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Here are some reasons why many Democrats take issue with Justice Democrats

• Divisive Provocateurs
• GOP & RU Weaponizes JDs
• Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
• Voted With Republicans
• Unseat Dems, Not GOP
• Suspect Financial Dealings
• Unhappy Constituents

1/112 Here we go...
First off, gratitude for all the people — whose tweets are included in this thread — who have solid points & pertinent contributions about Justice Dems(JDs). I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope this helps those who're still wondering why Dems are frustrated with JDs. 2/
Who're they?
"Justice Dems is an American progressive political action cmte founded in '17 by Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks & former leadership from '16 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. The two are no longer affiliated with group." Wiki /3
Who're they?
"In the 2018 elections, 26 of 79 candidates endorsed by JDs won their primary elections. Seven of these candidates won in the general election: Raúl Grijalva, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Pramila Jayapal." Wiki 4/
Who're they?
JD’s agenda is primarying establishment Dems & centrists to push the party far left. They're legislating but moreover they're loudly agitating. And it's during a time when HouseDems are confronting unprecedented GOP corruption when unity & cooperation is required. 5/
Who're they?
"Pressley, who unseated a 20yr incumbent on a message of 'change can’t wait' is part of a women-led 'squad' taking aim at power structures on Capitol Hill."

Squad: Ayanna Pressley—Rashida Tlaib—Ilhan Omar—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) 6/
Divisive Provocateurs
"If that requires knocking out well-known elected officials & replacing them with more radical newcomers, so be it. And if it ends up ripping apart the Dem Party in the process—that might be the idea. There is going to be a war..." 7/
Divisive Provocateurs
"AOC & Rashida Tlaib Blame Speaker Pelosi for Attacks & Death Threats."

Isn't it suspect that these JDs don't focus on, and blame the racist in chief, Trump? 8/
Divisive Provocateurs
"[Dem] Leadership is driven by fear. They seem to be unable to lead ... The greatest threat to mankind is the cowardice of the Dem Party." Corbin Trent, AOC’s spokesperson.

Why do JDs revise history and demonize fellow Dems? 9/
Divisive Provocateurs
"AOC's rise has stirred a backlash among some Dems who're seeking to constrain her anti-establishment streak & fear her radical ideas could tar party as socialist."

Why're JDs wanting to exclude majority of voters w radical ideas.10/
Divisive Provocateurs
"African-American Dems in the House are taking freshman AOC to task over how she’s come for Pelosi & comments AOC’s COS made comparing moderate Dem caucuses to Southern pro-segregationist Dems of old."

Why alienate Dem POC? 11/
Divisive Provocateurs
“We gotta primary folks. When you shoot for big stuff you stay true to the movement you fight unapologetically on the inside, that's a very powerful way to pass radical solutions-

How’ll approaching unapologetically get anywhere? 12/
Divisive Provocateurs
"Ocasio-Cortez says O'Rourke's new climate plan not aggressive enough."

Why is freshman Rep, AOC undermining, competing & interfering with a fellow Democrat, who is running for president? 13/
Divisive Provocateurs
"That means targeting longtime incumbents in safe blue seats who're 'demographically & ideologically out-of-touch with their districts'..."

How out-of-touch are Dem Reps when their constituents keep voting for them? 14/
Divisive Provocateurs
"...dustup btwn Squad & leadership won’t be healed by DT’s racism...this chapter epitomizes challenge Pelosi faces in Trump era: reconciling progressive & moderate wings of her party w/out losing majority."

Do JDs consider this? 15/
Divisive Provocateurs
"200 youth activists flanked by Rep-elect AOC flooded Minority Leader Pelosi’s office urging Dems to act decisively on Climate Change."

Since CC is impt to AOC, why didn't she wait to join CC cmte for a more productive approach? 16/
Divisive Provocateurs
AOC launches her first day of freshman orientation w protest at Pelosi’s office. Do JDs realize that Congress has had a GOP majority & that they've stonewalled a plan for Climate Change & still do? Why did they protest at P's door? Yet, NP was gracious. 17/
Divisive Provocateurs
House Dems publicly confronted AOC's chief of staff for his attack on a congressional Rep.

