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Mafia leader Yoongi hires Hoseok as personal assistant. Hoseok didn't know that his task includes taking care of his boyfriend Jimin when he's at work. What started as a job soon developed in something more...

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“How was his name?” Yoongi leans back on the seat, a cigarette between his slender fingers.

“Jung Hoseok” Jungkook repeated, pressing the button to roll down the windows so the car doesn’t fill up with the smoke.

“Jung?” Yoongi takes a long drag and lets the smoke rest on his
lungs a little longer. Jungkook nodded, “Jung as for the Jung Family?” He asked, tone disbelieving. Another silent nod. “And how’s that you want me to hire him?”

“Man ‘s being working for you for three years now” The younger explained, picking a cigarette from Yoongi’s box
without bothering to ask. He lighted it up and turned his face towards Yoongi, who was sitting still on the passenger’s seat.

“How’s that I’m always the least informed person when It’s my business, fuck it’s my my empire what we’re talking about” He sounded a little irritated
but Jungkook paid it no heed as he was used to the older’s antics.

“As far as I know I’m the one in charge of hiring your dealers”

“A damn dealer” Yoongi chuckled, “You want me to bring a fucking coke dealer from the Jung’s Family to my own house?”

Jungkook sighed, pinching
the bridge of his nose, the smoke consuming on his lips before he takes a short drug, breathing out before talking again, “He meets all your requirements”

“You said that last time and you know how it ended” Yoongi didn’t spare a glance towards the younger, his eyes still fixed
on the road. It was dark already, the streets crowding up around one of the many clubs he owned. People from different ages but all with the same goal in their minds, have a little fun and forget.

Jungkook gulped, that was a mistake. This was supposed to be a simple task, if
only the older wasn’t so damn picky with his personal assistants. He tried again, “You wanted a low runner, someone easy to buy”

“He could have had a fucking empire on his back” Yoongi said, “Money means shit to someone like him. and you know damn well money doesn’t buy loyalty,
fear and respect do. If he turned his back to his own family there’s no way I can trust him” He reasoned, but Jungkook knew better.

“Older brother took over after their father’s death. He didn’t like his...methods. He run away from all that, he’s just a dealer because it’s easy
to hide from him”

“You know him too well for just a regular dealer Guk” Yoongi raised his brow.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “And you are too fucking inquisitive today”

“Jimin is growing impatient” Yoongi throws the stub out of the window and sunk deeper on the seat, closing his
eyes. “And you know how insufferable he can get”

“That’s why I’m telling you to hire him. Best dealer in this district, never asked for a raise since he wants to remain low key and” Jungkook smirked, “the guy has a pretty face too”
That seemed to raise Yoongi’s interest, “‘s that so?”

“I don’t know how’s that supposed to be your most important requirement but he really is” Jungkook insisted, flickering his finger to throw the ash on the car tray.

“You know Jimin, he only wants pretty things around”
“His taste is highly questionable if you are included in that category hyung” Jungkook teased.

“Gonna ignore that cause I’m too tired to shove a bullet up your ass” Yoongi run his finger through his black hair, pushing it back. “Well then, bring him to me”
Yoongi and Jungkook walked out of the car, the older nodded at the younger as he started walking on the opposite direction. The alley next to the club is empty, but still Yoongi decided to pull up his mask in case someone recognized him. He puts his black leather gloves on and
leans on the wall, checking his rolex. Jungkook is taking a little longer than expected, but considering today was a friday night the club must be packed.

He hears the door crack and looks up, there was a man standing in front of him. Brown hair parted to show the forehead,
light brown eyes and heart shaped lips that must look nice in a smile. But he wasn’t smiling, his lips pressed in a thin line as he frowns. He’s pretty, Jungkook was right. Jimin would like him. But he must be useful too.

“What the hell is this?” Hoseok asked turning his
attention back to Jungkook, that was the first mistake. Yoongi tsked as he walked forward, grabbing the back of his shirt and shoving him to the wall so he was facing him again.

He cursed when his back hit the wall, he tried to move away but Yoongi was holding him in place with
one hand in his collar. The boy breathed once, twice and without warning kicked Yoongi’s knee, making the older growl and bent, loosing the grip. That was better.

“Don’t” Jungkook said, voice cold.

When Yoongi looked up he saw that the younger had pulled out his gun, finger on
the trigger pointing right at Hoseok’s head. Yoongi rolled his eyes, of course the younger loved to show off the black and silver glock, one of his new acquisitions.

Yoongi stared at Hoseok’s back, the boy was getting one of his hands too close to his back. Even better. Yoongi
was faster though, taking the gun from Hoseok’s belt and pressing the cold barrel to his temple. “Why so defensive?” Yoongi whispered to his ear, he felt the other boy stiffen under his touch, he smiled. There was no answer. “The bag” Yoongi directed his order to Jungkook who
quickly pulled out a black fabric bag and covered Hoseok’s head. “Be a good boy huh?” Yoongi said before holding Hoseok’s wrists, “Move”

Hoseok walked slowly, struggling to take every step without being able to see. He didn’t fight when he was pushed inside the car. Yoongi
wondered if it was because he was scared, which was disappointing to say the least, or saving up his energy to fight later when they take him out, which he hoped for.

The ride was silent. Yoongi took off his gloves and mask and stared at the younger boy, sitting on the backseat
next to him with his arms crossed like a kid in a tantrum.

“Don’t bother to remember the turns and stops, we’ve been driving around randomly” Yoongi said, but there was no reaction, the boy remained still on the same position, his head facing the front as if he wasn’t unable to
see. “You don’t talk much do you?” Yoongi inquired, but Hoseok didn’t answer. “Okay I like silence too”

“For someone who likes silence you talk too much don’t you?” Hoseok’s voice was flat, lacking any kind of emotion. Cold blood. Yoongi liked it. Emotions are nothing but a
distraction, the most when you are unable to control them in a situation like this. The boy was doing better than he expected.

“Considering your position I wouldn’t get that cocky Jung” Yoongi was amused.

“Don’t call me that”

A weakness. Yoongi frowned.
“Or what?” He asked, curiosity clear in his voice.

Hoseok didn’t answer, probably realising the mistake he had made. The rest of the ride was like the beginning, without any exchange of words. When they arrived to Yoongi’s house, Jungkook parked his car on the garage while the
older grabbed Hoseok and guided him inside. He pressed his thumb on the touchpad and marked his secret number, the reinforced doors opening with a click sound.

Yoongi waited for Jungkook and the three men walked inside his chalet. The lights were off, Yoongi checked the clock.
It was late so Jimin must be already asleep, fuck he will have to deal later with his tantrum.

The older walked inside his studio and beckoned Jungkook to pick the chair. Jungkook placed the chair in the middle of the room and held Hoseok’s shoulders when Yoongi forced him to
sit down. Jungkook stared at Yoongi and when the older nodded he pulled out the bag that covered Hoseok’s face.

Hoseok winced, shutting his eyes and opening them slowly, adjusting to the white light of the room. His eyes landed on Yoongi who stood in front of him, knees bent to
be on the same eye level. He saw Hoseok’s expression turn into one of pure horror, that was good, his eyes widening.

“Mr. Min” He said, voice trembling but he tried not to show it.

“That’s me” Yoongi chuckled. “You know why you are here Jung?” Hoseok tried, he knew Hoseok
didn’t like to be called that way and so he tasted his patience.

He saw Hoseok’s jaw clenching, “I don’t know sir” he said, through gritted teeth. It was clear he was upset but he knew better than to snap at Yoongi.

“Hmm sir” Yoongi smiled at Jungkook, “Jimin would like that”
“I bet he will” Jungkook laughed.

“So hmm you don’t like to be called with your family name huh?” Hoseok nodded, trying to look down, Yoongi placed his thumb on the younger’s chin and forced him to look up, “Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you”
“I’m sorry sir” Hoseok muttered, his eyes narrowing.

“Kid has modals, I like it” The grip on the younger’s chin got tighter, “Tell me why then”

“Why?” Hoseok tilted his head.

“Why don’t you like it. Why you are working for me knowing well I don’t get along with your family.
Why should I believe whatever you answer” Yoongi’s voice was cold, it made Hoseok shiver.

“I don’t like my brother. Scum is what he is. I-I run away when he took over my father sir” Hoseok’s voice was hoarse, he spat the words as if the mere mention of his brother made him sick,
his blood running hot under his veins. Yoongi nodded. “I wanted to work for you cause everyone knows you have power but you don’t let that get to your head, you are smarter than that”

“The you must know that I don’t like bootlickers either” Yoongi clicked his tongue.
“I know” Hoseok answered, “But I’m just stating a fact. Greed and stupidity would be the end of my brother’s empire. But you are too smart to let that happen to you. It’s safer under your protection” Hoseok talked, looking directly into Yoongi’s eyes. The older tried to look for
any sign of hesitation, but there wasn’t, the boy wasn’t lying.

“My protection?” Yoongi quirked his brow.

Hoseok nodded, “Everyone working for you gets well paid, and everyone knows better than to walk into one of your districts looking for trouble.”

This wasn’t good.
“You are hiding then. You are hiding from your brother because you are afraid of him” Yoongi pulled at Hoseok’s hair, making him wince, he got closer and spoke calmly “You are afraid of him when I’m the one standing in front of you and I don’t like it” Hoseok gulped, realising he
had fucked up. “Maybe I can show you why you should fear me huh?” Hoseok’s eyes increased in size, “Guk, the knife”

“W-what?” Hoseok tried to turn around but Jungkook’s grip was strong enough to make him stay still.

Yoongi studied the knife in front of his eyes, running his
index finger along the blade, sharp enough to cut his skin if he added a little pressure. He then pressed the blade flat on Hoseok’s cheek. The younger closed his eyes, “D-don’t please don’t” He rushed the words out.

Yoongi graced his skin, the point of the knife barely touching
his face. Hoseok’s breathe hitched, “Don’t what?”

“Don’t hurt me sir, I-I’ll do whatever you ask” There was sweat already dripping down his temples. Yoongi thought if he played just a little longer, maybe pressing a little the knife until it drew blood, the boy would end up
shitting his pants. But Hoseok’s face was too pretty to be ruined like that, and well he would have to explain Jimin later. No it wasn’t worth the trouble.

“Whatever I ask?” Yoongi’s voice was playful, he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoyed this. Knowing he had the power
enough to make any men beg. Yeah he liked that.

“Yes sir, whatever but please” He begged, nibbling his lower lip anxiously.

“Let’s make a deal then huh?”

“A deal” Hoseok was taken aback.

“Yeah” Yoongi started running his fingers along the blade, he liked it. The handle was
made of marble and it had silver details too. It suited his owner, Jimin, so soft and pretty but oh so dangerous. “You want my protection and I will do that. I’ll have you under my wing so no one would dare to lay a finger on that pretty face of yours” Yoongi run his thumb under
Hoseok’s lower lip to make his point clear, it was a dark red and a little swollen for the constant biting.

“And w-what’s my part of the deal?”

“Simple” Yoongi got up, beckoning Jungkook to stop holding Hoseok’s shoulders, as a sign of trust, “You’ll work for me, but not a
dealer anymore that’s a shitty job anyways. You’ll be my assistant”

“Your assistant?” Hoseok asked dumbfounded.

“Did I stutter?” Yoongi tsked, he didn’t like to repeat himself. “I say, you do. It’s simple”

“Just that?” Hoseok didn’t quite believe the words, it sounded too easy
or too good to be true.

“When you get to work you won’t think the same.” Jungkook laughed, patting Hoseok’s back and pointing at the desk full of files.

“So, I just have to follow your orders”

“Yeah well sometimes you’ll come with me when it’s necessary but you’ll mostly be
here so you’ll be safe” Hoseok nodded, “And while you are here,” Yoongi stopped in front of Hoseok again, “ well you’ll have to follow Jimin’s orders too”


“You’ll get to know him but only when I’m sure you are not a threat. You see, he’s under my wing too” Yoongi’s
voice was harsh now, his voice dropping an octave to make sure Hoseok gets that when it came to Jimin, there wasn’t room for jokes. “So, deal?”

“I-I think I can do that sir” Hoseok bowed slightly, as a sign of respect and loyalty. Yoongi laughed it off. Actions were what counted
when it came to loyalty, not modals.

“You don’t think, you do”

“Got it sir”

“Good, Jungkook let’s go” Jungkook nodded and walked outside while Hoseok frowned in his seat. “I think you have some work to do now,” He pointed at the desk,
“so I’ll leave you alone, I’ll come tomorrow morning to check on you okay?”

“Yes sir” Hoseok muttered, and when Yoongi closed the door, he locked it.
Hoseok stared at the locked door for a minute. There was no point in trying to escape, instead he sank deeper into the seat and stared up at the ceiling, the light bulb blinding him. “Is it really safe here?” He wondered out loud because Yoongi’s words have been too pleasant, it
was obvious the older boy knew what people wanted to hear. He couldn’t help but think how much of it was a blunt lie, he had run away from a lion’s den just to end up hiding on another one.

With a grunt he scanned the room, it was quite empty, only a desk with files scattered
all over. There was also a door slightly ajar, Hoseok could see a toilet bowl inside, well at least he could go to the bathroom. Because there wasn’t a bed here and so he wondered how much time would he spent in that room, if he would end up sleeping on the floor…
Hoseok was tired, there was a pain on his back where it had hit the wall of the alley outside Yoongi’s club. He decided to ignore it and start with the files on the desk. It was a mess, each file had a number on the front and the folders were of different colours. It must mean
something, what? Hosek didn’t know.

He piled them up in front of him without any special order, just amounting them to have more space on the desk. He lost track of time, reading through the files, names he didn’t recognise and number he didn’t quite understand the purpose of.
There was one that caught his attention though, he could recognise the district where he worked. There was an accounting sheet, the balance between gain a loss in that district, he checked the numbers but he wasn’t surprised to find out how much money the business made. He was
used to see the many zeros next to the numbers from when he used to help his father. It didn’t came as a surprise, Yoongi was one of the most influential people in Seoul, his family following right behind along with other gangs that ruled in the west.
In the hierarchy, the Min’s empire was on the top, not only because of their power and money but because they were old. After many years ruling the city they’ve gained the respect of thousands, and well, respect was what make the business flourish.
It makes people pliant, obedient and scared. Because no one smart enough would try to sell drugs on one of Yoongi’s districts without his permission. That was why it had been safer for him to hide here, his brother as stupid as he is, he wouldn’t try to trespass Yoongi’s
territory just to find him. That only if he finds out he was there, he had made sure to cover his tracks, to remain as low key and unnoticed as possible.

That until now. He wondered what would change if he becomes Yoongi’s personal assistant, but one thing was sure, he would be
more on the spotlight now. Rumors spread fast in the city, and the news of he becoming Yoongi’s assistant wouldn’t pass unnoticed.

Hoseok was woken up from his reverie when he heard the door opening without a knock, of course he was now on Yoongi’s house, and privacy was
something he couldn’t ask for in his position. He tried to look calm but the older’s eyes were piercing when they land on him. Yoongi wasn’t as built as him, he was shorter too but he was confident, he had that aura that screamed danger all around him.
“Don’t need to look scared boy”

“You said I should be scared yesterday” Hoseok huffed.

It made Yoongi smile, but it wasn’t a pleasing smile, no. The other looked at him his brows knitted, a look in his eyes that told him to measure his words. “Did you finish?” Yoongi decided to
ignore Hoseok’s comment, walking towards the desk with a mug in his hand. The smell of coffee filled the room and it made Hoseok’s stomach complain, only then he realised how hungry he was. Hoseok eyes at the mug between Yoongi’s hands and nodded.
“Read them all but not sure what do you want me to do with that info”

“Did no one teach you how to do the paperwork?” Yoongi clicked his tongue.

Hoseok shook his head. His father, well when he was alive didn’t bother to teach him how to do it, Hoseok would sit by his side and
stare at him reading through the files.

’One day you’ll take over me but you’ll find someone to do this for you’ His father chuckled.

‘Then why don’t you ask someone to do it for you father?’ Hoseok had asked.

