Jeffrey Epstein doled out millions to Harvard and others. Is that cash tainted?…
Just a thought: Taking the Palm Beach PD as an example, one might want to look into why specific institutions, charities, etc., were chosen by Epstein to donate to and/or what ties he has to specific individuals associated w ea place.
Epstein, much like Trump is self-serving. What’s his reason for donating?

Is it bc he wants to look philanthropic?

Is someone there compromised, or do they know Epstein’s secrets?

Has there been abuse associated w/a place & he’s trying to counter potential accusations?

Epstein, sought to ingratiate himself with local officials.

June 1, 2001, → May 31, 2002
WHILE he was raping teens & having others recruit more — he gave $50,000 to the Palm Beach Police Scholarship Fund (tuition help for 👮🏻‍♀️ kids)
Oct. 16, 2003, donation to the Town of Palm Beach for $36,000.

Dec. 14, 2004
Epstein donated $90k to the Palm Beach Police Department a few months before the initial police investigation into his conduct began.
With Epstein under scrutiny, the $90,000 was held under the pretense of purchasing new equipment.

The department reasoned that returning the money might have tipped off Epstein to the fact that he was under scrutiny.

But it seems he already knew.
The department issued him a $90,000 refund the day he turned himself in at the local jail.
So what was it with Palm Beach State Atty Barry Krischer ? What made him do a 180 after meeting with Dershowitz?

Was it a payoff? Or was it Kompromat?

Let’s review:
When Chief Reiter first approached Krischer about this serial pedophile in Palm Beach, he said, “Let’s go for it...”
Krischer, after all, was known as a victims rights advocate, even helping to write the statute protecting them.
But then things got weird:
Epstein got wind of the investigation & sent Dershowitz to talk to the state atty.

Immediately after, Krischer does a 180.
Was it Kompromat? Krischer has alleged sexual assault in his past. Was there something else? Or was it a bribe?
I don’t know the answer, but the optics aren’t good.

This is what Krischer wrote to the line prosecutor regarding Epstein’s proposed plea agreement:
After he pleaded guilty to the much-reduced charges, Epstein leveraged his charitable money to get special treatment from a different local law enforcement agency.
He convinced the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office to allow him out on work release — 12 hours a day, six days a week — provided Epstein pay for a deputy to keep an eye on his whereabouts.
His “employer” was the Florida Science Foundation, a charity Epstein created a year before his sentence commenced.

The foundation footed the $120,000-plus bill for the deputies.
Ohio State University released a statement last week saying it would take “action as appropriate” on more than $2.5 million it had received from Epstein and Epstein-related organizations.

Les Wexner is from Ohio.
Should probably look into the local sheriff’s dept too:
↑ affidavit-Maria Farmer. The older of 2 sisters sexually assaulted /molested by both Epstein & Maxwell. Maria was an adult. Annie was 15.

Maria called sheriff - no answer
Wexner’s goons held her for 12 hrs
NY 6th precinct - call fbi
She filed an FBI report, no follow up
In 2007, Epstein gave $47 million to a foundation run by the Ohio-based Wexner family, owners of the lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret.
That year, the foundation, along with another foundation created by Epstein, each gave $2.5 million to Ohio State; by way of gratitude for the $5 million, the school named a football complex after Wexner.

How nice of them
Wexner is widely reported to have been a client of Epstein’s. Last week, Wexner told his company’s employees that he was not aware of Epstein’s alleged crimes.

Leslie Wexner can ▊▊▊▊right the hell off. You don’t get to claim ignorance.
Wexner: Depositions of Adriana Ross & Sarah Kellen; and last one is from Filthy Rich

Plaintiff attys asking whether Epstein had a sexual or homosexual relationship with Wexner. Both women take the 5th.
I’ll be continuing with the Herald piece, but branching off & adding this in here since it’s related. New today:

Red Flags all over Epstein jail records by @TVolscho…
“I sent a FOIA request earlier this summer to the PBSO concerning Jeffrey Epstein (inmate number W35755). I asked for two records: Work-Release List entries and the Visitor Information Log.”
“I received an email requesting that I phone to clarify my request. I thought this was strange because “Work-Release List” and “Visitor Information Log” are the exact names of documents that I already knew the PBSO maintained.”
“The officer I spoke to on the phone seemed reluctant to provide the records. He intimated that they were for an older inmate and probably not kept.”
“When I pressed him, he then described the records as possibly hand-written and difficult to obtain. It seemed as if there might be no records, but then inexplicably, several days later, an email with three PDF attachments arrived in my inbox.”
“Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office sent me 149 pages of “Work Release” sign-in sheets in two “batches.”...they returned a single-page Visitor Log. (However, I already had other Visitor Logs for Epstein from other sources, which suggests they did not release all the records to me)”
“Many of the Work Release forms were duplicates and not 149 separate records for each of his work release days.

