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Why is this relevant now?
Lorna M. Mahlock is the first African American woman to be nominated as a Brigadier general in the USMC, which occurred in 2018. The signoff by President Donald Trump, was announced in a press release by U.S. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis.
As of March 2019, BGen Mahlock is the Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) and the Deputy Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Marine Corps.
What is the CIO? To put it in laymen's terms; she is in charge of Cyber Security. Why is this policy relevant? Too many people such as defense contractors and politicians had access to Comms, radio frequencies, intel etc. Think timing of this Summit. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Previously, she served as the Deputy Director of Operations, Plans, Policies, and Operation Directorate at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
She assisted DC, PP&O to coordinate and supervise staff activities on joint policy, plans, and memoranda; current and future strategy; international affairs and policy issues;
security cooperation and military assistance activities; information operations, operational security, cyberspace and space integration matters; and [policy for joint commands established by the President.] #QAnon #DarkToLight
The relevance here is she knew first hand how Hussein and HRC, were allowing prying eyes to access our data. "Pay for Play". Information management is vital to National Security. New methods were implemented under her. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Her previous assignments become relevant now:
Designated as an Air Traffic Control Officer, she earned certifications as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Tower Local Controller and a Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor.
She has commanded and led at various levels globally and in combat including but not limited to: Air Traffic Control Detachment Commander; Executive Officer - 1st Stinger Battery; Director - Marine Corps Instructional Management School;
Here's where it gets interdasting.  Air Control Officer - G3 Future Operations 1st Marine Aircraft Wing; Company Commander - "Operation Southern Watch" and Operation Iraqi Freedom 1; Operations and Executive Officer - Iraqi Freedom 2; #QAnon #DarkToLight
 Iraqi Freedom 8; Information Management Officer; J3 Land Operations Lead and Division Executive Officer, Headquarters European Command; Marine Corps Office of Legislative Affairs and Assistant Chief of Staff G6.
Why was Mattis selected as Secretary of Defense? What operations was he a part of in the Middle East? When do u think the plan started? Was Mahlock chosen to be part of the plan? Think of the roles she played. How often does a woman get commands like that? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Do you see a pattern here? Why was Flynn targeted? What does he know? Why did Mattis resign? What does he know? Can the SOD be a witness in tribunals? Conflict of interest, but not as a civilian. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Operation Southern Watch was an air-centric military operation conducted by the United States Department of Defense from Summer 1992 to Spring 2003. Why did this start AFTER Reagan left office. There was peace; he had ended the cold war.
When did the US first sustain casualties? Why is this relevant? Think Khobar Towers bombing. Mohlac was part of Operation Over Watch. What does she know? #QAnon #DarkToLight
What was the result of 11 yrs of Op Over Watch? Invasion of Iraq. Let's recap the events.
Operation Southern Watch began on 27 August 1992 with the stated purpose of ensuring Iraqi compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 688 (UNSCR 688) of 5 April 1991, (Who Controls the UN?)
which demanded that Iraq, "...immediately end this repression and express the hope in the same context that an open dialogue will take place to ensure that the human and political rights of all Iraqi citizens are respected." #QAnon #DarkToLight
This is VERY relevant.
Nothing in the resolution spelled out the Iraqi no-fly zones or Operation Southern Watch. The more we know!
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Following the end of Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi bombing and strafing attacks against the Shi’ite Muslims in Southern Iraq during the remainder of 1991 and into 1992,
indicated that Saddam Hussein chose not to comply with the resolution. Military forces from [Saudi Arabia], the United States, the United Kingdom, and France participated in Operation Southern Watch.
Military engagements in Southern Watch occurred with regularity, with Coalition aircraft (supposedly) routinely being shot at by Iraqi air defense forces utilizing surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA).
These altercations, most of the time, were ONLY being reported by the US fake news media. Coincidence? Why were we really there? This op was NOT outlined in the resolution. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Remember; the US had sustained zero casualties. An intensification was noted prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, though it was said at the time to just be in response to increasing activity by Iraqi air-defense forces.#QAnon #DarkToLight
Eventually SO agreed to take down his missle defense systems following demands from HW Bush, but left a few up so he wasn't completely defenseless. Bush in turn ordered a missle strike that took out his remaining defenses. Keep in mind, OP SW wasn't in the resolution.
