🔹If it’s the victors, and oppressors, who write the history books, how can we ever truly know what stories were lost?
🔹Has it never occurred to you as somewhat odd, that despite historical accounts of advanced civilizations from 2000 BC, and onwards, ...
...that very few of these great cultures are mentioned much in the Bible? Never mind those that came before them❗️
🔹The main trajectory of biblical historical value, appears to be limited to such a small region of the world; namely, Israel, and surrounds. (Including Egypt.)...
That is; I mean, ISis-RA-EL‘s land❗️
(What’s in a name, ja?)
🔹There weren’t many other nations mentioned much; not even many Westerners /Europeans,
[Oh; but haha, Europeans ARE THOSE Egyptians; you know? Mr “hated Pharoah?” But you know what I meant! #Argument22 😂]
besides Romans, and Jews. Oh haha, back to #Argument22 again... 😂
🔹So is The God of the Bible, or should I say, of the Old Testament, just the god of Israel then? ‘Cause despite “modern” Christianity being the main religion of “The West,” Yahweh has made it quite clear in the book of Leviticus, and many other places,...
...that not only is he only the god of (hijacked) IS-RA-EL, but only really, the god of - not the Jews; no, no, no; just the most elite faction: the Levi’s. Namely, the priest class and “their sons.”
🔹Them who keep the sin sacrifice fires burning night and day, for life-force-blood-rituals and rites, which none but their god may enjoy the benefit and “savour” of, but he!
🔹The benefit for “his people” is that they get to pay, IN BLOOD; as license to commit all sorts of sins, plus pay for “scape goats”; which of course, once paid for, means they’re “definitely sin free,” I suppose? 🤔
🔹Why even bother? Protection money against the mobsters of hell❓What’s it about?
Er, bright sparks; sounds more to me like YOUR SOUL’S what sells first, in a blood pact; haven’t you heard? With,(even cartoons teaching) benefits being rather short-lived; compared to eternity...
🔹Do you really, truly believe, that that sin payment / confession cop-out is going to FLY,
(which practice probably supplanted Church Counseling, or what should be Community Support through Mother Gods’ Social Ministry! And why? Well, what was a result? The ...
...priests knowing all of the secrets, but not invested in solutions to problems - just the intel! Like the original intelligentsia, ja?!)
WHEN you’re staring down the True God; eye to eye❓👀
Nowhere to hide. No secrets not found out. No ability to even do anything about it?..
... To hide yourself; nor escape.
Folks; that is meeting your Maker! IT WHAT MADE YOU!
🔹D’you really believe that the millions of facets that make you YOU, are random? A result of “evolution” which is still, after all this time; only a theory!? (See my page.)
🔹You didn’t spontaneously leave the ocean, and randomly start walking upright, alright. And no, you do need your appendix; to store excess good bacteria. And you do need your tonsils; to take the brunt of more serious infections!
🔹So doesn’t the idea make you giddy, just thinking about it? That you certainly came from somewhere; that you’re headed somewhere too? This reality, being but a brief interlude; between you, God, and who knows what else? Perhaps eternity ..?
🔹And to the “there’s-nothing-after-death-ers:”
Why even exist then? If you’ll be disappearing into nothingness once you’ve died? Where does nothingness reside? In a universe that even current science says is not at all empty? Where nothing “vanishes?” Not even in black holes?
🔹Where is “nothingness?” Down the toilet bowl of the guy who managed to convince you that “smart people don’t have any beliefs, unless the news tells it to them?” Is that critical thinking? In a world certainly gone mad?
🔹Do folks really-truly-honestly believe, that The High God needs some poor little lamb’s adrenalin and blood to sustain HIM? When the messiah of the book of revelation is even referred to as “The Lamb?”
🔹Is that character a vampire then? Or perhaps a “flying reptile?” Is this “jealous” chap really The One who created the earth we walk upon, and too, the heavens, that we can only dream about? No way! A forked-tongue-blood-sucker ain’t Divinity, Betty Boo❗️ More like ...
...Lord Voldemort, really. Or was that Tom Riddle? You know that fella was tricksy about names, and stuff! Get it?