Why are JDs wasting congressional leaders' precious time, to the level of them having to address their behavior? 18/
Divisive Provocateurs
Thread | "Who are the founders of the 'Justice Democrats?' These are not uniters. They are dividers. Their aim is division. Their goal is to cleave the leftists from the centrists, to push the moderates out of the party." 19/
Divisive Provocateurs
AOC exalts herself above other established, senior Dems, by falsely claiming that no other congressional Dem has outlined a plan for climate change before the "Green New Deal." It was Jill Stein of the Green Party, circa 2008. 20/
Divisive Provocateurs
"AOC railed against Biden’s ‘middle of the road’ climate plan."

Besides criticizing presid'l candidate Beto about his climate plan, AOC goes after presidential candidate Biden too.

Why isn't AOC confronting the GOP for NO plan? 21/
Divisive Provocateurs
"Progressive socialist, Bernie Sanders, says that Pelosi is a 'little bit' too tough on AOC & the squad."

Why is a congressional Dem & presidential candidate, undermining the party's leader & her judgment? Who's this helping? 22/
Divisive Provocateurs
@counterchekist shared about AOC's attacks on Beto, Pelosi & other SR Dem leaders in '18. Someone replies & points out how AOC believes the RU investigation shouldn't be a priority.

Why is AOC attacking fellow Dems & giving RU a pass?
h/t @raventerp100 23/
Divisive Provocateurs
Common narrative: "Progressives must realize our biggest enemy right now isn't the GOP. It's the entrenched, self-serving power structures of the Corporatist Centrist Dem Party."

Why're progressives attacking their own party during a national crisis? 24/
Divisive Provocateurs
Cenk "Dems rejected Lee for leadership. They're useless. Guaranteed this corrupt leadership will do nothing but middling knick-knacks. Let's just fight already. They're never going to fight for progressive priorities."

Can he respect voters' choice? 25/
Divisive Provocateurs
OBAMA “One of the things I worry about among progressives...is a certain kind of rigidity where we say ‘I’m sorry this is how it’s going to be’...when that happens, typically the overall effort & movement weakens.” TheGuardian

Can JDs listen to wisdom?
Divisive Provocateurs

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by Mr Reagan
[23 min video].

Divisive Provocateurs
"Hostile candidates & shady PACs are posing as progressives in 2018 election exploiting DNC voter data & driving party division—it’s a burn-it-to-the-ground strategy that foreign cyber attackers are all too eager to assist with." 28/
Divisive Provocateurs
Sanders&AOC campaigned for 2 white males against female Native American, law-degreed progressive Davids.

"If BS really wants to help Dems in KS, why doesn't he trust us & support whoever wins after we've decided for ourselves?" 29/
Divisive Provocateurs
“AOCs chief of staff attacks the first lesbian Native American woman in congressional history and we are all just supposed to say it is in the name of progressive politics? I think not.” 30/
h/t @birdgirl1001
Controlled Opposition: 'The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.' —Vladimir Lenin

To weaken the Dem party, GOP/RU+ & alt-right MSM manipulates, uses & pits socialist progressives against established & centrist Dems, who threaten GOP's power. 31/
Provokatsiya or Provocation: "Political event staged by an intel service on behalf of its gov in order to accomplish some political goal"(Wiki) Eg: Publication of outrageous docs, authentic or fake; staged divisive & distracting events. 32/
"Sanders was central to RU's efforts to interfere in the '16 election...study suggests RUs looked at him as a tool to drive wedge in Dem party...Of RU tweets researchers analyzed roughly 9K used word ‘Bernie’ which were ‘liked’ 59K times..." 33/
"[Russian] Specialists were instructed to post content that focused on ‘politics in the USA’ & to ‘use any opportunity to criticise Hillary & the rest (except Sanders and Trump—we support them).’" OSC Indictment: US v. Internet Research Agency 2018.
h/t @pocantico98 34/
What makes us believe it'd be any different now? Not only can Sanders be used to drive a wedge, the new progressives can be too. Dems have observed legions of trolls undermining Dem leaders while propping AOC - although it hasn't been formally investigated yet. 35/
"Putin has cultivated dupes, fellow travelers & purblind fools among plenty of American PROGRESSIVES who, whether by accident or design, have facilitated the rise of the most extremist & reactionary president this country has ever elected." 36/
Progressivism: operation to divide the Dem Party, genesis = #Occupy > Omar Rivero’s #OccupyDems > Bernie Sanders.

