nerve of this guy talking about someone else being a sensationalist 🤣
Wow... just wow
One thing we've figured out Bill, is you are full of shit
Still stuck on that Brennen intel...
Take that gofund me $ and buy a fecking clue
Guess no more Hillary indictments? But you were telling everyone if they didn't see what was happening, that they need a new hobby.
Perfect sense... if you are huffing glue
To which the headline, totally debunks his bullshit narrative.... who's gonna tell him? won't matter, you can't tell that dude shit....
I should know, I tried on multiple occasions to get his large account to diffuse factual information... but liars gonna lie
Was their damning evidence of Dem spying? Nope, why would he put it in there Bill? ITS WASNT A STING
this was 18 days before RR announced his resignation... Bill needs a new hobby
The cognitive Diss. is about as thick as his cankles
Um, Bill... That's exactly what you've been saying since Mueller was put in motion. Now of course, it was all a Democrat Conspiracy theory
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