He had sighed, ‘Information is your most valuable possession. When
you are as old as me kid, you can’t let anyone get their hands on it’

Hoseok didn’t understand then, but he did now. Yoongi had put trust in him, letting him read through the files also gave him an insight of the magnitude of his business and therefore, he was now able to know
which districts gave him more power, which ones were the most vulnerable. It gave Hoseok an insight of his weakness. He now realised that this wasn’t just a show of trust from the older but a trap. Now that he knew about this, Yoongi wouldn’t let him leave unharmed.
“Okay” Yoongi pushed his black haired back. Hoseok noticed there were bruises on his collar and frowned but his eyes soon focused on his hands, where he placed the cup on the desk and pushed the files to the other side so he could sit on the wooden table.
Hoseok moved the chair away to give him more access but the older placed his foot on the little space that was left between Hoseok’s legs, the younger parted them wider so his shoe didn’t touch him. Yoongi propped his elbow on his own thigh and stared at Hoseok, somehow studying
him before he opened his mouth, “Let’s say I have no idea about what’s inside the files” Hoseok nodded, “Is there something relevant I should know?”

“Ehm well” Hoseok tried to reach his hand to the files but Yoongi slapped it before he could.
“If you gotta read it then you are of not use” Yoongi tsked, opening one of the drawers and pulling out an ashtray. He gave it to Hoseok who looked at it a little dumbfounded. “See I don’t like to repeat myself but I’m gonna make an exception cause I feel benevolent today so, is
there something relevant I should know?” Yoongi lighted up his smoke.

Hoseok closed his eyes for a moment and tried to collect all the names and numbers in his head, struggling to put some order into them “My district has increased its profit since last month”
“Good to know” Yoongi let out the air off his lungs, enveloping Hoseok in a ball of smoke, “But I already know that”

Hoseok gulped, trying to think of something else. His eyes followed Yoongi’s hand, his fingers flickering to throw the ash into the tray he was holding.
“District five”

“What about it?” Yoongi quirked his brow, his expression one of pure amusement.

“Its profit is not as high as the rest of your districts, something is off about it sir”

Yoongi hummed, he stared at the amount of files, searching the exact file. When he found it
he opened it and scanned the pages, “What do you think?” His eyes were still focused on the papers.

“What do you mean?”

“The reason” Yoongi closed the folder and threw it carelessly on top of the pile.

“Dealers must be scamming”
“Elaborate on that” Yoongi took a long drag to his cigarette.

“If the product has the same quality as the one in my district then it doesn’t make any sense that with the same amount of coke they gain less” Yoongi squinted his eyes but didn’t say a word so Hoseok opened his mouth
again, “Either some of your dealers sell it for a lower price, which I don’t think so,” Hoseok paused, because he didn’t know how Yoongi would take the news, “or they are stealing from you” Yoongi’s jaw clenched and was about to speak but Hoseok kept on talking, “They are
probably selling it a higher price so they can take more money without being too loud about it. If you check the numbers there’s still profit so you don’t see you are losing money, but if they are selling it to a higher price then you are actually losing money”
“Money is not the problem” Yoongi tsked, “Is about respect” Yeah Hoseok had heard that sentence so many times he had lost the count. “They think they can steal from me without noticing. If rumours spread to other districts is a matter of time that they start doing the same”
Hoseok nodded, there was nothing else he could say.

“Good job” This time when Yoongi smiled he saw no malice in his expression but Hoseok couldn’t mirror his expression. “But you are not as smart as I thought you’d be” Hoseok’s lips parted to retort because fuck what he wanted
him to do then? But his eyes widened when Yoongi stretched his arm to reach under the desk, pulling out a key. He threw it to Hoseok who nearly dropped the ashtray to pick it.

“It wouldn’t make any difference” Hoseok murmured, scanning the key. It’s been there all the time, he
should have checked the room better.

“How come?”

“If I walked out of that door you’d have killed me” Hoseok muttered, his eyes still focused on the piece of iron.

“I guess you’d never know now” Yoongi smirked, it made a shiver run down Hoseok’s spine. He leaned down and
pressed the stub on the ashtray, getting up and walking towards the door. Hoseok stared at the mug, the coffee probably cold already. “Are you gonna move or?” Yoongi asked, turning back and frowning at Hoseok who was still sitting on the chair. Hoseok stood up, his knees buckling
forward for he had been sitting on the same position for how long he didn't know, but his legs felt numb. “Don’t forget your coffee”

“My coffee? You didn’t tell me it was for me” Hoseok took some seconds to let the blood reach his feet and stiffened up, holding the mug and
taking a sip. He grimaced, it was cold.

“You didn’t ask” Yoongi shrugged as he walked out without closing the door, Hoseok hesitated for a second, considering if he should really follow him or if it was just a trap. He walked slowly and when he reached the door, he peered before
actually stepping out.

Yoongi was standing there with his arms crossed, back leaning on the wall and expression unreadable. Hoseok came to terms that the older was like a closed angry book, no matter how hard for him was to read him, to know his thoughts, he always seemed mad.
“I don’t like waiting kid” Yoongi rolled his eyes, Hoseok tried to rush his way but he was too tired, the lack of sleep not letting him be on top of his aptitudes. He yawned when Yoongi turned around and started walking.
“I’m sorry sir” Hoseok apologised, but his eyes were focused on the corridor. It was dark and without any doors, Hoseok wondered if that’s where Yoongi brought all his forced ‘guests’.

“I’m not the one you should apologise too” Yoongi’s voice was flat. Hoseok didn’t understand
but decided not to ask either. Following Yoongi the way out of the corridor. The light coming from outside blinding, Hoseok cursed, fluttering his eyes closed and opening them slowly to adjust to the bright sunlight.

He was greeted with a big room that looked like a living room
with an open kitchen at the back. There was no one there but Hoseok realised there were two mugs on the isle, one must be Yoongi’s, the other he guessed it belonged to the person under Yoongi’s protection, he didn’t remember the name and was too tired to try to recall it either.
Hoseok walked slowly, carefully, inspecting every single detail about the place, from the excessive chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, to the couch filled with too many cushions. It was luxurious to say the least. Yoongi stared at him from where he was sitting, he took
a sip from his mug and beckoned Hoseok to come closer. The younger stood next to him, not daring to sit by his side because he didn’t know he was allowed to and well everything looked too expensive to touch. It didn’t matter that Hoseok grew up in a similar place, it’s been too
long since he run away from all of that, renting a room in a cheap block where no one could find him, no one but Min Yoongi from all the people of course.

“You should go change”


Yoongi chuckled, “There are clothes in the bathroom already arranged for you, first door in
the left. Take a shower too but hurry up you've around ten minutes”

Hoseok knitted his brows together but nodded either way, placing the mug carefully in the marble. He climbed the stairs slowly, hand in the rail. He spared one look back at Yoongi who gestured him to not waste
more time.

There was another corridor upstairs, many doors he didn’t know where they leaded but he had no time to check them so he walked inside the room he was told. The bathroom wasn’t as massive as he had expected for a place like this. It just had the basics to be called a
proper bathroom, not like the one he had in the room downstairs.

Hoseok checked the clothes neatly folded in the bowl lid. “A suit?” He wondered out loud, touching the fabric. It was soft, must be expensive but of course Yoongi wouldn’t lend him cheap clothes like the sweatpants
he was wearing. Hoseok didn’t realise how tired he really was until he step on the shower, the water running hot over his skin. His back really ached but more like every muscle on his body, stiffen for spending the whole night sitting on a chair.

Hoseok didn’t check the purpose
of the products he used, just taking the first bottle he reached and pouring the content on his hands. He cleaned himself up quickly and stepped out, drying his body as fast as he could. Fuck why is he smelling like peaches? Hoseok checked the name of the bottle and rolled his
eyes when he read hair conditioner. Okay he didn’t have time for this. Hoseok sighed when he stared at his reflection on the mirror. Yeah there were bags under his eyes and his skin looked a little paler than usual, but it can also be the light emphasizing his features. But what
was oddly unpleasant was the feeling of the dressing shirt tight around his neck. He unbuttoned the two first buttons, he felt more comfortable like this. He tugged the shirt under the pants, checking that there wasn’t any weird wrinkle. It’s been so long since he last wear one
of those, Hoseok couldn’t recognize himself. ‘What am I doing?’ He thought as he put the blazer on.

When he walked back into the kitchen, Yoongi was still sitting alone, his expression one of pure annoyance. Hoseok gulped and wondered if he had taken more time than he really
thought. But when Yoongi looked up his expression softened for the briefest moment before he commented, “You look good” and his face went back to the blank expression he always seemed to wear.

“T-thank you” Hoseok smiled, but it turned more like a grimace, because
was he...blushing? No, delete that, he was still too hot from the shower that’s it. Hoseok wondered if he should apologize in case he was late but Yoongi was speaking, well more like shouting.


Hoseok stiffened, at the loud shout but there was no
harshness in his voice just, impatience maybe.

“Comiiing~” Hoseok heard a voice coming from upstairs and turned around waiting to see his owner. HIs breath hitched when he saw a small boy gracefully walking down the stairs. He was handsome, his features too soft to be real, he
couldn’t help but stare in awe when the boy stopped in the middle of the staircase, his eyes landing on Hoseok. “Oh”

Oh. Yeah Hoseok thought the same because the boy looking at him resembled like a sculpture out of a greek museum. He had gray hair styled in a way that showed his
forehead, his lips pink and full and his eyes, oh his almond brown eyes staring at him were so intense Hoseok had to look away to breathe.

“Is he the new one?” Jimin rushed the last steps and walked towards Hoseok excitedly.Hoseok remained frozen when the younger touched his
shoulders as he took a better look at him. He gulped. “Hyung he’s pretty” Jimin smiled, eyes turning into crescents. Hoseok couldn’t help but mirror his expression, smiling back at the younger, he had that aura all around him that pull him in, that made him want to touch his skin
to make sure he wasn’t an illusion.

But Hoseok’s smiled faltered when Yoongi said from his back, “He really is” he turned around at the older boy who just smirked. Hoseok didn’t know how to feel about it.

“Hyungie” Jimin seemed to fully acknowledge his presence now, hands
leaving Hoseok’s body to wrap them around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him down in a kiss.

Hoseok stared at them, eyes wide in shock. Yoongi’s eyes opened and met Hoseok’s, the younger swallowed hard and decided to look away because even though he couldn’t see him, he could tell he
was smiling proudly. Yoongi closed them again and placed his hand on the small of Jimin’s back, pulling him closer as they kissed.

Hoseok had to clear his throat because, did they forget he was standing right there? He wondered that being the thirdwheel was part of his job now.
Jimin was the one who break the kiss, giggling but not quite walking away from Yoongi. “Are you coming with me today hyungie?” Jimin asked, Hoseok could read the pout on his voice.

“No baby,” Yoongi kissed Jimin’s forehead tenderly, “But Hoseok will take care of you okay?”
Jimin nodded. Hoseok didn’t quite get what was happening. The younger boy padded his way to the other side of the aisle and took the mug, which looked extremely big on his small hands, and drank the coffee in one go.

“I forgot my bag” Jimin said then with a bright smile,
“Be right back” He looked at Hoseok one more time and parted his lips, as if he was about to say something but decided not to, climbing up the stairs cutely. As soon as his frame disappeared from sight, Yoongi got up making Hoseok stiffen in place.

“Gonna say this just once
okay?” Yoongi waited for Hoseok’s nod, “You take care of him you hear me? Anyone lays a finger on him and you pull a fucking bullet in their brains.” Yoongi’s voice was oddly calm but firm, he took out a gun from his inner pocket and Hoseok couldn’t help but take a step back.
Yoongi clicked his tongue and held his wrist, placing the Beretta in his hand. Hoseok studied it, the silver barrel and the black handle, he liked it. “Jimin can be very… overwhelming sometimes so you gotta deal with it. He can also be very convincing so whatever he tells you to
do, you do it but as soon as you are done, you bring him right back here” His tone was severe, there was no room for doubting his command.

“And where are we going exactly?” Hoseok decided to ask.

Yoongi smiled faintly, founding the situation very amusing, “Shopping”
“Shopping?” Hoseok frowned, it didn’t sound like something he should be doing. Taking care of Jimin wasn’t in his plans at all. He didn’t think that so many measures to bring someone to a shopping mall were needed like at all.

“Jimin likes going shopping the second saturday of
each month so get used to it” There was a short pause, “well only if you last for that long”

Hoseok swallowed hard, his hands sweating at both sides of his body. He hoped to be here next month to go shopping with Jimin.

“Yay shopping!” Jimin singsonged the way down the stairs
with a bright smile that never seems to leave his delicate face. He walked towards him and clinged his arm around Hoseok’s. “Ready?” He fluttered his eyes.

Hoseok hummed, looking at Yoongi who looked as if he was enjoying this too much, “Take the car you want, keys are inside”
“The red maserati please, please can we go in the red maserati?” Jimin whined.

Hoseok muttered a “Of course” and when his eyes landed on Yoongi he swear he was holding back his laugh as he mouthed ‘Told ya’ silently. He didn’t know how the day would go but he was sure it won’t
be such a simple task as it first seemed.

When Jimin dragged Hoseok out the door towards the garage, Yoongi picked his phone and typed a message fastly. He didnt wait for the answer as he walked towards the front window and saw the red maserati roaring the way out of his chalet.
“Ah hyungie never lets me go in this car” Jimin whined, touching the leather of the seat.

“Is that so?” Hoseok’s eyes are focused on the road ahead.

“Ah-huh” Jimin got more comfortable in the seat and put the belt on, “He said it’s too eye-catching”

“Well he’s not wrong”
Hoseok chuckled, speeding up a little more than he should just because this car allowed him to, the engine sounding loud but smooth. He gripped the wheel as he turned to the left, heading to the nearest shopping mall. He saw a car in the rearview mirror taking the same turn and
frowned a little because the road was quite empty at this time of the day but Jimin soon distracted him.

“So Hoseok huh?” Jimin inquired. Even though Hoseok couldn’t see his face he knew he was looking at him, intense eyes focused on him.

“That’s my name” He nodded, “And yours
it’s Jimin right sir?”

Jimin smirked at the name, “Hmm sir... I like it” Hoseok stiffened when he felt Jimin’s hand land in his arm, his touch delicate as he drew small circles over his blazer, “Got so many names but you can call me however you want honey”

Hoseok’s eyes widened
words caught in his throat because, what did that mean? “H-however I want” It sounded more like a question and it only made Jimin giggle as he nodded.

“Except from baby, only hyungie gets to call me that” Jimin’s hand was no longer on Hoseok’s arm but the older could still feel
the warmth of his touch lingering there.

“I-I’ll keep that in mind”

The rest of the ride was silent, Hoseok parked the red maserati on the mall parking lot and let Jimin guided him the way inside. Even though Jimin was clinging to him, there were too many people on the mall, he
felt a little anxious because of course Jimin wasn’t a person who didn’t go easily unnoticed. Not only because of his alluring face but the younger was wearing a see through black shirt, his ripped jeans too tight to be comfortable. People were looking at them and Hoseok didn’t
like the feeling for he didn’t know what was going through other people’s minds, their thoughts and most important their intentions.

“So where first sir?” Hoseok asked, wanting to get inside a shop so there was less people to be careful about.

“Hmmm” Jimin stopped on his tracks
to take a look at the shops around them, his eyes lighting up when one of them caught his attention, “There!” He started rushing towards the shop while Hoseok struggled to keep up with his pace, he took a look at his back before stepping inside, frowning at the sight of a man at
the back, sitting on a bench but looking at Jimin with an expression he didn’t quite like. But Jimin was dragging him and so he had to follow him, eyes increasing in size when he saw the lingerie exposed on the manikins at the shop window. This was going to be a very long day.
Jimin walks into the store excitedly, touching some of the lingerie exposed in the hangers, humming as he inspects the different kinds of fabric. Hoseok just follows the silver haired boy like a kid following his mom on the supermarket.