Socialism: operation to divide the Dem Party hyped by Bernie Sanders & AOC & Justice Dems (Roger Stone).

h/t @karolcummins 37/
Credico tipped off Trump’s former political op Stone: "Assange has kryptonite on Hillary.” Now Credico supports Dem presidential candidate Gabbard who pushed that Trump is exonerated via vid. He thinks Sanders&AOC are good too.

Something smell funny? 38/
JDs = Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) + Justice Dems + Occupy Dems =

Influence opinions & actions towards Kremlin objectives.

h/t @karolcummins 39/
"AOC feeds & fuels GOP's false narratives: They hope to paint all Dems with her ‘radical commie socialist’ ideas & thus weaponize her extremism against all Dems. This is how fake opposition works."

#Provokatsiya 40/
“By forging ties to radical groups on the far right & on the far left, the Kremlin has developed convenient local surrogates that can amplify its talking points, even as RU trolls reinforce the divisive narratives such groups spread online.” 41/
"This is a technique called #FakeOpposition. It was deliberate manipulation to ‘trust wash’ AOC. They love her as she validates [GOP's] false narratives about ‘radical libs’, then they move on to paint all DEMs with the same paint brush." 42/
"GOP is not ‘scared’ of AOC, they love her! She feeds and fuels all their false narratives about ‘commie socialist libtards!' She is the answer to their prayers as they want to convince their base that all DEMs embrace her ‘radicalism.’" 43/
Thread | "How excited Putin must be that a Dem wants to primary Dems. And he sends in his online trolls to split the party that just got in."

h/t @JenKirkman 44/
Russian Tweets
Next time we will definitely intervene & choose this charming president of the USA!—The Communist AOC always remains an excellent reserve plan—By the way we always have a spare option—By the way we always have a fallback
Alarmed yet?
h/t @raventerp100 45/
AOC: "Democrats who spend *more* time talking about Trump and Russia than this are going to lose."

Why is AOC undermining the monumental investigation into Russian election interference. Who is she listening to? 46/
Fox News host Hannity invites AOC to join prime time show.

@911corlebra777: "This tells me everything I need to know about AOC. Hannity was a huge part of '16 [election interference], he pushed Wikileaks/Ru info warfare talking points..."

Controlled opposition? 47/
"AOC has also become the white-hot epicenter of not just derision but blistering, nonstop criticism from conservatives & Repubs [#FakeFight]. AOC is a part of the new left flank of DemParty that's fighting both Repubs & establishment Dems..."48/
Owens, American conservative commentator states:

"I respect AOC and Illan for finally exposing the left for exactly what they are: Hateful, Racist, Bigots."

Since this is a false accusation, is Owen's weaponizing race, to pit the ‘squad’ against the Dems?
Thread | Because it never stopped being 2016, the media has still not vetted AOC to figure out (easily): 1. Her bio is fraudulent; 2. She is amplified by fake socialist bots/trolls; 3. Her #1 goal for 2018 is to divide DNC.

h/t @PortlusGlam 50/
"AOC wants to abolish ICE & DHS.
Who benefits if border control agencies are abolished? GOP/RU - Transnational Organized Criminals because these agencies hinder their smuggling operations."

h/t @karolcummins 51/
"Kremlin Troll Wrote for Far-Left U.S. Sites: Writing under the pseudonym 'Alice Donovan' managed to convince a number of American editors to publish work for the past two years, a new WaPo report detailed on Mon." 52/
Have to hand it to Chakrabarti for helping to elect the perfect face for the JDs during the influencer age. AOC is articulate, has charisma & MSM loves to focus on her. It’s great optics for a rep in Congress. [Pic src: Hill: AOC says O'Rourke's new climate plan...] 53/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Horseshoe theory [or effect] in political science claims far-left & far-right are similar to each other in essentials than either is to political center. It was formulated by Faye in '96 but similar ideas existed previously." 54/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"[Former Chief Strategist, DT admin], Bannon says that unusual coalition-of-extremes gov in Italy shows that populists & nationalists on left & right can govern together..."