🔶Well, let’s lay the question of the Great Mysteries Of Life and Its Origin back at rest now, Alice, so we can drill down deeper into this rabbit hole:
🔹Whatsit mean that I have CDs from 25yrs ago, but that they were priced at almost the same as now? And that (in South Africa) inflation has been about a 1000% since? That the value of music sales has had an inverse relationship? That it’s a 1000 times worth less? #ArtlessWorld
🔹Well, the #ART IS slowly vanishing from this world; when art should be said to be the soul of a world, really.💔 So say those so-called gods of the pantheon, or anyway, them that came before us; like Zeus; or you know; Hayzeus, or maybe even Jezeus?
🔹Like those earliest manuscripts of the #NewTestament that are only in Greek? (On my timeline) The Greek name for Jesus is Iesous, after all.
🔹Now, I’m wondering 🤔 why a “Jew” who they say probably (speciously provable) spoke Aramaic’s’, teachings were ...
...all written in Greek, with only two books of the NT in Aramaic, and none in Hebrew;
🔹 And which mentions some peculiar scripture, like in (KJV) Luke 19:13, that refers to a unit of currency as a “pound?” And also oddly mentions some guy who built an empire of huge percents,..
... through investments, or something; but probably ursury. (Something about sending out emissaries was how it started, I believe. But don’t quote me on that.💷)
🔹So the only other option of an explanation for this strange unit of currency, than pound sterling,...
... was the “Greek” pound❓That’s what they say it was. Although I can find no reference to it definitively online, besides mention of connection to the Lira. Interestingly the pound sterling £ sign is said to originate from the word “Libra,” and was only...
...adopted about 1200 years ago in England, apparently.
🔹And despite this suggesting some compelling multi-angle questions(🤔?), how can we be completely sure that those Jezeus pictures and things, aren’t of a Greek, or other, prophet? Possibly?...
...Considering how many of these “historical artifacts” keep turning up as faked, ja know.
🔹I mean, I wrote a fun little ode to Lenny Cohen (one of my favourite prophets❗️) just recently; using his own lines from the song, just extracted and jumbled around...
...Similar words, but a different story! Mightn’t a similar historical genesis explain why so many common threads are found among the various religions, not just currently; but through long-past history? Could it be a result of the merging of faiths of various peoples?
🔹If you watch that video on my page with the NT scholar, his theory was that all the first manuscripts were in Greek because he says most of the Jews in Egypt, and around, at the time, only spoke Greek. Er, okay..? Another multi-angle puzzle to solve, ja? 🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹And yet Jewish texts are in Hebrew, now? Well, they WERE written much, much later than you might guess...(on my page.)
🔹Some points to ponder: For instance, in Luke 20:3, when Jesus’ authority was being questioned, he backs himself by using the name of John The Baptist, an already accepted prophet. (And his cousin.) And in other passages, even gives him his highest rating and admiration...
...Which John The Baptist does to him, in turn, too. So we have TWO prophets, at the same time; seemingly aligned. So why call him “The Baptist?” Is it a bit like “The Nazarene?” Despite what is said in Matthew 2:23?
🔹What was John’s taught religion, actually? As The Baptist? When Jesus faced so much criticism? Jesus was said to have said that a prophet is not accepted in his own country, after all. Doesn’t it imply a resistance to different, new teachings? (Luke 4:24)
🔹And is that why earlier Christians celebrated John the Baptist’s birth - at the (N. Hem) summer solstice, with Jesus’ at the winter one? Another melding of more ancient faiths and practices? Why do they both back one another; with highest praises?...
To show readers they were pro one another’s gospel? Or was this a multi-prophet ministry?
🔹Where did the observations at the solstices originate? (We already know that Easter is actually Ishtar. So what was this observing? When did it begin, I wonder? It isn’t in scripture.🤔)
🔹So has this twin deification, with John the Baptist, been eroded from modern practice, because the female-less, but “ghost” trinity story can’t work with a co-prophet? i.e. two boys, a dad, and a ghost? Because it does say in Luke 3:22 that...
...the Holy Ghost descended as a dove, on John, and a voice from heaven tells him that he is “His” Son?
