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New thread starting ready for 26 Aug @NationalDogDay! 'Irish Dogs, Myths, Saints & Other Interesting Facts!' Suggestions welcome (you might think of something I haven't)! @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans #FolkloreThursday #dogsoftwitter #NationalDogDay #InternationalDogDay! 🐶🐕🐩🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans Irish Wolfhound, symbol of #Ireland! Wolfhounds one of the oldest breeds of dogs recorded in world! Its impossible to know for sure, but skeletal remains suggest they arrived c 8,000 BC! 📷: Aella Grace, with owner Rebecca at neolithic Newgrange, Co Meath (younger; c 3200 BC)! 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans 279 BC when Celts sacked Delphi📷 #Greece, survivors left accounts of fierce Celts & huge dogs who fought with them & at their side. No doubt Wolfhounds! PS-Ancient Greeks considered the @UNESCO Delphi the centre of the world, marked by the omphalos📷stone! #FolkloreThursday
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO Julius Caesar mentioned Wolfhounds in The Gallic Wars! Rome's war against the Gallic tribes 58-50 BC resulted in expansion of Roman Republic over whole of Gaul (mainly present-day France & Belgium). Paved way for Julius Caesar to become sole ruler of Roman Republic! 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO In 391 AD there is a reference to large dogs by Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, a Roman Consul who received 7 "canes Scotici" as a gift to be used for fighting lions & bears, & who wrote "all Rome viewed (them) with wonder"! Scoti was a Latin name for the Gaels (ancient Irish). 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO Wolfhounds were used as hunting dogs by the Gaels, who called them Cú Faol. Cú mentioned in Irish laws & lit from 6th C or, in case of the Sagas, from 600-900 AD. Only kings & nobility allowed them! Filid (composers of sagas etc who were lesser nobility) entitled to 2 hounds!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO One of #Ireland's greatest heroes, Cú Chulainn was born Sétanta. He gained his better-known name as a child, after killing Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence & offered to take its place until a replacement could be reared! Cú=wolfhound, his name Cú Chulainn=Culand’s hound!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO Cú Chulainn young boy when he killed Culann's fierce dog! In one version by smashing it against a standing stone & in another by driving a sliotar (hurling ball) down its throat with his hurley! Culann reacted strongly to this! 🎨Stephen Reid, @jimfitzpatrick, D Kinney, @Postvox
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox #Ireland's hero killed because he ate dog meat! Cú Chulainn as demi-god should have been unconquerable! Queen Medb conspired plan! Taboo against refusing hospitality-got an old woman to offer him dog meat; had to break his geis thus was spiritually weakened! 📷: Oliver Sheppard.
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox In early #Ireland wolfhounds used as war dogs & guards of property/herds. Also used to hunt deer, boar & wolves. Held in such high esteem that thought battles were fought over them! 📷: Celtic hounds of some sort from the 800 AD @BookOfKellsTCD in @TCDResearchColl! 🐶🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl #Ireland's 2nd C AD saw rise of the Fianna. The greatest of their chiefs was Fionn mac Cumhaill. The Fianna did not use chariots or horses but were foot soldiers with "colossal hounds"! Fiann had “2 hounds & 2 keen beagles". Fionn 300 full-grown hounds & “puppy hounds 200”! 😵🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhaill's 2 favourite hounds, Bran & Sceolan were his cousins! Their mother was Tuiren, Fionn's aunt, transformed into a hound by a Sidhe woman irritated by Tuiren's affair with her husband! 🎨: David Butler from Kildare. #Ireland
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl I LOVE this statue of Fionn mac Cumhaill with his 2 wolfhounds Bran & Sceolan, at Ballymany, Newbridge, (Exit 12 off the M7) Co Kildare, #Ireland! The artist is Lynn Kirkham. The Hill of Allen was the home of Fionn MacCumhaill & HQ of the Fianna & can be seen from the sculpture.