Technically, we were trespassing in Iraqi air space. Still no justification for an invasion of Iraq. However, the UN had imposed heavy sanctions. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The first months of 1994 were quiet under BC, and the USAF began to withdraw forces from the region. In October, Saddam deployed two divisions of Iraqi Republican Guard troops to the Kuwaiti border after demanding that UN sanctions were to be lifted,
This brought in Operation Vigilant Warrior, the rushing of American troops to the Persian Gulf region. Saddam later withdrew the Iraqi Republican Guard out of the Kuwati border due to massive American military buildup. Give him credit, he wasn't stupid. #QAnon #DarkToLight
What to do? what to do? [THEY] wanted Iraq invaded. Keep in mind, to this point, OP SW had netted zero US casualties. [THEY] needed a false flag. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Despite SO retreating, this served to increase Coalition resolve to enforce the no-fly zones and contain Iraqi aggression.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Well what do ya know? BOOM!
On 25 June 1996,(supposedly)  terrorists bombed the U.S. base at Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia which housed personnel at King Abdulaziz Air Base supporting Operation Southern Watch. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Imagine that it was [SA]. To this point, there had been no casualties.The attack killed 19 American airmen and injured an additional 372 people. This event led to a re-alignment of American forces in Saudi Arabia from Khobar Towers to Prince Sultan Air Base and Eskan Village,
On 15 December 1998, France suspended participation in the no-fly zones, arguing that they had been maintained for too long and were ineffective. But, [THEY] NEEDED war in Iraq! #QAnon #DarkToLight
On 16 December, U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered execution of Operation Desert Fox, a four-day air campaign against targets all over Iraq, citing Iraq's failure to comply with UNSC Resolutions. No one knows for sure how many civilians were killed. #QAnon #DarkToLight
This led to increased fighting in the no fly zones for the next few years. On 16 February 2001American and British aircraft launched attacks against six targets in southern Iraq including command centers radars and communications centers. Only about 40% of the targets were hit
This op enraged the foreign media which reflected growing world skepticism about American-British policy towards Iraq. Coalition planes coming under fire was the narrative in the US, then retaliatory air strikes began to happen on a weekly basis.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
At this point, most had never heard of Al-Qaeda yet. There was still no legitimate reason to invade Iraq, then Boom it started. Enter [SA] again. In 2001 an Al-Qaeda member allegedly fired a hand held rocket a US jet. The pilots said they never saw it but SA said they found it
[THEY] just had to have a war in Iraq. [THEY] NEEDED a massive false flag! On September 11 2001 it happened. 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out the suicide attacks. The people wanted justice! #QAnon
Immediately [THEY] weaponized their assets in the MSM. U.S. officials falsely accused Saddam of harbouring and supporting al-Qaeda. The media spread it like wild fire. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Bush administration based its rationale for the war principally on the assertion that Iraq, which had been viewed by the U.S. as a rogue state since the 1990–1991 Gulf War, supposedly possessed an active weapons of mass destruction program. The MSM spread the lie.#QAnon
Keep in mind, from the time OP SW was engaged, until the war in Iraq started, in 2003, a decade later, ZERO US casualties were sustained except by the bombing in [SA]. Ya can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
[THEY] Got their wish! The MSM had the masses screaming for Saddam Hussein's head on a spit. #QAnon #DarkToLight
In October 2002, Congress authorized President Bush to use military force against Iraq should he choose to. The Iraq war began on 19 March 2003, when the U.S., joined by the U.K. and several coalition allies, launched a "shock and awe" bombing campaign. [THEY] Got their war.
This is where it gets interdasting. We have to figure out if Mad Dog Mattis was one of them or not. Back to his resignation. Did Trump force him to cooperate and help undo the mess in the middle east then let him resign with dignity? What did he know? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Will he be forced to testify? He wrote this letter to his men on the night of the Iraq invasion. Sounds just like the MSM narrative doesn't it? The more we know. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Ironically, after being a part of Operation Southern Watch all that time, Molach was given a position in the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing; Company Commander - Operation Iraqi Freedom 1. The more we know. Again: What does she know?
I apologize for all of the back story here, but I had to lay the foundation for the heart of the matter. Had to show that the Iraq war was a lie. Mattis was complicit and Al-Qaeda miraculously appeared out of thin air under Bush and enabled [THEM] to start the war.
It's getting late, my eyes are tired and my brain is jello from all of the research lately. I'm going to take a break and resume tomorrow. God Speed patriots.