Is it bc the extremes mirror each other? 55/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Article about political alt-right & alt-left in AU but applies to the US considering this is a worldwide phenomena. There's a spectrum between rt & lt; most extreme is Antifa & ~MAGA. The lesser extreme is JDs & The Tea Party. 56/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Omar embraces comparisons between the Squad & Tea Party. Despite obvious philosophical differences, the models are strikingly similar..."

How well did it turn out for the alt-right Tea Party? 57/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"AOC said she's extraordinarily excited to work w/an ideological opposite, Sen Cruz confirming that friendly Twitter talk btwn the 2 was more than just for show."

AOC excited abt working w/extreme antagonistic alt-rt opponent? 58/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Bannon, T’s frmr strategist
"AOC has what I call gameness or competitive heart—combo of grit, determination, fighting spirit that you can't coach. You either have it or you don't & she has it big league"

Gushing alt-left prop? 59/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Republican Rep. Ted Cruz states, “Here’s something I don’t say often: on this point, I AGREE with AOC.

Have we heard Cruz say this about any establishment & centrist Dems? 60/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"...the political activist of Indian descent, Saikat Chakrabarti...helped elect AOC & is now her COS, is a fan of a totalitarian Indian activist—Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose."

Why's he a fan of a fascist, who allied with Hitler? 61/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"AOC is actually using strategies that some of the most wealthy & corrupt conservative strategists have been using for decades. And she has the privilege of an endless supply of good old-fashioned white man political capital..."62/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Coordination between alt-left & alt-right on [SM] can be found in events surrounding Nov 4, 2017. 'Antifa' & 'MAGA' were promo'g demonstrations using hashtags #november4 #nov4itbegins depending on which 'Team' you’re on..." 63/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"For some on the populist right the answer to handling the media-savvy congresswoman lies in old adage, 'If you can’t beat them join them.' For them, the congresswoman’s ability to rally left to populist causes could be an opp."64/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"In 2011 Stripe [alt-left Justice Dem Chakrabarti / AOC's Chief of Staff] took $2M in venture round from PayPal founders Peter Thiel & Elon Musk [Republicans], as well as Sequoia Capital, Andreesen Horowitz & SV Angell." 65/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Tucker Carlson earned some unlikely support this week from the Young Turks whose founder & longtime chief Uygur said he disagreed w/the advertiser boycott against Fox News..."

Why would a JD side w right-wing propagandist? 66/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"A group largely funded by a major conservative donor is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a swing seat Dem congressional primary in KS hoping to persuade voters to nom a progressive candidate supported by Sanders." 67/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Cassandra Fairbanks Loved Bernie Sanders. Now She's a Donald Trump Superfan: How a left-leaning anarchist and anti-rape activist became a leader of the far-right 'Deplorable' movement."

From one extreme to another.
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Devine also worked in Ukraine with Manafort on Yanukovych’s behalf, a detail of his career that has been public for years."

Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman; Devine was Bernie Sanders campaign strategist. RU in common. 69/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
JDs co opted Jill Stein of the Green Party's 2008 Green New Deal & presents it as their own. But moreover, is that Stein is friends with Putin. Alt-left's two degrees of separation to Putin, is troubling. What side are they on? 70/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Alt-left, Jill Stein, was the Green Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 and 2016 elections.

And here she is sitting with an adversary of the US...
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
AOC's chief of staff, Chakrabarti, wore a t-shirt, imprinted w image of Nazi supporter & totalitarian Indian activist, Chandra Bose.

Considering Hitler's regime was one of the lowest points in world history, isn't this concerning? 72/
h/t @patribiotics
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Progressive Socialists promise a workers paradise but the reality is the reverse. Think VZ—Soviet RU—Cuba style socialism & we witnessed abuse of human rights. Bern touts Norway but they're taxed 50% which he fails to acknowledge."
h/t @karolcummins 73/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Alt-right social media personality, John Posobiec, is an American conservative nationalist and conspiracy theorist and avid Donald Trump supporter.