If someone did not comb through each page carefully, they might falsely believe all the relevant records were provided.” #epstein
“Another document I obtained (separately from this FOIA) was of a fax sent by the PBSO...sign-out sheets for 10 days in July of 2009 plus “Extra Duty” records for several days when ...officers provided private security for Jeffrey Epstein.”
“The documents in this fax were not included in the response to my FOIA request.”
“In total, the records I assembled contained 77 actual days of Jeffrey Epstein’s work release from October 2008 through July 2009. The top of the form identifies it as a “Work Release Log”, the day of the week, and the date.”
“Below is the name of the prisoner (Jeffrey Epstein) with his sign-out time (8am or 10am) and his sign-in time for when he returns from work. Both the sheriff’s deputy and Epstein were required to sign separately each day when he left and when he returned.”
“However, across the 77 days of records from the PBSO, I found an officer did not sign 30 of Epstein’s sign-in/sign-out sheets. See an example below where it appears Epstein signed himself in and out. “
“Also, the time [Epstein] returned has been altered, where 22:00 (10pm) is crossed out and an earlier time is written in to make it appear he returned at 9:34pm. No signature or initials are written next to the modification.”
“In yet another example below (Nov 26, 2008), a series of handwritten lines with Epstein’s signature were affixed for 11/28, 11/29, 11/30, and 12/1 with no officer’s signatures (with a badge number written in on 11/30 and only one nearly illegible one on his 11/28 sign out)”
“Since Epstein is a Level 3 registered sex offender (the most dangerous kind), it raises troubling questions about how closely he was monitored during his work release. Epstein was permitted to delay his sex offender registration until July 22, 2009.”
“However, one of the deputies, in a document I viewed (for July 11, 2009), reported that they contacted their SERGEANT (W. LAWRENCE) ‘ get some clarity of the duties and responsibilities while at the residence. He stated the function is to provide security.’”
“In one instance, Epstein’s peculiar work release appears to have triggered an automated violation report on November 16, 2008.”
“The sheriff’s office personnel who provided security for him had to create logs for when they watched him at the Florida Science Foundation (a foundation he apparently set up for his work-release). This appears to have involved two shifts (from 7am to 3pm and 3pm to 11pm).”
“..July 11, 2009 the officer noted that Epstein had one female visitor who signed in....he followed Epstein to his Palm Beach estate at 12pm where Epstein stayed for two and a half hours. The officer did not enter Epstein’s residence and sat outside in his car.”
“At 2:31pm he brought Epstein back to his office. The starting and ending mileage implies that the officer drove 75 miles that day. The distance from the county jail to the Florida Science Foundation, to Epstein’s house is 4 to 5 miles (depending on the route).”
“From Florida Science Foundation to Epstein’s Palm Beach Mansion is 3.6 to 4 miles. This would result in a 15 to 16-mile round trip. It is unclear how 75 miles were logged that day.”
“When asked about Epstein’s work release shift, the current PBSO Chief MICHAEL GAUGER said,

‘He did not have free time to wander. He was not allowed to go out for lunch. He had to stay in that office the entire time.’”🚨
“However, in some of the logs, the officers report following Epstein to his residence and providing security. One, below, reports that the officer did not enter Epstein’s residence. This suggests that there were major deficiencies in how Epstein was monitored.”
“The officer who provided the work summary in the above report, was recently quoted in the Florida Daily Post saying,
‘I do remember young women coming in and going back into the office area.’”
“Similarly, on July 5, 2009, the PBSO officer allowed Epstein to violate his work-release and remain at his Palm Beach estate on El Brillo Way until 2:45pm (see below).”
On July 6, 2009 the sheriff’s deputy reported Epstein left at 10pm and that the deputy’s shift ended at 11pm. There is no badge number listed on Epstein’s sign-in sheet.
“...the July 6, 2009 sign-in/out record indicates that Epstein signed back in to the jail at (11pm). However, the sheriff’s record says he left at (10pm). This implies it took Epstein an hour to travel four miles (the distance between the Florida Science foundation to jail).”
Once back in his jail cell, it has been reported that the door was often left unlocked and Epstein had access to an “attorney room” with a television.
“Mike Fisten, the private investigator who has followed Epstein for a decade, noted deficiencies in the PBSO visitor logs, said that Epstein was allowed “lavish lunches,” and claimed he found evidence that Epstein was having sexual meetings during his work-release.”
“Two phone messages left with the PBSO about the discrepancies were not returned by press time.”
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