🔹Well, it was already mentioned in another thread that the Jesuits have already been credited with adding the Immaculate Conception story to Catholic doctrine; quite a way into Church history❗️
🔹And then what of Anna, a (widow) prophetess, of the time, her also being THE “high priest” alongside Caiaphas, of Judaea? (Equality? Polarity again? Are any women allowed as THE high priests of these faiths nowadays? 🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹 Also, if the High Priestess of Judaea gives thanks for the coming of Jesus, why do the Jews not accept him? 🤷🏻‍♀️
🔹So back to prophet John. Is he an interloper in this Christian genesis story, then? Just a scribe? A follower? Surely not?...
...Or is the Trinity story, too, popped in from elsewhere? Like from Isis and Horus; paralleled (as was written on my page many times before) so closely with Mother Mary, and the babe Jesus? As well as Easter/Ishtar⁉️
🔹John too, baptises by water, while he says Jesus does so by fire. More polarity teachings❓ Like those taught by Hermes, as he was known in Greece, or Thoth, as he was known in Egypt? Interesting, that; the syncretism of Gods between those nations.🤔 #CombinedReligions
🔹Why are the Nabataeans not really mentioned in the Bible? When they, the builders of many extraordinary monuments, like at Petra, were a powerful nation in biblical times; traders and far travelers; to even China, and India? Plus had some beef with King Herod?
🔹Is it because their religion actually included ISIS❓ Mother Mary, basically.
(Starting to understand that #CombinedReligions story now?)…
🔹Despite references such as this, why does Google spew out (first) that the Nabataeans were Arabic? Isis was Arabic faith too, then? Or what?
🔹On that note, have you noticed how that “search engine” often just displays the answer to a question to us now; with other links,
...and certainly from page 2 onwards, not even existing in this forest of falling trees; without witness. So now our minds are at the level where we are just told, and accept the answer, ja? No need to even search further; nor think much.🤔
🔹Then too, as regards those #CombinedReligions (the why of which, I’ve mentioned in other threads) isn’t it interesting that the Nabataeans are also linked with the “goddess Allat”❓🤔 (Or who knows where that detail comes from? Or why?)…
🔹Why has this agenda to put women in uniform, and getting nearly everyone wearing plastic polyester; and eating soap, thrived so easily? Besides our being born into it, and not knowing better?
🔹Are terrorist groups, being named after the source of Mother Mary, namely Isis, a coincidence? A mockery? Is that why terrorists seem to be blowing up these ancient monuments; of late? Removing this “history” from memory; right in front of our eyes?
🔹Is that maybe too, why the pop agenda taught the women of my generation that the “Madonna” is a “material girl”, only in “it” (LOVE❓) for the “cold hard cash?” Is that how we are made to insult ourselves? By whom?
🔹The matter of the “pound” of the Bible being Greek, is an opinion I came across online, which could admittedly mean anything, really...
🔹The need for #Discernment is at all time high❗️ I mean, never mind the censorship of information, and all the disinformation out there, (where do you suppose all these high quality memes and YouTube video ideas come from, ja?)
in that dusty data web; not to mention...
... all the scams; like those snooker hall investment books up on the hill, selling you imported heat for desert mornings...
🔹Isn’t it peculiar that the prophet Jezeus doesn’t write HIS OWN gospel book, (I’d have thought he’d write something...
... more on John the Baptist, too, frankly, as a contra. Seeing as they mirrored praise and admiration of one another. They being cousins even. With his birth once being celebrated similarly to Jesus’?
🔹Why is it mentioned that John’s birth creates “fear” Luke 1:65; though his father claims his birth to be a “horn of salvation” in the house of David.
🔹Well, in Luke 20:41, Jesus says quite plainly that Christ is not a son of David.
🔹Why do the synoptic gospels of the NT (Matthew; Mark; Luke) back each other up like they do; often word for word? I mean, these questions aren’t mine; they already exist out there. Was it to create consensus?
... To stop the question of why there is no book by Jesus himself, perhaps❓Where only “others” testified about brief periods of his life, and some scanty teachings?
🔹Why do Matthew 22:21 & Luke 20:25 & Mark 12:17 endorse the authority & taxation by Caesar, verbatim, but to different listeners; ie the Pharisees, and Herodians? And sequentially. Namely that one is mentioned in the first passage; the other in the next;...
