Mandela Effect is Real! The Secrets of CERN Documentary via @YouTube
@YouTube Inside The Freemasons' Oldest Grand Lodge via @YouTube
@YouTube Masonic Ritual Music | freemasonry
@YouTube Mozart: The Magic Flute and Freemasonry (Inside the Music) via @YouTube
@YouTube Weird CERN Symmetry Shiva Dance of Destruction via @YouTube
@YouTube Enter the secret world of the Freemasons via @YouTube
@YouTube America's Secret Destiny: What you weren't taught in school! [Documentary] (link: ) via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN: The past, present and future of the world's largest particle collider via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN scientists break anti-matter record via @YouTube
@YouTube Why antimatter matters | Professor Tara Shears | TEDxLiverpool via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 11 - (Spoiler) ‘Angela Meets Whiterose' via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 4 - (Spoiler) 'Whiterose is the Time-Master' via @YouTube
@YouTube The Next Level Easter Eggs Of Mr Robot | The Spinoff via @YouTube
@YouTube MR. ROBOT: A Fractured State of Mind via @YouTube
@YouTube The Philosophy of Mr. Robot – Wisecrack Edition via @YouTube
@YouTube Kingdom of Bullshit via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 3 - (Spoiler) ‘God Rant’ via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 1, Episode 2 - 'No Good' via @YouTube
@YouTube Elliot Alderson » I hate when I can't hold in my loneliness || Mr. Robot via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 1, Episode 3 - (Spoiler) 'Living a Normal Life' via @YouTube
@YouTube my theory is this is operation pacifier based on the story of howard schulz starbucks owner. he later funded allconnect thru venture capitalism- red ventures buy out
Mr. Robot: Season 1, Episode 1 - (Spoiler) ‘That's The Part You're Wrong... via @YouTube
@YouTube Society problems - best scene Mr Robot via @YouTube
@YouTube allconnect inc is based out of atlanta georgia btw
@YouTube pg&E was a HUGE contract for allconnect took 5 years to get thru the red tape -regulators. rothschilds are on the board of all power & gas companies across the world. Rothschilds admit it started CA fires. smart meters can remotely burn. 🔥👁️

Kylie Bumpus
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 3: Whiterose Explains His Motivation To Price (Episode 7) via @YouTube
@YouTube Ecorp Ecoin- JP Morgan Coin, Facebook coin Libra, Electroneum, ALLconnected.
Mr. Robot predicts JPM Coin! via @YouTube
@YouTube allconnect (red ventures) calls itself the digital solution, too
@YouTube yes, their number one goal, as well as bilderbergers goals have been to solve world poverty. and you know what they really mean, create world poverty and control aka hunger games style.…
@YouTube and of course, must fix that dastardly global warming...
@YouTube so invest now, while its half a penny. REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. you are welcome! 👁️

@YouTube yes, yes it will, in fact. got electroneum? buy now. when moon, sell for bitcoin. 🔥
@YouTube Gig Economy is the future of work. It has already been decided. google it.
@YouTube get it? makes sense? are you listening? i sure hope so.

@YouTube buy electroneum NOW, whatever extra money you got. i promise you, you wont regret it. buy, and KEEP CALM AND HODL. 😁
BWA - HODL via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr.Robot- A Way Out Of Loneliness (Koda-Last Stand) via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 4 - (Spoiler) 'Leon's Advice' via @YouTube
@YouTube Mr. Robot - Running After My Fate (Tribute) via @YouTube
@YouTube The Ending Of Shut Up and Dance Explained | Black Mirror Season 3 Explained via @YouTube
@YouTube operation pacifier. its a real thing. promise.…
@YouTube One Ring to Rule Them All..Technology My Precious! via @YouTube
@YouTube Ive been illegally denied a family court hearing in st george UT for 6 yrs to provide evidence or witnesses, never given an evidentiary hearing to see if I should lose 100% custody. This is my punishment for being ALLCONNECT whistleblower - connected to AT&T NSA SPY data center🔥
@YouTube Bill told me that he was "feeling the heat" from taking on too many allconnect cases. He took my case along with Layne Roberts, who was part of my case. I referred several employees current and former at the time to contact him. Many did & many got settlements. I am breaking NDA.
@YouTube smart dust = power from the air... you know what that reminds me of? both Satan and twin peaks last season. figured this all out in 2017, btw
@YouTube CGI 3D Animated Short "I, Pet Goat II" by - Heliofant via @YouTube
@YouTube Berkley also has a particle accelerator. everywhere the owls are, they are
@YouTube our god, or their god? prince of the air is satan. Luciferians have things inverted. they think lucifer is god.