“Mr. Park” Hoseok looked up at a
middle-aged woman walking towards Jimin, “What a delightful surprise” She smiled, bowing slightly. Her hair was long and brown, curled at the ends in a way that made it look like a wave. Her features were delicate but there were small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, which
tell that the woman must be really cheerful despite the serious expression she was wearing.

“Oh Mina” Jimin smiled back, “It’s been a long time right?” She nodded, “How was your holidays?”

“Too short” She shook her head and then her eyes landed on Hoseok, “Oh and you are?”
“I-I’m Hoseok” Hoseok bowed and when he looked up again he caught them exchanging knowing looks and frowned.

“We just receive new goods this morning, would you like to check them Mr. Park?”

“You know me so well Mina” Jimin laughed, following Mina into the backstore. Hoseok
remained on his position not really sure as to what he was supposed to do. Jimin looked back at him before walking through the door, “It won’t take me long honey” Jimin winked, and Hoseok just nodded a little flustered. Was Jimin always so flirty?

Hoseok walked around the empty
store then, not quite checking the clothes for he had never consider lingerie something that important. He walked in a slow pace, a little uneasy around so many kinds of bras and thongs with much too jewelry to be comfortable in the skin.

His eyes darted to the door when he
noticed some movement from outside, he frowned and scanned what he was able to see of the mall. Nothing looked particularly suspicious, that of course with the exception of a young man wearing a suit that didn’t quite fit with the setting, just like he himself, he didn’t like it.
It was the same man who had been staring at Jimin before though this time he was sitting on a bench even closer to the store. Hoseok was about to walk towards him, hand stuck into his inner pocket where the gun Yoongi had given him was placed, when he heard the steps coming from
the backstore.

“Coming~” Jimin chanted, walking back into the store with too many clothes on his arms that they nearly reached his chin. He looked cute, despite the clothes he was holding, he looked genuinely cute and innocent.

“Are you gonna buy all those sir?”
“No silly” Jimin chuckled, heading to the dressroom, “Gonna try them on first, then you help me choose”

Hoseok gulped, eyes widened, “Sir I don’t think I-”

“B-but” Jimin pouted, eyes growing in size, looking at him like a puppy who’s about to be left on a kennel, “Hyung told me
I could ask you to help me”

“I don’t think-” Hoseok stopped, - that’s how I’m supposed to help you - he thought, but Jimin had his brows knitted together with a sulking expression. He remembered then Yoongi’s words: ‘he can also be very convincing so whatever he tells you to do,
you do’. He sighed, did he had any say in this? “O-okay” Jimin’s expression soon shifted into one of pure bliss before he walked in the dressroom and drew the curtain closed.

“Don’t peek~” Jimin said in a chanting tone that Hoseok was starting to get used to, it was his way of
talking as if he found everything he said amusing.

“I wasn’t planning to” Hoseok murmured under his breath, because truth to be told, as much as Jimin was a very enticing person, attractive in a way that no human being could ever be, he didn’t want Yoongi to cut his balls since
the older seemed quite protective and fond of him.

So Hoseok decided to wait, he could hear Jimin dropping his clothes to the floor but he didn’t know that it would take that long to try on whatever he picked to wear first.
Because whatever Hoseok was expecting had nothing to do with what he was greeted when Jimin drew the curtain open.

Jimin was standing in front of him with black high-waist panties and a matching girdle to reached just below his flat chest. Hoseok choked on his breath, making
Jimin giggle at the reaction, “I guess that means you like it” he said, turning around so now Hoseok could see the way the fabric tightened around the curve of his ass, perking it up.

“I-It’s ehm good?” Hoseok was found out of words, stuttering.

Jimin clapped his hands together
happily, “Great! Next one then” It was going to be indeed, a very long day. Hoseok then closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing because he couldn’t allow himself to pop a boner at the sight of his well he didn’t quite know what Jimin was for him, but he could be his boss
if he really had to do whatever he said. No he couldn’t afford that.

The following fits weren’t better though, Hoseok soon found himself staring at Jimin’s eyes so the younger wouldn’t notice the uneasiness of his stare when it landed on Jimin’s body. Because if Jimin was
good-looking with clothes, then he couldn’t quite describe how it looked with lingerie. Hoseok first thought the younger wouldn’t be as toned as he was, but when he showed him some panties of different colours, his mouth went dry at the sight of his torso, flat and toned. He
cursed under his breath and took his jacket off because the room suddenly felt too hot. He prayed for the little show Jimin was putting to be over soon, for his own sake.

“Honey?” Jimin asked from the other side of the dressroom, Hoseok walked closer so his face was touching the
velvet fabric of the curtain.

“Are you okay sir?” Hoseok asked.

“I need some help with the zipper” He mumbled.


“O-okay let me help you” This really had to be a joke. Hoseok breathed and walked in the dressroom.

Jimin was standing in front of the mirror, his back facing
Hoseok. The older didn’t know how many times did he curse since they arrived to the store but it seemed that it wasn’t going to end soon.

Hoseok’s eyes travelled from the light pink garnet that covered his butt up to the zipper half way through the corset of the very same color.
With trembling hands Hoseok took the small zipper but he needed to grab his waist for it to move. Jimin saw the hesitation on his eyes, because Hoseok had been too focused on Jimin’s body that he had forgot that JImin was watching him through the mirror, eyes hooded and darker
than he remembered, “You can touch me” Jimin said, but his voice was so soft and low that it sounded more like a moan to Hoseok’s ears. His body stiffened but he complied, nodding and placing his hand on Jimin’s waist, squeezing it tightly as he pulled up the zipper. When he was
done, his hand lingered a little longer than what’s considered appropriate on his waist. But the younger didn’t look bothered at all, he looked rather pleased indeed.

“Like it?” Jimin asked, he didn’t turn around, it wasn’t necessary because Hoseok could see everything through
the mirror.

“Yeah” He breathed, his voice a little raspy because his mouth was dry.

“Which one do you like the most?”

Did it even mattered what Hoseok liked if he wouldn’t be able to see Jimin like this once they were out of the shop?

“This one” Hoseok decided to say, because
it was true, the baby pink looked really good on Jimin. This colour made his lips stand out a little more than it should, plump and pink and oH so kissable. Hoseok shook his head, this wasn’t it, he shouldn’t be thinking this way about Jimin.

“Why?” Jimin asked and Hoseok didn’t
know if he imagined it but Jimin was closer now, because his butt was gracing his pants and he was sure it didn’t a few seconds ago. He swallowed hard and took his hands off Jimin’s waist partly because they were sweating and mostly because he didn’t know for how long would he be
able to restrain himself to reach his hands down and touch him where he shouldn’t.

“Pink looks good on you” Hoseok said in the end and it seemed to please Jimin just fine because there was a wide smile on his face.

“Then we are done” Jimin smiled and Hoseok wondered how can
someone could look this soft with the see through lingerie he was wearing, how was that even possible?

Hoseok frowned, “Aren’t you going to try that on?” he pointed at one dark blue set placed on top of the chair.

“Want to see me with it?” Jimin turned around and well Hoseok
had to force himself to lock eyes with the younger, dark brown eyes looking at him like a pray.

“I ehm no? I mean yeah but I-”

Jimin bursted out in a loud laugh, finding Hoseok’s struggle amusing, “You are so easy to tease honey” he licked his lips, that wasn’t necessary like
at all “ I love it. I’d like to show you that too but it isn’t for me”

Oh well if the person who was supposed to wear the set was the one that popped up on his head then he wouldn’t like to ask further questions. Min Yoongi wearing lingerie was something he didn’t quite picture
and neither did he want to imagine either. His boss wearing lingerie to fuck with his other boss, that’s an image he didn’t want to have present but now he also knew it wouldn’t leave his mind either. Fucking great.

“Ehm do you want me to... you know… help?” Hoseok decided to
change the subject and directed his attention back to Jimin’s zipper, which wasn’t good either, but at least it was better.

Jimin shook his head, “See the point of this kind of clothes is that they are easier to get off” he said with a voice so low and sultry that Hoseok was
found staring mouth agape as Jimin reached his small hand to his back, and pulled the zipper down, revealing his back until the venus dimples right over his ass to make the point clear, “than to put on” Jimin quirked his brow amusingly, “Wanna see more or...?”

Hoseok blinked the
state of daydream away, “Right yeah I ehm wait you outside” he rushed the words out as he left Jimin alone in the dressroom, if his hearing didn’t deceive him he sweared he heard Jimin say “your loss” but considering how dizzy he felt after having someone like Jimin so close,
he wasn’t so sure anymore.

When Jimin walked out of the dressroom he headed to the cashier with all the clothes he had picked up first, the woman, Mina, didn’t look surprised at all when she told Jimin the amount of money he had to pay. Jimin didn’t look surprised either as he
took a black card from his wallet and gave it to her. Hoseok didn’t remember when was the last time he had seen so many zeros on the screen of the cash register, he wondered if he ever spent that much money in a shop. He had never been one to fancy a luxury life, even if it was
taken for granted considering his origins he never felt like he belonged to that kind of life. That being one of the many reason he run away.

“Thank you so much Mr. Park” The woman smiled at Jimin, handing Hoseok the four bags of lingerie as for her it was obvious he should be
the one carrying them. Hoseok quirked his brow but picked the bags eitherway, heading to the door rolling his eyes as Jimin waved her goodby, “See ya next month Mina”

Next month.

Was he supposed to go through this every single month from now on? Hoseok had seen milder tortures.
The shopping mall was half as empty by the time they made it out of the shop. Jimin was walking close to him while Hoseok looked from left to right, scanning the open space for any kind of suspicious behaviour, but the tall men that have been looking at Jimin was no longer there
Hoseok allowed himself to breathe a little before Jimin was walking to the next shop which happened to be an innocent suit store.

“Morning Mr. Park” An old man bowed to Jimin as they walked inside, Hoseok was no surprised at all that the workers already knew Jimin. The younger
was someone who can’t go unnoticed even if he tried, which was not the case.

“Morning Seong” Jimin answered, following the old man to the cashier where another two bags where already waiting for him. Hoseok was glad that he didn’t have to wait more time inside the shop trying
clothes on for he had already placed the order.

“How’s Mr. Min?” He asked, taking Jimin’s credit card to pay the shopping.

“Working like always” Jimin rolled his eyes, Hoseok could notice a little sign of disappointment in the younger’s voice, as if he really didn’t like that
Yoongi wasn’t there with him. He probably didn’t.

“Ah too bad,” The old man shook his head, handing the black card back to Jimin, “but you seem to be very well escorted” He said, not even sparing a glance to Hoseok as if he wasn’t even there.

“I know right?” Jimin looped his
arm around Hoseok’s, pulling him closer. Hoseok stumbled a little but with Jimin holding him he didn’t fall. “He’s his new assistant, pretty isn’t he?” Jimin batted his eyelashes, gifting Hoseok a quick smile. Hoseok nearly choked.

“Very” The old man chuckled, probably used to
the younger’s antics. “But tell Mr. Min to come here more often, I’m starting to miss his grumpy face” Jimin laughed at that, “Don’t tell him that”

“Don’t worry Seong, I won’t” Jimin said as he giggled.

Hoseok just stared at them as they talked, not really knowing what to say
to contribute to their conversation, he better stay quiet. When they were done Hoseok decided to pick the two paper bags before he was asked to, he wanted to leave. He wanted this day to be over because he hadn’t sleep at all and he didn’t know how much he could hold himself
upright, tiredness heavy on his shoulders as he carried all the shopping bags. Jimin, on the other hand, looked very energized, as if shopping was his power source, not walking but leaping from side to side as they head to the next stop.

“Are you hungry?” Jimin asked, stopping
in front of a free bench so Hoseok could leave the bags as they talked.

“Not really, are you?” Hoseok decided to say, because he actually wasn’t hungry only tired. His body was too focused on not collapsing to feel anything else. And if the leave, maybe he’s lucky enough to get
something to eat at Yoongi’s place.

“Hmm” Jimin tapped his chin as he thought, eyes scanning the different restaurants around the place. Hoseok sighed, he didn’t feel like sitting on a fancy restaurant where the food was stupidly expensive and the plates were not even filled to
the half of it. “I crave for ice cream”

“Ice cream?” Hoseok frowned, he didn’t know what time in the morning it was, or was it afternoon already, but he expected Jimin to want something to fill his stomach and not well ice cream.

“Yupp~” Jimin nodded excitedly.
“Okay then ice cream it is” Hoseok said, which made Jimin clap his hands together before turning around and heading to the closer ice cream stand.

Hoseok followed Jimin right behind, the boy was so small that Hoseok could see over him the back end of the shopping mall, where he
pinpointed the man he had been looking for since they arrived here. Jimin stopped behind a little girl on the queue, smiling at her because she couldn’t decide which flavour she wanted. Hoseok could hear Jimin giggle because she was speaking in tiny font and he found it really
cute. But Hoseok was focused on something else, because the man noticed Hoseok staring at him, and when his eyes locked, or he supposed because the other man was wearing sunglasses, the tall man stiffened and walked to the other side of a restroom.

“Sir” Hoseok said, voice calm
as not to scare Jimin off.

“Huh?” Jimin turned around with a confused look, “Do you want one too?”

“No” He shook his head, “Wait here. I’m going to be bathroom, don’t move okay?” Hoseok left the bags on the floor in front of the younger and waited for him to nod before walking
to the bathroom, sprinting as not to raise any suspicion.

Hoseok took a quick glance at Jimin who was still waiting on the queue and opened the restroom’s door, his other hand inside his jacket pocket, ready to pull out the gun in case he needed. The place was empty, Hoseok
frowned. He walked from stall to stall trying to check if someone was there but they were all empty. Hoseok didn’t have a good feeling about this. And he should have trusted his instinct and he should have been smarter because it all happened too fast.

He felt the pain on his
neck before he was able to realise someone was holding his throat with a strong arm. Hoseok grunted and tried to break free but it was pointless, the man was stronger and taller than him. He tried to pull out his gun but the man was grabbing his arm too, pulling it to his back so
he was inmobilised. ‘Shit’ He thought as he felt the little air on his lungs quickly leaving his body.

With the little strength he had he closed his eyes and tried to move backwards, the man hissed when his back hit the stall behind him, Hoseok moved again and this time when he
heard the loud thud of the other man’s back hitting against the door again he also banged his head back.

“Fuck” The man cursed and his grip on Hoseok loosened a little but just enough for him to break free from him. Those seconds passed quickly as Hoseok tried to catch his
breath and his hand pulled out the gun, aiming at the other man whose hand was covering his mouth.

Hoseok’s hand didn’t tremble when he removed the safety lock, the noise so loud in the otherwise so quiet room that it made the other man look up at him. The other man had blood on
his hand, and when he chuckled, when he fucking laughed at him he could see the slit on his lip, blood painting his teeth red in a way that made his stomach churn.

“What’s so funny?” Hoseok growled, taking a step closer.

“This situation” He spat on the floor, Hoseok grimaced,
“But mostly you”

“Me?” He asked, but his pulse didn’t falter when his digit caressed the trigger, as a warning to the other man that just seemed to find everything very amusing. Hoseok was suddenly very pissed off. He didn’t like that despite a gun aimed at his head, he seemed
not to find Hoseok a threaten.

“Yeah you” The man crossed his arms, “thinking you can shoot me with an unloaded gun”

“You think you can deceive me with that old trick?” Hoseok smiled but there wasn’t humour in it, neither amusement, just annoyance, “That’s lame”
“Pull the trigger then” He teased, taking a step closer, the barrel nearly touching his forehead “You think Min Yoongi is stupid enough to give you a loaded gun when you are walking around with the person he most cares about?”
“What?” Hoseok frowned, looking from the other’s man face back to the gun he was holding.

“He won’t like this you know?” He rearranged his tie, “Your self defense techniques are very lacking”

“Bold of you to say when you are the only one whose bleeding”

The other man laughed,
“Bold of you to assume I couldn’t have snapped your neck if I wanted to” Hoseok was found out of words, lips pressed into a thin line, so the other man kept on talking, “But you fucked up you know that right? Leaving Jimin alone just to check on me instead of standing by his side
to actually protect him”

“Fuck, Jimin” Hoseok cursed and stared at the door, considering the idea of running out of the bathroom to find him and hoped that nothing happened.