... culminating with the mention of both in the last. Hmmm.🤔 (Doesn’t it sound like some post-editing, perhaps? An unnatural literary neatness?)
🔹Wasn’t it a Roman emperor who started the Catholic Church that we now know today? Do these passages support this initiative?...
...Encourage obedience and acceptance of tax? Yip. They do.
🔹Both Jesus and John refer to the book of Isaiah (Greek Esaias in the NT), which I opened randomly, on a passage warning against a trust of Egypt, and even insulting that great peoples’ military prowess! (Isaiah 30:1-7)
🔹Um, that’s the land of Isis and Horus, ja? Which people mysteriously vanished from that valley of kings, somewhere in history; with their genetic spawn emerging again, to our times - in half the men of Europe (!) - as recent genetic research informs us❗️
🔹Is it a coincidence that the book of Isaiah most mentions Zion, with that place meant to be the vision of Yahweh’s glory; and which is in stark contrast with Amos, Hosea, and Micah, who glorify Israel, instead.
🔹Is it possible that cross-references between all these books and passages might be to endorse something? Legitimize something?
🔹Is it a coincidence that The Jesuits are now in control of The Christian Church, when Eric John Phelps, who wrote Vatican Assassins, claims...
...that it is these very Jesuits who wrote the Protocols of Zion❓ (Planning everyone else’s helpless subjugation, basically.) Hmmm. Sounds a bit piscis, ja!?…
🔹Don’t both Jesus and John’s teachings seem so in contrast to the vicious god of Leviticus; requiring punishing law in daily peurile ritual, including even abhorrent murder and other turmoils for seemingly insignificant transgressions; and includes bizarre doctrines, like:
🔹Endlessly burning fires, for unending blood sacrifices he states openly that “God” wants the spiritual benefit of, and that no one else is allowed any of that “lifeforce” but him.
🔹And that these rites create “scapegoats” for, and “wash the sins of Israel.” Wow. Blood ritual endorsed sinning❗️
🔹And even lets off priests from suffering the “blemish” of dwarves, the blind, deaf, or even him with a broken hand. (21:17-21) Nice crowd, huh? 👀🤟🏼
🔹Interesting too, that this is the book establishing the hierarchy: Yahweh’s preference of the Levites; basically above everyone else; along with special rules and privileges⁉️
🔹And in this book one is even allowed to prostitute one’s own daughter❗️Should the land “fall to wickedness?” (19:29) Do these mad times count as that, I wonder❓
🔹Might explain a couple of things. Like that Dr. Phil interview where “Kendall” told of how her parents had birthed her specifically for trafficking? And even told her it was the best thing they were doing for her? 🤢
🔹 Or that old video of “Rachel”, telling Oprah how her family not only abused her, but got her to participate in ritual baby murders, and how “not all, but many families do it.”🤢)
🔹Might parts of the Bible even be (😱) the scripture that these sickos use, to justify their evil❓🤢
🔹Does this all sound like the same religion of the NT❓Cross-references that “back up” the OT notwithstanding?
🔹Isn’t it perhaps possible, that a few religions were glued together; shoddily, because; hell,...
... why would “they” (us) ever figure it out? We’re (they’re) so arrogant we can’t imagine that anyone can even think anymore, anyway, after we genetically modify them through the soap that they eat, plus all that sugar that they drink❗️
🔹And so once one domino falls, they pretty much all do. 😎🤟🏼🔥 So I wouldn’t be so confident anymore, you 10 percenters, ‘cause just by basic math I can see how unbalanced that seesaw’s gonna get, once the others find out WHY you’ve been stealing the Art of the world’s’ heArt❓
🔹And what has replaced it? Still those usururs? (Haha, autocorrect kept trying to correct that to usurpers. Funny one. Irony.)
🔹So, what replaced #Art? Banking? War? MBAs that can’t teach even ROI?😂 (I mean that rhetoric even teaches that bonding a house is an investment 🤷🏻‍♀️)
🔹In this War-Bling-Plastic-Selfie-World, do so few realize, that to be a leader, is what a real leader wants to do? Not be confuzzled into being mastered by admin. Isn’t that what real PAs should do too, anyway?