He's even on the same page with alt-left, AOC, and even on taxation. 74/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Alt-right social media personality, Michael Cernovich, is also an American conservative and conspiracy theorist and avid Trump supporter. Apparently, an "anti-feminist, men's rights activist" too (Wiki). 75/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Omar Rivero of Occupy Dems sat on the board of former Acting AG/DT Admin, Mathew Whitaker's co, World Patent Marketing — which was "shutdown by FTC as fraudulent scheme in which the business used consumer funds to enrich themselves." @lawcrimenetwork 76/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left

Horseshoe Effect Applied:
World Patent Marketing/Desa Industries (alt-right) + OccupyDems (alt-left) >

Bernie Sanders (alt-left) + Manafort/Devine (alt-right) >

Dem Socialists of America/YoungTurks / JusticeDems (alt-left)
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left

FOX News props Bernie Sanders and AOC, to the point where you think they are in full support of socialism. Watch...

Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"[FOX] ad comes three days after nearly 2.6 million viewers tuned into Fox News's town hall with Sanders on Monday night, making it the most-watched town hall of this campaign cycle so far, according to Nielsen Media Research." 79/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"A firm led by former Repub gov & congressman Roemer is investing millions into The Young Turks Network to significantly increase its content, sales & platform presence"

Alt-left gladly takes [corporate] money from alt-right? 80/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Bernie Sanders in 1985 praising the Communist Castro regime in Cuba. He also is admitting on camera that he traveled to Nicaragua to advise the Ortega regime on how to successfully fight the US." 81/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
"Uygur's TYT Network has raised $20m in a new funding round that was led by 3L Capital. Greycroft, eventures, WndrCo, Katzenberg’s venture firm also participated in co's 1st institutional invest't round.”

All republican money. 82/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Ann Coulter quoted in right wing media:

"Wow. 140 Repubs voted to sell out the American worker with H.R. 1044 (removing country caps for cheap foreign labor), while Ilhan and Rashida voted FOR the American worker..." 83/
Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left

Does AOC think things are a-okay, or…?

Voted With Repubs
Counterterrorism Advisory Board Act of 2019 Nay votes: Justice Dems (Ilan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib), voted with GOP. The Tea Party of the left. 85/
Voted With Repubs
"House Dems passed two more bills Wed to reopen the gov that most Repubs continued to oppose, but there was one surprise in the otherwise predictable floor proceedings — freshman AOC voted 'NO'.” 86/
Voted With Repubs
"Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump: An updating tally of how often every member of the House and the Senate votes with or against the president."

AOC's expected score is 0.0%
but it's not. 87/
Voting Record
"AOCs 2nd vote as Congresswoman was NO on the Rules Package. This is what she voted against. Tulsi Gabbard also voted NO."

h/t @_WeStandUnited 88/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Congressional Black Caucus members are furious at Justice Dems, accusing the outside progressive group aligned with firebrand Rep AOC of trying to oust lawmakers of color, specifically African American lawmakers." July 2019. 89/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Members are looking over their shoulders: Democrats spooked by new primary threats: Liberals angry over the party’s response to the border crisis are making renewed threats to primary longtime incumbents." July 2019. 90/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
A Justice Dem decides to go after Democrat, Swalwell's seat, instead of an uncontested Republican seat in a red district. April 2019. 91/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Group aligned w/AOC prepares to take out Dems: JDs is forging ahead w/plans to mount primaries against incumbent Dems it deems too moderate." Jan 2019

GOP is corrupt. Why aren't they flipping those seats? 92/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Ocasio-Cortez backs campaign to primary fellow Democrats: The incoming congresswoman endorses an effort by the group JDs to make the House Dem Caucus more liberal & diverse by taking on incumbents." Nov 2018. 93/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
Justice Dems are targeting the following Dems. Follow / Support these great Reps...

@RepEliotEngel NY16
@RepCuellar TX28
@RepJeffries NY-8
@RepYvetteClarke NY-9
@RepBeatty OH-3
@repcleaver MO-5
@RepAnthonyBrown MD-4

h/t @animaeme
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Instead of trying to flip a red seat the Justice Dems are going after a progressive POC, Rep. William Lacy Clay, who has a 94.69% lifetime score."

h/t @Deemoney521 95/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"...Democratic congressional candidate AOC told Twitter users on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ account they were going to 'flip this seat red in November' in a video before a Kansas rally."