“Don’t bother” The man said, clearly reading Hoseok’s intention, “He’s fine, there’s someone properly
looking after him”

“Fuck if I care” Hoseok snapped, moving towards the door fast, the man tried to stop him but Hoseok this time was faster, storming out of the bathroom to find Jimin sitting alone on a bench, legs dangling as he eat his ice cream. When he saw Hoseok he waved
his hand to him and Hoseok breathed relieved.

“I didn’t lie when I say there’s someone checking on him too” Hoseok heard the man say, “but it’s good that you didn’t believe it, that’s the only intelligent thing I’ve seen you doing the whole day” Jimin got up when he saw Hoseok
walking towards him with the other man following right behind, “But still Yoongi won’t like this, just so you know”

“Jimin is fine” Hoseok looked at the man through squinted eyes, “that’s all that matters”

And that seemed to please the other man, who nodded and walked by his

“Namjoonie” Jimin run past Hoseok, embracing the man with a tight hug, nearly dropping his ice cream in the process, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to bring you back home”

“What?” Both Hoseok and Jimin said at the same time.

“Namjoon I don’t wanna go back home yet!”
Jimin whined, “Besides, Hoseok is perfectly capable of doing that when we are done shopping”

“Yoongi said-”

“I don’t care!” Jimin snarled, making both men stare wide eyed at the younger. “I’m having fun with Seokie” Hoseok swallowed hard at the nickname, cheeks slightly
blushing for no one had ever called him that, it felt warm “and he’s taking good care of me. If Yoongi wants me home then he might as well come pick me up instead of sending you Namjoon”

Namjoon remained silent at Jimin’s sudden tantrum, not capable of finding the words to
convince Jimin to go with him. That’s what Yoongi meant when he said that whatever Jimin wanted, he got it.

“Let’s go Seokie” Hoseok couldn’t say anything else before Jimin grabbed his arm and dragged him along, but he could hear Namjoon’s words when he was still closer.
“You are lucky he likes you”

Hoseok didn’t know then how those words would be more like a curse instead of a blessing.

“You said you didn’t want to go back home” Hoseok said when he was seated on Yoongi’s car, hands on the wheel and key on the ignition but the car still parked
on the lot.

“And I don’t” Jimin pouted, “but my mood is ruined already so”

Hoseok nodded but he didn’t make any move to start the engine, “Can I ask you something?”

“You already did” Jimin smiled, “but yeah”

“You don’t go out often, do you?”

The silence that filled the car
was the answer itself and Hoseok thought about apologizing because he didn’t want to push Jimin into talking about something he wasn’t really comfortable with, but the younger opened his mouth faster.

“Yoongi doesn’t like me to leave the chalet” He said and even though his tone
was sad, Hoseok could tell that he wasn’t mad at Yoongi just a little disappointed, because he must have a reason, one Hoseok was too afraid to ask. “I don’t blame him, but I don’t like it either but can we please just go back?”

“Whatever you wish sir” Hoseok said and started
the engine. This time the ride back home was indeed quiet. And when he parked the car on Yoongi’s place, Jimin asked him to wait with him for just a little longer. They didn’t talk, Jimin was silent but he seemed pleased, happy to be just there for a few more minutes before he
was the one walking out of the car.

“Hey baby” Yoongi was on the couch when both walked inside the chalet, he had some papers scattered on the desk in front of him and a cigarette on his lips. Jimin walked towards him and took the cigarette out of the older’s mouth, holding it
between his small fingers before snapping, “Fuck off” and walking upstairs without a last goodbye at Hoseok.

“What did you do?” Yoongi’s gaze was piercing, not leaving Hoseok’s face until the younger started talking.

Hoseok dropped the bags on the floor and stepped closer to
the couch, “Don’t blame me for your own mistakes” He tried to sound as calm as possible, throwing the gun on the couch right next to Yoongi, “And thanks for the gun, very useful without ammo”

“How do you find out?” Yoongi’s voice was calm, because he already knew the answer but
he wanted to know what Hoseok wanted him to believe.

“Listen I’m not gonna lie, it was stupid of me leaving Jimin alone but that would never have happened if you hadn’t sent one of your… what was he? A hitman?” Hoseok’s voice was louder with every word he said, hand touching
his throat where there was a slight red mark of Namjoon’s arm.

“Namjoon is one of my most loyal men just so you know, he’s more than just a hit man” Yoongi seemed to relax on the couch, leaning his head back as he placed another cigarette on his lips. “Want one?” He offered
Hoseok, which made the younger look at him dumbfounded. Hoseok knew better than to decline an offer from someone who is above you. He took the stick with his slender fingers and let Yoongi light it up, eyes locked together then. Yoongi’s gaze still piercing but not as menacing as
before, that didn’t make Hoseok relax anyway. “Sit down”

Hoseok nodded and took the spot right beside Yoongi but not quite making contact with his body, he better kept his distance with someone as dangerous as Min Yoongi.

“You must be tired” He commented and it only made Hoseok
roll his eyes.

Hoseok took a drag from the stick and let the smoke rest for a few seconds on his lungs before letting the air out, a cloud of smoke enveloping him “As if you care”

“I do care,” Yoongi’s voice got calmer but there was something about his tone being so calm that
it only made Hoseok even more anxious, he still has a long way as to decypher Yoongi, “you are my personal assistant I need you to be on top of your faculties to have your job done, well my job indeed”

That seemed to take Hoseok aback, “You still want me to be you assistant?”
“You fucked up but you told me Hoseok, you were honest and honesty is something you don’t easily find these days” Yoongi took a quick drag, his voice hoarser since the smoke was still burning on his lungs “unless you pull the right strings if you know what I mean” Hoseok knew too
well what Yoongi meant and so he just nodded. There was a small silence on the living room, but Hoseok wasn’t brave enough to break it for it wasn’t an uncomfortable one.

It was Yoongi who did, “Did Jimin have fun?”

“I think so, at least until that guy, Namjoon, came in” Hoseok
flickered his fingers to drop the ash on the glass ashtray placed on the table in front of them.

“I see” Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose, “I gotta take care of it later then” Hoseok had an idea as of how to take care of Jimin ment but he didn’t want to picture it, at least
not when he was sitting next to Yoongi. There are some things that better stay on his head.

“What are those papers?” Hoseok decided to change the subject so he could erase or at least push the idea of Yoongi fucking Jimin to the back of his head, for later maybe.
“More files you need to check later” Yoongi grunted, placing the stub on the ashtray, “Need you to find some connections between what you found out and the rest of the files, I got a feeling that those fuckers are planning something and I don’t like it”

Hoseok hummed, picking up
the papers to take a quick look at them.

“You don’t need to do it now though” Yoongi got up, “There’s food in the fridge if you want anything pick whatever you feel like”

“Okay” Hoseok muttered, he really need something on his stomach if he was going to spend yet another night
going through the files.

“There’s a mattress on the floor of the studio, rest a little before going through the files I don’t want you to mess anything up” Yoongi stretched his back with another grunt, “But I need something but tomorrow night so don’t lounge around more than
necessary” There was warning on his voice but the only thing Hoseok could process was the fact that he was allowed to get some rest before getting into work. For once he felt glad.

“Oh” Hoseok said, “thank you” his voice soft like a whisper which only made Yoongi’s lips curl
into a faint smile before they were back on a thin line. But it lasted long enough for Hoseok to notice, he decided that his smug expression was at least a little more pleasant.

Yoongi waved Hoseok’s gratitude off and headed towards the stairs that lead to the second floor, he
walked the stairs in a calm pace and stopped when he reached the middle, “Hoseok?”

“Yes sir?”

“Whatever you hear, don’t come upstairs” He smirked, turning around and disappearing into the second floor.

Hoseok remained silent, staring with a dumb expression at the empty spot
where Yoongi was standing just a few seconds ago. He then closed his eyes and sank in the couch. Indeed, that night he couldn’t rest as much as he thought he could. Next time he better stay with his mouth closed before thanking Yoongi anything.
Indeed that night Hoseok couldn’t rest as much as he wished to. It was close to dawn when he heard one last high pitched moan in the form of Yoongi’s name before the house went dead silent.

Hoseok closed his eyes but it seemed that not even the tiredness could shut up Jimin’s
whiny voice on his mind. He had heard him so many times during the night that he was sure he couldn’t forget it and if he focused, which he didn’t want to, he could imagine how Jimin’s face would look like under Yoongi’s touch. Eyes wide open and lips parted as he moaned his name
with the sweetest voice Hoseok had ever heard and it was a little twisted but a small part of him wished he was on his boss place, being the one who produced on Jimin those loud gasps.

He tried to think about something else because he wasn’t supposed to think about Jimin that
way and the least when they were under the same roof. He was sure that if Yoongi could see through his thoughts there would be a knife digging on his throat, tearing it open by now.

That would have been his last thought before falling asleep because now everything was dark and
Hoseok wasn’t on Yoongi’s studio anymore. He was on an alley very similar to the one next to Yoongi’s club but it wasn’t that specific one, no, it was somewhere else entirely, far from Yoongi’s borders. The alley was dirty, his shoes stepping on the mud as he got closer to the
corner where he stood because it wasn’t empty. Hoseok squinted his eyes and tried to pinpoint the people standing at the back end of it, there was no way out so why they were there? They looked as if they were just arguing but the tension was palpable, Hoseok could have tasted it
if his mouth wasn’t closed into a thin line as his breathe got stuck on his throat. The place was poorly lit, no street lights nearby, dark night only lighted by the moon which seemed to increase into a bigger size just like his own eyes as he witnessed the events.
That night when he saw it all, when he pressed his back against the cold block wall and tried to breathe but the air never reached his lungs, that night when he took one last glance at the alley and dropped to his knees. Hoseok took another step and he was facing him, he tried to
move but his legs didn’t answer, he tried to walk closer but the more he tried the further he seemed to be. He reached his hand forward and he swear his tips could touch him but soon he was gone and Hoseok was alone on an empty alley, darkness swallowing him as he tried to
breathe, he tried to breathe, he tried to survive.

Hoseok woke up with a loud cry, air seemed to fill his empty lungs just then and it was too much, it was too overwhelming. He looked around a little disoriented but it wasn’t dark at all, the studio wasn’t the cleanest but it
wasn’t as dirty as the pebbled street and he wasn’t paralyzed. He run his hands through his dumped hair and realized how sweaty his clothes felt, sticked to his body. With a grunt Hoseok decided to take his dressing shirt off and stay on the room with just the trousers Yoongi had
let him.

Hoseok got up and walked to the desk, rummaging through the drawers looking for a packet of cigarettes because if there was an ashtray there could be some smokes there too? Well, the one he found was empty so he cursed and put it back inside the drawer with another
grunt. He craved a cigarette, maybe he can go back to the main part of the house and ask Yoongi for one, that if the older boy was there. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea after all, partly because Yoongi may not like him walking out of the studio without the job done and mostly
because he didn’t know how to face the older after yesterday’s events. He was sure that if he looked at Yoongi he could see on his eyelids Jimin’s wrecked expression, no, he couldn’t afford that first thing in the morning.
Hoseok doesn’t know if it’s been three hours or three days reading through the files but he felt tired already not only mentally but physically too, what’s with this damn chair that doesn’t quite fit his back. He has the only file that he kinda understands, the one that he had
told Yoongi about. He’s scanning it or well at least he was because now that his eyes are focused on the written papers, his mind was somewhere else. Yoongi had asked him to look for connections between the files but there was nothing about them that raise his suspicion like at
all. Yeah there were districts that had different incomes but it was normal, there was no way to find a real connection there and if he had to give Yoongi just assumptions, well then he was signing his own death warrant.

“Honey?” Hoseok’s eyes darted to the door in an instant
when he heard Jimin’s soft voice. Jimin was standing in the threshold with a silver tray with a bowl filled with a variety of fruits. “You didn’t came for breakfast” He said, placing the tray on an empty spot in the desk, taking a quick look at the files scattered.
“I didn’t know I was supposed to have breakfast with you” Hoseok said, trying not to make eye contact with the younger for many reasons, one of them being he was only wearing a silk robe, tied to his waist in a way that his chest was fully exposed. There were some dark bruises
painting his otherwise pristine skin.

“Ah don’t be silly” Jimin whined and it was more like a pout and Hoseok definitely shouldn’t be affected by it but oh he was. “I don’t like having breakfast alone”

“Where’s Yoongi ehm well sir?” Hoseok stuttered because he didn’t know if he
was allowed to call him by his name and even though he wasn’t here, he wasn’t quite comfortable with it.

Jimin just chuckled, “Scared much?” He saw the hesitation on Hoseok’s stare and decided to take a step closer, that didn’t made Hoseok any less nervous, “Ah honey, you don’t
need to! I bet Yoongi would love to hear you calling his name” And there was an undertone in that that Hoseok didn’t want to decypher, not that he could though, because Jimin was now even closer, his bare leg touching Hoseok. He was glad that the robe was covering just above his
thighs because he wasn’t sure that the silver haired boy was wearing any kind of underwear beneath the dark maroon fabric. “He’s at work” Jimin said when he didn’t get another answer for Hoseok who was still trying to focus on something that wasn’t Jimin’s body so close.
There was this tone again, Hoseok noticed, the kind of tone that Jimin used last time when he said he didn’t want to come back home. It was something close to sadness but with a little glimpse of apprehension. He wasn’t mad, Hoseok was sure of it, but he still asked.
“You don’t like when he’s out right?”

Jimin shook his head, and with a sigh he answered, “It’s dangerous out there, Seoul can eat you alive if you let her”

Hoseok nodded, “He knows better than that” He decided to say, because Seoul wasn’t a safe city, never was, and will never
be. And Yoongi was on the spotlight which can go both ways, because he wasn’t someone who can mess up with without getting away with it, but still there are people out there, greedy, jealous of his power and ready, oh so ready to see his whole empire fall in front of his eyes.
“I know” Jimin smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes, it was a sad one, “But that doesn’t mean I like him outside, while I’m stuck here” Jimin picked up a grape from the bowl and bite it, “I can get very lonely here” he said, eyes locked with Hoseok’s. The older gulped and averted
his eyes back to grape, which was now making its way to Jimin’s pink plump lips. The sight wasn’t any better. “Do you mind if I stay here?”

And Hoseok couldn’t say no, because first of all he was in no position to disagree with Jimin when he was his boss too, and also the way he
asked, with his doe puppy eyes and soft voice like a murmur. Hoseok realised he couldn’t deny him anything. But his voice betrayed him when he said, “Yes” because it sounded more desperate than he intended, which make Jimin smile, or well smirk.

“I can help you with that if you
want!” Jimin said excitedly, too excited for someone who is suggesting to do the paperwork instead of...whatever Jimin does to entertain himself on Yoongi’s absence.

“Nah, you don’t have to sir, it’s fine” Hoseok tried but Jimin was soon shaking his head.

“How can you say that
with all this mess? They are not even classified in order!”

“What do you mean?” Hoseok frowned, he had made sure that the files numbers were in order to have a better look at them.

Jimin just rolled his eyes and decided to sit on Hoseok’s lap, making the older flinch at the
sudden weight and the warmth of Jimin’s body pressed against him. Hoseok could see over his shoulder that Jimin was scattering the files along the table, looking at them and piled them up with the different colours first “See the colours are for the income”

“Huh?” Hoseok frowned
because at this point he knew the files by heart and he knows that the ones of the same colour have different amounts of income so that couldn’t be it.

“Blue is for guns” Jimin placed the blue pile at the right corner. “Then there’s my favourite, pink! It’s for the clubs” Jimin
piled the pink folders on the opposite corner so the green files where in the middle.

“So I guess green is for drug dealers” Hoseok muttered and Jimin turned around, the weight of his body pressing on his lap. Hoseok moved his hands involuntary to hold his waist, his grip a
little tighter than it should because he couldn’t allow Jimin to move that much when his ass was over his crotch.

“Ah-huh” Jimin nodded. “It’s easier to organise them that way” Jimin turned his face back to the folders and took a sharp breath when Hoseok leaned on the table,
forcing Jimin to lean on it too. His flat stomach pressed against the wooden table.