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl It was Fionn mac Cumhaill's 2 wolfhounds Bran & Sceolan (who themselves had been changed from his cousins) who found Fionn's wife Sadhbh! She had been turned into a doe for 3 yrs for refusing the love of a dark druid! They also rescued Fionn & Sadhbh's son Oisín! #Ireland
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl There is a legend in a certain area of #Scotland, that the stone in the photo was used by Ireland's hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill, to tether his hunting dogs! Fionn was well travelled; journeying to Scotland & the Isle of Man, esp in legends where he is a giant, fighting giants! 😵🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Táin Bó Flidhais in Connacht in late Iron Age #Ireland! Donald Yellowlocks, chieftain from Glencastle, Erris (operated gates to Mullet Peninsula) went to war against Queen Medb! 👑Took an army of vicious wolfhounds! Released them & they tore her army limb from limb! ⚔️🐕🐾😲
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl In Táin Bó Flidhais, Donald Yellowlocks was avenging death of his son! Wolfhounds killed & snipped heads off warriors! A female leapt into a war chariot, causing it to collapse, killed driver. When chieftain escaped killed all the horses! #Ireland ⚔️🐕🐾😲 historyireland.com/uncategorized/…
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl There's a story in #Ireland that St Patrick's only companion on Slemish Mt was a dog! Also, the ship he escaped from slavery on had a cargo of >100 stolen wolfhounds! Patrick was calming effect (they were riled up at being taken)! He fed/cleaned them. In exchange sailed to Gaul!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Ship St Patrick travelled to Gaul in from #Ireland underprovisioned. Reached deserted section of Gaul; nothing left to feed dogs or men! Taunted Patrick to pray for food! Prayed & herd wild pigs appeared! Dogs killed some & everyone fed! So crew helped Patrick on his way! 😇🐗🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl There was much coming & going between #Ireland & #Iceland (see linked thread), which gives us stories of hounds in Icelandic Sagas e.g. Burnt Njal in which Olaf, son of an Irish princess, offers his friend Gunnar a hound that was given to him in Ireland.
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl 795, Ireland was invaded by the Vikings. In the year 1014 Brian Boru📷 defeated the Danes at Clontarf & one of the Irish tribes which served under him was likened to “the terrible, nimble wolfhounds of victorious Banba”! 📷: maps of Viking held areas in #Ireland & Britain. 🐕🐾⚔️
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl In the Viking Age, the Norse–Gaels, people of mixed Gaelic & Norse ancestry/culture emerged. So they would have had a mix of Norse & Gaelic beliefs. In Norse mythology, Garmr/Garm is a wolf/dog associated with Hel & Ragnarök, & described as a blood-stained guardian of Hel's gate!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Gokstad/King's Mound, #Norway is where 9th C Gokstad Ship found. Thought petty king Olaf Geirstad-Alf, half-brother of Halfdan the Black buried there 890/900 AD! 8 large dogs, mjór, found in it! These might well be wolfhounds as we know they were given to foreign kings as gifts!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl As well as the horse Enbarr (who could go over land & sea) who'd been lent to him by his father the sea god, the Irish god Lugh also had the magic "hound-whelp" named Failinis. He could change his bath water to wine, was invincible in battle & caught every wild beast! 🍷🐕🐶🐾🍷
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Ballad from Fenian Cycle recounts Failinis brought to #Ireland by a threesome. Before that as a pup he belonged to king of Ioruaidhe, legendary Scandinavian kingdom! Said others would prostrate themselves before him & he was "more splendid than the sun in his fiery wheels"! 🍷
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl After the Irish god Lugh owned Failinis he was owned by a threesome again. These 3 used him as boundless source of wine as well as guard dog! But Failinis killed 1 of the Fianna, & so he was killed & his hide/pelt used! They still wanted to have their wine presumably! 🐕🐶🐾🍷😢
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl 1210, an Irish wolfhound was sent as a gift to Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, by King John📷 of England. This wolfhound, Gelert was killed by Llewellyn under the misapprehension that the hound had killed his baby son! Burial place gave name to town Beddgelert (grave of Gelert). . .!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Llywelyn returned to find his baby missing, the cradle overturned, & Gelert with a blood-smeared mouth. Believing the worst, he drew his sword & killed Gelert! Then he heard cries of his baby, unharmed along with a dead wolf which had been killed by Gelert who protected his baby!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Llywelyn, prince of Wales, was overcome with remorse & buried his Irish wolfhound, Gelert, with great ceremony, but could still hear his dying yelp! After that day Llywelyn never smiled again. Story formed basis for several English poems, although many scholars doubt historicity.
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Some believe the Welsh village of Beddgelert took its name from St Kilart/Celert, rather than from the dog. The "grave" mound is ascribed to David Prichard, landlord of the Goat Hotel in Beddgelert in late 18th C, who connected the legend to the village to encourage tourism! 🐾😇
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl In his History of #Ireland completed 1571, Edmund Champion gives a description of the hounds used for hunting wolves in the Dublin & Wicklow mountains. He says: "They (the Irish) are not without wolves and greyhounds to hunt them, bigger of bone and limb than a colt"!
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl Due to their popularity overseas many Irish wolfhound exported to European royal houses leaving numbers in Ireland depleted. Led to declaration by Oliver Cromwell published in Kilkenny on 27 April 1652 to ensure that sufficient numbers remained to control the wolf population! 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans @UNESCO @jimfitzpatrick @Postvox @BookOfKellsTCD @TCDResearchColl 16th, 17th & early 18th C, Irish hounds gifts for Royals & Nobles; Great Mogul, Emperor Jahangir, Shah of Persia & Cardinal Richelieu. Large numbers sent to Spain, & King John of Poland said to have contributed to their near extinction by procuring as many as could lay hands on!
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