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I have lots of new followers so I am going to start at the beginning.
On May 25th 2019 I found a magnetic rock in a gravel pit.
It was really cool and got me thinking that if one little rock was so powerful what about tons of rock?
I was talking about my special little nugget and someone put me on to #leylines. Never heard of them. Found out some cool stuff here.…
I started looking at the Cairns the settlers put all over the place. What were they?
Soon enough I discovered that a #cairn was put at the junction of 2 powerful leylines.
I still didn't understand what a leyline was. I thought it was a stone formation. I got my lead pendulum out and started looking for them around my country property. I found positive
and negative indicators in the ground. Positive is back and forth swing and negative is a round path. Lead is dense so it moves when waves are eminating as the waves can not pass through.
Getting more interesting.
I started looking into #sacredground under churches and buildings with domes as it seemed to be on the #leylines. I began to plot them out on Googlemaps. Interestingly, they formed into grid lines.
I am interested in #flatearth as I watched some Dutch researchers try to find the curvature in a big body of water with lasers and there is no curve to be found. You can see a similar video here.
Then I saw this interesting article about how all these really cool ancient sites lined up in a circle that centered around Alaska. I decided I wanted to plot the points out on a Flat Earth map for fun and see what it looked like.
I got my local print shop to print me #Gleasonsmap and I got some see thru plastic sheets and marked pyramids, Stonehenge, nuclear plants. Most of the sites seemed bunched around the same areas. I showed my friend online. He sent me something.
This. Enrico Fermi. Inventor of nuclear energy with his famous diagram.
I flipped my map around.
Wow, my map matched his strange diagram. Coincidence? Of course not. Nothing is.
I began to explore more. I noticed that all the cites were laid out in patterns.
The main seats of the counties are laid out in a wheel shape or a half wheel. Streets fan out or are in straight lines. Always a Queens street running to water. Kings street heading back. Why? Here is a sample. See the curious circular shape in the park? What is that?
Another one. Goderich Ontario. Hit by a huge tornado and rebuilt 8 years ago.
See the wheel shape? That hub is not just a hub. I finally discovered what it was. That hub is a giant #Pingo with a courthouse built over it.
On Fake Wikipedia it says that pingos only form in the North. They lie. Suprise suprise.
These things are all over. The tops are scraped off by glaciers or they have plants over them. They are old artesian springs that sink down below ground level.
So these things are hidden under fancy buildings because they create a hollow sound and resonate, like when you sing in church, it carries the sound upward. Nice.
Thats not all they do.
These things are still connected at various levels to the aquifer even though water does not come out of them anymore. Its all connected and runs to the largest body of water by level of the ground. I don't want to say gravity fed because gravity is another lame concept.
These sunken springs are everywhere that water would lay after heavy rains near bodies of water and extend in a diagonal line like a spoke, miles out of town. If you find ponds on Google map I guarantee if you slide the map in a diagonal you find more.
So I figured out the the dry ponds have a positive signal, I thought it was EMF (electro magnetic) but I was wrong. Normal ground has a negative field. Men has negative charged soles of feet, positive head. Women are opposite. I ordered an EMF and mag field reader.
The dry springs have no EMF or magnetic field. They do have a field. What is it? Its water polarity. The water underground gives it a wave field from the alignment of the water in the natural drain.
So water in a puddle, sink or pond sits like this. Negative ions on top
Drains are different. The water is moving away from the drain so the positive O molecule is the last part to pass by. It pulls at any moisture on top of the drain.
Now here is the catch. It does it even if there is a floor over it. Cement or wood. It doesn't matter.
How do I know? I saw people who linger near one get headaches, vomiting, nausea and paleness. I took me years to figure out what was going on. Dehydration.
Clock batteries near these areas go dead in about a week. The electrolytes leak out.
Very weird! So then I noticed that these cities had outlying circle type areas in grids. There were more of these #pingos hidden from view. Why?
They are hidden under things.