“Thank you sir” Hoseok muttered, his thumb caressing the soft silk of Jimin’s robe out of reflex. Jimin squirmed in place and Hoseok had to hold his breath and think about something else because
he felt his blood go south and he was sure Jimin could notice if he popped a boner.

Jimin’s face was closer to his now, and while Hoseok tried to focus on the papers, Jimin was staring at him. His eyes so intense than they could beat Yoongi’s piercing stare. But opposite to
Yoongi’s his stare wasn’t cold but warm, too warm, suffocating even. Hoseok realised then than Jimin had moved a little sideways so he could see Hoseok better, he was too close. Puffs of air hitting his cheek and making it difficult for him to concentrate. Jimin’s arm moved to
Hoseok’s shoulder, propping his chin on the back of his hand while his eyes never left the older’s face.

“You know what honey?” Jimin said, but his voice was so soft it felt like a gasp. “Yoongi really made a good choice with you”

“Why do you say that sir?” Hoseok turned
towards Jimin a little confused and a little flustered because if he leaned on just a little, he could trap Jimin’s plump lips with his own. He wondered if they tasted just like they looked, sinful.

“I just got a feeling, a very good one indeed” He smiled, and it shouldn’t look
cute but it did, and Hoseok couldn’t help but smile at his content expression. But Jimin was on his feet too soon, probably too aware of their proximity. “You should come out once you are done, being alone is boring”

And Hoseok didn’t want him to, didn’t want Jimin to be alone
when he was just there to give him company. But he couldn’t bring himself to ask him to stay because as much as he liked his presence, it was too overwhelming and he couldn’t be able to get his job done with someone like Jimin sitting on his lap. So he just nodded and looked at
Jimin as he made his way out, swaying his hips in a way that can’t be natural.

“Sir” Hoseok raised his voice before Jimin walked out of the studio, the fabric of his robe had slipped off his shoulder so now more skin was exposed for Hoseok’s pleasure, or displeasure.
“Thank you again, I owe you one”

Jimin’s smile widened and this time it reached his eyes, Hoseok would like to capture this moment and save it on the back of his head because it was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights he had ever seen. “Don’t worry honey besides,”
Jimin walked pass the threshold but his hand remained on the door frame, small fingers caressing the wood in a way that was just too careful and calculated, “There are many ways you can pay me back” And his voice was so low it sent chills to Hoseok’s spine but Jimin was already
gone. The smell of peaches and chamomile lingering in the room like a reminder of Jimin’s visit, Hoseok took a deep breath and hold it for a little longer before turning his attention back to the files, the information he read more clear now thanks to Jimin’s help.
It happened like three hours later. It’s around lunch time when Hoseok decided he had done enough research and walked out of the studio. He considered the idea of calling Yoongi and tell him what he had found out but he guessed he better not disturb his boss when he was at work,
besides he didn’t had his mobile phone anymore and probably Jimin won’t lend him his so he could talk to Yoongi about work.

He’s sitting at the kitchen isle, mouthing some cold noodles when he wondered where the younger boy was. The chalet was silent, eerily so, and Hoseok
didn’t like it. With one last bite he got up and threw the rest of his plate on the bin, leaving to check the house looking for Jimin.

Hoseok decided to check the garden first, if Jimin was outside then it must be the reason why the house was so dead silent. He walked towards
the back door and stepped on the garden, it was huge. Hoseok hadn’t expected it to be that big, there was a small pebble path that lead towards a massive swimming pool. There were benches and hammocks scattered all around the place, all painted in a way that resembled marble, he
guessed it was Jimin’s taste to do so. He probably had designed all the house considering that everything looked pretty, pretty and expensive, just like him.

At the end of the yard there was a garden house with a big table that could fit around twenty people, Hoseok looked
around it but it was empty. He liked this place, it seemed clam, out of the busy life of Seoul, it was a like an oasis placed in the middle of chaos. Jimin wasn’t there.

He wasn’t on the first floor either, Hoseok checked every single spot and thought about calling Jimin’s name
but maybe he was just sleeping. He sure had gone through an sleepless night, he must be tired. But Hoseok had a feeling, a small voice at the back of his head that told him it wasn’t that, that it was something else entirely. Hoseok was never one to ignore his instincts and so he
walked upstairs with heavy feet. Was he supposed to be here? Was he even allowed to walk freely around the chalet? Well at least Yoongi wasn’t there to tell him that he wasn’t.

The second floor seemed a little smaller that the ground one, maybe it has something to do with the
fact that it was poorly lit, and it was just a corridor. Hoseok looked from right to left and all there was there to check were closed doors, and so he tried. He went to the left side of the corridor, when he walked pass the first door he ignored it because he already have been
there and if Jimin was on the bathroom he could have at least heard water running, right?

The first room was empty, Hoseok turned the knob with trembling hands, he felt as if he was intruding Yoongi’s privacy by checking the rooms without permission but he was a little worried
and so he walked in. This room was quite plain for the extravagance of the chalet, a small bed on the back of the room and a desk too neat and clean for his own liking, it looked as if they just furnished it a few days ago with make no sense to him. He closed the door and tried
to open the opposite one without success, it was locked. Hoseok shrugged and walked to the right side of the corridor, there were another three doors but there was something that pulled him to go to the one at the end.

When he turned the knob with his hand and slided the door
open he soon regret it, slamming it back closed, back pressed against the wooden frame. He breathed in relief for Jimin was inside the room but the sight that greeted him was one he won’t easily forget. “Sorry” Hoseok raised his voice, a little hoarse.

“Ah honey don’t be shy” He
heard Jimin say from the other side, “Come in” He added, and it sounded more like a command rather than an invitation. Hoseok considered the idea of running back to the studio and stuck his head between the endless papers, anything but walking inside Jimin’s room when the younger
was laying naked on his bed. He hadn’t seen much for he was fast to close the door but it had been enough for it to be engraved in his mind for the rest of his life.

When Hoseok calmed a little bit he decided to walk in and breathed somehow relieved when he noticed that Jimin
had put his robe back on. He was sitting cross-legged on the king size bed, a small nail polish bottle on his hand. Nothing to do with he had seen a few seconds ago, when Jimin was laying on his stomach, his bare ass fully exposed and his legs folded so he was moving them lazily
as he got his nails done.

“I’m sorry” He repeated as he closed the door behind his back, he remained there, not daring to walk closer.

“Why though?” Jimin asked, stretching his arm to leave the bottle on the nightstand, the action making his robe slide up to reveal his thighs.
He started to blow his nails as to make the polish dry.

“I was worried because I didn’t hear you so I came to check on you, I’m sorry I-I” He stuttered, Jimin found the situation amusing, “I didn’t mean to walk in while you were ehm...” Hoseok made some gestures with his hands
as to let Jimin know what he meant, because he didn’t feel like saying it out loud.

Jimin just chuckled, “Naked?”

Hoseok nodded, cheeks blushing as he tried to avoid eye contact with the younger but considering his attire, his eyes were his least hazardous feature and so Hoseok
decided to just look at them.

“Aw honey, nudity is something you shouldn’t be embarrassed of” Jimin shrugged, and of course because with a body so toned and desirable as Jimin’s, no one could ever be embarrassed to show it off. But that didn’t make Hoseok any less anxious,
because Jimin didn’t know the effect he had on him, or maybe that was the problem. That Jimin was very aware of the effect he had on people, not just Hoseok, and that was why he acted so flirty and confident. Because he knew he could have any man or woman, wrapped around his
little finger, and he loved the idea. Powerful and dangerous, Hoseok knew it all too damn well “Besides, you're shirtless, it doesn’t make any difference for me” He laughed.

Hoseok was suddenly too aware of it, his hands coming to cover his naked chest. It didn’t make any sense
cause Jimin had already seen him like this when he came to help him to the studio, but right now he felt too aware of it and so he felt a little self-conscious. Because Jimin was the closest thing to a greek god and Hoseok, well he was quite mundane, nothing out of the standard.
Jimin giggled crealy entertained by Hoseok’s struggle and patted an empty spot on the mattress, indicating him to sit by his side. Hoseok hesitated but soon moved to take the empty spot, trying not to get too close to the younger. Jimin was even more amused now. “If you are gonna
stay here, which I’d love you to” Jimin leaned on Hoseok so his hand was placed between Hoseok’s parted legs in order to support his body, “you gotta get used to me walking around like this”

Hoseok gulped, “I-I don’t think I can” he stuttered and Jimin clearly didn’t like the

“Why?” Jimin pouted and this time he was moving closer, so it wasn’t only his hand placed between Hoseok’s parted legs but he himself, kneeling in front of him, the robe soon slipped off his shoulders so his chest was fully exposed and the fabric only covered his lower
body. Hoseok clenched his jaw and tried to look just at his eyes, dark and piercing. “You don’t like the view?”

“No, no it’s not that” Hoseok tried. Because it was the truth, he liked the view, too much, that was the problem. “B-but I don’t think I can-”

“You can what?” Hoseok
didn’t know what to answer, “Keep you hands for yourself?” Jimin tilted his head to one side, like a little kid who was curious about something. Hoseok nodded, it was something like that indeed, but he was too afraid to admit it out loud, he didn’t know how to put it into words
without blushing like a teenager. But Jimin’s next words knocked the breath out of his lungs, “Then don’t” Jimin’s voice dropped an octave and the older shook his head because he hadn’t heard that right. Jimin didn’t say that. It was just his mind messing around with him, his own
desires taking over his rationality.

“Honey” Jimin said then, his hands coming to rest on top of his shoulders, squeezing them slightly, “You are too tense”

Hoseok closed his eyes for the briefest of moments before snapping then back open and taking Jimin’s hands off him,
“What are you doing sir?” He said, a little out of breathe because just that simple touch made his body tremble.

But Jimin didn’t pull away, hands still trapped in Hoseok’s as he leaned on him, his nose brushing against Hoseok’s, “What do you think I’m doing?” His tone was so
innocent, as if he really didn’t know what he was doing himself. But Hoseok knew better. This must been another test, something Yoongi had planned to make sure he was able to stay here with Jimin alone without laying his hands on something as precious as him. Hoseok had to pull
Jimin off carefully when the younger buried his face on the crook of his neck, licking the skin ever so slightly.

“Honey” Jimin repeated, and this time his tone was no longer playful, a little annoyed maybe, his eyes squinted to look at Hoseok in a way that told him that he
didn’t like to be rejected that way. The more when he was sure Hoseok didn’t want to reject him either, of course he didn’t. “Touch me” And his voice was so whiny and desperate that Hoseok’s grip on his hands faltered, and Jimin took advantage of it and pulled him down on the
mattress so he was pinning him against the bed. Hoseok’s hands rested on Jimin’s waist involuntary but it wasn’t enough. For Jimin it wasn’t enough. And for Hoseok it wasn’t enough either. “More” he begged, and his hips rolled against his lap so Hoseok had to hold back a moan
when Jimin’s butt rubbed his crotch, he realised then he was hard. To his displeasure, for Jimin didn’t come unnoticed either, because the silver haired boy smirked, knowing that it was because of him.

“Sir I don’t think you, I, we should-” Hoseok mumbled because his mind was
somewhere else, like for example Jimin’s hand mapping his chest slowly until it reached the waistband of his pants, and he couldn’t think straight. But he had to, he had to.

“Shh” Jimin hushed Hoseok, leaning over his neck and capturing his earlobe with his teeth, sucking it
expectedly “Just relax honey”. Hoseok breathed out, getting hot all over and out of reflex his hips buckled upwards, making Jimin moan in an instant.

It all happened too fast but when Hoseok realised Jimin was moaning against his neck, hips rolling over his lap, searching for
his own pleasure he had to stop. Hoseok held Jimin’s hips and forced him to remain still, “Sir, stop” And his voice was so hoarse that even himself couldn’t believe the words.

Jimin rolled his eyes and stopped, but he didn’t move away either, “What now?” He sounded annoyed and
god knows that the least he wanted was an upset Jimin over him.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” Hoseok forced the words out because he really wanted to do this, he really wanted to pin Jimin down and trace every inch of his body with his hands, he really wanted to have Jimin
moaning his name under his body instead of Yoongi’s. Yoongi. If Yoongi found out he could consider himself death right now. He stiffened at the thought of Yoongi walking in to find them like this, he couldn’t allow himself to get killed just because he was a weak man, a weak man
for Jimin and his ability to pull him in like a magnet.

“Why not?” Jimin whined, putting all his weight on his hands over Hoseok’s shoulders so the older couldn’t move him away from him, Hoseok didn’t try it either, because he would at least enjoy his proximity while it lasted.
But Hoseok didn’t have time to answer because Jimin was picking up his phone and tapping the screen until Hoseok could heard the signal.

“What are you doing?” Hoseok whispered shouted because he really didn’t have a good feeling about this, and oh how much did he hate to be

“Hyungie~” Jimin singsonged and Hoseok’s face turned as white and cold as the first drops of snow in december.

“Yeah baby?” Hoseok could hear Yoongi say because Jimin had put the call in speaker, so he was allowed to listen to the conversation. He decided to remain
silent then because he didn’t want Yoongi to know he was with Jimin, well, under Jimin to be precise. “Did something happen?” Hoseok had never heard Yoongi’s voice so soft, a little glimpse of concern painting his voice. Jimin must be really important to him, Hoseok was sweating

“No, nothing happening” Jimin smiled at Hoseok, his digits playing mindlessly with some gray strands of his silver hair, “Well actually I wanted to check something”

“Tell me baby”

“Well” Jimin adjusted his position so his ass was perfectly hovering over Hoseok’s tent, he
lazily rolled his hips but his voice was composed when he said, “when you told me Hoseok would follow my directions without any complain, you meant anything I asked right?”

“Yeah baby, why? Is he disobeying you?” Yoongi’s voice became more stern. Hoseok gulped down saliva but it
burned down his throat.

Jimin then tapped the screen so Yoongi’s voice was no longer on the speaker when the silver boy leaned down on Hoseok, chests flushed together while Jimin’s hips never stopped to roll over Hoseok’s. The older had to hold back a whimper when Jimin added
just a little more pressure and whispered to his ear, “No hyungie, Hoseok is being a really good boy you know?” Hoseok couldn’t hear Yoongi’s answer but he didn’t want to either, because Jimin’s presence was too overwhelming for having to deal with Yoongi too.

Jimin giggled at
whatever Yoongi had said, and pressed his lips against the crook of his neck, “Ah-huh, yeah he deserves a gift” Jimin kissed the skin and Hoseok knew it was over for him, not able to resist anymore to Jimin’s teasing. “Are you coming home soon?” He asked then, moving away from
Hoseok so they were facing each other now, Jimin smirked at the answer, “Okay don’t overwork yourself darling”

Hoseok took it as a sign that they have time, god why Jimin could be talking so easily to Yoongi while he was on the arms of another man, and why it was so easy for
Hoseok to move his hand from Jimin’s waist up to his torso to play with the bud of his nipple while Jimin talked to his boss, the man who could take his guts out for touching what’s his. Jimin bit his lower lip and nodded to whatever Yoongi said and breathed out, “I miss you”.
It was twisted, how Jimin talked to Yoongi that way when he was rolling his hips against Hoseok’s looking for his own pleasure. It was twisted too, how Hoseok loved the way Jimin squirmed under his touch when he claimed that he missed his hyung.

Jimin closed his eyes when Hoseok
guided his hips with his other hand and muttered a “Don’t worry hyungie, I always behave” before hanging up the phone and discarded it to the floor, not even caring if he break the screen, before launching himself over Hoseok and trapped his lips between his own.
The kiss was heated, Hoseok barely had time to keep up with it. Jimin was lapping his tongue against his own and Hoseok could only follow his moves clumsily. Hoseok gasped when Jimin nibbled his tongue with his teeth, opening his eyes to stare at the older for the split of a
second before sucking his tongue as if it was something else. Hoseok felt his own cock throbbing at Jimin’s touch, his hands moving to cup Jimin’s ass so he could guide it over him, rubbing his erection against Jimin. “Fuck” What is he thinking about?