Was this on accident? 96/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Good thing I recorded it ... Nothing like being able to show the facts that Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez want to turn this Kansas district Red."

h/t @mgranville1 97/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
Thread | "But AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley all won their seats by winning the primary. They held onto already BLUE seats. They did not add a single seat to the Democratic caucus."

h/t @Cajsa 98/
Unseat Dems, Not GOP
“Let's talk about JDs. Do JDs know what a Republican is? Do they realize that the House cannot make laws on its own? Have the JDs flipped a bunch of seats for Progressives? Someone has taken time to research” …

h/t @wonderbitch81 99/
Suspect Financial Dealings
AOC rails against corporate donations, but gladly accepts them.

Are corp donations only bad when JDs don’t receive them?

h/t @ericgarland 100/
Suspect Financial Dealings
AOC claims that progressive Justice Dem Rep Ro Khanna “rejects corporate money.”

His top 3 campaign contributions are Alphabet Inc ($47,218),Wilson, Sonsini et al ($30,350) and Blackstone Group ($22,000).
h/t @ericgarland 101/
Suspect Financial Dealings
"AOC’s chief of staff helped establish two political action committees that paid a company he ran more than $1 million in 2016 and 2017, federal campaign finance records show.” March 2019. 102/
Suspect Financial Dealings
Federal Election Committee Complaint vs Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC, Justice Dems. March 2019. 103/
Suspect Financial Dealings
"Complaint alleges AOC funneled thousands of dollars of campaign funds through LLC & affiliated PAC to her bf. Reason to believe exists both transaction as well as involved entities reporting of it may've violated fed law." 104/
Suspect Financial Dealings
“Are the Justice Democrats a money scam to defraud progressives? A question that becomes even more intriguing when you consider that JD doesn’t donate money to candidates but demands that candidates pay money to them." 105/
Suspect Financial Dealings
“Payments totaling $6,000 were made by Brand New Congress PAC, one of the political upstart organizations co-founded by Silicon Valley tech millionaire Saikat Chakrabarti, who is now chief of staff for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.” 106/
Suspect Financial Dealings

60% of [AOC's] funding came from outside of New York State.

80-90% percent of her funding came from outside of the district she represents.

h/t @ericgarland 107/
Unhappy Constituents
"Constituents in AOC's district having hard time getting her to focus attention on local issues, nobody answers phone & voicemail is full, took months to open Bronx office."

Aren't her constituents priority? 108/
Unhappy Constituents
“Veterans walk out of meeting with Ocasio-Cortez after she bashes US foreign policy”

Right wing media covered unhappy constituents, however, does mention that the "room wasn’t entirely hostile."
h/t @ShirlsAdams 109/
Unhappy Constituents
“...AOC is in my district, I will say it again. She's an activist & not a leader. A leader will make sure her district is provided over not touring the country advocating for other people issues over her own constituents who voted for her.”

@mrweeks1982 110/
On point

Thread | It can’t be called infighting when they ain’t ever been 'in'.

h/t @docrocktex26 111/
In closing

“The entire philosophical and political thrust of the Justice Dems is that the Dem establishment is as much their enemy as the Republicans are …. You can’t ask others to ignore that.”

Exactly. Thank you.

h/t @dfsparks 112/
P.S. #1 Other Reps to show support for who are not the divisive JDs. Suggestions by @ninaandtito:
Pelosi sits next to Tlaib today. Can you imagine?!
Example #provokatsiya. New article today. Any topic that is emotionally charged, is being amplified via MSM. Stay aware, be vigilant and observe what else is happening in the news that is being covered up.
↪ Suspect Financial Dealings
New article that covers many concerning topics abt JDs. Here's excerpt: "moving a million dollars out of a PAC w transparency rules & into LLC where no transparency is required, definitely raises eyebrows.
h/t grace_goblindly
@ninaandtito P.S. #2 — Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Progressive socialist presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders - who supports progressive JDs & mentored AOC - is aligned with RU. It's right under people's noses. Follow the chain - follow the money. This is not a conspiracy theory. #NeverBernie
@ninaandtito P.S. #3 — Alt-Right Meets Alt Left & Weaponize
Progressive socialist presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders (supports JDs & mentored AOC), mirrors Trump. It is not a coincidence, it is deliberate to operation to weaken the Democratic party.
h/t @raventerp100
@ninaandtito @raventerp100 P.S. #4 — Unseat Dems, Not GOP