Monuments. Parks, swings, benches, skating areas/ splash pads. Here is a map I made so you can see
A park I played at as a child. Why would they put these under things? I checked every spot and the polarity was opposite of normal ground.
I also visited a fancy courthouse and thats when I saw it. I plotted the map locations and this lines up with Nuclear plants in Canada
In the US. US plants line up all the way to Florida in a diagonal line with this plant.
This courthouse had a 30 million renovation a few years ago. Huge for that town.
Shortly after that I began waking every night with new info in my brain. Pop pop it was being entered into my head. I have no idea how it arrived. Right out of a dead sleep it was there.
I found out that particles can move molecule by molecule through walls or floors.
Read here…
This is what happens when you step on ground over these hidden springs.
Where does it go?
It goes into the aquifer.
It goes in to charge the water. The water can dissolve minerals from sweat, skin or from rocks and as it moves it builds up an electrical charge.
Distilled water can not hold an electrical charge. Only mineralized water.
What else happens to that water?
That water gets added energy by vibration. Sounds and waves generated by #vibrantcommunities passes down into the hidden target spring (catchment) and energizes the aquifer which runs to the large body of water.
How do they vibrate it? The build things with lots of people
Over it, like mega prisons, migrant detentions, schools, parks, and roundabouts. Yes those damned roundabouts make you drive in a certain way to vibrate the ground. Here is one being built you can see the depression in the middle.
The cover the top, put a vibration mechanism in
This the landform you can't see. Its what is underneath.
See the tube structures? Made out of shist rock.
Here is another. These are not pillars. They are hollowed out around them so they vibrate more.
So the energy goes down in with electrolyes you gave. Not enough though so they chemtrail to add minerals over a wide area. Sulphur, strontium here I had my rain water tested.
Where does it go? It goes here. To the water's edge at so called Nuclear plants.
These are all being retrofitted with domes. All of them. Huge expense to you. You pay for the roundabouts. You pay for the parks. You drive around them.
You are not told about any of it.
How do they extract the electricity? I don't know. I think they break the molecules apart somehow.
People are complaining about the noise but no one will tell them what it is.
This is happening worldwide. Not just in Canada. People are getting sick from it.
I photographed the fog it makes when they run. Its horrifying.
This was within 10 mins.
10 mins later
So this electrified water should trickle into your body of water to help energize and make the lake fertile. However, they are grabbing it and sending it back to the land.
It makes a weird weather effect. On top of this they put new Nexrad in everywhere. High powered. Why?
See the little antenna on top? Thats to ionize the clouds. Why? To make it rain. To make water flow into the ground and new cement infrastruce.
Lots of rain. LOTS. Chemtrails cloudseed and then ionized. They blame you.
So, no tingle for the fish, you get flooded, you get grey skies and pollution, and they pretend they are doing green tech with nuclear.
They sell rights to the roads with pingos hidden under them to foreigners and don't offer you any. They call it #Circulareconomy.
As in you generate it and the money goes into their offshore accounts.
They have charts for it.
See bio generated part. I circled them. Did they tell you this? No. They didn't know that us Bees can read. They think we are all too stupid playing little sports and drinking beer.
Biochemical and cascading.
That's your sweat, expired blood donations, tears, ect.
Your children's pitter patter of feet
Your dog at the dog park
Your coffee at the Donut shop
Your family funeral at the cemetary
They are all on the lines.
This makes people sick because they steal the electrolytes. Nursing homes are built on these. Schools and hospitals.
Then you get weak, you get anemic. You get inflammation. You get a heart attack. You get cancer. Its a constant stress and you have no idea why.
The funniest thing I discovered is that the polarity flips 1 hr prior to sunset so their system basically shuts down as no more suction into the springs.
This is why they want daylight savings time. It starts at sunrise.
Don't step on their lures. Check your house.
So leyline is the aquifier
Female and place name streets on aquifer
Man and tree name streets are drainage areas.
The latter are the worst streets for you to live on.
Old construction over drains can only collect electrolytes. To collect vibrations they need to excavate around the rock.
That's why they burnt #NotreDame
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