“Honey” Jimin breathed
against his lips, “Make me feel good” he closed his eyes again and pressed his lips against Hoseok’s one more time, this time slower, making Hoseok crave for more and search for Jimin’s lips when the silver haired boy moved away, knowing perfectly what he was doing,
“Make me feel pretty”. His plump lips brushed against Hoseok’s, the older tried to catch them but Jimin moved away fast, “You owe me” He pouted and oh Hoseok didn’t know how much would he like to pay Jimin back.

Hoseok decided to roll them over then, Jimin gasped in surprise at
how easily Hoseok manhandled him. He kneeled between Jimin and moved his legs so Jimin was forced to part his legs for Hoseok. Hoseok should stop, he shouldn’t be doing this but Jimin asked him to do it, right? He was supposed to do whatever Jimin demanded him. Even Yoongi had
said it. He shook his head to push the thought of his boss away and focus on the boy beneath him, eyes hooded and his lower lip trapped between his teeth. Hoseok licked his own lips out of reflex.

Jimin moved his hands to undo the tie of the robe on his waist but Hoseok held his
hand, “I’ll do it” He said and it seemed to please Jimin just fine because the younger moved his hand away so Hoseok had enough space to undo the knot himself.

Hoseok moved his hands slowly, untying the robe and moving the silk fabric away so Jimin was fully exposed for him, for
him, and just for him. Hoseok cursed under his breathe because he wasn’t ready to see all Jimin had to offer so prettily waiting for him.

The older boy stared at his pristine skin covered in some dark bruises that Hoseok would love to be the owner of. “Fucking gorgeous” Hoseok
muttered, hand pressed flat over Jimin’s chest as he leaned down and licked the marks, fighting back the urge to make new ones because that would be too obvious. Jimin gasped when Hoseok kissed the way down his navel, hands now grabbing his thighs to push them further apart.
Hoseok kissed the skin of his inner thighs, making Jimin whine, “Honey please~”

“Shh princess” Hoseok hushed the younger boy, pressing his lips against his v-line, he felt Jimin’s cock throbbing upwards at the sound of Hoseok’s voice and the older stopped. Moving up to his knees
once again and staring at Jimin while his hand wrapped at the base, “You liked that I could you that, am I wrong?” He smirked, it felt like a boost of confidence, having someone as enticing as Jimin so vulnerable under his touch, it was addicting.

“Y-yeah” Jimin mumbled, eyes
closed, hands clutching at the sheets at both sides of his body, Hoseok moved his hand up his length quite lazily but his grip tight enough to make Jimin squirm one more time, “Ma-makes me feel ah-ah pretty”

“You are pretty” Hoseok muttered, leaning on Jimin and placing a quick
kiss on his jaw while his hand moved over his cock up and down, “My pretty princess aren’t you?”

“Yeah honey, y-your pretty princess” Jimin was starting to talk nonsense, mind clouded with pleasure but Hoseok felt warm all over because Jimin didn’t correct him, didn’t tell him
that he was Yoongi’s, Hoseok realized then that someone like Jimin wasn’t anyone’s but his own. Hoseok decided that he would capture this moment inside his heart for as long as it lasted.

Hoseok gave Jimin another kiss, this time on his lips, it was soft, too soft for Jimin’s
liking but he made no comment about it. Hoseok was too far gone to realize how much time he was taking to make Jimin find release, but he liked it better that way, slow, he liked to feel every single shake of breath and brush of skin against skin when he kissed the tip of his
cock and took all of it inside his mouth.

“Ah fuck” Jimin cursed, nails raking through Hoseok’s hair to pull him lower down so his head was hitting the back of Hoseok’s throat. Hoseok bobbed his head up and down, eyes closing so he could just feel the taste of Jimin on his mouth
the sound of his sweet and hushed voice filling the room. It was delicate, in a way only music could be, Jimin’s voice was made to be heard and even more when there were moans that came out of his mouth. “I-If you keep sucking like that I’m gonna cum” Jimin whined.
“That’s the point” Hoseok chuckled before nibbling at the sensitive skin of the head, Jimin whimpered and it sounded broken. Hoseok decided to let the younger a small break and turned him around. It was so easy, Hoseok noticed, because Jimin was so small and weighted like a leaf
that he could easily move him around the room without sweating a drop. “Princess” Hoseok frowned, when he had Jimin on all fours in front of him, “What’s this?” He asked, knowing the answer already but wanting Jimin to tell him.

“Ah, d-don’t take it off” Jimin cried out when
Hoseok moved the buttplug just so it rubbed against Jimin’s rim a little more, he didn’t stopped moving it and soon Jimin’s back was arched and hips were slightly meeting Hoseok’s movements. “I-It’s hyungie’s, he ah-” Jimin moaned one more time and it was broken, his body
trembling beneath Hoseok.

When the older moved a little forward to see his face he realised that Jimin had cummed already, breathe hitched and fists clenched over the pillow. “You good princess?”

“Yeah” Jimin mumbled, voice low and somehow wrecked. “B-but let me help you too”
He tried but Hoseok shook his head, he really didn’t need much help to cum because the sight of Jimin’s cum dripping down his thighs it was enough for Hoseok to feel a familiar heat pooling at the pit of his stomach.

“There’s no need-” Hoseok tried to say but Jimin soon cut him.
“Fuck my thighs”

“What?” Hoseok was taken aback because he had not consider it a possibility.

“Please do” Jimin whined, moving his legs back so they were pressed against Hoseok’s.

“O-okay” Hoseok stuttered, unzipping his pants clumsily. Only when he pulled his pants down did
he realise how tight his boner was pressed against the fabric of his clothes. He placed his hand flat on the inner side of hs thighs so Jimin parted his legs a little further so he could fit in between them.

Hoseok didn’t need lube, Jimin’s cum dripping around his cock was
enough to allow him to slide it easily between his thighs. The older grunted when Jimin pressed his legs together, it was wet and warm and Hoseok soon found himself thrusting his hips looking for his own release. As he had expected, it didn’t take too long, just a few sway of
hips and he was cumming between Jimin’s legs with a broken moan. Jimin whined Hoseok slapped his hand over the younger’s buttcheek but he didn’t complain, instead he muttered a, “H-harder please” and Hoseok complied, too far gone.

He was panting when he collapsed over Jimin, the
younger’s arms not able to hold their weight anymore and so they feel into the mattress as they caught their breath.

When his breathe evened and his minded started to clear he realised the implications of what had just happened. With trembling legs and a little bit dizzy Hoseok
struggled to get off bed to get Jimin something to clean himself. Back in the room, Jimin had turned around so he was facing him, legs still slightly parted and lips swollen for the constant biting. It was a sight Hoseok would love to capture for when he was alone in his studio
and the moans that he heard coming from Jimin’s mouth wouldn’t have the shape of his name but from someone else.

Jimin gasped when Hoseok pressed the wet towel over his skin, cleaning the cum on his thighs before wiping away the white drops on his own skin. When he was done he
considered leaving because maybe Jimin wouldn’t like him to remain here, when he was still fully naked for him but the silver haired boy was looking at him, making grabby hands so Hoseok could hold them. And Hoseok was a weak mean when he held Jimin’s hands and pressed a swift
kiss on his knuckled before dropping to one side of the bed, Jimin staring right at him with dazzling eyes.

For a moment there was silence, he didn’t dare to open his mouth and break the spell wrapping them both in a bubble of exhilaration. But they did need to talk, both knew
that and Hoseok decided to ignore the blissful state of Jimin’s expression and asked, “How are we gonna tell Yoongi?”

Jimin frowned and propped his chin on his elbow, “Honey, what do you mean with we?” He chuckled for a second and Hoseok didn’t like the sound of it, “You are the
one telling him” Hoseok’s eyes widened in surprise and suddenly all the warmth enveloping his body washed away, replaced by the cold anxiety he could even feel in his bones, “Yoongi would appreciate your honesty” Jimin muttered, hands coming to play with a sweaty strand of
Hoseok’s hair, circling it around his tiny finger as he smiled at the older as if he hadn’t suggested that. Hoseok wondered for a second what this meant for Jimin, because for him surely had meant something, if the way his heart skipped a beat whenever Jimin let out those pretty
little sounds while Hoseok blowed him up was something to go by. But maybe for Jimin this was just a distraction, a way of entertaining himself while the one he liked the most was away. Hoseok didn’t like it, he somehow felt used but it was twisted, how even if Jimin was using
him for just his own pleasure he wouldn’t care to be used like a toy whenever the younger was bored.

“Honesty” Hoseok couldn’t help but laugh but there was no humour in his voice, it was bitter, he felt bitter, he could even taste it on his own mouth. He remembered Yoongi’s
words ‘Honesty is something you don’t easily find these days’ and it was right, Yoongi would appreciate his honesty but that didn’t mean he would like to find out what he had been doing during his absence instead of working. “And what about you?” Because Hoseok had to tell Yoongi
that was obvious but it takes two to tango. So Jimin is as guilty as him in whatever this mess was.

“Oh honey I don’t need to earn my place here anymore” Jimin caressed Hoseok’s cheek, trying to be comforting but it only made bile rise up his throat. Hoseok realised then that
he was alone here, that Jimin was right, that even though Yoongi was the head of an empire, Jimin could easily have the other man bent down on his knees at his will. He was alone and fucked up and the week didn’t even start yet.
It’s midnight when Yoongi came back home, Hoseok was sitting on the bed of the studio when he came in the room. He didn’t look happy when he asked Hoseok about the files on the desk. Hoseok had learnt in the little time he had spent with him that he was indeed a very sober and
authoritative person, but today he looked different. He seemed angry about something Hoseok didn’t know, despite his serene expression there was a twist on the corner of his eyes when he talked that didn’t came unnoticed.

Hoseok wondered if Jimin had told him, if he was waiting
for him to open up to him and tell him the truth. Hoseok didn’t feel comfortable with the idea though, he knew he had to and the more he waited the harder would it be for him to confess what Jimin and him had done during Yoongi’s absence. His stomach churned at the thought of
Yoongi’s reaction, he swallowed the bile rising up his throat back and focused on the files.

Yoongi frowned at Hoseok’s uncomfortable attitude but decided not to comment on it and just let him talk. “So I noticed that there’s a small connection between your losses on district
five and some other districts nearby that are in charge of dealing drugs too” The older hummed and so Hoseok elaborated on the details, “See they didn’t have as much gains as last month, is nothing worrying really we all know that there are better months than others. But
considering district three and four are closer it makes me wonder if the rumor is spreading”

“Doesn’t look good” Yoongi tsked, picking up the files and reading through them while Hoseok continued his explanation, humming and nodding at his words.
“I think they are testing you sir” Yoongi quirked a brow at the younger, “probably checking if you noticed it before they can do the same as in district five”

“My patience is what they are testing” Yoongi snarled, taking a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it up in front
of Hoseok. The younger then remembered the craving for a smoke and his fingers itched to pick the box Yoongi had left on top of the desk.

“I think they wanna keep it down, they would probably try for some months you know? Slowly so it’s safer”

Yoongi chuckled, mouthing, “Safe”
and shaking his head in disbelief. Hoseok understood, because Seoul was anything but safe and if you mess with someone like Min Yoongi then you could consider yourself dead. “Those fuckers I should have expect it”

“Raise crows and they will take your eyes off” Hoseok said and
for a second he thought he had went too far, implying that Yoongi wasn’t clever enough to choose the people who worked for him and so he looked down, too afraid of Yoongi’s piercing stare. It was funny though, how he and Jimin had that effect on him. His stares both menacing but
in so different ways, it was funny. But Yoongi just chuckled, and there was humor in it, Hoseok frowned because the tension in the room seemed to calm. But Hoseok didn’t calm down, he knew this, he knew what Yoongi’s smile meant. His stomach twisted at the thought. It wasn’t the
good. The calm before the storm. “C-can I take one sir?” Hoseok decided to ask because he wanted to forget for a second about his damn job and Yoongi was already half through his cigarette and Hoseok knew he couldn’t bear the smoke filling the room if it wasn’t on his lungs too.
“Huh?” Yoongi looked at him through squinted eyes and Hoseok gulped, because he didn’t know if he was in the position to ask. Last time Yoongi was the one offering him one, so maybe that was why he was allowed. Yoongi looked at the box on the desk and threw Hoseok an apologetic
smile when he opened it and the box was empty.

“Oh, is okay” Hoseok whispered in a murmur.

Yoongi looked at him for a long minute, as if he was trying to read his mind, Hoseok felt naked under those brown eyes of his. Instead of talking Yoongi took another drag to his smoke and
handed the stick to Hoseok.

“It’s your last one sir” Hoseok looked at the cigarette but he took it anyways, taking a long drag that nearly made him cough but it felt nice, the burning feeling of the smoke on his lungs, it felt nice because as long as he could feel the pain it
meant he was alive. He was alive, for how long he didn’t know, but for now he was.

Yoongi shrugged, “Jimin must have some upstairs” and Hoseok coughed then. At the mention of Jimin he felt the tension building up on his muscles to the point he felt sore, it was fine, he was
alive. He repeated himself, something he had grown used to. “Besides, you’ll need it”

Hoseok frowned, he didn’t like the implication of those words, he suddenly felt anxious, too aware that something was about to happen, something bad. And oh god how much Hoseok hated to be
right, that his instinct never fails. He hated it.

But Yoongi didn’t say anything else, he just stared at Hoseok as the younger smoked his cigarette as if it was the most amusing thing he had ever seen. Maybe for Yoongi it was very amusing, to see Hoseok overthinking about
something he already knew. But Yoongi remained silent and Hoseok didn’t dare to break the silence so he just let out the air on his lungs, filling the little space between him and Yoongi with smoke.

And when he was done, Yoongi got up and straightened his clothes and walked to
the door, “Let’s go” he said, before stepping out of the room. Hoseok didn’t even have time to ask where, but he guessed it didn’t matter because he really didn’t want to know and in the end he would find out. He was better living on his lack of knowledge for now.
It was a too cloudy night for a summer night, sky darker than usually without bright stars to shine over the car. Hoseok noticed while he was sitting on Yoongi’s car, hand tapping his knee anxiously. The car is silent. The streets were empty. It was an eerie feeling that creep up
Hoseok’s spine. It was as if the world was aware of the everything that was about to happen and didn’t dare to intervene, not even the leafs on the trees moved, everything was still, frozen. Hoseok felt like the only thing in motion was Yoongi’s car, riding along the road.
Hoseok had his head pressed on the window, the cold glass calming down the headache that felt like hummers against his skull. “Sir” He whispered, not really comfortable in breaking the silence that filled the car. Yoongi didn’t react, Hoseok thought the older either didn’t hear
him or was ignoring him, probably the latter. He tried again, “Sir I gotta tell-”

“Don’t” Hoseok stared at Yoongi then, slender hands gripping the wheel to the point his knuckles turned white, he sucked in a breath and shook his head. Hoseok remain silent, wondering if Yoongi
knew already what he was about to say, “We are close”

And Hoseok frowned, because he couldn’t understand why would that be a reason for him to don’t speak up, but he nodded either way, squinting his eyes to try to see where Yoongi was heading when he took the curve and entered
an small alley.

Hoseok tried to calm down his breathing, he looked around but the place was poorly lit and so Hoseok found himself considering the idea of Yoongi bringing him here to question him about what happened with Jimin. There were so many things and possibilities, all of
them bad, running through his head that he didn’t notice that Yoongi had already parked the car in front of a warehouse. Hoseok noticed that some of the windows were broken and considering the amount of trash scattered around the place it must be abandoned, it wasn’t a good sign
at all.

With shaking legs, Hoseok stepped out of the car and followed Yoongi who hadn’t speak a word. There was a big door in the middle of the warehouse and Hoseok pointed out a man standing with his back leaning on the wall and a smoke between his lips. He looked familiar but
it was too dark for him to recognize Namjoon until he was just a few steps away.

