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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3442...
#Q drops a request to the "BO" (Board Owner) on the #QResearch Board.
Please revert 2the way the Board functioned prior 2the recent changes.
Leave well enough alone, yeah?
2) #QAnon 3443...
The BO answers: "Will do."

3) #QAnon 3444...
There had been a secondary Captcha added 2the access function of the Board, The thought was 2cut back on the intrusive s**t-posting by bots & generic shills & trolls.
Those that were/are serious, about disrupting efforts being made, will have workarounds.
4) #QAnon 3445...
#Q asked for a reversion & the BO complied.
The Captcha is gone, "Notables" are back & a thank you from the boss has been dropped.
5) #QAnon 3446...
This is the 8th time that #Q has used this phrase.
The simple, single word was use twice, back on 23rd Dec 2017 ==> "Symbolism."
From the #Vatacan 2 #Freemasons, 2elitists that attach themselves 2methods of imagery based communications, the evil of human.....
6) #QAnon 3446 cont...
..... abuses continues.
On 25th April '18, in drop 1956, #Q notes:

"Symbolism = END."

As the names amass, in particular from the #Epstein case, the progenitors of symbolic etymology, will be exposed & confirmed, their allegiances will be their downfall.
7) #QAnon 3447...
Redrop of 2994.
Divide et impera, or divide & conquer (actually divide & "RULE"!), in politics seeks 2gain & maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power leaving individual segments, which have less power than the original, singular mass.
8) #QAnon 3447 cont...
This tact's been successfully deployed for ages. Today's infighting, is the product of tried, & in the past, true, methods of the application of apolitical propaganda.
#CorporateMedia's weaponization of techniques, which continue to be refined, will end!
9) #QAnon 3448...

#VanityFair is, it's, fair 2say, a #Leftist based format.
2see this headline, makes clear, the #Panic which grows daily. They're actually making an attempt 2report a situation which will, in the end, be their downfall [ ! ]
10) #QAnon 3449...
Here's the link==>
Not surprisingly, #Facebook, this was more than a year ago, long before #Epstein's arrest, asked users: "whether pedophiles should be allowed to solicit “sexual pictures” from underage girls." (?) ] !!! [
11) #QAnon 3450...
Re-drop of 1886.
This is a biblical reference, pointing to Ephesians 6:11 & 12, & generally noted as The Armour of god verse.
It's happening!
Be ready...
Your friends & fam, that have abandoned U, Ur wisdom; will soon be at Ur door looking 2understand Truths...
12) #QAnon 3451...
This one gets interesting.
#Q drops @jaketapper Tweet link & wants research.
Anons go crazy as #Tapper has tweeted "Evergreen" & that, as we all know, was #HRC's SS code name.
Now, if you were following @AdamSerwer when he dropped the Tweet referenced by
13) #QAnon 3451 cont...
@jaketapper, then U know he was speaking 2 the #CorporateMedia spin, that has been attempted, 2again, paint @realDonaldTrump as #Racist over the #Squad Tweets.
Is it that #JakeTapper is msging, when #HRC goes down, it will be way worse?
@jaketapper @realDonaldTrump 14) #QAnon 3452...
@JohnOutbakjak Tweet.

It's noted, in his Tweet, that way back in 133, #EpsteinIsland intel is noted, in a drop that starts w/"Hard to swallow."

#Epstein has offered $77mil 4house arrest in #NYC.
Thankfully, the bribe wasn't accepted!
@jaketapper @realDonaldTrump @JohnOutbakjak 15) #QAnon 3453...
Within @JohnOutbakjak's Tweet, 133, dated Nov 2017,
is stating w/o actually doing so, that myriad aspects of global corruption are under investigation.
Essentially a collating of known data sets had begun 2be processed, & the moves, which are in their genesis,
16) #QAnon 3453 cont...
have begun 2unfold today. All of their comms were knowns, despite their attempted covert efforts.

What needed 2be done, was the research & paperwork for legal presentation, in order that the known crimes & their offenders, could be sought out & arrested.
17) #QAnon 3454...
#ABCNews spin about an #Epstein contractor that quit over concerns 4"young" women. #SteveScully, worked 4Epstein 4 6 yrs beginning in 1999.
They're attempting 2create a narrative 2turn the temple into something far less sinister; a gym!
18) #QAnon 3455...
[D]s & #CorpMedia, paint an image of @realDonaldTrump as #Racist, pointing 2the twisted spin re: a Tweet about "The Squad".
Meanwhile, he's nominated the 1st ever black female, an immigrant from Jamaica, 2the rank of Brigadier General!
@realDonaldTrump 19) #QAnon 3456...
An examination of the watch image (the clock), reveals, that the date is set 2the 19th @ 4:49 (some may have it at 4:50, the second hand appears 2be at 12), so...
Seems his minute hand lags or it's 4:49.
The text says: "Worth remembering.".
Today ?
We'll see...
@realDonaldTrump 20) #QAnon 3457...
"If you look close enough you might see…."
@realDonaldTrump in the curved reflection of his watch.
@realDonaldTrump 21) UPDATE:
#QAnon 3456 & 7 show a watch with a 19 in the date box & the time is seen as 4:49.
This appears 2be the closest possible fit for the date & time.
@realDonaldTrump arrives at 2:49 MST or 4:49 Eastern.
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