Reminder: Justice Dems perceive centrists as the 'enemy'. @RepRichardNeal's challenger wants to join AOC’s 'Squad'. Incumbent Dems are being targeted by both GOP & alt-left JDs.

Patriots, let's support him
h/t @animaeme

@ninaandtito @raventerp100 @RepRichardNeal @animaeme P.S. #5 — GOP/RU Weaponize Justice Dems
Cenk Uygur was a Repub. Repub presidential candidate Roemer gave him $4m. Cenk founded The Young Jerks & JusticeDem PAC. Propagandists want to portray Dems as 'socialist' boogeymen. TYT airs BS & AOC talking 'socialism.' h/t @dillman_diana
@ninaandtito @raventerp100 @RepRichardNeal @animaeme @dillman_diana P.S. #6 — Divisive Provocateurs
"AOC is a disgruntled Berner who did phonebank for Bernie when the Turk Cenk Uygur+SecularTalk found her. She's a dangling charm but a snake in the grass." @ShirlsAdams

JDs want a 3rd Party. Screenshot from JD website:

@ninaandtito @raventerp100 @RepRichardNeal @animaeme @dillman_diana @ShirlsAdams P.S. #7 — Divisive Provocateurs
"...many Dems have been sounding alarm on the insurgent Left PAC Justice Dem Socialists who receive dark money from Bernie's PAC #OurRevolution. AOC & Tlaib are registered DSA. Note: Pressley is moderate." h/t @ShirlsAdams
@ninaandtito @raventerp100 @RepRichardNeal @animaeme @dillman_diana @ShirlsAdams P.S. #8 — GOP & RU Weaponizes JDs
Thread | "WSJ gave [Uygur] print space to stoke divisions among dems & to help republicans promote her as the face of the dem party. The chaos agents are working overtime to ensure trump’s second term"
h/t @jackjonesbabe
P.S. #9 — Weaponize
Transnational Org Crime Emphasis

Thread | "Emergence of phony opposition is now becoming obvious to everyone. But if your assumption is that the enemy is right-wingers or Left-wingers, you are not seeing the battlefield clearly yet."
P.S. #10 — Unseat Dems, Not GOP
"Unlike their wins in deep blue districts, #justicedemocrats campaigned AGAINST non-berniebro Dems who flipped seats."
h/t @Meghan_BB
P.S. #11 — Justice Dem Founder...
Class act. 🙄
P. S. #12 — GOP&RU Weaponizes JDs
"If you're in DC & don't question freshman rep[AOC] getting more media coverage than average & automated bot/troll support, stop acting like you understand politics in '19. You don't & you're dangerous." h/t @Planet_Phoebe
@Planet_Phoebe P. S. #13 — GOP & RU Weaponizes JDs
@RascalPinkish: "3 of Bernie Sanders top staffers have posted tweets basically begging Bernie cult members to attack 2 different women."

Reminder: Progressive Socialist Bernie endorses JusticeDs & supports AOC/Squad. ⬇️
@Planet_Phoebe @RascalPinkish P.S. #14 — Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
Court filings logging communications btwn Bernie's campaign strategist Devine & DT's frmr campaign mgr Manafort & RU political consultant Kilimnik. Bern endorses alt-left JusticeDems. Operatives.

Alarm bells yet?

h/t SpicyFiles @Planet_Phoebe
Divisive Provocateurs
House Dems publicly confronted AOC's chief of staff for his attack on a congressional Rep.

Why are JDs wasting congressional leaders' precious time, to the level of them having to address their behavior? 18/
P.S. #15 — Unhappy Constituents

"I live in the Bronx section of the district representative by Alexandria a Cossio Cortez; nobody up there seems to know what the hell she’s doing!"

h/t @daveconte1971
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