“You’re late” Namjoon said, flickering his finger to drop the ash on the floor. Hoseok noticed there was dry blood staining his skin right over his knuckles, he knew it wasn’t his own though. Hoseok
sucked in a breath louder than intended and it made the broad man turn his attention to him but he didn’t open his mouth. He just stared at Hoseok pale expression and licked his lips before Yoongi spoke up.

“Or you are too damn fast” He rolled his eyes and Namjoon just shrugged.
Hoseok stared at the two men talking but he couldn’t quite process the words, he didn’t quite understand what they were saying because the blood running through his ears was too loud, deafening, his headache just got worse. He was woken up from his reverie by a strong grip on
his shoulder, he looked at his side and saw Yoongi’s hand squeezing his shoulder, expression slightly worried, “You good?” He asked and Hoseok nodded, but it was all a lie, “Okay” the older said and started walking towards the door, beckoning Hoseok to follow.

He followed Yoongi
inside the warehouse but not before sparing one last glance at Namjoon who mouthed him “Good luck” before he stepped into the building and the other man was too far away to read his expression. Hoseok wondered why Yoongi had ordered him to wait outside, he wondered why of all
people Yoongi had decided that Hoseok would be the one following him inside. Hoseok had so many questions and none of them got an answer when he stepped into an open room where the faint light coming the ceiling allowed him to spot someone waiting for them inside.
Hoseok is speechless. His hands feel cold where they rest at both sides of his body when his eyes land of the man sitting on a chair in front of them. The dim light filling the room not enough to quite take in his features but he’s alive, barely though, but still alive. Hoseok is
sure he wouldn’t be for long if his instinct still works. His stomach churns because he shouldn’t feel relieved for not being in his position. He shouldn’t feel grateful for not being in his place but he was, and it made him feel sick. But he couldn’t help it. It didn’t matter
how many times he did found himself on this position, it was something he couldn’t get used to.

“You know who’s this?” Yoongi asked, his tone awfully calm when he walked towards the man and grabbed his hair, pushing his head back so they eyes met. Hoseok swallowed back the bile
rising up his throat when their eyes locked. The man was looking at him but not quite so, because he looked a little disoriented, as if he his mind was somewhere else.

Hoseok shook his head, no, this was the first time he saw this person. But considering his poor state, even if
he knew him, he couldn’t recognize him with the blood dripping from his temples down his face in a way that resembled tears, like a saint crying blood, though Hoseok knew that if he had found himself in this situation he wasn’t even close to that figure.
“His name is Park Sungho” Yoongi stated, and it made something click on Hoseok’s head, he had heard that name before, not heard but read. He read it in one of the files, district five. He was the one in charge of the dealing in the district, and so he must be the one messing up
with the benefits. “Sounds familiar now?”

Hoseok nodded, he couldn’t find the words. His mouth was dry, his tongue felt like sandpaper when it graced his lips.

“New puppet Min?” They both directed their attention back to the man when he spoke up, choking on the words. He
grunted when he spat on the floor and smiled, Hoseok didn’t need to check twice to know it was blood.

“Shut up” Yoongi growled, pulling at his hair and making him wince but the curve of a smile never left his lips. It sent a shiver down Hoseok’s spine.
“Or what? Gonna kill me? As if you won’t do it anyways” This time he was looking at Hoseok when he talked, completely ignoring Yoongi’s presence. He was far from wrong though.

“Ah to bad” Yoongi shook his head, loosing the grip on the man’s head and walking back next to Hoseok,
“You are wrong” He chuckled, pulling out the silver Beretta he had given Hoseok when he escorted Jimin to the shopping mall. He had no doubts this time it was loaded. “‘m not gonna kill you” Yoongi said, looking at the gun in his hands, his slender fingers tracing the lines in
the barrel carefully before his eyes darted up to Hoseok’s wide open ones, “He will”

Hoseok didn’t even have time to protest before Yoongi placed the gun in his trembling hands, but never letting go of Hoseok’s hand. The black haired boy walked to Hoseok’s back and moved his arm
up so he forced Hoseok to aim the gun at the man.

The younger boy gulped, a single drop of sweat streaming the way down his temple, he was sure Yoongi could feel it, the hesitation, the fear, he was sure he could even smell it. Hoseok closed his eyes but he didn’t pull the
trigger, nor did Yoongi even though his hand was over Hoseok and even though Hoseok didn’t want it, Yoongi could make him do it.

Instead, Yoongi placed his free hand on Hoseok’s waist, he was close, Hoseok could feel the puffs of air hitting his nape as the older breathed. He
shivered when Yoongi whispered against him, lips barely brushing his skin. “I’m gonna give you a choice” His voice was calm, too calm for someone holding a gun, too calm for someone who was pressing his chest against his back in a way that made his body scorch. “Something he
won’t have, something I never had, I’m gonna give it to you”

Hoseok’s breathe hitched, he nodded for he wasn’t able to form the words. His headache was now replaced by a strong pain on his chest, it was tight, to the point he felt as if he couldn’t breathe, at all.
“You either kill him and go with me so you’ll be under my wing and no one in this fucking city would dare to lay a hand on that pretty face of yours” He remained silent for a second so Hoseok could take in the words. Never before a compliment felt so poisonous.

“Or?” He dared to
ask, for the silent was too heavy to bear.

“Or you run away as you have been doing, but you won’t get my protection, not now, not ever. It’s simple.”

“Is it?” Hoseok inquired, eyebrow quirking up. It couldn’t be. He felt Yoongi’s lips curve into a smile behind him.
“It is, now you choose”

Sungho chuckled from his seat, “You really gonna buy that bullshit? You really choose the dumbest ones Min”

Hoseok felt Yoongi’s grip on his hand getting tighter but he didn’t falter, he didn’t shake, the gun still perfectly aimed to the man’s head.
“Choose” Yoongi repeated through gritted teeth.

“Yeah choose” The man kept laughing at Hoseok’s face, he felt his own hand getting closer to the trigger, but just gracing it. He really don’t have a choice, did he? It’s not like Yoongi could let him run away with all the
information he knows. It was dumb to believe it, wasn’t it? To believe that Yoongi gave him an option, a chance to be free. “C’mon kill me kid, then you can go back to suck his dick. Isn’t it what you do huh? You and that other one, how was his name?” Hoseok didn’t like where he
was going, and he knew Yoongi didn’t either. “Ah right Jimin wasn’t it? The pretty cockslut”

Hoseok didn’t have time to react, and neither did the man when he shrieked in pain. Yoongi had moved their hands down and fired the gun at Sungho’s leg, the bullet diggin on his knee,
blood splashing in different directions. Hoseok hated himself for the unfamiliar pleasure flourishing on his chest at the sight of the man suffering. It was twisted, he didn’t like this. He shouldn’t like this. This had been one of the things he had tried so hard to run away from
but here he was, smiling faintly when the man cursed under his breath.

“Put his name on your dirty mouth one more time and I’ll make sure next time your ball would be the target” He growled, but his voice softened when he whispered back at Hoseok’s ear, “You are running out of
time pretty boy”

“But did I lie huh? I bet you are just like him,” His words were directed just to Hoseok, who moved the hand up to aim at the head once again, trigger more appealing that before. “And just like the one that was before you” Hoseok stopped, he didn’t want to react
but it seemed that his facial expression betrayed him, for the man was smirking, amused by his reaction. Feeling too smug and brave for someone who was on a death row. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know? Ah Min, you didn’t tell him what happened to the last one, did you? And the man
is too damn idiot to ask either I guess that too. You I’ll end up somewhere in the Han river just like him for what was it? Ah right fucking the shit out the slut,” He laughed, he fucking laughed, “kid takes cock as if-”

Hoseok pulled the trigger, he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t
shake. The bullet pierced the man’s skull as if it was made of sand. His head now thrown back, blood splattered all over the place, the wall behind the chair now painted in a disgusting dark red colour. Hoseok had to look away, gun dropping to the floor when he opened his hand,

“No, you look” Yoongi grabbed, Hoseok’s chin and forced his head back to the scene, “You look what you've done. I gave you a fucking choice and you didn’t take it”

“I killed him” Hoseok whispered, voice drained. “I choose it”
“No you didn’t. I asked you to kill for yourself, kill for me. You didn’t kill for me” He growled.

“I-I did” Hoseok stuttered.

“You killed for Jimin, not for me, not for you, you killed for him”
Yoongi took a step back and Hoseok then felt too aware of how close the older had been standing for he felt a slight change of temperature, he shivered. But Yoongi remain there, not leaving the room. He was silent, waiting for Hoseok’s answer, who once again was found out of

“But I killed him sir, that’s what you wanted” Hoseok decided to say, looking at his hands, they were clean but still carried the blood of someone else’s death. He closed his hands into fists, he had promised himself he would run away of all this. One death had been
enough, just one had been enough for the nightmares to develop in his sleep not letting him rest for nights, for weeks, for months now. Now he had to live with another one, another person breathing against his nape for the rest of his life. He felt like throwing up.
“You don’t get it”

But he did. He understood Yoongi’s intentions. He understood that was just a test, to prove his loyalty to him, but he failed. Yoongi understood that his loyalty belonged to someone else.

“I do sir” Hoseok had his eyes closed now, not able to stare any longer
at the disturbing sight in front of him. His fists clenched into a tighter grip. “I protected what’s yours, isn’t that what am I supposed to do?”

This time it was Yoongi who was found out of words. Hoseok didn’t look at him when he nodded. He heard steps and turned around to
find Yoongi walking away from the room. He decided to wait here for a little longer, he opened his eyes one more time and stared at the body, numb on the seat. “Park Sungho” He said the name out loud, “I killed Park Sungho” He repeated the name again, so he would remember, so he
would remember the murder, so he would remember the person, so he would remember the reason. He was alive. He was still alive.

When he walked out of the warehouse Yoongi was talking to Namjoon, the broad man spared a quick glance at him and he sweared he could see an apologetic
expression on his dark brown eyes. Hoseok looked away.

“Call Seokjin to clean it up”

“You should call him more often, not only for cleaning your mess” Namjoon rolled his eyes but there was a small smile curving his lips up.

“He knows where I live he might as well show up.
Jimin would be happy to see him” Yoongi responded, heading back to his parked car. Hoseok followed him but he was stopped by Namjoon before he could do so.

“My advice” Namjoon started, “Be honest with your intentions and you’ll be fine” He patted his back in a way that looked
more affectionate than it should. Hoseok wondered how much did the broad man know about his life to know exactly what to say to calm his nerves.

“I’ll try” Hoseok nodded, because he wasn’t sure how sincere Namjoon’s words where, why he was trying to act friendly when he was
working for Yoongi and not for him.

To his surprise, Yoongi had waited for him in the car, he didn’t say a word through the whole ride but he didn’t look exactly mad. His brows were knitted together in a way that showed he was concentrated in something else, thinking about
something Hoseok didn’t know. Yoongi, for what he knows, was a very cautious person, his expression always blank as to not give away his feelings. And so Hoseok spent the ride looking at him, studying him carefully. He wasn’t surprised when he noticed that Yoongi was indeed
handsome, his features sharp but in a way that suited him. It didn’t came as a surprise because as he had learn, Jimin liked pretty things. If he didn’t find Yoongi appealing in any way, he wouldn’t be here, unless he didn’t have another option. Maybe he didn’t. But if Yoongi had
gave Hoseok a choice, Jimin wouldn’t be less.

When they arrive to Yoongi’s chalet, Yoongi was quick to leave the car and walk towards the elevator that lead them inside the house. Hoseok followed him in silence, not quite sure as to what he was supposed to say or do after what

Jimin was waiting on the couch when they both walked in. He was wearing an oversized shirt, that was too big for someone with such a petite frame like his. The blue fabric engulfed him like a wave of cotton and even though Hoseok was sure he wasn’t wearing anything
beneath, he looked adorable. His heart warmed when Jimin looked at him and smiled, somehow fondly, but when his eyes landed on Yoongi, his features hardened as he frown. “What happened?”

Hoseok froze in place, it was obvious that Jimin knew Yoongi, he didn’t know for how long
the young boy had been living here, but it was crystal clear that he already knew how to read pass through his blank expression. “Wait for me upstairs baby, it won’t take long” Yoongi demanded, and even though his tone was a little harsh, he didn’t sound mad at Jimin like at all.
When Jimin disappeared at the end of the stairs, Yoongi turned to Hoseok and pinched the bridge of his nose “I need some fucking fresh air” He muttered as he walked to the back door of the chalet, the one Hoseok remembered that lead to the hidden garden.

Hoseok was glad that it
was a little cold outside, the fresh air moving his bangs away. He breathed in, it smell dirty, like this damn city. The brown haired boy followed Yoongi to the massive table he remembered from last time. It felt good there, under the roof of vines and flowers, he felt as if he
was somewhere else, it was like a small forest lighted with lanterns above them. If he didn’t think too much about it, it looked out of a fantasy book.

Yoongi seated on the opposite side of the table while Hoseok remain standing. The older beckoned him to take a seat but Hoseok
shook his head, “We need to talk”

“That’s why I’m telling to take the damn seat” Hoseok gulped and decided there was no point in arguing the older. “So, what should I know?” Yoongi tapped the table with his fingers, probably craving a cigarette.

Hoseok worried his lower lip
before opening his mouth “Jimin and I, well me, I-” Yoongi stopped him to keep on his stuttering.

“I know everything about it, that’s not what I want you to tell me” HIs voice was calm, it only made Hoseok even more anxious. What did it mean that he knew? Jimin had told him that
he should be the one confessing what they have done. So Hoseok was taken aback by Yoongi’s knowledge.

“You know?” Hoseok couldn’t help the surprise on his tone.

Yoongi hummed, eyes downcast, focused on the constant tapping of fingers against the stone. It sounded like a clock,
ticking the time he had left, the sound piercing his ears like a spike. “I know everything that happens in my damn house but that’s not the matter here, what do you want?”

“Huh?” Hoseok didn’t know where Yoongi was going.

“What do you want from him? You like him?”
“I ehm sir, I don’t know” It was true, he wasn’t sure what his feelings for Jimin where. He wasn’t sure if it was just lust what clouded his mind when he was with Jimin or if it was something else entirely. “I- maybe I do sir” Hoseok said, his hands shaking a little so he hid
them under the table so Yoongi wouldn’t notice his uneasiness.

“Of course you do” Yoongi tsked.

Even through the dim light Hoseok could se Yoongi’s features hardened and so he remembered Namjoon’s words and decided to speak before Yoongi was allowed to. “It’s not like that”
“Like what?” Yoongi inquired, brow quirked upwards in disbelief.

“I’m not planning to take him away from you” That seemed to calm Yoongi down a little, even though his expression remained as blank and unreadable as always, the constant movement of his digits against the stone
slowed down a little, but enough for Hoseok to notice. “It won’t happen again if that’s what you want”

Yoongi shook his head, “What do you want from him then?”

“Nothing sir” Hoseok reassured, “I did what he asked me to do, just like you told me to do”
“So if he asks you again, you’d do it then?”

Hoseok considered his answer for a second, he wanted to tell him that no, he wouldn’t do it, he wouldn’t like to repeat it, but it was all a lie, both knew so. The silence that followed was an answer itself, “I won’t say I wouldn’t
like to, but I’m working for you sir, I promised you loyalty I-”

“You did not” Yoongi leaned back on the chair, “I told you already, you did not kill for me and neither for yourself, you fucked up”

Hoseok already knew that, “It was the right thing to do” He mumbled.
“How come?” Yoongi raised his voice, “How come killing for Jimin was the right thing to do?”

“Because you would have done it for him too. If I didn’t pull the trigger then you’d do it.” Yoongi parted his lips as to say something but he didn’t, Hoseok kept on talking. “If I
didn’t pull the trigger then you would have been the one ending his life and so I wouldn’t be able to have a choice, would I?”

He was right, Yoongi knew he was right. There was a small gust of wind then, leafs moving above them but they both remain still, looking at each other.
Hoseok knew that Yoongi was studying him then, looking for any kind of sign that indicated he was lying, he found none.

“If that bastard hadn’t mentioned Jimin, would you still have pulled the trigger?”

“Yes” Hoseok didn’t hesitate, it surprised him how easily the word slipped
from his mouth.