God particle: why Cern scientists have been using the Large Hadron Colli... via @YouTube
@YouTube saturn worship is satan worship, btw

The key is in the fist the fist is in the pocket- angela mr robot- lolita- stanley kubrick - the most brilliant director with brilliant symbolism ppl still try to decode to this day- murdered just as final cut of eyes wide shut delivered.
@YouTube so now we come back full circle, havent we? it is truly ALLCONNECT-ed.
Who is KEK? Memetic Magic, Chaos & Twin Particle Accelerator Facilities ... via @YouTube
@YouTube The REAL Eyes Wide Shut via @YouTube
@YouTube Meet CERN's New Particle: A Double-Charm Baryon! via @YouTube
@YouTube Upgrading the Particle Physics Toolkit: The Future Circular Collider - H... via @YouTube
@YouTube this is our childrens future too. lets do what we can to expose it and stop it. no one can say we cant stop it. we can do anything we want to if we want it bad enough.
The Ending Of Nosedive Explained | Black Mirror Season 3 Explained via @YouTube
@YouTube How Does the Large Hadron Collider Work? | Ars Technica via @YouTube
@YouTube angels and demons: no laughing antimatter
@YouTube The Large Hadron Collider Returns in the Hunt for New Physics via @YouTube
@YouTube i love lost. one of my favs of all time. a story of good and evil and redemption. dharma insignia and the time wheel all represent CERN.

Reetae Reviews LOST: Part 2 - Why the Mysteries Matter via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN To Explode Matter & Antimatter In New Collider | Peck Report Ep.193 via @YouTube
@YouTube Decoding The Universe (Matter & Antimatter) - Documentary via @YouTube
@YouTube The CERN Con-cern In Switzerland. AntiMatter Matters!!!??? via @YouTube
@YouTube Antimatter: CERN’s hunt for matter’s ‘EVIL TWIN’ valued at £50 TRILLION ... via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN Revealed: How The Abyss Is Opened With The 49th Key via @YouTube
@YouTube The TRUE Origins Of Google 🔊 Anthony Patch & Kev Baker 720p via @YouTube
@YouTube A palantír (Quenya for "far-seeing") is described as a crystal ball, used for both communication and as a means of seeing events in other parts of the world or in the distant past or in the future
Origin of Palantir: DARPA, NSA, October 12, 2018
@YouTube Neuroplasticity & Critical Thinking via @YouTube
@YouTube Revealing D Wave's Quadrant & Quantum Training A I with Anthony Patch 360p via @YouTube
@YouTube Google's Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social... via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN Testing The Acceleration Of Atoms To Create New Matter! 720p via @YouTube
@YouTube Everything You're Not Being Told About Cali & Greek Fires with ELANA FRE... via @YouTube
@YouTube Interdimensional Communications & Mandela Effect Explained w Anthony Pat... via @YouTube
@YouTube Weather Weapons, Space Fence & Their Connection To The Occult w ELANA FR... via @YouTube
@YouTube smart dust is nanotech
Nanobots & Synthetic Bodies👾 The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#82 360p via @YouTube
@YouTube lets see if he is where i am at. i havent watched his vids for about a year and a half.
How Technology, A I, Blockchain & Bitcoin Will Affect The Markets & Jobs... via @YouTube
@YouTube The Creepy Company Bringing Westworld To Life That EVERYBODY Needs To ... via @YouTube
@YouTube Quadrant & Addictive Social Media The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#69 360p via @YouTube
@YouTube CERN 2019 Footage, Bizarre Secret Experiments!? via @YouTube
@YouTube Why Our Eyes Are SHUT (Eyes Wide Shut) – Wisecrack Edition via @YouTube
@YouTube Embedded A I Machine Intelligence & Edge Computing 360p via @YouTube
@YouTube Geordie Rose of Kindred AI presents Super-intelligent Aliens Are Coming ... via @YouTube
@YouTube Geordie Rose - Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here via @YouTube
@YouTube Quantum Computers and Parallel Universes via @YouTube
@YouTube science is cool. prove me wrong. 👁️