Despite the fact that not one US soldier was killed by Iraqi forces following a decade long presence in Iraq, we sent in 309,000 US troops. Why? What was the real motivation to invade Iraq? Oil? What happened to the bunkers full of Gold? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Let me see if I have this straight. Out of all of the coalition forces In Iraq, of the 4,815 killed, 4,449 were Americans? WTF? 179 from the UK and 139 from other countries. The more we know. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Of the 32,776 wounded, 32,252 were Americans and only 315 from the UK? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Look at the wounded n diseased numbers! How many children lost their father's or Mothers? How many Iraqi civilians were killed? How much did the tax payers spend to kill our own?
Attention Bush family, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and the members of the Mockingbird media. THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS! The Iraqi forces hadn't killed a single American until YOU invaded THEIR country! It was a pointless fucking war! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Why do members of the Squad refuse to denounce Al-Qaeda? Who is Al-Qaeda? Where'd they come from? Who funded them? Where did they get their weapons? Is there a parent organization playing us all? #QAnon #DarkToLight
What if I told you back in 1988, right before Ronald Reagan left office, Al-Qaeda made their 1st appearance on the world stage. [THEY] already had their long term plan in place before HW took office. Ya can't make this shit up! #DarkToLight #QAnon
Why did Al-Qaeda originally form? Who was Bin Laden's handler? The Guardian, in 2009, described five distinct phases in the development of al-Qaeda: its beginnings in the late 1980s, a "wilderness" period in 1990–1996, its "heyday" in 1996–2001,
a network period from 2001 to 2005 and a period of fragmentation from 2005 to 2009. ISIL/ ISIS evolved as a branch of Al-Qaeda They originally formed as volunteers to fight against the invading Russians They weren't terrorists, they were militia both armed/trained by the USA!
Osama Bin Laden got played by [THEM]. In fact, the United States viewed the conflict in Afghanistan in terms of the Cold War, with Marxists on one side and the native Afghan mujahideen on the other. Marxist? Sound familiar? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Symbolism will be their demise. #QAnon #DarkToLight
This view led to a CIA program called Operation Cyclone, which channeled funds through Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency to the Afghan Mujahideen. Ya can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
The US government provided substantial financial support to the Afghan Islamic militants. Aid to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, an Afghan mujahideen leader and founder of the Hezb-e Islami, amounted to more than $600 million. #QAnon #DarkToLight
In addition to American aid, Hekmatyar was the recipient of [SA] aid in the early 1990s, after the US had withdrawn support, Hekmatyar "worked closely" with bin Laden. Are you connecting the dots? The more we know. #QAnon #DarkToLight
At the same time, a growing number of Arab mujahideen joined the jihad against the Afghan Marxist regime, which was facilitated by international Muslim organizations, particularly the Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK). #QAnon #DarkToLight
 In 1984, MAK was established in Peshawar, Pakistan, by bin Laden and Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, a Palestinian Islamic scholar and (Are you ready for the BOOM!?) member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember when I said parent Org? Ya can't make this shit up! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Remember this Q drop 57? BOOM BOOM BOOM! #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
MAK organized guest houses in Peshawar, near the Afghan border, and gathered supplies for the construction of paramilitary training camps to prepare foreign recruits for the Afghan war front. #QAnon #DarkToLight
MAK was funded by the [SA] government as well as by individual Muslims including Saudi businessmen. Bin Laden offered up some of his own money to bring awareness to the war.
Nonetheless,foreign mujahideen volunteer came from 43 countries, and the total # that participated in the Afghan movement between 1982 and 1992 is reported to have been 35,000. Bin Laden played a central role in organizing training camps for the foreign Muslim volunteers.
The Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and Bin Laden and his volunteer militia disappeared in to the woodwork. Mohammad Najibullah's Communist Afghan government lasted for three more years, before it was overrun by elements of the mujahideen. [THEY] were pissed!
Now the plot thickens.
Years ago I had read articles speaking of how Bin Laden was treated like royalty in the US. He had invested in properties in NYC and turned old buildings in to prime real estate. All such sauce has disappeared from the web. Go figure.
