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7/20/19 NASA & ESA announce Artemis Project on 50th anniversary of the Eagle aka Assyrian Nisroch “Saturn” landing on the Moon the Lunar Space Station Gateway to orbit Moon in “Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit”; rather than Circular orbits like Apollo.
7/20/2019 At Cape Canaveral (Cape of Cain’s Bearers) Saturnian Zionist Mike Pence & Luciferian Mason Buzz Aldrin announce Artemis 1, the Orion Spacecraft & SLS to establish a Lunar Space Station for permanent presence on the Moon & future Mars Missions.
7/20/2019 Washington Monument tribute to Saturn V, & Apollo 11 “Columbia” & “Eagle”.
Osiris is the Egyptian version of the Cretan/Greek Apollo, the “Destroyer” Apollyon/Abaddan of Rev 9:11.
The 666ft tall Monument represents Osiris’ Phallus; Osiris is On “Heliopolis” seen in BabylOn “Gate of Osiris” and Benben Stone, the capstone of the unfinished pyramid on the US $ is perch of the mythical Phoenix Bird; America is the Phoenix of the New Age.
It is likely no coincidence Pence shares description of Black Horse in Rev 6:5 whose rider collapses the world economy & offers Wheat & Barley in exchange for worship of the Beast & 666 Mark of the Beast; United States is the only nation capable of collapsing the world economy.
The Washington Monument-Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Jupiter the son of Saturn) & White House are aligned with the 3 main stars of Virgo aka Isis, the “Black Virgin”, sister-wife of Saturn/Osiris.
Apollo used the Saturn V meaning Saturn’s Nail; the Nails Cain’s Bearers used to fasten Jesus to the Tree. Saturn’s Rings form a Halo; the 6th planet is called the “Black Star” or “Black Sun” worshipped by the Nazi SS.
Orion is the “Abode of Osiris” (Saturn) after Resurrection; the Great Pyramids, like the Xi’an Pyramids in China (Shen=Osiris/Saturn) align with Orion’s Belt which point to the Abode of Isis in the Star “Sirius”;
called Kolob by Mormons & al Qalb by pagan Arabs, the Star Sirius is the home of Transmigrated Souls in Gnostic theology.
Carl Sagan said “We are all made of Star stuff” He lied;
ancients regarded Orion as the “Birthplace of Stars”; rituals conducted under the Belt Stars of Orion were conducted to facilitate communication with Osiris;
Apollo 11 was one such ritual Hoax, the landing site, time & location were selected with regard to Orion’s Belt stars by Egyptologist Farouk El-Baz aka “The King”.

Strange? Sure, Farouk means “Redeemer”.
More strange? Ebeneezer Sibly choose the time, date & location for the birth of America on July 4, 1776.
Most Strange? The Beast Rising from the Earth (Rev 13:11) is seen in the sculpture "The Awakening" in Washington, D.C.
Heard of QAnon “The Great Awakening” Quite a Trump isn’t it?
Luciferian Freemason, Rosicrucian, Alchemist, False Prophet, 25 year expert on the architecture of God’s Temple, Isaac Newton proposed Gravity, the equation states “Force” of Gravity weakens with the square of distance between the 2 objects making elliptical orbits impossible;
Rectilinear means “Straight Lines” which is in reality what “Orbits” are due to Matter expansion.
Gravity is a lie; Antichrist is called the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38).
Halo means “Ring of Light around the Sun or Moon; Threshing Floor”
A Halo will form around the Moon on Dec 26 (St Stephen’s Day; Stephen means Crown and Martyr) at Sunrise over Idumea, the land of Edom, Moab & Ammon (Dan 11:41),
the Amalekite (Exo 17:16) nations that will escape the hand of Antichrist, the 4th Beast of Iron (Dan 7:7) that destroys the earth & nearly all flesh (Mat 24:22) during the Great Tribulation.
Halo is a video War Game whose enemy is called “Covenant” made by EA Sports; EA is the Sumerian name of Zeus/Jupiter/Molech whom Bohemian Grove Satanists are now worshipping (July 15-28); Gateway is Bab=Gate of El (Saturn) or Gate of On (Heliopolis=Rising Sun aka Saturn).
The Canaanite Threshing Floor is the Temple Mount.
Mid-Week of Daniel’s 70th Week (7 Days not the Amalekite Dispensational BS in your Study Bible Notes in Dan 9:23-27) Antichrist will kill God’s 2 Witnesses (Enoch & Elijah) in Jerusalem the city Jesus refers to as Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8KJV)
as people send gifts to one another (Rev 11:9-10); sounds a bit like Hanukkah/Christmas eh?
Pay attention, this is how the “Covenant with Many” (Dan 9:27) ushers in a world or Desolation; a world absent God; that is until the consummation.
The Marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) should be the only goal of everyone following JESUS.
Chaldeans & Sabians worship Creation not the Creator (Rom 1:25-27); today they lead Science, the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:4 KJV) & Religion (Father, Master, Rabbi Mat 23:8-10),
control the State of Israel with its Six Pointed Star of Saturn & hold Agar aka Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia in bondage (Gal 4).
The Artemis (Goddess of Witchcraft) Project’s Space Station Gateway (Babylon) launched by Orion “Heaven’s Light” aka Osiris/Saturn, forming a Halo (Deification) around the Moon (Sabian god “Sin”) is but one example of occult communication in plain sight.
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