D Wave Webinar: A Machine of a Different Kind, Quantum Computing, 2019 via @YouTube
@YouTube Webinar: Quantum Experiences: Applications and User Projects on D-Wave via @YouTube
@YouTube How Will Quantum Computing Change the World? - Full Session - WGS 2019 via @YouTube
@YouTube Quantum computing explained with a deck of cards | Dario Gil, IBM Research via @YouTube
@YouTube Leonard Susskind on The World As Hologram via @YouTube
@YouTube IBM WATSON also helped hitler keep track of the jews with barcodes, and created the VA death lists. just sayin'
@YouTube are you a zero or a one, elliot? - mr robot

Quantum Computing for Dummies : A Simple Explanation for Normal People via @YouTube
@YouTube feels like sometimes they are keeping us so busy and preoccupied with the commie drama we aren't paying attention to what the left hand is doing.…
@YouTube Study Music - the xx intro I 4 hour edit via @YouTube
@YouTube oh look i found Q. me, i did that. 👁️
@YouTube thats freaking funny. sign a privacy agreement as though we have any whatsoever. hahahahaha! 👁️
@YouTube im gonna learn to code guys, for reals! hahaha…
@YouTube Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ... via @YouTube
@YouTube Improved Language Modeling by Decoding the Past via @YouTube
@YouTube Experimental quantum computing at IBM via @YouTube
@YouTube Building a Quantum Community with IBM Q via @YouTube
@YouTube What to do with a near-term quantum computer via @YouTube
@YouTube A Tour of an IBM Q Lab via @YouTube
@YouTube Quantum Algorithms via @YouTube
@YouTube Quantum and Chemistry via @YouTube
@YouTube idk what the hell im doing but i plan to find out 😂
@YouTube yes, it is. 👁️❤️
Schoolhouse Rock - 3 Is A Magic Number via @YouTube
@YouTube ooh never saw this one before. this ones important. infinity is CERN
Figure Eight Schoolhouse Rock via @YouTube
@YouTube numerology kabbalah freemason
Schoolhouse Rock- Naughty Number Nine via @YouTube
@YouTube numerology
Schoolhouse Rock- The Good Eleven via @YouTube
@YouTube Schoolhouse Rock- Lucky Seven Sampson via @YouTube
@YouTube Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication Rock 06 I Got Six via @YouTube
@YouTube Numerology Secrets: Life Path 11 !! via @YouTube
@YouTube Robert Spano on Kabbalah numerology via @YouTube
@YouTube Transcending Time | Interstellar's Hidden Meaning Behind Love and Time via @YouTube
@YouTube The Philosophy of The Fountain – Escaping Our Mental Prisons via @YouTube
@YouTube Not Just About Superheroes – The Hidden Metaphor In Glass via @YouTube
@YouTube The Metaphysics of Inception – Engaging Ontological Uncertainty via @YouTube
@YouTube what a find! love this channel already! subscribed!
A Mythology of Hope – The Lord of the Rings (part 2) via @YouTube
@YouTube playlist 51 videos
@YouTube what the effing f. haha
@YouTube The Philosophy of Cloud Atlas | How Beauty Will Save the World via @YouTube
@YouTube The New World | The Lost Art of Grief via @YouTube
@YouTube Heroism and Moral Victory – The Lord of the Rings (part 1) via @YouTube
@YouTube Venturing into Sacred Space | Archetype of the Magician via @YouTube
@YouTube Sunshine – A Visceral Experience of Life, Death and Meaning via @YouTube
@YouTube RT can be kickass when it wants to be
@YouTube The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know
@YouTube SATURN (mythology) - WikiVidi Documentary via @YouTube
@YouTube Why The Elite Worship Saturn - The Black Cube EXPOSED! via @YouTube
@YouTube marty leeds is also really into numerology as well
BEST #PIZZAGATE VIDEO EVER - 1 Hour Full Lowdown and Evidence - Everythi... via @YouTube
@YouTube pressresetearth connected directly to the clintons and haiti. forever young productions father is executive director for protect a child
#PizzaGate - False Flag Hoax starring IMDB Actor Edgar Maddison Welch
@YouTube Mr. Robot: Season 3, Episode 4: Irving Meets Angela at Red Wheelbarrow via @YouTube
@YouTube David Deutsch - Why is the Quantum so Strange?
@YouTube Q clearance would be nuclear energy... cern dwave quantum computer ibm watson…
@YouTube oh and dont forget the 2045 project
@YouTube yeah i studied the singularity in college... bastards cant go to the higher dimensions so they think they can beat the system by merging with machines to live forever. sounds more like hell to me, but whatever.
Ray Kurzweil — Immortality by 2045
@YouTube of course the life extension is for the billionaire pedo dmt obsessed freaks, not for us, the little people. 👁️
@YouTube Which goes right into the Caravan to Midnight Jade Helm two decoded video that's 2 hours long but it's excellent explain how they plan on controlling us all through the grid full-spectrum dominance full control Hunger Games Style
@YouTube One Ring to Rule Them All..Technology My Precious!
@YouTube yes, THEY are...
Joe Rogan | They're Mapping the DMT Realm??
@YouTube O.D.D TV | Doesn't Have to Be this Way (TRUTH MUSIC) ▶️️
@YouTube O.D.D TV | Don't Worry About a Thing (Truth Music / Conscious Rap) ▶️️
@YouTube The End, Episode I: New World Order
@YouTube The End, Episode II: Solar Cataclysm via @YouTube
@YouTube never was into planet x, but never really looked deep into it
The End, Episode III: Planet X
@YouTube The End, Episode IV: Pandemic
@YouTube The End, Episode V: Rapture
@YouTube Kingdom of Heaven | A Kingdom of Conscience, or Nothing - Kant's Moral P...
@YouTube this is why he and his family was murdered. he refused to sell out his movie to let them control it, and he was going to go the metaphysical route. it was too dangerous for them to allow that.
Gray State - Official Concept Trailer
@YouTube FEMA will not save you. Watch till the End via @YouTube
@YouTube Wildfires set on purpose DEW caught on NASA website via @YouTube
@YouTube 5G and Reading your mind. Yea its real. via @YouTube
@YouTube Nephilm Meet MAN, Its happened before and its happening NOW ! via @YouTube
@YouTube Jesus was NOT a coward. via @YouTube
@YouTube Geordie Rose Knows Why they are Blocking the Sun. via @YouTube
@YouTube asshats, the earth has been cooling anyways and theyve been spraying since the 90's. these people deserve worse than death…
@YouTube i ignore his anti trump bs... ive considered it long and hard but i think trumps on our side. if i ever do find that he isnt of course i will yell it from the rooftops

