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1. #Epstein and all the news of #pedophiles and sex trafficking of children needs to be seen as something that has been promoted and accepted by certain elite.
Case in point: A movie that by many Hollywood standards is a cult favorite- Woody Allen’s 1979 classic Manhattan.
2. In the movie, Allen’s 44 year old character is dating Mariel Hemmingway’s 17 year old character who is STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. In case you’re wondering, Mariel was actually 16 years old at the time of filming, and had her official “first kiss” with Woody in one of their scenes.
3. Imagine a child of 16 years old and being terrified of having her first kiss with a man of 44 who “attacked me like I was a linebacker.” Her own words:
4. Was Hollywood’s response outrage? Did they question Allen writing, directing and starring with a 16 year old child in the movie? Did anyone suggest maybe getting a young looking adult actress in the part. No. But they did reward Mariel with an Oscar nomination.
5. This was an era of Woody Allen’s prime, btw. Reviews of the movie were stellar, and seemed to excuse the “May/December” romance as more of a quirk than a controversy. Here is part of Roger Ebert’s take from his review:
6. The idea is that they want you to look past this 17 year old child casually having a 44 year old lover as “art.” Thus promoting an idea of the acceptance of a child with a man way above her age as normal. Fast forward to today, and #Epstein and his sex trafficking young girls
7. A quick one before I move on- when she turned 18 he invited her to go away with him. She was hoping her parents would put their foot down and demand separate rooms. They never did, instead encouraged her to go with him.
8. I know there are plenty of Woody Allen fans out there who will defend his “art.” I have a difficult time separating the “artist” from their personal disturbing bad behavior , yet as a consumer of good films, it is difficult to deny his talents and some movies of his that I luv
9. An artist or celebrity is only as valuable as his/her likability scale. Once their popularity hits lows, it is difficult for them to get work. That’s why their images are so carefully crafted into what we see today. But what are we really seeing about them? Think about that.
10. An image is created and carefully crafted because of big $$ involved/invested into that image. A popular celebrity endorsement can reap millions. Same with politicians. We are fed images that we consume as to who is popular, who is trustworthy, who is reliable, who is honest.
11. We as consumers of these “products” become emotionally invested and allow our emotions to be easily influenced. A “fan” is an abbreviation for a “fanatic.” With social media, there are even more ways to consume these popular “products.”
12. Unfortunately, many of the images that have been constructed for our consumption and approval are nothing more that smoke and mirrors. There are many a Wizard of this Oz that have been behind this manipulation. It’s not easy to peak behind the curtain.Yet absolutely necessary
13. Another movie of the same era was 1978 movie Pretty Baby, starring 12 year old Brooke Shields as a prostitute. A few years before that, in 1976, another classic many herald as one of the top best films, Taxi Driver, had 12 year old Jodie Foster playing a prostitute.
14. Jodie revealed years later in an interview that no one knew how to direct her in the part, leaving it to DeNiro.
Can you imagine a 12 year old being “directed” to unzip Robert DeNiro’s fly?
15. Most will brush off any outrage as being “square” or uncool, unhip, especially considering some of these movies are so iconic. But that’s the point. How is it this era of movie making so blatantly promoted the idea of child prostitution? Fast forward to a more recent movie:
16. In The Nice Guys, starring Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling, in one scene, one of character’s 12 year old daughter follwed them to a Hollywood party. As they go about doing their detective work, 12 year old is hanging out w/a woman who stars in the porno they are watching together.
17. Again, this girl is 12 years old. At a Hollywood party, left to watch a porno with one of the women who stars in it, and it’s treated as nothing uneventful.
Images and ideas that are fed into the minds of the masses so subtly we hardly notice, like a quick subliminal flash.
18. Now we have a movie, Good Boys, about elementary school boys, starring kids who are unable to go see the movie they were in because it’s rated R.
Nothing to see here folks.
19. With the soon to be released information in the #EpsteinArrest I ask you to keep an open mind. Facts will be revealed that have the potential to shake you to your core. This is not about salvaging someone’s tarnished image. It is about hundreds of thousands of trafficked kids
20. ((They)) want the public to accept sexualized children. The push for drag kids is a part of that, normalizing the objectifying of a 10 year old boy who is out dancing at a gay club and having money thrown at him. Telling parents their children can handle Pride Parades.
21. Pop stars who seem to sing about sex and promote promiscuity and drinking and drugs. That is no accident. Kids younger and younger dancing like strippers, taking pole dancing classes.
Now go back to #Epstein and think about the 800,000 kids that go missing EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
22. Where do these children go?! How can so many disappear?!
Remember the #NXIVM cult where wealthy elites were trafficking Mexican girls to become their sex slaves. No Media or politician expressing any outrage over these children. WHY?!
23. They go down to the border and show fake outrage over immigrants who can’t take a damn shower or a kid who can’t brush their teeth, yet say NOTHING about a Mexican sex slave held captive by #NXIVM cult for years.
24. #Epstein was the front man who supplied children to the elite. They flew to Pedo Island to rape children. Kids were groomed to be shared as sex toys for rich and powerful.
This is not conspiracy theory any longer. #Epstein case will reveal the truth.
25. Here’s the thing- These people used their phones, even on the island. They were filmed, recorded, and sometimes drugged and tricked into compromising situations. Human compromise allows for blackmail. That allows for control of politicians, celebrities, powerful elites.
26. Sarah Westall has an interview with a detective who went by the name Jimmy Boots. He is an insider who knew about all of it. @westall_sarahw Go to her youtube and listen to it yourself. Our whole system is corrupt.
27. Here is another sample of a child sex ring in the Bush White House, yet somehow got swept under the rug. Kids were flown in from orphanages secretly. Look into Franklin Scandal.
28. This is why I just don’t care about anyone’s opinions of me. The abuse of children has gone on long enough. It is a powerful, intricately woven system that has infiltrated all areas of our society, up to the most wealthy and powerful elites and our government.
29. #Epstein and #NXIVM help to reveal what is happening. It is conspiracy theory no longer. Those of us who have known this truth for a long time know the importance of what is being revealed, and why #QAnon has been so important.
Look beyond the smoke and mirrors.
30. Why the suppression of independent media? Because ((they)) want to stay in control of the messaging. Why the supposed suppression of “hate speech?!” Just another mind fuck manipulation to keep those who don’t spit out more Kool Aid from telling ugly truth.
31. While there are certainly evil people out there, we must remember that good people who trusted the wrong ones have also been caught up in the madness. While Justice must be served, we must remember the power of forgiveness and redemption.
God shall be their final judge.
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