“Because I didn’t have another option”

“You did”

“I didn’t” Hoseok insisted. Because he was sure it would have been the only way out. “You wouldn’t have let me go with everything I know, you are smarter than that”

Yoongi laughed at the compliment but
there was no humour in it, Hoseok stomach twisted. “You wouldn’t have said a word”

“Why are you so sure?” Hoseok wouldn’t have said a word, he knew better than to write his own death sentence, but Yoongi? Yoongi couldn’t trust someone so blindly. Unless…
“You wouldn’t have said a word because you are here because you wanted protection. You are here because you don’t have somewhere else to go. You are here because you are not afraid of me but of your brother. And you know, you know very well that if you leaked my info I wouldn't
be the one coming after you” Hoseok swallowed back so hard that his throat ached at the mention of his brother. “But it doesn’t matter anymore, your hands are stained”

His hands were stained, it was a reality Hoseok couldn’t run away from. His hands were stained, more than
Yoongi could ever imagine. He carried the death on his palms, two. Not just one, there were two now. Just to be alive, just to able to breathe for a few more seconds. Just to be able to walk in this god damned of a city for a little longer. Two. Same reason, same outcome. Two.
He wondered for how long would that number remain as low.

“They are” Hoseok’s nails raked through his pants anxiously as he asked, “And yours?”

Yoongi probably didn’t expect Hoseok’s question and so his eyes widened for the briefest of seconds before turning back to a normal
size. “Don’t ask questions you are not ready to listen the answer to”

“I just want to know the reason. There must be a reason” Hoseok argued.

“We don’t always have a reason, a purpose, it’s all subjective” Yoongi waved his hand dismissively.

“But I know you do”
“I do, but I can’t tell you so”

“Why?” Hoseok inquired.

“Because it’s not my story to tell” And then Hoseok understood what everything was about. Whatever happened to the previous assistant, it was directly related to Jimin’s wellbeing. Hoseok didn’t push the subject further.
He could tell that Yoongi wasn’t comfortable with the situation.

“Fair enough” He decided to said and it seemed to please Yoongi just enough.

“I can tell, you won’t meet the same fate” Yoongi reassured him, but it didn’t calm Hoseok any further. And with that, he got up.
Hoseok wondered h¡if he was supposed to follow him back inside or if he should remain there. He felt good there, the sky above them was cloudy but with the lanterns lighting the ceiling made of vines, Hoseok felt as if he was under bright stars. And if he closed his eyes, the
dirty smell of the city was disguised by the faint smell of roses. He liked it there.

“Hoseok” The younger fluttered his eyes open, for it was strange that Yoongi used his name to address him. He would be lying if he said it didn’t make his heart skip a beat at the sound of his
name on Yoongi’s lips. It sounded careful, not as fondly as when he pronounced Jimin’s name but halfway to it. Or maybe Hoseok was just too damn tired and his headache was messing up his head too. That was likeable.

“Jimin asked me to move you upstairs” Hoseok tried to hide the blush creeping on his cheeks but he failed, he was sure the older noticed it, but he made no comment about it. He was glad he didn’t. “There’s a spare room next to the bathroom” Ah Hoseok remembered it from when he
had been looking for Jimin, the room that looked as if it was just furnished and no one had ever laid a foot on it. Now he was sure it had been the case. “Consider it a gift, from both of us” He smiled at Hoseok and when he did, Hoseok couldn't find any trace of teasing just pure
amusement at his reaction. He was sure the red roses above him looked colourless compared to his face right then.

“T-thank you sir” He managed to say even though he stuttered at first. Yoongi just shook his head as if it was something he should be taking for granted. But he knew
better than to take things for granted in this city.

He remembered Jimin’s words when had spoken to Yoongi through the phone, ‘He deserves a gift’. Ah so that’s what he meant. Hoseok had been a fool to think that Jimin had done what he did out of impulse, it had been
premeditated, of course it had been. Of course Yoongi knew about what happened before it even happened. He felt like an idiot and when he was left alone in the garden, he wondered what else had been already settled, he wondered what else Jimin had planned to do, he wondered how
much of it wasn’t just Jimin’s wit but Yoongi’s. He wondered what was the real reason for him to be here, hired as an assistant, why him of all the people, what did Yoongi saw on him to let him do what he did.
For the first time since he arrived here, he spent the whole night thinking about a black haired man with dark hooded eyes instead of a silver boy. For the first time he thought about slender veiny hands tracing a map on his skin instead of small and delicate ones.
Hoseok is running, loud steps sounding on the pebbled floor. It’s cold. Cold and dark. Hoseok can’t see the way in front of him but he keeps running. He’s out of breath, his lungs burning, but he keeps running. His legs are sore, he doesn’t feel them anymore, but he keeps running
He’s on a dark alley now, it’s still dark but through his teary eyes he noticed the walls becoming narrower with every step he takes. He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t look back. He doesn’t know if he’s been followed and so he keeps moving forward until he can’t move anymore. His body
is stuck between the walls, he tries to move forward but it’s impossible. He screams when he tries to lift his left arm up, bone cracking beneath the skin. It hurts. Pain. Right, he’s alive. He doesn’t know if his shoulder is dislocated or broken, probably the latter. It doesn’t
stop him to reach his hand up, he grabs a stone sticking out of the wall with his probably broken arm and lifts his body up. He tilts his head back and it’s dark but he can see the starry night above him. He’s standing on his tiptoes as he tries to move upwards, the pain on his
arm escalating until he’s screaming. He’s screaming because it hurts, it hurts but he’s alive. He manages to bend his legs in a way that allows him to climb the wall. He’s close to the top, he doesn’t look down but his feet are not longer touching the ground.
There’s a hand, Hoseok can see it. It’s a man’s hand, big and calloused. He doesn’t think and just takes it. The grip is strong, strong enough to lift his body from his broken arm. He screams again, the pain making his body feel numb. He can see the way out, he can see it, it’s
close, so close. It’s a man’s hand but there’s no body, just a shadow with a human shape above him. He can’t recognize the face but the voice coming out it’s familiar. He doesn’t know where it comes from, for the shadow doesn’t have any mouth, but he hears it. He hears it as if
the voice is speaking inside his head. “You did this” Hoseok swallows. “It’s your fault”

He’s falling, the stars fading in the distance, the shadow no longer there. He’s falling but there’s no end beneath him. Oh it’s there. He can’t see it, but he can feel it. The shadow it’s
the darkness that envelops him, the walls trapping him, the voice on his head repeating the same words. He can’t escape, he can’t run but he can breathe, he can feel the pain. He closes his eyes and lets the darkness swallow him, he doesn’t scream.

Jimin is next to him when Hoseok woke up, his clothes sticked to his body with sweat, he’s soaked. He looks around still confused and disoriented because he’s in another room, the one that Yoongi told him to sleep in. But Jimin is there, looking at him with a distressed
expression he didn’t quite comprehend. The silver haired boy is sitting on the edge of the bed, Hoseok tried to move into a sitting position but he can’t move his hand, he looked down to see that Jimin is holding it. He’s even more confused.
“You had a nightmare” Jimin’s voice was soft, in the shape of a whisper. There’s concern in his tone. He didn’t let go of Hoseok’s hand though.

“I can’t remember it” It’s a lie. Hoseok not only remembered this nightmare, but all of the previous ones. He couldn’t forget them,
they were there every night, haunting him on his sleep, the only time he’s allowed to rest, he couldn’t.

“It’s okay” Jimin brushed his thumb against Hoseok’s palm, lazily drawing circles. It’s soothing. “We all do”

“You do?”
Jimin nodded and there’s a slight change on the air, Hoseok noticed. “Don’t we all?”

“I guess so” He muttered, looking down at Jimin’s small hand curled against his own. He couldn’t help but smile shily. “Did I wake you up?”
Jimin shook his head, “Yoongi left half an hour ago so I came here to check if you were awake but I heard you screaming softly”

Hoseok chuckled, “How do you even scream softly?”
But Jimin didn’t smile back, instead he frowned and looked down at their hands too. “It was as if you wanted to scream but your voice didn’t come out, you were sweating a lot and your hand,” Jimin stopped for a second, Hoseok realized he was holding his left hand, “It was as if
you tried to hold onto something so I took it, you calmed down so I guess it worked. Then you woke up.” Jimin’s eyes were back on him and his stare was intense but not in a way that made his skin crawl or his mouth dry. It was an intense stare but Hoseok couldn’t decipher it.
Hoseok didn’t answer. It’s not that he didn’t know what to say but he didn’t want to say anything at all. Jimin seemed to understand and didn’t say anything either. Instead, he rested his head on the crook of Hoseok’s neck. “You can sleep more if you want, I’ll be here in case
you have another one”

Jimin’s smile was warm but Hoseok couldn’t see it because he had his eyes closed, mind focused on Jimin’s sweet scent. His hair was a little wet so he should must have taken a shower before coming to see Hoseok. “It’s okay I’m kinda used to it” But how can
someone get used to the fear of falling asleep because of the knowledge that it won’t be an easy sleep.

“Does it happen often?” Jimin inquired, tilting his head so he could see Hoseok’s tired expression.

“Every night” He confessed. He didn’t know why he said it, because never
before he had admitted out loud that every time he falls asleep, nightmares creep in his mind. But Jimin had this thing, this aura all around him that made people trust him, it was dangerous, but Hoseok couldn’t help but let himself be pulled in.

“Oh honey” Jimin nuzzled his
nose against Hoseok’s skin, making the older suck in a breathe, “You should have told me”

“It’s not a big deal”

“It is!” Jimin pouted, his tone raising just a little more than before, “I could have helped you”

Hoseok couldn’t help but crack a laugh at the younger but it wasn’t
disbelieving but more like an endeared one “How come?”

“I don’t know” Jimin moved away and Hoseok’s hand itched to pull him back to his previous position, soon missing the skin contact, “Maybe I can sleep with you! If you have nightmares I can wake you up”
“You are too cute” Hoseok ruffled Jimin’s hair, making the younger protest, “But I don’t think Yoongi would like it”

“Ah hyungie will understand” Jimin paused for a second, considering if he should tell Hoseok, he decided there was no harm in telling him and so he said
“Besides, I had helped him too”

“Yoongi had nightmares?” Hoseok’s eyes widened, it shouldn’t be surprising for the older had been going through a lot to be in his current position. There was blood staining his hands more than Hoseok would be able to endure.
Jimin nodded silently, “I told you” he leaned back on Hoseok’s shoulders and his soft fingers started playing with Hoseok’s calloused ones, “Everyone has nightmares”. Hoseok didn’t want to ask Jimin to elaborate on that, and so instead he ignored the little voice on the back on
his head that told him not to do it and pulled Jimin down on the bed next to him.

The younger stiffened in surprise but soon relaxed as his back hit the mattress. When he turned to his side so he was facing Hoseok, he smiled warmly and curled himself against the older.
Hoseok hummed in content as he felt the warmness emanating from Jimin’s body and his own body didn’t feel so sore anymore.


It’s some hours later when Yoongi arrived. Hoseok is sitting on the kitchen aisle, having lunch with Jimin when the older walked in the room, his
expression one that didn’t show off annoyance which was a first time for Hoseok’s impression. He’s wearing a plain black suit that must look boring anyone else but Yoongi. Yoongi wore it as if it was made for him, he was sure it was custom made but it wasn’t about that. It was
about the way he walked in it, so sure of himself, the energy he irradiated was one of pure confidence.

“Hyngie you are earlier today!” Jimin exclaimed excitedly as he jumped off his stool and walked towards the older, planting a long wet kiss on the older’s lips. Hoseok must
have looked away but he didn’t. It’s been only a day since he got intimate with Jimin but he couldn’t get over it. Jimin didn’t bring up the subject, and even though Hoseok was glad that things didn’t become awkward between them he was also a little disappointing that the younger
didn’t seem interested in repeating what they have done. And so Hoseok couldn’t help but stare at both of them, a little jealous that the one feeling the warmness of Jimin’s lips wasn’t him. He looked at the way Jimin pushed his body forward so they were pressed together, the way
Yoongi’s hands travelled from Jimin’s nape down the small of his back, where it stayed.

Hoseok felt as if he was interrupting something, something intimate he shouldn’t be allowed to witness. But his mind was somewhere else, eyes focused on Yoongi’s slender fingers tightening
around Jimin’s waist as a sign of belonging. Hoseok had never had a thing for hands, but Yoongi’s were big and strong but they were also delicate in a way he couldn’t explain. Because when Yoongi had gave him the gun, his hands showed off strength, power, authority. But when
Yoongi’s hands were tracing the lines of Jimin’s body it was more like the opposite, they looked tender, gentle, careful even. Hoseok had to look away.

“I came to pick something” Hoseok overheard but now his eyes were focused on the cold ramen in front of him, did they even had
something else to eat here?

“Ah are you leaving again?” Jimin pouted, but he understood.

“We both are baby, I’m sorry”

At that Hoseok turned around. He looked at Yoongi who also was looking at him then, eyes piercing but not cold. “Me?” He asked.
Yoongi nodded, “We have some work to do and so you can have a look at the job you would be doing” But Hoseok had already had a taste of what was like working for someone like Min Yoongi. He didn’t need any more experience.

“Get yourself ready and I’ll wait you in the car”
Hoseok nodded, and took it as a command to leave already, leaving his food half eaten on the table to get dressed for whatever Yoongi had in mind. As Hoseok get dressed he thought about Yoongi’s words, get ready, because nothing could ever prepare him to get used to this life.
For what Hoseok is used to, Yoongi is oddly talkative today. Hoseok just nods as Yoongi changes the dials looking for a radio station that suits his taste in music. Hoseok is taken a little aback when the older stops at some pop music station and starts humming whatever song is

“Ah I love this song” Yoongi taps the wheel in beat with the music.

“It seems like you do sir” Hoseok half laughs but Yoongi doesn’t seem bothered by it, he smirks faintly.

“Jimin hates it”

“Is that so?”

Yoongi nods, “He says it’s too cheesy even for him” There’s
this affectionate tone that never seems to leave Yoongi’s voice whenever he talks about Jimin. Hoseok wonders for how long had they been together because Yoongi doesn’t seem like someone who opens up easily, Jimin neither, but not as much like the older. Hoseok would be lying if
he said he wasn’t curious about it. Still, he doesn’t add anything else.

The raven haired boy then decides to stop talking. It is weird, Hoseok notices, that the silence doesn’t feel overwhelming but something close to comfortable. Yoongi doesn’t say another word until they
reach their destination but Hoseok doesn’t feel intimidated.

“We are here” Yoongi announces when he pulls over the car. Hoseok walks out the car and looks around at the street. It looks like a shopping street with stores scattered along the road. They are small but they sure are
expensive. Hoseok frowns at the older who doesn’t seem bothered at all when he walks into one of the shops placed in front of them. “You coming?” He raises his voice when he notices that Hoseok wasn’t following him, standing still behind him a little out of place.
“I thought you already had a dressmaker” Hoseok points out, eyes not looking at the older but the window of the shop, mannequins dressed in fancy costumes.

“Oh you mean Seong?”

Hoseok nods, it was the name of the man he had met when he went shopping with Jimin.

Yoongi looks
oddly pleased at Hoseok’s comment “Yeah well he’s my personal dressmaker. This one's for you though”


“You thought I’d let you walk around with that same suit for more than a week? You’ll ruin my reputation” Yoongi tooks a step closer, pointing at some part of Hoseok’s
suit, the younger looks down at the already dried blood staining the otherwise neat black suit and understands. He shudders when he realizes that he had been walking around with someone else’s blood all over him. He feels like stripping off right there and then.
‘You bear the blood in your hands, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to clean it, it’s still over you’

Hoseok shooks his head, trying to shut up the small but loud inside his head. Yoongi frowns at his pale expression and takes hold of his arm, “Let’s get inside” He doesn’t
comment on it, he doesn’t ask. But somehow Hoseok feels as if he could understand what was running through his mind, as if Yoongi’s allowed to read through his more deep and obscure thoughts. Hoseok felt a slight stab on his chest, he breath it out and let Yoongi guide him inside
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