5G Danger: Israel NOT using 5G via @YouTube
@YouTube #SerialBrain2 - Winning: Trump now controls the chemtrails! (Pt.2) via @YouTube
@YouTube SerialBrain2: Trump confirms he took control of the chemtrails and revea... via @YouTube
@YouTube O.D.D TV | Running Out of Time | Truth Music / Conscious Rap ▶️️ via @YouTube
@YouTube O.D.D TV | End of the Tunnel (Feat. K-Rino & Tony Mac)▶️️ via @YouTube
@YouTube yeah hate to break it to you, but its not just alexa, its your pc, your phone and your tv and game boxes
Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords?
@YouTube One Family To Rule Them All? | reallygraceful
@YouTube As Humans and Computers Merge... Immortality? via @YouTube
@YouTube Prometheus & Covenant | Building a Mythos of Savage Creation via @YouTube
@YouTube omg these re addicting haha
Arrival | Facing the Fear of Existence via @YouTube
@YouTube Enigma - Gravity Of Love (Greatest Hits) via @YouTube
@YouTube singularity is coming fast, if not already here…
@YouTube Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever - (Highlander)
@YouTube Birdbox 5g
Alex Jones Sandra Bullock Bird Box Is About 5G Radiation And Mass Suicide
@YouTube 👁️
@YouTube Pulse trailer 🔥
@YouTube Pulse trailer
@YouTube ... and how are they rolling this out without even a discussion? 👁️…
@YouTube The TRUTH About D-WAVE QUANTUM COMPUTERS and the FUTURE A.I. Artificial ... via @YouTube
@YouTube Michio Kaku: How to Program a Quantum Computer via @YouTube
@YouTube KJV
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

@YouTube Re arctic or Antarctica i always mix it up, dwave quantum computer is there as it needs to be kept at near absolute zero & bill Gates seed vaults.
Assange also had vault 7 clues pointing in that direction before the release.

@YouTube 2045: A New Era for Humanity (link: ) via @YouTube
@YouTube Scientists Attempting to Open Portal to Parallel Universe In Tennessee (link: ) via @YouTube
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