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What is the the IDEAL DIET?

I've spent the last few years experimenting and reading about a bunch of diets and I feel pretty certain about some Ayurvedic principles that work to improve the health of EVERYONE.

Sharing insights 👇👇👇
According to Ayurveda there's no such thing as an IDEAL DIET for EVERYONE, because Ayurveda believea bio-individuality.

Thus one man's poison is another man's nectar, HOWEVER there are certain health principles which are universal. Discussing that below. Simple stuff for all.
1) Sugar is pure poison - No exaggeration at all. Sugar has addictive properties that work very similar to the way cocaine works on our brain. Just google "sugar cocaine addiction". In rats sugar is 8 TIMES MORE ADDICTIVE THAN COCAINE. Use jaggery (brown, unprocessed) not the
refined crap. Also satisfy your sweet cravings with natural dates, fruits etc. Never drink fruit juice of any kind. It's again pure sugar, zero fibre and leads to unstable blood sugar.

If you have a sugar addiction eat more broccoli, it helps in reducing sugar cravings. Also
just quit sugar cold turkey. You can gradually reduce. That just doesn't work for sugar.

Simple quiz to test if you have insulin resistance and sugar addiction-
Do you like the chocolate 'milkybar'? If yes you have a serious problem, if no and you find it disgustingly sweet
then your insulin is pretty good. (This is non medical wellness advise. Please refer to a doc for professional advice.)

I used to be a serious sugar addict and one of the detoxes I did previously got me totally off sugar addiction. I still occasionally indulge but I'm not
addicted anymore. Also I used to love milkybar but now I find it quite disgusting.

Sugar is a drug. The more you have the more you want. Period.

Also modern refined white sugar was NEVER a part of ancient diet and lifestyle. It totally wreaks havoc with your system. Quit it.
2) #Gluten #Ayurveda - There's so much demonization of wheat currently with every modern doc advising gluten free. However the problems are mainly due to 2 reasons - wheat is genetically modified and has become MORE indigestible thus causing issues and secondly the processing
has been altered drastically which causes multitude of problems. Traditional way of making bread is actually 2-3 day long process and during this time yeast digests gluten thus making bread healthy. Modern bread is an instant food which is highly processed and has ADDED GLUTEN!
This is really bad for our body and causes inflammation. If you love bread try varieties like sourdough. @SuzetteMumbai is the only place I know where you get sourdough bread. Also I feel traditional Indian cooking styles which use high fibre coarse grain wheat are healthier but
I haven't come across any research. That said I've heard some Indian scholars say that wheat is "Mleccha" food and thus not part of our traditional diet. Also in villages most people often eat millets. As per Ayurveda wheat is HEAVY but it has advantages to BUT IT IS MEANT TO BE
EATEN ONLY IN WINTERS. In winters our Agni (digestion strength) is much stronger and if you eat wheat once in a day in winters you'll get most of the benefits without the problems. But again lot of our wheat may already be genetically modified 😭. The ideal way to eat grains is
by eating diverse grains. Try to incorporate jowar, bajri, ragi, rajgira (amaranth), singhara (water chestnut flour), kuttu (buckwheat) etc to your diet. Also good quality basmati rice is supposed to be tridoshic - balances all doshas. So really change your grain consumption and
you'll notice great results. Also I think regional fermented grain lentil dishes are absolutely GREAT FOR YOUR GUT. So all south indian food plus dhokla (not market variety, actual Gujarati dhokla is quite different) are really good. Try to find out what your ancestors ate and
mostly that should help improve your health.

3) Greens & lentils - Our diets unfortunately have become TOO grain based. Instead we must have a LOT more green, leafy, non starchy veggies. Add lentils too to make your food plate healthy. And when I say add veggies it doesn't mean
you eat disgusting steamed veggies. Honestly makes me nauseous. Our sabzis are ideal with spices, oil and sauteed. Also eat grilled veggies if you like. I personally love making asparagus and basil pesto and making a basmati rice risotto with pesto and tons of veggies. Love
fusion food. I feel only the most unhealthy and un-creative people think that healthy food doesn't taste good. Truth is that healthy food can be super tasty if you're creative. I add oregano to my dahi and sumac to my sabzi. Make the most of living in a city 😃.
4) OIL IS NOT BAD, IN FACT IT'S GREAT - The whole cholesterol and fat insanity is a scam and if you don't believe me check out what Dr Mark Hyman & Dr Eric Berg say. Read and learn. The PROBLEM ISN'T WITH OIL BUT WITH REFINED OIL. Refined oil is toxic and mostly extracted with
hexane. Read about how dangerous hexane is. Solution is to buy cold pressed or 'ghani' oil. And NO YOU DON'T NEED OLIVE OIL. I use olive oil on salads etc because I like the taste. However for the most part I prefer sesame and sunflower oil. According to Ayurveda sesame is the
best oil and even coconut oil is great. But I personally prefer sunflower oil too which is also tridoshic. Use any natural oil which is unrefined except for total crap like vegetable oil, soya oil, dalda and other such trash which honestly is not even food but just chemicals.
5) Dairy is good but only if it's grass fed milk, unprocessed, hormone free. Also COLD DAIRY - milkshakes, ice cream etc are the WORST for your body. Have hot milk with cardamom, ginger etc.

Best way to be healthy
LIVE IN A VILLAGE IN 10th Century 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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