🔹Considering that in times beyond the documentaries, those PAs used to be his wife, dummies: not even on the payroll; not even paying exorbitant rates for child care! 😆 But anyway, she even ran all of that. And he had no idea how those numbers even added up. He...
... just got an allowance. But he was happy like that. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nothing to worry about in the world besides 9-4, which he often spent...
...on train rides through bits of countryside, between meetings, reading interesting things in the news, and in books his wife picked out for him from the library... 🤹🏻‍♀️
🔹But to get back to the business of Business. As you know; the Mavericks don’t do paperwork, or bossy orders, thank you, darlin’! And that’s being polite even, so take that how the shoe fits. 159$
🔹 And to return to our earlier point: what does it mean then? If #Art is the soul of the world, but that its value has eroded? Like negative inflation? That our souls, too, are slowly being eroded❓ Well, they’re no longer God, nor gold-standard backed; we know that story well!
🔹Why are precious metals, precious? DYK that you have gold and silver etc, in your body? Colloidal silver cures so many ailments; who knows what gold might mean for us? We’d never know, would we? We can’t get our hands on much. After all; a few little rings isn’t a space suit.
🔹And those #CognitiveDissonance holes all over the show are only there ‘cause you won’t lift up the old torn dog blanket that’s smelling, to see what’s underneath. That’s for sure. That’s how rule by fear works.
(Especially when you know a higher psychology than what is allowed to be known about in text books...)
🔹I mean, can we deny that a current of evil is engulfing the earth? Which few of that crowd, aren’t going to turn up as being part of this satanic pedo/rape filth that’s being ramped up further by all these border crises going on all over❓ Whatsit all really about❓
🔹The thinking community have been on to this evil for decades or so, already, with “no-one listening?” Why? Er, well, those interviews with the poor little damaged victims usually includes;...🤢
... when asked who was involved;
🔹the teacher, the preacher, the nurse, the doctor; police man, plus the mayor. All in it together. (I can’t bare to share any of those heart-wrenching testimonies here. But there are many. 💔😭 ) Seeing why it’s all just been a “conspiracy theory” these past decades?
✝️ God’s law is that family comes first, and that all law should reflect this sanctity. Look around you! Banks and industry have the real legal gravitas. Not people.
🔹Why is white collar crime sometimes given far higher sentences than rapes, or murders? What does it say about our collective (system-enforced) values?
🔹In South Africa, I can tell you that we have no actual legal rights! Effectively. (The reasons for my saying so...
...are laid out in numerous other threads.) And, why? Well, by #OccamsRazor mightn’t a possibility be, that we are, in fact; enslaved? Willingly? Through smoke and mirror unfathomable “complexity?”
🔹Where we do nothing about it, mainly because we can’t see it? Like the tale of those native peoples, where none but the shaman could see the colonizers ships approaching, as they had no frame of reference for it; they just saw the indents on the waves?
🔹Just like that, it’s like #CognitiveDissonance is at an all time high in these dark days❗️ As is vulgar aggression; an atrocious lack of manners; rampant indifference, and narcissism; not to mention plain criminal behavior - all run amok❗️
🔹So, tell me: who wouldn’t adore art❓🤷🏻‍♀️When the skies paint a beautiful sunset for us each night, that nobody sees much anyway, as they’re all “climbing a ladder” to Lord knows where, fellas? Surely not heaven.
🔹Is no one noticing that despite our “modernity,” that there are no Rembrandts anymore? No Da Vincis; no Muchas; Vermeers? No more epic, classical writers? No Vivaldis; Bachs; nor Tchaikovskys. No prophets. No great philosophers of higher, new thoughts?💔
🔹 No more great mystical poets? No wonders? No hopes even? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Besides overpriced metal horse carts; cold mansions; wordless skinny girlfriends, and plastic body parts?
🔹Again, by #OccamsRazor, what does it say that no one much cares about anyone else, and that many are pretty much in their own reality, mainly; wouldn’t you say? So where is everyone, then? Any ideas? Oh. Living ❗️ IN ❗️their phone. (Parallel reality?)