In fact all that remains is articles pushing the Mockingbird narrative that he was a global terrorist. A monster. And those detailing his assassination by Navy SEALS. Back to NYC. It is my belief that [THEY] tried to recruit him and he refused. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Right out of the blue, he was not only deported, but they seized his properties valued in the millions. From the time he disappeared following Russia pulling out of Afghanistan, until the bombing in [SA] , there was no mention of him or Al-Qaeda. Only his time in NYC. #QANON
Bin Laden had no ties to Iraq, and had been exiled from [SA]. He had no motive to bomb Americans in [SA]. With the help of the US, he had won his fight against communist oppression. No need to attack Americans. It was his organizational and recruiting skills that
led to the people being able to overthrow the globalist, Communist dictatorship that controlled his new country. As I said before, [THEY] were pissed. [THEY] Not only needed an excuse to invade Iraq, but needed a patsy. #QAnon #DarkToLight
After trying 3 different search engines, Quant led me to an old, archived, believe it or not, CNN article that DID NOT follow the narrative. It was the transcript of Bin Laden's statement released to an Arab news agency following 9/11. BOOM! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Let's be real here. Any terrorist that pulled off the biggest attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor would be chomping at the bit to take credit. It would make him relevant on the world stage and a hero to the Jihadist community. But he didn't. It was quite the opposite.
Remember earlier when I mentioned Clintons connection to the Taliban? Who was president when they took over ruling Afghanistan that had Been liberated from the communist dictatorship? Bingo!
It is my belief that @realDonaldTrump not only knew him during his time in NY from his real estate ventures, but knew he was innocent, AND IT WAS A FALSE FLAG! BOOM! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Are you ready for the next YUGE BOOM?!
Ya just can't make this shit up. What if I told you, Wayyy back in 2011, Mueller had an FBI informant posing as a Trump business associate, AND HE was the one gave the FBI Bin Laden's Sat phone numbers? IT'S TRUE!
#QAnon #DarkToLight
How long has the FBI "REALLY" been surveiling @realDonaldTrump? How long has Trump been part of the plan? How long had Mueller been setting up the Russia hoax? Did the informant steal the numbers from Trump? Was he in contact with Osama? #DarkToLight…
I believe Trump was a MI asset, BEFORE he ran for office. He was their liaison to Bin Laden and [THEY] found out about it, got an informant close to Trump, acquired the numbers, and used his Sat phone signals to track him. #QAnon #DarkToLight
There is no telling how much Intel was gleaned from Bin Laden, but Hussein, Bush and the Clintons couldn't take any chances. Osama was in his home with his wife and children, and [THEY] sent in a SEAL team to execute the loose end under the guise of taking out a terrorist.
Which country did Trump visit first? What happened? Multiple [SA] princes were arrested. Why?
When does a bird sing? [SA] contributed $30 million to the CF prior to the election. Who paid for Husseins Harvard? Who is VJ? Are you connecting the dots? Follow the money! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Who funds the Muslim Brotherhood? Who was Husseins handler? [VJ]. What happened after the princes were arrested? Q told us.
The Wizards and Warlocks can't be defeated.
Follow HUMA.
Who connects HRC/CF to SA?
Why is this relevant?
Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Who has ties to the MB?
Q confirms what happened in [SA] (Martial Law while bad actors are arrested) will happen here.#QAnon #DarkToLight
What was [SA] known as a major hub for? What was CF known for? What was there an unlimited supply of in the war torn Middle East? How many foundations place orphaned or displaced children? Why is this relevant to donations?
[SA] WERE the puppet masters. In US and Middle East. Strings have been cut. Obama is toast. #TrustThePlan #TheStormIsHere
How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?
Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days? Why did we invade Iraq? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Did OSB take the fall for his brothers involvement in 9/11? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Q breaks down the power structure of the CABAL #QANON #DARKTOLIGHT
Q knows where Hussein hid the money!
Why is Hussein traveling the globe?
Acct # xx-XXXxx-x-39670
Acct # XXXxx-XXXx-2391
Where did the MONEY come from?
Q reveals no name is a traitor. Don't forget about Huma! Who else is connected to the MB?…
Trump teamed up with prince Salmon to shut down the trafficking networks!
What was the primary reason @POTUS went to [SA]? If you want to drain the Swamp, you go after the puppet masters. What's the best way to hurt the CABAL? Shut down their most lucrative Business.
What took place in [SA] was the destruction of the old guard. It's about to go down soon. We will eventually learn Lorna Malnach's part in the movie, but to answer the big question: WHO ELSE IS CONNECTED TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERH OOD? Those who scream the loudest.#PainIsComing
In closing of this dig, remember to Always #TrustThePlan it may get frustrating at times, but if you pay attention, a lot has been accomplished in a short time. You can't shut down the world's largest and most powerful crime syndicate over night. Rest assured, #PainIsComing
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