🔹Well, ostensibly, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, guys; very well hid behind all these “green” moral haze movements; like date-night-paper-straw-activism; which pointless distraction is perpetuated through specious psychology and argument;
🔹which often appeals to the youth as they need a “cause” outlet for the early fiery periods of their life, but which result may possibly be that they stop using that in-dwelling energy, to master themselves during that time?🤔 Who knows?
🔹 And while they’re in virtuous-manipulated-warrior mode, they’ll also end up using that energy to feel #Woke for being “tolerant” about the 17th new variant of street pole gender, now found in Francistan!
🔹And how are they la coping, with all that le mule pats non-sanity nowadays; them an ancient, highly sophisticated land, that was basically Europe, more or less, before⁉️
🔹Rest of the West, plus near East, was basically Tartaria. Plus in that region there was the isle of Scots (Queen “Scotia” is said to be one of the retreating, last dynastic Qs❗️ of Egypt 🤔) the Welsh and Picts; who some believe are the tribe of Dan; who worshipped a “Goddess.”
🔹Why are there so few bible references on more of Africa; it being the largest continent, and surely occupied? Wasn’t anything known about those ancient peoples who left ...
... not only monuments like Great Zimbabwe behind, but numerous stone grids, man-made hills; like the one Midas was found in❗️ (On my page.)
Great Zimbabwe.
🔹These “hills” are 30 mins from my house, just outside the ancient Magaliesburg mountains.
🔹Why is there also so little reference to the other great peoples of earth in the Bible? The Chinese. The other non-Tartar asiatic peoples? This visual “histomap” is highly interesting.
🔹Accepted history was 4000yrs old. Yet we know nowadays, from all these finds emerging from the silent sands of quiet earth, that even more advanced cultures than us may have preceded us. Just all the thousands of pyramids found around the world, attest to that; if nought else.
🔹So is it likely, that emissaries from God; who can perform miracles and wonders, and such-like, wouldn’t know some of the lost history of the earth? I mean, who can trump God’s library❓So why is the NT so light on data; the details?
🔹History isn’t all linear. How can it be? With so much going on? So, how might history get rewritten then? Well, you focus on one angle, or thread, make the story connect linearly, with some cross-references, and leave out (destroy) the other threads ...
...and never say another word about any of it (despite you having all the books of knowledge of the world, hidden away in your bullet-proof stone basement; where no one can get near ‘em! Ja❓
🔹I popped into an art gallery one day after mass, as it was nearby, only to find the place riddled with pedo style art! 🤢And it across the road from a good school too; filled with bright, impressionable minds. Where is the world now at, ja❓
...When there is such flagrant disregard for even being found out❗️Hardly any consequences❓
🔹Is it any wonder that our kids are becoming ever more dysfunctional❓ But I wouldn’t say negative. They ARE mostly a positive bunch; hoping for the best - in a future ...
...they think others will lay out for them, while they WhatsApp all day; when they aren’t on tinder, or whatever those things are at present (who can keep up? It’s all grey floors, walls and windows to me); ...
... all designed to get them to trivialize the process of real love, and true high relationship, which leaves them just sinking from one shallow rendezvous to the next. Or just room-mating, but sharing an empty room. As is now the accepted fashion.
🔹And then one day when they realize how unfulfilled they are, they have a mid-just-name-it cosmo crisis, which to cut a typical story short, just kicks into a knee-jerk shallow marriage; in that empty room, but now with other hole-filled souls, too.
🔹And by the time they’re arguing about who can’t move where because of the joint custody rights, is it any wonder that it’s so hard to find an old beautiful Cathedral anywhere safe to go, in Joburg?
🔹Or that in a “Christian country”, just those few churches, see so few for mass every week? And that the church has so little impact on greater social needs? They being extensions of God’s ministry to the people?
🔹So “God-fearing” is the virtue of this modern world; is it?
No it isn’t❗️Evil thwarting is❗️
God doesn’t enjoy “inflicting fear”, surely? Does that sound very “godly?”
🔹True (ancient) Christian values; high morals and principles: all that formative, genuine stuff that’s been lost, along with Art; that’s one of the chief ways things went wrong here, on The High God’s Earth; methinks.

Mea culpa. 🙏🏼
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